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  1. RandyHolt

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I heard Allen was voted the worst returning GM. SSDD. It is interesting Murray was too sick to visit us. That, or too smart. I think we are going all in on a QB and will somehow botch it, by trading up to reach.
  2. RandyHolt

    Starting QB 2019???

    Don't trade up, just draft a ****ing QB at 15, and be done with it.
  3. RandyHolt


    Sounds good to me lets do it, But what about McCoy and Keenum?
  4. RandyHolt

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I am super glad to hear Trents brain tumor was benign.
  5. RandyHolt

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    106.7 has an awful lot of personalities and air time to fill. Would it surprise you that to learn that they may purposefully contradict each other, to fill basically 24/7 of air time? Where there is smoke there is fire. I know of no track record of EB fabricating stories about Jay.
  6. RandyHolt

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Jay may be miffed that he doesn't get input on the high profile signings. Especially after having a lot of input normally. If Bruce had half a brain of course he would be polling Jay for info. Maybe the high profile no Jay input = Dans PR stunts. I bet Jay had no idea about Alex. Doug had no idea, so why would Jay?
  7. RandyHolt

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yep - good post. EB and the Junks don't need to come up with jaw dropping news leaks to get mouse clicks. He heard something, and he put it out there. I am glad he did and anyone that doubts it, may forget this is Bruce Allen's team. I trust what EB says more than Bruce Allen. How bout dem apples. Anyone that listens to the show knows they don't just throw **** out there. And there has been plenty of chances to do some serious slinging over the past 10+ years. Jay is nearing the end of his contract, so it wouldn't surprise me to learn he finally cracked after all the bull**** he has had to put up with. Including my favorite, he is our PR guy. Its still mind boggling Bruce sent Jay out to be the lightning rod after getting Foster. That may well have been the straw that broke the camels back, actually.
  8. I feel bad for Jay. I have been rough on him at times, but we can only imagine the bull**** he has to deal with. Bull**** that likely makes his job a lot harder on game days. It was obvious something was very wrong, when Bruce forced him to go address the media storm the day after getting Reuben Foster. That is not the type of move that should be rationalized by a head coach, about a player that wouldn't even play that season. He has a team to run, and a game plan to build. Not being asked about if he spoke to Reuben's girlfriend What a cluster ****. Maybe he will try to get fired sooner than later. Maybe the plan is already in motion. Calling a few swinging gates ought to do the trick. The problem is, Bruce doesn't want to have to break in a new coach, someone will give him free reign over the team.
  9. RandyHolt

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    In case anyone doubted EB and 106.7....
  10. RandyHolt

    Starting QB 2019???

    The ironic part? It seems like it was kicked off by Rosen being available in a trade... but then those rumors started to include, that he could possibly be had for a 3rd. Which I called bunk on. The annual QB frenzy is on.
  11. We need a WR. I would be happy for Inman or Crabtree. We were wrecked with injuries and Quick still didn't get targets and likely won't this year, as his sights are firmly set on playing until the age of 40. Ryan Grant is still out there... I mention that so heads don't explode. As is Aldrick, and Nick Williams.
  12. Would you have bet money on our general manager having NO idea we were signing a high price vet QB, just a year ago? Never underestimate Bruce and Dan. Nor over lol. Jay seems thrust into the role of PR and damage control; forcing him out to the media to explain the actions of his higher ups... those types don't always get the full story.
  13. I am all for new blood, but somehow Brian Quick rarely to never plays, yet we can't get rid of him. I am not sure, but I suspect he is one of the few WRs that can hold his own on teams. And the other thing that coaches love that I think some fans undervalue.... I bet he is one of our best blocking WRs. I wonder what his snap count was last year, teams and offense, and how many of those were run plays. I trust your judgement on LDW; fire off a tube link to Bruce to get er done.
  14. Brian "No Wear and Tear" Quick is back for another year as our only injury free receiver.
  15. I feel like we were lacking at TE, in talent and utilization. Sprinkle for all his blocking should be wide open in PAP short yardage several times per year. If we aren't going to pass to him, maybe an extra OL would be more effective. At least he finally caught a pass but I think it took ~300 snaps. Reed survived last year but was no longer a dynamic threat like in years past. Davis had issues with drops seemingly all year. None of the 3 were utilized in the red zone to my liking, notably Reed. You can line him up wide and see if he gets doubled, and go from there. I heard an interview on 980 and they said when Reed is lined up to block, D's can expect to easily beat him. Maybe he needs to be officially converted to WR. He did cut back on the penalties, at least. We have bigger problems to address in the short term, and think we will muck it out with those 3 again.