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  1. Everyone besides Dallas goes down the field on us effortlessly. At least it looks that way.
  2. Well there are far more busts at the qb position anyway. Only thing a high draft pick gets is better odds the QB could be good or great.
  3. And they still lose because everything else sucks for them. Now he's out for the year because of his garbage line. Even with Burrow it was looking like the Bengals were still getting a high draft pick.
  4. I could root for my team to lose if we were definitely out of the playoff race like last year. Nothing wrong with getting max value when you got nothing but pride left to play for.
  5. 7 is still good enough to get a good linebacker or help on the Offensive line and even a Tight End. Honestly we have a lot of glaring problems and too many of you focus on a quarterback is sad really. A qb wouldn't fix this team. Look at the Bengals.
  6. I'm glad we won. There I said it. Jets aren't winning a game anyway and the Jags are garbage.
  7. Hopkins is trash. Lets just run with a rookie next year. They would have a reason to be so darn inefficient.
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