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  1. samy316

    New Sexual Assault Allegation against Trump

    Not to sound insensitive, but absolutely NOTHING will happen with this. It will unfortunately be forgotten in a week, when the news cycle focuses on something else more shiny (Dem debates, possible Iran war), etc. Before Trump, a President being accused of rape like this would’ve been a blockbuster headline, and dominated the news for months. Now, it’s just ehh. When Trump overcame the Access Hollywood tape, that ended any chance of him ever being held accountable for his previous transgressions. Think of all the OTHER crimes we’ve learned about since Trump came into office. This story will just be another footnote in a few weeks (more like a few days). That’s the unfortunate reality.
  2. samy316

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    IF the Knicks don’t get the #1 pick tomorrow night, the ONLY place I see Zion going is Chicago. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for the Bulls to get a gift, due to Chicago being a great basketball town, and a huge market. Forget about LA, the Lakers are not in a position to get #1. If they had sit LeBron down at the All-Star break, they might’ve had a chance to enter the top 3, but that didn’t happen. i think the top 3 tomorrow night will be New York, Phoenix and Chicago.
  3. samy316

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    Zion is going to the Knicks. There’s no doubt in my mind that’s happening. You have the most talked about prospect in years, along with the Knicks’ mostly 20 year irrelevancy, and you have the ingredients for the Knicks to have their fortunes turn. There’s NO way Cleveland, Phoenix or New Orleans get the #1 pick tomorrow night. Phoenix already got the #1 pick last year, and Cleveland is NOT having the fortune of getting ANOTHER #1 pick. LeBron is not going back to Cleveland again, so they’re out. Adam Silver is going to pull a David Stern tomorrow night, and set the Knicks up with the #1 pick one way or the other. It’s what’s best for business.
  4. I think our roster is pretty good too, but that is a brutal start to our season next year. I think if we’re 2-3 after the first five games, we should consider ourselves lucky. I only see the Giants game as a solid win in that five game stretch to open the season. We might beat the Cowboys too, but that game is always a coin flip at best. We’re losing at Philly, at home against the Bears (it’s Monday Night Football, we NEVER win at home on MNF), and we’ll get clobbered at home against the Patriots Week 5.
  5. Did you really think that 6-3 record last year was going to last? No competent person (fans or experts) watching last season thought the Skins were a playoff contender, or even a good team at 6-3. If people really thought we were going on a playoff run, the stadium wouldn’t have been half empty, or had 40-50% opposing fans like the Packers game, or the Texans game when you had a 6-3 Redskins team facing a 7-2 Texans team with the upper deck looking like a ghost town. Haskins is going to play next year, it’s inevitable. The only question is if he starts Week 6 after we’ started 1-4 or 0-5 with Case at the helm, or if he outright beats Case in training camp & the preseason to earn a Week 1 start. I think the latter is more likely.
  6. samy316

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Ratings were down the WHOLE season, not just during mid=season when the injuries started to pile up. Ratings as a whole have been in a downward spiral the last few seasons, which was accelerated big-time this year. We're the worst offensive team in the NFL, and we have absolutely NO stars on the offensive side. Trading for mediocre Alex Smith, who is the defiiniton of "meh", was still a bizarre move. They should've drafted a QB last year, instead of trading for Smith. If they had done that, they might've been able to dent some of the lost fan interest & ticket sales. This was a terrible move in keeping the status quo, and not moving forward. I really think the Skins have learned their lesson this time, and they will try to draft a QB tomorrow night. There's still a chance they trade for Rosen (which I think is actually the better move), but the Skins are in a position where they are completely irrelevant on the national stage, and they're an after thought in the most prestigious, publicized division in football. Dan Snyder has to change that perspective quickly, before more fans bleed out of the fanbase.
  7. samy316

    Starting QB 2019???

    They need to address QB at either #15, or by trading for Rosen. Snyder is probably going this route, because the STH base is dwindling by the hour, and fan interest is at an all time low for this team (which says something, considering what we've been through with Vinny, Zorn, and the RGIII drama). He needs to do something to not only get STH back, but to drive merchandising sales back to acceptable levels for an NFL franchise. Drafting a QB fits this bill, since rookie QB's represent hope, and anticipation. I predict we draft Haskins, or trade for Rosen. It's inevitable, because the other option of rolling with Case Keenum or Colt McCoy for next year, is not a financially viable option for Snyder & Co.
  8. We deserve it though. We are maybe the least talented offense in the league, and a team devoid of name brand stars. We’re also a highly dysfunctional team, so until we prove ourselves, and can string together good seasons, we’ll always be one of the least trusted/respected teams in the league.
  9. Looks like only two primetime games for us (Chi, @MIN). The rest of the schedule is 1PM starts. It makes sense, because we're not going out west this year farther than Minnesota, and we're projected to be one of the worst teams in the league. If you're a fan of 1PM starts, this is the season for you, with 14 of our 16 games currently scheduled to take place at the 1PM window.
  10. I just saw a Bears schedule leak with dates & times, and they have Chicago coming to Fed-Ex Week 3 to play the Skins on MNF. This is the first confirmed prime time game for the Skins.
  11. That schedule is fake. It’s already been confirmed earlier that PIT/NE is the opening SNF game. DAL/NE is confirmed for Week 12, NOT 14, and DAL/NO is the Week 4 SNF game. We don’t know yet if DAL/NE is a SNF game, since people are speculating it could be a 4:25 FOX DH game.
  12. samy316

    Starting QB 2019???

    Yes, definitely. He started last year, and if they're serious about winning, they would announce Rosen as he starter prior to camp. Not to slight Keenum, but everyone knows that he's here as insurance once we get Rosen. The odd man out might be McCoy. Jay hates carrying 3 QB's, so Colt might find himself cut. You don't get Rosen to then have him sit behind Keenum. Rosen will easily win the QB battle at camp.
  13. I’m going to the game Tuesday night. This should be a real treat. Can’t wait .
  14. samy316

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    LOL, this is insane. Reed at this point isn’t worth more than a ham sandwich, and a side of fries. We’d be lucky to get a 5th or a 6th rounder back for him. He’s finished.
  15. Why would you want him back? He was really not good AT ALL in the 9 games he played with us. His only good game was against the Packers, and even that was more like a great first half than a good game. I hope he recovers, and is able to live a healthy life after football, but let's be real here, it was a BIG mistake trading for him. We're screwed in the interim because of his cap number, and that we traded away an emerging young DB.