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  1. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. If it did, it should be called “best player award” instead of most valuable player. I hate Harden, and I think he’s a fat, flopping piece of **** like everyone else, but if you’re team is a lottery team without you, you deserve to be an MVP candidate. Besides, most players would trade regular season MVP awards for Finals MVP’s anyday.
  2. Let's be honest with ourselves, did anyone expect a different result than what's currently happening? When you lose the offensive production of a Rendon, it's crippling. What made us so lethal in 2019 was a prime Rendon hitting in front of an emerging superstar in Soto. Fast forward to this season, and there are only 2 batters to fear in the entire lineup, and one of them bats leadoff. Rizzo has to take the blame for his offseason signings. How in the world did he think that signing Schwarber and Bell (two strikeout magnets) could improve our offense? Both signings look horrific. I'm no
  3. Sorry, but a decent chunk of people in this country don’t give a damn about their fellow citizens. People don’t usually do things for other people unless there’s something in it for them. It sucks to hear, but that’s the real world in a nutshell. If it takes incentivizing taking the vaccine so that those that are hesitant will get it, then it’s whatever. I fully support this. Whatever it takes to get to herd immunity.
  4. I look at it like this, the only new stadium to be built the last 15 years with no buzz or non-football events is MetLife Stadium. It is a newer version of Fed-Ex in my opinion, and just a “blah” stadium in general. It got the SB back in 2012, but that’s because the NFL wanted a SB in the NYC area. Other than that are there any other events that it’s hosted since besides Giants/Jets games? Look at the other stadiums that have been built since, (Cowboys, Falcons, Rams, 49ers, Colts, Cardinals, Vikings, etc). All these stadiums have events going on year round like College Football
  5. I wonder if the new stadium will have a retractable roof? I know Dan wants to hold major events here year round (Super Bowls, Final Fours, WrestleManias, etc). It’s the only way a new stadium will keep generating revenue year round. It would probably be in Snyder’s best interest to build a retractable stadium for that alone. We could be hosting a Super Bowl in year one of the new stadium if that happens.
  6. Sure, we have a starting QB (this year). I think Fitz is a pretty good placeholder for this coming year. My point is that this Fitz experiment will only be 1-2 years at best since he’s 38. We need to plan for the future if we’re not doing so already. QB is going to be the biggest question mark until we either draft one or trade for one. My guess is we’ll probably try to trade for one, either before the season starts, or when FA begins after next year. Who knows, if Watson settles his lawsuits, he might be had for 2 1sts and Ion. If the price is too rich for us, then we’ll nee
  7. No we don’t. We’re either going to trade for Rodgers/Watson, or we’re going to trade up next year and get a rookie. We don’t have our franchise QB on the roster right now. Once we have a franchise QB, then our contending window officially opens.
  8. Makes sense. There’s a reason this division is the butt of jokes league wide, and referred to as the “NFC Least”. This division is an embarrassment, and so far removed from its glory days.
  9. The schedule release grabs more ratings than regular season NBA/MLB/NHL games. It also gives the NFL another few weeks of press during the boring period after the draft. It’s a win-win for the NFL. Look how much attention this thread is getting on a random Wednesday in May. NFL is king.
  10. I’m going to say 9-8, and we miss the playoffs by one game. We’ll lose the division to the Cowboys who will be one game better at 10-7, and we’ll be tied with the Giants at 9-8. We’ll also be short of the wildcard by 1 game ( Arizona will grab the last wild card spot). I predict we get off to a fast start 7-2, but Fitzpatrick will play Jekyll and Hyde all season, before leading us on a 4 game losing skid before Taylor Heinecke replaces him in Game 13. He will go 2-2, and thus we will be on the outside looking in. Everyone here and in the media will blast the WFT for not adequatel
  11. We’re not close to competing. We have a mediocre crop at QB. We’re nowhere near a threat until we significantly upgrade at QB. As it stands now, we’re an 6-9 win team. There’s no guarantee we win the division next year, nor are we a guarantee to be a wild card team. To be a contender, we need to go all in on getting a franchise QB next year, or try like hell to somehow obtain Aaron Rodgers. Otherwise, we’re just a decent team, with a window that might be wasted with mediocre QB play.
  12. Our QB situation is untenable. We don’t have a good QB on the roster except for Fitz, and he’s a 38 year old journeyman. We absolutely need to draft QB this year, or worst case scenario next year. If you think we’re a contender based on what we currently have, then I don’t know what to tell you. We are definitely getting a QB tonight, it just depends on if it happens in the 2nd round or 3rd. But we cannot go into next season with the current crop of QB’s, and think that we can contend for a SB. We’re not going to be contenders until we seriously address our QB situation. We ne
  13. Tony Romo is the exception, not the rule. We can’t feel to comfortable about our QB situation as it stands for the long term. I’m certain we’re going to do everything we can to draft a QB, whether it be trading up into the top 10 if the opportunity should arise, or drafting one in the 2nd or 3rd round. QB is the one position that’s of most importance, especially since next year’s draft will be very poor and mediocre for the next batch of QB’s. We need to get our QB of the future this season, and have him sit and learn behind Fitz.
  14. I don’t think people view Heinecke/Allen that highly at all. Heinecke has only 5 good quarters to his name, and Allen is quite frankly not very good. They’re backups and nothing more. If Fitz went down during the season next year God forbid, then we’d be in huge trouble. Our QB situation is not sustainable, since we don’t have our young franchise QB on the roster at the moment.
  15. Why? You do realize we have maybe the worst QB situation in the league save for Chicago. Fitz is a well proven veteran QB placeholder, and nothing more. He’s 38 years old, and shouldn’t be our long term answer at QB. Rivera has to get his franchise QB soon. You’d ideally want to get one this year, since next year’s class is crappy. We need to be thinking about getting our franchise QB sooner, rather than later. We don’t want to be that team that wasted a perfectly good window of opportunity to compete for a SB with mediocre/bad QB play.
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