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  1. I don’t think people view Heinecke/Allen that highly at all. Heinecke has only 5 good quarters to his name, and Allen is quite frankly not very good. They’re backups and nothing more. If Fitz went down during the season next year God forbid, then we’d be in huge trouble. Our QB situation is not sustainable, since we don’t have our young franchise QB on the roster at the moment.
  2. Why? You do realize we have maybe the worst QB situation in the league save for Chicago. Fitz is a well proven veteran QB placeholder, and nothing more. He’s 38 years old, and shouldn’t be our long term answer at QB. Rivera has to get his franchise QB soon. You’d ideally want to get one this year, since next year’s class is crappy. We need to be thinking about getting our franchise QB sooner, rather than later. We don’t want to be that team that wasted a perfectly good window of opportunity to compete for a SB with mediocre/bad QB play.
  3. I think the opposite. I think we’ll definitely be drafting QB, possibly in the early rounds. The team is almost set from a talent prospective on both sides of the ball. Drafting a rookie this year makes sense, because next year’s QB draft class is slated to be the worst one in several years. We’ll also need to draft our guy soon, because you want him to sit and learn behind Fitz, and be ready to take over after next year. Fitz is 38, so he’s just a placeholder for this year, while we draft our QB of the future. I hope one of the top QB’s slide down to us, but if not, we can dra
  4. Love the move, had to get a competent veteran QB to make it possible for us to still compete for the division next year, and Fitzpatrick definitely fits that mold. We’ll also be able to get a good to great FA WR/TE now that we have a known QB1 locked in for next year. This move also allows us to draft QB, and have them sit and learn behind Fitz. My guess is Allen will be the odd man out, and he will either be put on PUP, or be cut before the season starts. We don’t lose anything by cutting Allen, since he’s not very talented nor is he in our future plans. Heinecke is more talen
  5. Davis will have a very good rookie QB throwing to him in Zach Wilson. We don’t currently have a competent QB on the roster unless we make a move for a veteran. I think Davis will be okay on the NYJ. If we miss out on Samuel, JuJu and Golladay, and are left with scraps to choose from, we’ll know why (because our current QB crop sucks, and will scare off any potential WR suitors).
  6. Every scrub has a good game once in a while. That is an aberration, and not the standard. His great games are freak occurrences that make the overwhelmingly crappy performances he has on a regular basis not look as bad.
  7. I’m sorry to say this, but you’re on your own island on this one. I’d literally take ANYONE over Trubisky. He’s so bad, I’d rather Heinecke start over Trubisky (even though I don’t like the idea of Heinecke starting). Any Chicago fan will tell you how bad he was at stretching the field, and being unable to inspire confidence.
  8. Hurts was pulled because there was a real chance he was going to lead the Eagles to victory. I think he would’ve actually gotten them the meaningless W, if he had stayed in. We were very fortunate that Petersen gave us that solid late in the game.
  9. Not a chance in hell. WR’s care about their stats more than any position hands down. Money comes first, but the ability to produce stats is a close second. If we have two mediocre to terrible QB’s fighting for the starting job, that will severely hinder our chances to attract top offensive talent, and it might cause us to overpay for someone who wouldn’t come to WFT otherwise. We might be shocked this upcoming week at what we offer to lesser WR’s just to compete with other teams.
  10. I agree with Cooley that Golladay seems out of our range/league. He’s gonna take a look at our current QB crop, and probably say “no thanks”, and end up signing with the Rams. Our range of WR options probably consists of Corey Davis/Curtis Samuel.
  11. One of them will almost certainly be QB3. The other will battle for the QB1 spot (and likely lose depending on if it’s a FA QB they’re battling or a rookie drafted). Let’s be clear, Allen sucks, and Heinecke only got a call from us, because we literally had no other options left. He was out of the league for 2 years until we called him, and has only had 5 quarters of good football to his name in the NFL. Allen, nor Heinecke should be assumed the starting QB in Week 1 next year, and if one of them is the starting QB, we should probably not expect much from the team in terms of co
  12. Depending on what we do in FA, unfortunately he’s right at the moment. Dak is unquestionably the best QB in the division, and if he’s fully healthy, he can get that team to at least 8-9+ wins a season. 8 wins would win this division rather easily. If we roll with our current QB’s (Allen/Heinecke), we won’t win more than 6-7 games next year. We’re gonna have to drastically upgrade at QB this year, or next year to take full advantage of our window of opportunity. The last thing anyone wants is a wasted window where we have a stacked roster that’s young and cheap, but we have medioc
  13. I wonder what the ratings for this interview will be. I didn’t watch, because I couldn’t give two ****s about the royal family, or the drama surrounding them, but I do realize that it was a big topic online last night and this morning. With everything going on in this country at the moment, I wonder how much people will care about rich monarch problems.
  14. LOL, I will say that the media probably feels like we should be in the running for some of these FA QB’s. Maybe they’re hearing things that we’re not privy too. I do feel like we will make a move in the next two weeks, whether that be signing Fitz, or maybe Mariotta (if he’s cut). That’s the best of our options.
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