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  1. Thread has been a lie... until now. 3 years of reading its 'is beginning to shape up" my ass its been Terry and nothing.
  2. They will not be judged by similar competition before week 1. Camp comp doesn't count because with no fear of getting hit QBs look like superman in the pocket. We need live fire vs 1s. Which I think the record will show Fitz has held up best versus. Fitz is not going to do his badass trucking of DBs before week 1. Allen and Heiny are meh IMO Fitz is the guy I want to see. I am surprised you are surprised lol as we all clearly have our camp favs that we want to see. Sure if Fitz cannot grasp the offense i am fine with him inactive.
  3. Interesting chart. I hope throwaways are factored in somehow. Brady seems to do it a lot IMO. Under rated smart play. I hope its Fitz's job to lose as I want him in week 1. No matter how much 4th quarter Babe grade magic we see from Heiny in August.
  4. He seems to have stopped the 5 INT 5 TD games and instead has mah-turred into more of a game manager. Lets call him a late bloomer.
  5. Thanks for sharing. I think the counter needed was to dial up the blitz - do something radical. I remember Kerrigan or Rak at times totally shut down vs an OT. Yet our DCs wouldn't move our best pass rusher around, at all. I know I know the thinking is let him run into a brick wall over and over, for he is setting him up for a move later - bleh that never seemed to materialize. I hope RR tried different tactics, or is open to it this time around.
  6. I guess this is the Moses thread. I think he set the record for most plays lost to injury for someone that hasn't missed a game in 5 years.
  7. I can't wait to see the Eagles DC try to fool us and drop him into pass coverage.
  8. Jeez remember when Sproles got nailed on a fair catch - some Skin nailed him before the punt got there. That is one tough SOB and am happy to hear JP getting compared to him.
  9. We know the drill by now. Can he block. Not that I agree with that being the do all end all with young backs, but it seems its a bigger priority to coaches than we care to acknowledge when drooling. I have to think RR set realistic expectations there long before we drafted him. I assume Barry was a decent blocker?? Man those Detroit teams sucked. I wonder how many Barry's never got a chance because they couldn't block. #Seastrunk or whatever his name was.
  10. Here today gone tomorrow. You never know in life. The Colt is dead. RIP.
  11. Reach is a draft day expression to me. Nothing more nothing less. "Starters" on D are hard to project for they focus on the base D, which is a relic of the past. With that out of the way, I can't wait till we be Jamin. LBs were heavily targeted (successfully) by OCs last year as their collective low PFF grades can attest (something I heard on XM Fantasy). Expectations must be kept realistic as does grading. Its easy to say our LBs sucked last year but many teams did.
  12. I read he needs to add routes. Is it easy to do so, basically a given he will add them? I admit I have no idea what route package mid rounders have typically mastered by draft day nor how hard it is. But I feel its not unusual to see most WR WE draft sit on the sideline for a year or 2 and we never really know what the holdup is. I usually assume its blocking or better old grizzly vets in front of him that practice perfectly.
  13. Also, Terry's YAC seems off the chart. Defenses look are scared of him. DBs are either on their heels, or are covering over the top. He has a lot of space around him and I suspect Brown is going to have DBs on him like glue. At least until he proves otherwise, of course.
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