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  1. I truly don't get it. It's bizarre. I would be over the moon if I was a Wiz fan, if I thought there was a chance to get out of Wall's horrific contract. There's more of a chance that he's never going to be what he once was, then there is that he will go back to being a top 5 PG. Those days are over. Once he loses his athleticism and speed, he will really be an albatross on offense.
  2. This. I'm not even a Wizards fan, but if I was, and you told me that the Wizards had a chance to rid themselves of the worst contract in the NBA, I'd be ecstatic and jumping up and down. Once you get rid of that contract, you put yourself in a much better position going forward.
  3. I’m sorry but who the **** does Wall think he is anyway? He’s hasn’t played in 2 years, he can’t shoot, and he’s now on the wrong side of 30. On top of that he has quite possibly the worst contract in the NBA (only Westbrook’s contract is worse). He has NO right to demand a trade, especially now, when the Wiz are paying him over $40 Million per year the next 3 years. If I’m the Wizards, I’m laughing in his face with that demand, and telling him to shut the **** up, or rescind your salary. If I’m a Wiz fan, you should pray that a dumb org like the Pistons or Hornets shows interest
  4. I’m taking Wilson 100% of the time. He actually looks like a really good QB from what I’ve seen of him so far. We wouldn’t be “settling” for Wilson if we got him, because I think he’s much closer to Lawrence/Fields potential than people have him. I’m not getting Sewell because we need a QB before anything else. It’s a QB league, and if you don’t have one, you’re dead as a franchise as far as relevancy and prospects go. I’m tired of trotting out below average, mediocre QB’s year after year. We’re quite possibly the least relevant team in the league right now, and I want that to c
  5. Has to be Landon Collins. We spent a high amount for a SS, who really should be an LB. He’s been awful this year, whether it be missing tackles, or missing angles. For the amount we’re paying him, he’s not had one good game or even a moment yet. Troy Apple gets a lot of flack, but he’s not earning $16 Million this year. Im trying to think of another player on either side of the ball, and I can’t really come up with any, since we lack talent (especially on offense). Most disappointing person on offense overall has to be Scott Turner. He’s not a player, but he’s been abysmal wi
  6. This will be a low scoring game, no doubt about it. New Coaches, offensive game plans, no preseason and lack of offensive weapons/bad O-Line will affect this team’s ability to score the ball. The defense will definitely outshine the offense early on, and carry this team through the first few weeks of the season. Eagles are banged up, and also missing key pieces on both sides. My prediction: Eagles: 20 Washington: 17 We manage to get 10 points on offense, but most of that is because the Eagles set us up with good field position due to 2 turnovers. Eagle
  7. They won’t. If they have to play backups and backups to backups, these sports leagues are finishing their seasons one way or the other. Especially the NFL. It’ll be a cold day in hell before those owners close up shop over the virus, much less the NBA, MLB & NHL. Too much money, and more importantly too much gambling to pass up.
  8. I can't link it since it's a live YouTube show, but Pat McAfee just alluded to the story, and how huge a bombshell it will be after getting a text from a couple of "sources". Interestingly, he said that the "on the field" portion of this bombshell could be the bigger deal than the off the field drama. He also said that this has the potential to be "shield-splitting" if true, which I think means that this could cause big problems for the NFL in general, not just Washington.
  9. She won’t. She’ll be dead in a few weeks or a month tops. Remember Trump and Barr trying to unsuccessfully fire the SDNY attorney a few weeks back? Who wants to bet dollars to donuts it was about this case specifically? I would imagine that whole episode was to probably stop the arrest from taking place.
  10. Unfortunately, that’s where we are at this stage. You can only delay for so long. There’s so much uncertainty about the rest of the year and 2021, that holding off resuming could be crippling across the board. There’s too much revenue at stake, and not just from games being played. The networks who air these leagues need them to come back too more than anything else. If your FOX, ESPN, CBS, NBC, etc, you need to air these games to make up for ratings, and ad revenue generated. This is the big piece of the puzzle to pay attention to. Networks now more than ever are aching for ac
  11. That’s not going to happen, for financial reasons, as well as restlessness that will undoubtedly build the longer these sports leagues aren’t operating. What’s ironic is that baseball might actually be the safest sport besides soccer in contact between players. Baseball should’ve been back by now, and it’s hilarious and sad how screwed up this whole ordeal was between the owners and the players. These sports leagues might as well resume operations, because if you are stating that they cancel all of 2020, what makes you think that it will be better in 2021? You can’t pause sports
  12. How is there an argument about our primetime woes the last 20 years? We've been laughed at, not just locally, but NATIONALLY for how much we suck in primetime games. I don't care what team you are, you have to be some kind of awful to only win 5 times in 18 attempts AT HOME in primetime in five seasons. Anybody questioning why we don't have any primetime games, make sure you refer back to that stat. If that stat applied to any other team but the Redskins, they would be mocked at and laughed at here on this forum. On Monday Night Football, we're 2-16 at Fed-Ex Field since 1997,
  13. What a GREAT winter here in the DC area so far. Love the lack of snow. Feels like it’s rained almost everyday since New Years Day, so at least it wasn’t dry in that respect. I don’t mind the cold, just as long as it doesn’t snow, I’m cool with that all day everyday. Hope we zoom into spring here once the calendar turns to March.
  14. Right now, I would think the Ravens are more popular in DC than the Redskins. I was at a restaurant in Clarendon on Sunday, and they had as many TV’s on the Ravens game than the Skins game. I even heard some people at the bar say, “turn off that trash” when referring to the Skins game on the main TV. I’m glad this is happening. They quite frankly deserve it:
  15. I don’t care if the name changes if Bezos buys the team. I’m definitely willing to make that sacrifice. Either we get a new owner whose NOT Snyder and the name changes, or we keep the name and suffer with another 30-40 years of futility and embarrassment. At this point it’s not a hard decision.
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