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  1. samy316

    Winter weather thread: 2019-2020 edition

    What a GREAT winter here in the DC area so far. Love the lack of snow. Feels like it’s rained almost everyday since New Years Day, so at least it wasn’t dry in that respect. I don’t mind the cold, just as long as it doesn’t snow, I’m cool with that all day everyday. Hope we zoom into spring here once the calendar turns to March.
  2. samy316

    All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    Right now, I would think the Ravens are more popular in DC than the Redskins. I was at a restaurant in Clarendon on Sunday, and they had as many TV’s on the Ravens game than the Skins game. I even heard some people at the bar say, “turn off that trash” when referring to the Skins game on the main TV. I’m glad this is happening. They quite frankly deserve it:
  3. samy316

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I don’t care if the name changes if Bezos buys the team. I’m definitely willing to make that sacrifice. Either we get a new owner whose NOT Snyder and the name changes, or we keep the name and suffer with another 30-40 years of futility and embarrassment. At this point it’s not a hard decision.
  4. samy316

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    These so called “vets” have contributed to our 1-7 record currently. Why the **** should we give a **** if these vets are on the trading block or eventually traded? Who cares about these vets anymore? A smart, progressive front office is able to make those decisions, and think ahead with the future in mind. Not a terrible, bottom feeding front office like the Redskins. Its going to be really funny when the 1st or 2nd round choice that Cleveland trades to another team not named the Redskins becomes a starter, and pro bowl caliber player in a few years. Meanwhile this ****show front office with its dumbass President of Football Operations continues to preach how “close” we are while we suffer through more below .500 seasons.
  5. This might have been true even as of last year, but not anymore. The Redskins are dead in this town, and I really feel like this might be permanent. I go to bars all the time in Arlington, and downtown DC with my friends, and you have no idea how embarrassing it is to admit that you’re a Redskins fan. Young people in this town under the age of 35 view this team like the entire sports nation views the Redskins: a perpetual joke, and a clown show of the highest magnitude. The biggest indicator of this is jerseys, hats and decals. Up until a few years ago, you would never go long periods without seeing people around town in Skins hats, jerseys and Skins decals on cars. Now it’s changed completely. I see nothing but Nats/Caps gear and decals all over town. The Redskins turning back to winning might change that someday, but I sincerely doubt it now. This town is now over the Redskins, and if they continue on this path that they’re in currently, radio shows will eventually stop talking about them, and sports writers will stop writing about them, because no one will want to willingly read about or talk about a loser.
  6. As everyone knows, the erosion of this fanbase began long before this season started. This has been brewing for a while, when you factor in the stadium (bottom 5), the front office (bottom 3, could be the worst currently), and the coaching staff (bottom tier at best). It's not just that the stadium continues to be overrun with opposing fans at every home game that the front office should be worried about. They should also be worried about the ratings, and whose watching this team week in and week out. One disturbing trend that began to take place last year was that ratings for Redskins games locally were starting to nosedive. It became so bad that games that aired locally involving other teams (Cowboys, Eagles Giants, etc), were actually outperforming Redskins games by a decent margin. Now take a look at the ratings for the Redskins game according to Sports Media Watch. The have the ratings of each game in their metropolitan areas: — New Orleans: 51.6 (Saints-Rams)— Milwaukee: 43.7 (Vikings-Packers)— Kansas City: 39.6 (Chiefs-Raiders)— Buffalo: 36.4 (Bills-Giants)— Pittsburgh: 36.0 (Seahawks-Steelers)— Minneapolis-St. Paul: 35.2 (Vikings-Packers)— Denver: 33.1 (Bears-Broncos)— Boston: 33.0 (Patriots-Dolphins)— Philadelphia: 32.6 (Eagles-Falcons)— Dallas-Ft. Worth: 30.7 (Dallas-Washington)— Seattle: 30.0 (Seahawks-Steelers)— Chicago: 26.6 (Bears-Broncos)— Providence, R.I.: 26.3 (Patriots-Dolphins)— Baltimore: 25.9 (Cardinals-Ravens)— Nashville: 25.2 (Colts-Titans)— Cincinnati: 23.0 (49ers-Bengals)— Atlanta: 22.3 (Eagles-Falcons)— New Orleans: 19.6 (Eagles-Falcons)— Phoenix: 19.2 (Cardinals-Ravens)— Washington, D.C.: 18.3 (Dallas-Washington)— Los Angeles: 16.0 (Saints-Rams)— Milwaukee: 15.4 (Eagles-Falcons)— Bay Area: 15.0 (49ers-Bengals) As you can see, the Washington DC area averaged only an 18 rating for the Cowboys-Redskins game, which is almost unthinkable. This alarming trend continues to amplify the fact that the Redskins are in serious jeopardy of losing not just the current fanbase, but any future fanbase that you would need to sustain viability.
  7. We've only one once in 5 season openers since Gruden became HC. I would argue that the one season opener he won last year doesn't really count given the circumstances (Arizona was the worst team in the league last year), so it was almost impossible to come out and be the usual unprepared, unfocused & lazy football team we usually are to start the season. This is likely Gruden's last season opener, and arguably his most important season opener, given the opponent, and the rumors swirling around regarding his job status. Vegas as of last week currently has Gruden as the most likely head coach to be fired, so he'd better prepare this team like his livelihood depends on it, because considering the circumstances, it does.
  8. Jay is a mediocre coach at best. Plays scared, doesn’t take enough chances, and is woefully inept when it comes to time management and adjustments. He’s been the coach for 5 years now, and entering his 6th season, we clearly know what his ceiling is. We should’ve fired him after the Giants loss at home in 2016, and promoted Sean McVay. That decision to let McVay walk through the door, and stick with Jay might haunt this franchise for years, possibly decades if McVay gets to more Superbowls and wins a few. As for Manusky, he’s a bottom tier coach, and the one weak link holding back what should be a top 5 defensive. We know he’s not the preferred coach of the FO, as they actually tried to replace him in the offseason, but couldn’t. I feel confident that both will be fired after this season when we bottom out with a 5-11 record or worse, but I worry about who will replace them, since this organization is one of the/if not the least desirable destinations in sports for free agents and high school quality coaches.
  9. samy316

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: 2019 Kick-Off Spectacular

    Redskins 13 Eagles 20 This will be a low scoring game, until Case Keenum throws a crucial 4th Quarter pick with about 5 min left, and the Eagles Cash in with a late touchdown. After this game, Case will be on the clock as far as his leash tightening around his neck for the starting QB spot. I can see the leash tightening even more with another dud the following week at home against Dallas. The defense will look really good, and we’ll be able to run for at least 150 yards as a team. Case Keenum’s Stats Vs. Philly: 14/32, 254 Yds, 0TDs and 1INT.
  10. samy316

    0-6 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    We will either be 1-4 or 0-5 to start the year. We will get SMOKED by the Eagles Week 1. The game at home against the Cowboys in Week 2 is a coin flip, especially if Zeke is out. Week 3 at home against the Bears would be a coin flip any other time, but it's MNF at Fed-Ex, so that's an L anyway you look at it. Week 4 @ the Giants is is going to be one of the few games this year that we're favored in, so I'll mark that down as a W. Week 5 at home against the Pats......No comment.
  11. samy316

    New Sexual Assault Allegation against Trump

    Not to sound insensitive, but absolutely NOTHING will happen with this. It will unfortunately be forgotten in a week, when the news cycle focuses on something else more shiny (Dem debates, possible Iran war), etc. Before Trump, a President being accused of rape like this would’ve been a blockbuster headline, and dominated the news for months. Now, it’s just ehh. When Trump overcame the Access Hollywood tape, that ended any chance of him ever being held accountable for his previous transgressions. Think of all the OTHER crimes we’ve learned about since Trump came into office. This story will just be another footnote in a few weeks (more like a few days). That’s the unfortunate reality.
  12. samy316

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    IF the Knicks don’t get the #1 pick tomorrow night, the ONLY place I see Zion going is Chicago. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for the Bulls to get a gift, due to Chicago being a great basketball town, and a huge market. Forget about LA, the Lakers are not in a position to get #1. If they had sit LeBron down at the All-Star break, they might’ve had a chance to enter the top 3, but that didn’t happen. i think the top 3 tomorrow night will be New York, Phoenix and Chicago.
  13. samy316

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    Zion is going to the Knicks. There’s no doubt in my mind that’s happening. You have the most talked about prospect in years, along with the Knicks’ mostly 20 year irrelevancy, and you have the ingredients for the Knicks to have their fortunes turn. There’s NO way Cleveland, Phoenix or New Orleans get the #1 pick tomorrow night. Phoenix already got the #1 pick last year, and Cleveland is NOT having the fortune of getting ANOTHER #1 pick. LeBron is not going back to Cleveland again, so they’re out. Adam Silver is going to pull a David Stern tomorrow night, and set the Knicks up with the #1 pick one way or the other. It’s what’s best for business.
  14. I think our roster is pretty good too, but that is a brutal start to our season next year. I think if we’re 2-3 after the first five games, we should consider ourselves lucky. I only see the Giants game as a solid win in that five game stretch to open the season. We might beat the Cowboys too, but that game is always a coin flip at best. We’re losing at Philly, at home against the Bears (it’s Monday Night Football, we NEVER win at home on MNF), and we’ll get clobbered at home against the Patriots Week 5.
  15. Did you really think that 6-3 record last year was going to last? No competent person (fans or experts) watching last season thought the Skins were a playoff contender, or even a good team at 6-3. If people really thought we were going on a playoff run, the stadium wouldn’t have been half empty, or had 40-50% opposing fans like the Packers game, or the Texans game when you had a 6-3 Redskins team facing a 7-2 Texans team with the upper deck looking like a ghost town. Haskins is going to play next year, it’s inevitable. The only question is if he starts Week 6 after we’ started 1-4 or 0-5 with Case at the helm, or if he outright beats Case in training camp & the preseason to earn a Week 1 start. I think the latter is more likely.