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  1. Fast moving.... our QB's will be lucky to have 20 completions per game. I don't think there is a slower playing team. Jay is going to run a ton / slow play again this year, book it. Bet the under. How many plays do you think he needs to have implemented for a game? Parcells was on a pregame show laughing at how he would cut the weeks playbook, in half. Presumed after too many mistakes in practice. I can't be the only one that saw that curtain pulled back on how he prepped his offense. I think he said he would implement ~30 possible plays to use for a game. Many coaches use rookie QBs and have made the playoffs. It's not rocket science how they do it. If you want to dumb it down and call in High School ball, so be it. Often, its just running the QB a ton, which seems to happen anywhere football is played and it sure seems successful. Check out the rushing stats for Cam, Wilson, Rosen, Lamar.... they aren't in high school. How complicated can chess be, when its a copycat league. It's all window dressing to hide doing the same things over and over. Apparently Dwayne can grasp playbooks, or at least within reason. What Haskins lacks first and foremost is experience, and your approach does nothing to address that.
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    #PrayforRadyn - Derrius Guice related

    RIP Radyn and deepest condolences to the Guice family. What a tragedy. I lose the tyke at the store for 10 seconds and I am in a panic.
  3. Post of the day vote logged for SIP, runner up to Alexa. The QB failed because the QB sucked, duh!!!1! sure does take a very primitive approach for anyone aspiring to learn from a teams QB development mistakes. Even the smartest QB will have his plate overloaded if a foreign playbook is too fat/too soon. Maybe the best thing to do early in camp with new QBs is opposite of what I have been saying (throw it all at them early to find limits), just give a small portion of the playbook, which focuses heavily on the parts most complicated or most likely to be utilized. Give the most time to learn that, and then add in the easier stuff/less likely to be used. Beatnik lurkers, find out how big Jay's playbook is. And find out the way OCs typically introduce playbooks. Do they dump the whole thing on the desk with a thud? Ask Colt, or Alex.
  4. Music to my ears. Both. After taking Haskins, I almost presumed he would be our next coach. I will continue to belabor the point of Jay's uncertain future being a huge wildcard in Haskins development. It's encouraging to hear he can learn playbooks but eventually too many too soon should have any young QBs head spinning. While its easy to predict OCKOC will be our next coach because you know "Chasing McVay" I am not so certain he survives a horrible offensive season. Is he good looking enough? Meh but he is the bridge to continue Haskins within the same system, short of an extension for DMW Jay. #Crickets Talk about a tough audition for Kevin. Pressure to win, No WR1, a fleet of injury prone backs is the strength of our attack, all his proven hands guys are injury prone, a journey/rookie/noodle QB fleet, presumed OL injuries looming, Trent one foot out the door... We need Haskins to emerge from the smoke of our ongoing dumpster fire, and lead us to the promised land.
  5. There is plenty of time to get things sorted out but as you say those first 2 weeks are crucial for him to see where they are. I would like to think Jay should be able to measure the ability to grasp playbook, within OTAs, and not need to quiz them a month from now only to learn, yeah, they are still as smart as they were a month ago. I think there is only so much a football player can get from reading a playbook, they need to run those plays to properly drill it. I do agree its wise for Jay to test the waters early, in case any of his QBs are a genius or know most of the concepts and plays from previous coaches etc. But he needs to be ready to quickly purge to find the sweet spot of too many plays, and too few. Pure speculation but if Case is struggling to digest Jay's playbook and concepts, they tend towards the more complex side.
  6. If true It is disappointing to hear they are struggling with the playbook. I blame Jay. This time off should be all about simplifying the playbook, instead of having the media pump up McCoy's tires.
  7. Casey Jones, and Curt Knight? If Trent does not return, it may be a long time before our OL is established. Quick passes FTW.
  8. Ok - minimal > no leverage. That's a better argument. I still feel the drop off from Trent to Flowers is significant. Very. LT is basically the 2nd most important position for a team ft. Right hand QBs. And I won't discount a new QB lurking behind Jay. QB is at the root of everything football. Rich folks know to protect their investments (Alex aside). Say Trent suspects Dan wants Dwayne to play by week 4. That leverage cranks up. I don't think that is a far fetched scenario. Dan is eventually going to pressure Bruce and Trent knows this, what the **** is going on down there! Where the hell is Trent! Get his ass back in here!
  9. No leverage at all? I think you are discounting the value of an all-pro LT, yes for even an older/beaten up guy. And discounting the importance for Jay (who went to bat for his return!) to compete this year, and maybe even overvaluing our depth. I am more optimistic than most on Catalina, as most seem to lump him with Flowers, Christian, etc. I think Trent just wants guaranteed money, call it insurance to cover for likely future medical expenses... If there is any movement at all by the team, including a trade, it turns out he had leverage. Heck even cutting him, forced our hand and he is free to go sign with another team. If he wanted out, he wins, and IMHO is still getting 10M+ on a new team and new doctors. If he does have 0 leverage and just sits for 2 years, he still gets out of this dysfunctional org, 2 years of no wear and tear, and the ability to sign on elsewhere to close out his career. Look at what Ty fetched - a career backup at age 33 with recent injuries of his won. That all may be worth more to Trent, than any paycheck right now. First and foremost, F DC/Bruce/Docs
  10. I think someone is getting annoyed thinking every post may be "Breaking News" I better clicky When there is James Worthy news, you will see Trent in camp, or learn that he got traded to Cleveland for a 3rd.
  11. I think Trent has more leverage. Has anyone tallied up the money he has earned? I suspect it will show he doesn't need the money, short of getting looted by a financial advisor and investing all his income into his advisors best friends bubble priced real estate properties they were looking to sell for tidy sums. Jay needs to win this year, or is likely gone. He is likely contemplating playing a rookie QB this year. The investment of him is in serious jeopardy playing him with basically off the street LTs. I have been belaboring the point about changing his playbook to accommodate Dwayne's strengths; he may need to more change his playbook for no trusted LT. Keenum, rolls out to his right.... and caught from behind by LT
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    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Led Zepplins The Epic Carouselambra is underrated
  13. I remember years past, that weeks x through x will be our toughest weeks, yet we did worse in our softest weeks. Facing top ranked stout DLs the first 3 weeks... only to see the drop-off of "lessor" DLs in subsequent weeks be basically non-existent. Every team is loaded with an awful lot of beef up front. Regardless, I do think its good to look at the schedule when trying to pick a slot to slide the kid in. For some reason week 4 often gets blindly thrown out there. I guess that's the time most every starter has thrown a pickle which is what opens the inevitable door. The door will open. My wild prediction: It won't be when he masters his footwork. It will be when the guy in front of him makes enough mistakes. Or when the starter leaves, like Smith and Mahomes. Mahomes footwork isnt why he didnt play. It was that Smith didn't make enough mistakes in his Reid aided career year. Until the playoffs haha oops too late. Outside of fleecing us, I still think Mahomes was better for that team yes even as a rookie. I don't think KC fans were crying when Smith left. Andy missed out on a cheap year of Maho's top notch service, and logged another choke on his playoff resume. He dumped Smith so fast the playoffs were still on going.
  14. Good post as per usual, and good analogy. One pushback, he is likely so raw that we are looking at years before him getting to a place that fundamentals are sound enough to lead us to the promised land. I think its actually delayed by not playing. Sure, I admit I am selfish and want to see him sooner than later, but think Jay can cut off at the pass any and all fan revolts, by communicating. He could tell fans "I will be looking to get him into a game late, to get his feet wet. This does not mean he is our starter". Set very low expectations to the fans. Tell us he is raw and needs to gain experience, blah blah. That sort of cuts things off at the pass. No pun intended. Not that it ever happens, but QBs league wide are still failing to meet expectations and coaches sit by and pump the fans tires more often than the brakes. Its a really tough spot for Dwayne, for Jay needs to win.
  15. How do you know what he can handle, if you don't know what Jay asks him to know, and do? You glossed over "he is likely facing a new coach sooner than later" factor, and the likely chance of thus learning an entirely new playbook. It's ok, you are veryoldschool, and we already know the old school approach to grooming a QB. Sit.