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  1. RandyHolt

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    Can we retro IR him? Hindsight mindblight we should have immediately IR'd him, for his own good and not cost us a roster player to hold a spot for a guy that cannot get into the field. Maybe it's our crack med team at it again. We can rebuild him, make him faster, stronger....
  2. RandyHolt

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    If Trents a mauler we would have run behind him on 3rd and inches for his entire tenure. SL barely played. Make no mistake he is a badss but he is not cut from the plow the road mold. He's very athletic. I thought Lavauo did great zone run blocking when he was healthy. He rarely played healthy and barely played period. His weakness was pass pro vs the bull. They were both zone > power guys and dominated run blocking under Shanny.
  3. RandyHolt

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    No kidding I would be fine to see a guy get benched for a series after boneheaded penalties. Maybe Penn and Flowers are holding as much as the right side but are smarter doing it. Penn a crafty old vet haha holding like a champ. But all OL hold, right? Of course Moses does himself NO favors complaining about getting caught. Which probably also puts Brandon under the microscope as well.
  4. RandyHolt

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    Got link to saying he would do great at LG? Most myself included wrote off Flowers at LT. He was trying new techniques so he was probably looking even worse than he was in his natural technique. Guards can be sheltered. I was more intrigued to see Penn at LT. Trent is not a grader and we basically haven't been able to power for a yard in his tenure. I though Penn coupled with another T at guard could provide a bit of a push/form a wall. Don't overlook the pairing /chemistry thing since coaches always preach that ****. Penn and Flowers have been helped by Case getting rid of the ball not taking senseless sacks (and then fumbling) to avoid throwing into tight coverage/INTs
  5. I think he may be done - I predict the NFL no long wants Antonio Brown. The NFL meeting his accuser for 10 hours, and then Kraft wanting him out, tells me all I need to know to predict his future. Of course, Kraft is a bit of a pron star and is likely trying to clean up his image.
  6. CJ: Rampant abuse of opioids in the league.... imagine my shock at players injuries presumed made worse by patchin'em up to get back out there. Of course abuse of opioids is hardly limited to the NFL, but suspect the NFL is up among the league leaders.
  7. RandyHolt

    Redskins vs Bears Prediction Thread: Monday Night Meltdown?

    Back in the day the Skins used to dominate on Monday Night. Back in the day I had hair. Bears 28-17. Trubby 23-29 325 3TDs.
  8. RandyHolt

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    OCs have had lots of time to figure out how to dissect our defense since we run the same D all the time, and did last year as well. Our D getting shelled is by design. We give up body blows in a feeble effort to slow the game down and keep the total score down. If we had no passing game like last year it's a D to consider, since our offense couldn't play from behind. It worked to a 6-3 record with <200 yard passing games. Alex took few chances at all, so we played very conservative on both sides. Well the worm has turned and suddenly we can pass, so there is no need for the Dr. Ben Dover at all. Jay has the games scripted all wrong. He foresaw facing stout Ds and his O getting stuffed, but his passing O keeps punking him out. We're winning? He is still not trusting his own eyes that Noob WRs + Penn + Flowers + Case can keep posting 300 yards games. No Reed, no Guice, No Trent even No Doctson... He is probably so confused and perplexed. I think he'll stick to the conservative plan expecting the Bears to be stout and his passing O crashing to earth. He is shorting his own O. I think Jay is telling Greg to run BDB and Greg is failing to run it effectively. No surprise as it's tough to get off the field when you never blitz, show no deception, and try and play it straight up 1970s style. If our soft D looks confused Monday night maybe we'll see Greg get axed but fear Ryan will just get a handful more blitzes to work with. Which is maybe all we need. If not blitzing = worst D in the league, only a few blitzes / stops at key times can be difference makers. Since bringing the house on 1st is not in our playbook, how about bring em all blitzing on the handful of 3rd and longs? Especially if we get another lead. It seems too easy for a fan to figure out heh.
  9. Insult to injury and I took the wrong Brown. Hollywood > Antonio
  10. It was already posted above but it's worthy of a repost. Dare I say he has been our MVP through 2 games, right up there with Tress and Case.
  11. I am glad I am not the only one bringing up those 2 head scratcher plays. It fit his MO, that Jay revealed to the world. That he refused to throw into tight coverage. Even in practice. THAT, is a real head scratcher. That's crazy that he would be that rude to not even give his players a chance to practice contested balls, and our DBs as well. He probably tossed those out of the back of the endzone to not risk an INT on his ledger, which of course is used to determine his net worth in future contracts.
  12. RandyHolt

    2019 Chicago Bears Look-a-Like Thread

    Eddy the Kicker Goober
  13. Smart move. I would be fearing the big jinx myself. But fantasy folk I follow for advice sure seem to like him. Of course scoring in every game will do that. One thing I try to incorporate.. due theory. Starting a guy that scored 2 TDs in both the first 2 games, he seems a no brainer to start. Only, my DUE theory kicks. He is due for an off game, from the defense game planning heavily for him. Hopefully he sneaks into the endzone a few times for us Monday night and becomes a safe FF start for the rest of his career.
  14. RandyHolt

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    If Jay is overseeing the defensive play calls we see, maybe it's wise for him to make a public spectacle of sorts, to make it appear it's all Manusky's doing. Look mad, and then yell at him. I am so ****ing pissed at AP for not doing more with his 10 carries!1!!!
  15. RandyHolt

    Tony Wylie leaving Redskins for Special Olympics

    I get the sense THE marketing plan to cure all that ails us, is the new stadium. Build it, and they will come. I am not sure Dan has realized 'they' are out of town fans. Or, maybe he realized that, and has decided to delay building. Or, no one wants a stadium in their backyard used 10 times a year. That was why Raljon was invented. Sadly the best thing for Dan may be to halt the 50 yard line demo festivities and go full on nostalgia, and move back to RFK. Now, we free wifi.