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  1. Of course he would be. Winning a title in this town is NOT easy, as we have all learned the last 30+ years or so. His Caps team was the first team in the area to break that long drought of conference championship appearances and then championships by cities with major pro sports teams. Unfortunately, he can brag about that for decades to come, and live off of that accomplishment in the long term. He’s never going to be truly hated by Caps fans. Wizards fans though, are a different story. Wizards fans might hate him almost as much as Redskins/Commanders fans hated Dan Snyder. There’s no hope for that franchise AND their current droughts of 50 win seasons and conference championship appearances appears like it will continue for a long time to come.
  2. I agree 100%. The only reason Leonsis isn't as hated as Snyder in this town, is because he's an old fashioned bad owner - in that he's clearly not smart, spends money the wrong way (think Beal and Wall's contracts), and he's stubbornly loyal to horrific front office guys that he hires (or aquires). Think about how long it took for him to fire Ernie Grumfeld? I was actually shocked that he smartened up and fired Tommy Shepherd when he did. I should also add this: Ovechkin is the only reason Leonsis isn't in that Dan Snyder territory as far as hated owners go. He literally lucked into a Top 2 player in hockey for 20 years, and was able to get that lone championship. If Ovechkin doesn't get drafted to the Caps, the Caps probably would've been just as mediocre as the Wizards have been the last 20 years. The question now for the Wizards is how are they going to get that generational player through the draft? This coming draft sucks, and the next one looks like it will be a good one. If the Wizards luck into the 1st pick of the draft next year, they might have a chance to grab a potential generational player, but then it will be at least 3-5 years before we know that for sure.
  3. Exactly. We got boat raced and stomped on AT HOME by a Bears team that was on the verge of firing their coach, and we lost to a freaking third string rookie QB that lives at home with his parents (and made him look like a pro bowler while doing so). I don't ever want to see any proclamations of wins, or I'll get a headache. After this past season (and really the last 25 seasons), I will ALWAYS go into a game thinking that this team will lose, until they prove me wrong otherwise.
  4. We'll lose to Burrow and Jackson 100%. We'll split with the Eagles, and Giants, and lose both to the Cowboys. That's at least 6 right there. I'm not even going to get into the rest of the schedule, but we can definitely LOSE to anyone. I bet you were picking us to beat Chicago & the NY Giants 2x last year, right?
  5. No we won't. First of all, we barely got primetime games prior to this year, as a team that was in the playoff hunt, or close to .500. Why would TV networks schedule us for anything more than 1 throwaway TNF game at this point? We ended up 4-13, and we have a new coach and probably a new rookie QB. None of those things scream primetime to NFL and TV execs. We will most likely get one pity TNF game (probably against Chicago or Tampa Bay). We're not getting scheduled on Primetime against any NFCE opponents, nor are we getting any SNF games or 4:25 games (unless we're playing on the west coast or as an under card to the main 4:25 game). You can forget about us getting any MNF games too, based on our recent history, and lack of national interest and intrigue.
  6. No way is it going to be open air. Even cold weather teams like the Bears & Browns are now realizing the benefits of having a dome/retractable roof stadium now. Open air stadiums severely limit the number of year round events that you can host, which will bring in significant revenue to restaurants, shops and businesses around the stadium. Imagine having the ability to host SB's, Final Fours, WrestleMania's, and major concerts year round with a roof over the stadium. You lose all that potential revenue if you build an open air stadium, with only 8-9 NFL games per year, and maybe a summer concert or two. It's not economically feasible to build open air stadiums anymore, unless your climate can support year-round events, like LA, Phoenix, Las Vegas, etc, Roofed stadiums also benefits NFL players too. Think of the free agents we've lost, due to our facilities being bottom tier, along with our dilapidated stadium. Players love playing at SoFi, Allegiant, and US Bank stadiums, because the facilities are world class, and its climate controlled. Even MetLife stadium is hated by Jets & Giants fans, and that building isn't even 15 years old. Jets & Giants fans are also jealous of the newer stadiums, and they get envious when they realize that they play in a dump surrounded by a swamp.
  7. You know that the future is fickle, right? All it takes is a couple of injuries, or the Yankees & Red Sox spending money to stop that bright future. As far as the Nats are concerned, we're maybe 2 years away from being in your position. When we last had a long rebuild, we were able to win that WS, after a couple of years of heartbreak. Can the O's cash in with their window? You better hope so, or there'll be many more years of disappointment for O's fans, on top of the 40+ years of disappointment you've already experienced.
  8. This. We don't have a QB at the moment who will attract a big time FA WR like Mike Evans to come to this team. In order for him to sign with us (and remember, FA is more than a month before the draft), we would have to probably offer him more money than other teams that he would likely sign with (like GB or Baltimore) AND we would probably have to telegraph our draft and FA plans to a big time FA like Mike Evans, because we would need to be solid at QB before he would even talk to us. I don't see Mike Evans signing here, unless we let him know straight up that we're taking a QB at #2, OR we sign a FA QB like Kirk Cousins. If we do neither, Mike Evans most likely wouldn't want to come here. I'd also push back on the notion that he's in decline. He's still a Top 10 WR in my opinion (and closer to Top 5 when healthy). He's definitely a money WR, and I think he has at least 3-4 years left of high end production.
  9. The dunk contest is wack. It used to mean something when the best players competed in the contest and we saw never before seen dunks, like Jordan in 87-88, Vince Carter in 2000 and even Aaron Gordon in 2016. The league is different now, in that 3-Pt shooting is more prevalent and respected in today’s game than dunking is. I think they should either move the dunk contest to the first event on Saturday night, or they should scrap it all together. They should just do the dunk contest first, then the skills challenge, and then the 3-Pt shooting contest last. If you noticed, there were WAY more stars competing in the 3-Pt shooting contest, than the dunk contest. It’s been the case now for several years. It just highlights that stars care WAY more about shooting than they do dunking.
  10. LOL, not that ugly, but I would love a stadium like SoFi, Allegiant or US Bank. A premier destination for fans and entertainers.
  11. That’s pretty much all of what I want in a future stadium. On a side note, it looks like teams that are traditionally northern/cold weather teams might be rethinking the usefulness of outdoor stadiums. Apparently the Browns owner wants a new stadium that will be a retractable roof/dome stadium, and the Bears also want to either renovate Soldier Field to a retractable roof/dome (similar to SoFI, or build a new stadium in the burbs that’s a retractable roof/dome. My guess is that in 10 years, only a handful of teams will be playing outdoors in the cold & snow. It’s becoming increasingly evident that owners are starting to realize the benefit of having a year-round stadium with activities and events other than just football games in the Fall.
  12. I’ll add one more point here, since I’m not in this thread that often, and I don’t want to clog up the thread with too many JJ McCarthy takes: This is the draft to get our franchise QB. If you look at the NFL landscape, ALL of the talented franchise QB’s reside in the AFC at the moment. There is NO TRUE franchise QB in the NFC at the moment. Purdy, Goff, Dak & even Hurts aren’t at the franchise QB level that Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, Herbert, Jackson, Stroud or Lawrence are. There’s a big, gaping hole at franchise QB in the NFC. The first team that gets that guy in the NFC, could run that conference for the next 5-10 years. We need to make sure that WE get that guy soon. San Francisco, will not be the same team next season, as their roster gets older and more expensive, Dallas is screwed going forward if they pay Dak, Philly is in turmoil and getting older, and Detroit has a really good team, but they don’t have an elite QB. This is the time to get that franchise QB, and run the NFC. The opening is right there.
  13. JJ McCarthy is a late first round/second round QB in my eyes. I live with a Michigan super fan, and watched a LOT of Michigan games on Saturdays. I never once thought that JJ McCarthy was at the level of, or close to Williams/Daniels or even Maye. If Bo Nix & Michael Penix didn’t have injury/age issues, I’d draft them before McCarthy too. I just don’t see the hype with him. He’s going to get drafted higher than he should be, because there’s QB needy teams that aren’t at the top of the draft, that need to get their “guy”, like Atlanta, Minnesota, Las Vegas and Pittsburgh.
  14. Strangely enough, I see Daniels as a Burrow type QB, in that he had one special season, but in that season, he showed everyone he had the talent and WOW factor to play like that in the NFL. His accuracy and his TD to turnover ratio was Joe Burrow like. I think he can definitely excel in the NFL.
  15. McCarthy isn’t a “special” QB. His role on that Michigan team was similar to what Brock Purdy’s role was with the 49ers. He’s a guy who can get you to a SB, with a GREAT team around him, but the previous poster is right, in that you win “with” him, and not “because” of him. In order to win SB’s like KC, you need a special QB. One that can carry a team, and does things on the field that aren’t scouted, or scripted. SF will never beat KC, because they have a “good” QB in Purdy, but not a special QB that can go toe to toe or throw to throw with Mahomes. There are only a few QB’s in the NFL that can play up to that level, and those QB’s are also special (Burrow, Allen). When looking at this draft, I’m interested to see who can get to that Mahomes, Burrow, Allen level. IMP, I think that Williams & Daniel’s are those guys that look to have that kind of talent and wow plays. McCarthy doesn’t have that WOW or “IT” factor to his game.
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