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  1. I forgot about Hentsie or forgot that I probably watched lRedzone a ton and missed a lot last year, I mostly remember throwing to Sprinkle to start games and the ball would never be caught.
  2. With no proof whatsoever I bet Scott Turner will like drawing up plays for Moss more than Sprinkle. He likely saw we tried going Sprinkle heavy an awful lot last year. IIRC he went ~250 snaps without a catch at one point. That's invisible with almost no competition, in what seemed like a lot of early targets to start games. Fantasy owners know he was league min the entire year, again, with the job to himself.
  3. It is a new regime but the job still appears to be Sprinkle's for now. But now we have a hands guy we can sub in, and we may be in hands mode more than under the old war horse Callahan. TEs are rotational so he just needs to be able to fit into a few of Turner's packages. One of my fav plays is still going heavy jumbo PAP with a hands TE blending in with the herd. Lined up vs an overly aggressive rookie LB. He won't need to be fast. Welcome Thad Moss. Edit sounds like he is a good blocker as well.
  4. Thaddeus Moss’ physical at the combine revealed a Jones fracture in his right root that required surgery He tripped and fell right into our laps. I like the signing. It won't be hard to eat into some of Sprinkle's high snap count last year.
  5. Moss the steal of the errrr post draft I presume that was our plan along.
  6. Horrible coverage ESPN is just running commercials until someone that they had produced a bit on gets drafted.
  7. “Reliable interior blocker with guard/center flexibility who is better-suited for zone blocking than trying to push people around heads-up. “Ismael is a rhythmic move blocker with footwork and feel to find his landmarks. He’s also scrappy enough to hang in against power across from him, but he can’t do it alone.
  8. ESPN just had a bit on AGG in case anyone walked away in disgust.
  9. OK Sean thats great lets chat after the draft and cover the kids having their dreams come true getting drafted
  10. You'd think they would have time to show a replay or mention every pick, a quick catchup from coming back from commercials. I am preparing myself to get no mention of our next 2 picks.
  11. I know BPA blah blah but I was hoping to see a TE drafted to grow up with Haskins.
  12. You down with OPP AGG At least we won't have a nickname thread for him
  13. BPA = Code for more Jeremy Sprinkle next year