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  1. samy316

    Gameday Thread

    I’m a big Tom Brady fan, but he flat out sucked last night. He was one step above game manager status. You can tell now that Brady is on a downward trend, he basically had ZERO zip on the ball, and should’v been picked at least 3 times. No matter what he says about playing until he’s 45, he’s just about finished now. I think next year will be the last year of the dynasty. The Pats will most likely get to the Super Bowl again (unless the Chiefs improve their defense). If the Pats win next year, they will have 7 championships, and stand alone in NFL lore. Once they get 7, I think Brady retires, and Belichick starts anew with a rookie QB.
  2. samy316

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    They almost certainly have to go QB in either R1, or at the very worst R2. The Redskins put themselves in this position in the first place. You have a coach who is virtually a dead man walking next season, and you have fans that won't renew season tickets by the hundreds, if not thousands. They almost have no choice BUT to draft a QB. They should've drafted one last season, instead of drafting Alex Smith. That move set them back years. I would imagine that the Skins have dozens of scouts at the Senior Bowl today, with an eye on the QB's on display. I think they'll pick either Lock, or Jones with the 15th pick. Worst case scenario is them drafting back in the 1st, and nabbing Will Grier. The Redskins FO is the dumbest FO in sports, but even they recognize the need to draft a franchise QB. A franchise QB brings excitement and hope to an already eroding fan base. There is also a pretty good chance that that QB will play next year when our starter (McCoy) gets injured.
  3. samy316

    Breaking: Redskins claim Reuben Foster NFL.COM

    Edit, duplicate post.
  4. samy316

    Breaking: Redskins claim Reuben Foster NFL.COM

    It doesn’t matter if Foster is innocent or not. Just the fact that they picked him up on waivers, without so much as a phone call to Tampa police, or an overall background check just explains and demonstrates the utter idiocy and incompetence of this franchise, and especially it’s front office. There was no need to pick him up now, until at least next year when his hearing concludes, or he has gotten himself off of the commissioners exempt list. We just look like desperate degenerates with no clue as to PR, and direction. This is also something that other potential coaches and GM’s pay attention to in the long run. When our season spirals out of control, and we miss the playoffs, we’re most likely going to fire Gruden and possibly Allen. We’re already down on the list as far as potential destinations for young up and coming coaches (QB disaster + a barren wasteland of offensive talent). GB, Cleveland, Tampa and Buffalo would be ahead of us in regards to coaching destinations. Throw in an incompetent front office, and a meddlesome owner, and you’re once again looking at a potential situation like 2008 when we had to settle for Jim Zorn. Any decent head coaches are going to stay away from the laughingstock known as the Redskins.
  5. I will say this though about Norman's comments. I agreed with some of what he's said, but now the team has a target on its back from the fans. He's said this, and now he has to live with the consequences of bad play at home from here on out. Sunday is a good day for them to prove people wrong, and get a win at home to keep momentum going. If they get embarrassed at Fed-Ex like they did against the Falcons and Colts, then they should feel the wrath of the fanbase for putting his foot in his mouth once again. This is it. No more embarrassing home losses anymore. If you want the fans to come out and support you and be loud, then give them something to cheer. Don't let your comments make you the goat if we lose by 20 at home to the Texans, or lose to a pathetic Giants team with nothing to play for AGAIN in a few weeks.
  6. Norman is right and wrong at the same time, if that's even possible. He's right that the fan experience is not great at all at Fed-Ex. We probably have a bottom 5 home field advantage in the NFL, not much better than the LA teams, Tampa, Miami, etc. This is a transient town at the end of the day, so like those towns I just listed, you have a lot of people living here from all over the U.S., who want to come out to see their team play at Fed-Ex every 3-4 years. These people who move here are more likely to root for their home team than to adopt the Skins (really, why would anyone ever want to make the Skins their second favorite team). While Norman is correct about the fan experience, he is incorrect about why the fans boo the team, and never show up to the stadium. Josh has only been here 2 years, so he has no idea of the prior mediocrity, bad decisions by upper management and the awful losses that have occurred at that building the last 20 years. He's could never understand Redskins fans pain and anguish over this team. It's going to take more seasons like this one to get people back to the stadium. At 6-3, fans are not going to rush back to Fed-Ex all of a sudden, and sell the place out. At this point, fans are looking for consistency. If we win a playoff game, and get off to a hot start next year, then you'll start to see a difference.
  7. This offense was only good enough to maybe reach 21-24 points before the injuries. Now that 4/5 of our starting offensive line are likely out for Sunday, and we're going to be without 2 All Pro Lineman for the next couple of weeks, we're going to be VERY lucky to get to 14-17 points a game from here on out. I have absolutely NO FAITH in Alex Smith or Jay Gruden to come up with a way to keep up with teams offensively. Tampa is a very bad matchup for us, considering that they really are a similar version of the two teams we've been blown out by this season (NO, ATL). We're going to have to lean on our defensive HEAVILY here the rest of the season. If AP can get 60-80 Yds+ a game, we might have a shot to hold teams to 20 or under and be competitive. I don't think that will be the case this Sunday. I think Fitzpatrick will get his team to 28+ points, and we're going to be out of the game by the 3rd quarter. Washington: 16 Tampa: 31
  8. samy316

    When Can We Get Out of the Alex Smith Contract???

    Sorry, but what you just said is sheer lunacy, and borderline incorrect. There definitely IS a QB problem here in DC, and you might be missing what’s going on right before your very eyes. Look at Gruden’s pressers after each game. It’s very clear that he’s 1. Getting VERY impatient with the offense, and 2. He’s feeling pressure each and every week from the media to explain what exactly is going on with Smith. If you injected truth serum in Jay, he’d probably curse out Alex, and secretly wish he had any other QB in the NFL besides Smith right now. Jay Gruden is an OFFENSIVE coordinator at heart, and it must kill him each week to see how inept and clueless we are on the offensive side of the ball. He’s also a smart guy, who realizes that his tenure with this team is still very much in doubt. We’re 5-3, but it certainly isn’t because of the QB. If we struggle to score in our next two games, and we start to slide in the standings, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Jay decides to save his season by playing Colt. I think days like today, where you play a bad defensive team, but fail to put points on the board, you realize that something has to change soon.
  9. samy316

    When Can We Get Out of the Alex Smith Contract???

    The answer is really simple after 8 games: Draft a QB immediately this upcoming coming draft. I would draft one in the first two rounds, depending on the situation. You CANNOT survive 4 seasons with Smith as a QB, much less 1. He cannot play at a high enough, or even an adequate enough level to manage a competent NFL passing offense. If you take a look at what’s going on around the league with some of the better teams in the NFL, all of them are able to move their teams down the field, and put points on the board. Most of them can even, get this, bring their teams back from a deficit. This team is lucky that their schedule is such that they can win 10 games, and possibly win their division. It doesn’t mean much though, because the second they’re hosting a home playoff team against Green Bay, Minnesota, or even Philadelphia, we’re toast, because those teams have offenses that can at least score 24+ points even on an off day. If we play those teams, and are trailing, you can forget about a playoff win.
  10. samy316

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I don't think you can call this fanbase garbage, just smarter, and more unwilling to put up with a crap product, crap front office, and ultimately the worst owner in sports Dan Snyder. Until those things change, expect more of this to continue. I know about 10 people in total that used to be season ticket holders, but cancelled within the last 3 years. If you have the one of the worst stadiums in the league, the highest parking/food and the team wins less than half of the time AT HOME, you've got big issues. Another poster just made this point, but it makes total sense. You can get away with all of this if this were Buffalo or Cleveland, because those cities are not world class cities. There's nothing to do on Sundays but go to the game, or watch on TV. Here in DC, this is a world class city, with an abundance of activities to take your mind off of sports. It doesn't help either that the other sport teams in town are all better run, and have actual stars to attract fans to the stadium/arena. Ask yourself this, who the hell can the Redskins market to get casual fans out to crappy Fed-Ex? We have quite possibly the most boring, faceless team in the league. Who are our stars to market? We don't have a marketable QB, WR, or a marketable secondary. Are we really going to market a 33 year old Adrian Peterson? I love the guy and am really glad we signed him, but we're definitely behind the eight ball when it comes to marketing. You brought up Cleveland & Buffalo, but at least those organizations have better front office management, ownership and something the Redskins lack: Hope. Both those franchises drafted franchise QB's that their fans can get behind and root for. What did we do when our previous QB left? We signed Alex Smith. I rest my case. We don't currently have a reason for fans to attend games right now. What's the point? Why pay lots of money to watch them probably lose, when we can watch the team lose from the comfort of our own home or our local bar.
  11. samy316

    Redskins vs cowboys for First Place in The NFC East

    Quick note about this game, it will air on CBS next week, NOT FOX as it normally does. We have the “pleasure” of hearing Tony Romo call one of our games for the first time.
  12. samy316

    Redskins vs Panthers Prediction Thread: Here We Go Again

    I disagree completely. They SHOULD be in meltdown mode if they lose the next two games. This team arrogantly thought that trading for Alex Smith, but not getting him any damn weapons would be sufficient enough to take this team to the playoffs this season. Redskins brass is the one who harped on this being a playoffs or bust season. Gruden & Allen know damn well that competing hard but losing close games is simply NOT good enough this season. The panic level should be extremely high right now within the roster, but especially for the coaches and management. They don’t get a pass anymore. This a win now, or else season. The fan base is not going to accept mediocre results anymore. You see that with the embarrassing and dwindling crowds at Fed-Ex. I, along with other fans are in a prove it stage now with this team. So far, they’ve done nothing but disappoint. My prediction for Sunday is a win, only because this team is incapable of sustained success or failure, making them the true definition of mediocrity. They will win this week, but lose to Dallas the following week, because that’s just how they roll: Panthers 20 Redskins 26
  13. samy316

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Sorry man, but I have to disagree. Sean McVay already looks like the next Bill Walsh, and we let him walk right through the door. I agree with VOR, we've seen enough of Gruden here for 5 years to determine that he simply is NOT a great coach, or even a good one. He's mediocrity personified. I commend him for upgrading us from lost in the wilderness to mediocre, but he's NOT the coach that's going to get you to the next level. If we had a front office that had vision, foresight and guts, we would've held onto McVay after the Giants game in 2016, and kicked Gruden to the curb. It hit me like a ton of bricks when I was watching the Colts game 2 weeks ago that Gruden will never be a top tier coach. Year 5, and we're STILL dealing with the same issues that have plagued this team since Year 1. We haven't progressed one iota, and in some ways, we're only a losing streak away from this whole thing coming apart fast. We might have to root for McVay to kill it, or for Cousins to get to/and or win a SB. for Dan to finally get a clue, and fire the Tampa connection for good.
  14. samy316

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I agree with a lot of what you said, but I have to disagree about the younger generation/front runner perception. The Caps have been consistently good for the last 10-12 years. They've always been a playoff team, but never broke through until this past year. I read a stat somewhere that the Caps missed the playoff their first 8 years of existence (1974-82). Since then, they've only missed the playoffs 6 times in the past 36 years. That's amazing consistency, The Nats were moved here to DC from Montreal in 2005, and they're a young franchise that already has multiple NL East Titles (4 since 2012). That's also consistent. The Redskins on the other hand since Dan Snyder took over in 1999, have made the playoffs only 4 times in the last 20 years, with 2 division titles to show for it. These younger generation Caps/Nats fans aren't bandwagoners, because the teams they've cheered have won consistently enough to earn multiple playoff trips. The only disappointment they've suffered is that the Caps/Nats never got to the conference championship in their respective sports, until the Caps broke through finally in 2018. The Redskins have a BIG problem, and a lot of it has to do with how they're viewed on the field and off the field. If you lose consistently, but aren't embarrassing when you do it, people hate the disappointment, but at least they're proud of their team at the end of the day. When you lose like the Redskins, PLUS are embarrassing off the field (FO, Owner, etc), then people will quickly start to lose hope.