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  1. Robinson looks faster than CT....
  2. Start the game in hurry up if they want Haskins to have a fast start. I loved hearing Haskins say something to the effect of "too much time to think" in our slow play offense we have used to start the first 2 games. Lets pass the ball to Gibson.
  3. I think opening the game with a slant to Turbo would turbo charge our sluggish starts. We seem to open run run pass in our slow play offense... It's great we want to run and take pressure off Dwayne but when he's facing 3rd and longs to start games, its not working. Someone prove to me that Dwayne does best in a traditional slow play under center NFL offense.
  4. We need to target Turbo MUCH earlier in games. And start games with hurry up more than never every 2 decades.
  5. Gibson may have had his touches or snap count capped for week 1. The guy is about as raw as any RB we will ever see get a week 1 start as a rook, right? He got his feet wet, no major gaffes, and got him outta there. He hit that limit and out came Barber. I think we would have seen Barber no matter the score - just less rushes because we were winning. If we were losing it would have been less Barber more McK. Just a theory....
  6. How is the Zona run D? I was surprised to see so much Barber but RB by committee is all the rage. I want to see a limited set of plays for AG and our OL heck Logan everyone is learning and want to keep it simple for a bit. And maybe that is what happened, and when RR wanted to call other plays, went to Barber maybe more trusted for those play sets. Barber is a TD Machine!
  7. IIRC there were 2 instances of someones jersey looking more like fishing line in this game....
  8. To no one in particular, where have these "advanced" stats been all these decades. There are only 16 games its not like some year long endeavor to track this stuff. I had inquired in the GDT as to what we were running when we kept seeing Apke alone deep. What was that! I guessed cover 3 at the time. And we didn't see that in the 2nd half, at least not exploited. I wish those stats were available by half to see the famous half time adjustments more clearly.
  9. Not a fan of the numbers on the sides of the helmet. I would rather see WFT or a big ole W
  10. I suspect Logan thought Gibson was tighter behind him (or was supposed to be) and was just trying to barely get enough of a piece of those blocks, moving ahead to his next block. To whiff on. He didn't get called for holding so he is automatically a better run blocker than Reed. And he scored. So he has that going for him. Which is nice.
  11. I agree but figured it was called because the first time he went ran out bounds it on his own.... I think. He was clearly pushed out the 2nd time.
  12. The Whatevers receivers corp is beginning to take the shape of meh. Which may actually be too high of praise.
  13. I will keep saying it. RR probably didn't want too many alpha's in the room.
  14. I thought we would be lining up our RBs out wide more than we did, or feature them more in the passing game heh I couldn't help but notice Sprinkle was invisible again one Logan Thomas. I wonder if he will become a QBs best friend.
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