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  1. I know Adam Humohries isn’t fast but darn is he quick in and out of his breaks
  2. Butt on the ground right now in front of the receivers group
  3. Yeah I am with you on that. That's partly why I thought the WP story on Colt was so strange. But I tried to keep an open mind watching him in camp. And yeah Colt's passes floated like they always did. It's cool to see QBs throw often the exact same throws back to back because you can see the difference in velocity and accuracy in an apples to apples way. Watching Kirk after watching Colt made Kirk look like he had a Mahomes like rocket. Obviously, Kirk doesn't have a gun albeit he has decent arm strength but Colt's arm looked distinctly weak versus Kirk. I'll give Colt this t
  4. -The vaccine problem is going to get worse before it gets better. According to Tuesday's numbers, Washington is last in the league, with just 60% of players on their first shot. But we got an early glimpse into the roster breakdown on Wednesday, as players who aren't vaccinated have to wear a mask at all times while inside the building at the training center. Some players may have chosen to voluntarily wear a mask, but among the players observed to have been wearing them, many were starters, including star defensive linemen Chase Young, Matt Ioannidis and Daron
  5. This will be the third camp, I'll attend. I like Standig and Keim a lot. I think both do a great job including covering camp where they try not to get carried away and they keep things in stride. I am listening to Keim's podcast from today as I type this. For me at camp, there are typically some things I try to encode. QB arm velocity and accuracy. You can really see it well typically because they have them throw back to back -- throw after throw, etc. I recall for example seeing Haskins accuracy struggles pretty easily. I recall the WP saying before that camp that Colt's arm
  6. lol, I'll give it my best shot. I don't know how reporters can keep typing and tweeting stuff on the fly while watching practice without missing a ton of action that way. So I just take notes and digest what I saw and type it up later in the day when I got time to decompress. It seemed to work well for me 2 years ago when I did it that way so I'll try that again.
  7. There was a reporter covering the topic who said he didn't study this but informally it looked like the teams whose leaders got vaccinated are the ones with the highest vaccinated rates. We don't know if Chase is vaccinated or not but the tea leaves seem to be that he hasn't been. He's been hanging out with Sweat this off season among other things. Love the dude. I am a big Chase guy. But I don't love the comments of Ron is cool with it if they don't get vaccinated. Clearly that isn't true considering Rivera's comments this week. You can take a stance on
  8. I echo that. I post these type of tweets whenever I can but I've traveling, just got to Richmond. So I'll catch some practices but I'll likely post what I see later that day versus on the fly during practice.
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