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  1. This is a April Fool's joke right?
  2. He looked like a mess in New York. I don't like the signing but I'll hope for the best.
  3. Basically our only bright spot last year.
  4. I understood that reference.
  5. Redd

    The Cult of Case

    If Case stinks it up I wouldn't even care. Not like any sane person expects Keenum to take the Skins all the way to the Super Bowl. Hoping Case surprises me though.
  6. Redd

    Starting QB 2019???

  7. Redd

    Starting QB 2019???

    I like the move and it's cheap. Skins aren't expecting a miracle and Keenum isn't Sanchez dumpster fire garbage.
  8. I would've preferred the Skins taking a chance on a nobody than Rob Ryan. Wtf is this organization doing.
  9. I'm still salty we went with Joe Barry instead of Phillips. Wished we let Jay go and promoted McVay to HC.
  10. Redd

    **** the Cowboys

    Misery loves company. **** the Cowboys. Now give Dak his big 100+ million contract.
  11. That video shows me we should fire Manusky today and try to get the Bears D coordinator. Bears got their secondary working like a well oiled machine. All I saw with Kirk there is his inability to make anything happen if the play breaks down. If he ever wants to be a great qb he needs to be able to make plays consistently when the line breaks down and that will get the defense to back off. Everyone in the nfl knows all you gotta dobis rattle Kirk and you basically won. Edit- NoCalMike said it better than me.
  12. I had an opportunity to watch a game in December and decided to see the FDR monument instead.
  13. Omg the beginning of the thread is magical. I'm gonna sit down after brewing a pot of coffee and read something special.
  14. In Kirks week 17 post game interview he said it's just year one. By year 3 the Vikings will be ready. Anybody else watch it. It was like every interview he had here.