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  1. I'm thinking of buying some from a site that custom makes them. I'm thinking Chase Young and a Riggins Jersey.
  2. I'm not surprised at all. Bet no one is.
  3. Well, the Eagle fans at my job will probably avoid me tomorrow. They always got stuff to say when I wear my teams cap that day.
  4. That Chase Young. Good pick Washington.
  5. I have missed this feeling beating a rival team.
  6. Pass me some of that Crow. All I did was dunk on them earlier in The thread.
  7. This could be happening. Gimme this Football Gods.
  8. Let's go Washington Football Team. Let's go.
  9. Last thing I expected. Good stuff.
  10. Why are we sooooooooooooo bad. Why are we the team that other teams convert third and longs like they're third and shorts. We're so bad.
  11. Yes. I'm still rocking the hats most days. When the name changes, I'll slowly transition to new hats.
  12. I don't see New Jersey in the top 5. List is invalid. It's like no rules on the NJ Turnpike.
  13. Because when I was a young child I didn't see racist things...I was a child. The older I got gave me time to reflect on the name Redskins. I thought it sounded racist. Seeing so much pushback over the years was enough for me, as a fan, to be open to a name change. What if the team wss called the Washington Wetbacks or the Yellowmen. It doesn't feel right to be in this fight to keep the name Redskins. But if most of the Native American tribes gave this Washington team their blessing to keep the name I'm all for it. *If mods want me to omit so
  14. Anybody still want to defend Trent. I'm done with the guy. Either show up and play for your next contract or continue to be your worse enemy.
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