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  1. Excited about our new LB, but I hope we snag another in the 3-4 range.
  2. It has been mentioned that the team would possibly select two LB’s this draft. That is something to consider as well.
  3. Didn’t springs vouch for Haskins? Having people vouch for you really doesn’t mean much these days.
  4. I would say no to Bouye honestly.... I live out here in Denver and all they do is trash talk him, from fans to radio personalities. He isn't worth it.
  5. “Gladly. We also found this old jersey of tunsil that we’ll throw in.”
  6. Well according to the injury report alex smith did not practice. So i have a feeling taylor will get all of the 1st team reps while alex rests. If taylor is needed, he will have practiced.
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