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  1. “Gladly. We also found this old jersey of tunsil that we’ll throw in.”
  2. Well according to the injury report alex smith did not practice. So i have a feeling taylor will get all of the 1st team reps while alex rests. If taylor is needed, he will have practiced.
  3. Thanks for this. Him putting on muscle to increase that arm strength showed he was serious with some good work ethic, at least back in 2015. I'd be thrilled if he just became a solid back up who can maybe squeak out a win or two in relief.
  4. Just love seeing him all over the field making plays or just being around the ball
  5. Did McLaurin get injured?? I didn’t see him in the game the last bit and was wondering.
  6. No point in watching trask closely, you’ll come to the same conclusion.
  7. Plus with years of playing in the nfl and working out, their bodies are probably beat to all hell. After 8 years in the Army my body doesn’t hold up quite the same and I cannot work out like I used to unfortunately.
  8. so I’m no expert, but it seems fields is just throwing to wide open receivers most of the time. He may keep plays alive with his feet, but I do think he’s getting a lot of help from the talent around him and the lack of talent from his opponents. There’s a high chance I’m completely wrong, but pass.
  9. The problem is he doesn’t get it, nor will he ever.
  10. 8-8 with Allen. Then we’d at least know we don’t need to upgrade every position. We can find a QB with some upside or one that falls and go from there. Obviously 3-13 is enticing for a top pick, but that’s about it
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