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  1. I knew a person beat someone with a baseball bat then acted like nothing was wrong when I asked him why his sister was all bruised and bloody lying on the kitchen floor. He said she was trying to get him to take his meds. Then he kicked her then walked over to the fridge to grab a beer. We aren't friends anymore. What's sad is he was only admitted for 2 weeks and let go. So yeah that's one story of people I know who are bipolar.
  2. Guess you don't know anyone personally that is bipolar. Me? This doesn't shock me at all. I've seen how.....unusual people are when they're going through an episode of it.
  3. That's the same Gary Kubiak that still made a good enough offense that could work with bum arm Peyton and Brock Osweiller on their super bowl run. Lean on the run and make key 3rd down conversion passes when needed.
  4. I LOVE all the SALT. Even if we lose next week it'll be all worth it watching Cowboy, Giants, and all the hot takes about how the Eagles should play spoiler. Last night and this morning has been a blast watching ESPN.
  5. WFT is going to shock the world with an upset win. 24-16
  6. We WON I'm making guacamole for the WFT vs Bucs game. Let's gooooooo
  7. Joe Buck and Aikman sound salty Cowboys won't make playoffs because they feel McCarthy should've challenged.....you hate to see it.
  8. I was wrong. He had possession. Good call. Edit- look at the replay folks.
  9. That was a gift for the Giants. Cowboys got hosed.
  10. Better luck next year.
  11. Real talk I love Chase young, but if the Bengals would've grabbed him 1st in the draft I wouldn't feel bad because we got Burrow.
  12. Russell Wilson was grabbed in the 3rd. It can be done. Rare but not impossible.
  13. I don't really follow the college game. I know we can't get a stud in the 1st round but I hope Washington grabs some development guy in the mid-rounds this draft. They couldn't do worse then what Haskins did today.
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