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  1. Anybody still want to defend Trent. I'm done with the guy. Either show up and play for your next contract or continue to be your worse enemy.
  2. Glad Skins didn't settle. Sad we couldn't trade him.
  3. Harris a 3rd and a 4th. Make it happen Vikes.
  4. I'll still take two 3rds for Trent this year. Someone make this happen.
  5. Redd

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Looks like I won't need that sabbatical. Good stuff.
  6. Redd

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    I would have to take a long sabbatical from this site if we mess up and trade our number 2 draft pick and miss out on Chase Young. Don't mess this up Redskins.
  7. Not what I would want. Maybe two 3rds this year and a 4th next year.
  8. Come onnnnnnn fair compensation for TW.
  9. Harriss and 2 3rds. He's on a tag. I'll settle for Him and a second next year though.
  10. Better than trading him away for basically nothing.
  11. Just read Kirk Cousins agreed to a 2 year contract extension. Not sure on the numbers.
  12. I'd even take a 3rd and 4th this year plus a second next year.
  13. Trent Williams is a top 5 LT. Come on.
  14. We could've gotten a 1st for him last year. But Bruce Allen, and I'm sure Snyder had a hand in ****ing it all up.
  15. Redd

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    With baggage. If he's unhappy he lets the team know and the media. Think how angry Diggs would be playing for a 5-11 team. He's also talented.