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  1. Should be interesting, that's three reporters indicating about there being some concern. Typically, an ACL injury 13 months later is more than fine. I recall some buzz about Love before the last draft that there was some concern about the specific injury from the context that some ACL injuries have different type of impacts on some players and it wasn't so hot for Love on that front. Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reported that NFL teams are wondering if Love will be able to regain his previous form, when he was a stout downhill runner, and that there’s also concerns about his knee still being “very stiff” after surgery.
  2. Skinsinparadise

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    For me, I don't need a FA at WR. This draft is insanely stacked at WR so if they want some competition for Harmon, I am cool with it. Harmon was one of the WR prospects I liked last year. However, doing apples to apples comparisons to some of the 2nd tier type WRs I like in this draft, I'd take a bunch of them over Harmon. I didn't see Harmon as a #1 last year, don't recall too many others pegging him that way either. But I do think he can be a good 2 or 3 type receiver. I don't think he will flame out. He's already shown flashes. But if they in the building like him as a rotational guy, I can see that. Plus these days IMO you want 4 good receivers ideally -- there almost always seem to be a receiver on the shelf much like the CB position, one guy at least almost is always hurt.
  3. Skinsinparadise

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Just caught this, that stinks, he is one of my favorite WR prospects.
  4. Skinsinparadise

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Casserly doesn't seem to know we are missing the 2nd round pick, otherwise....
  5. Skinsinparadise

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    I agree with @MartinC. A stud pass rusher, let alone a potential elite player is far from a luxury. We've been able to pull off during Dan's era finding good players. But elite? Maybe Sean, maybe Trent. That's it IMO. I don't think its some wild coincidence that this team both hasn't had elite players and likewise hasn't sniffed a SB during Dan's tenure.
  6. not sure if he's a traditional Z which they are looking for but I liked him in Atlanta, haven't followed what happened in Chicago. Amukamara has quietly had a good career, wonder if he can be had cheapish? I think we need 2-3 corners.
  7. Skinsinparadise

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I wouldn't go as far as that below but Mims, Edwards and Tyler Johnson right now are my 3 favorite 2nd tier types among the receivers. Personally, I'd have to be sold on him as a blocker to a degree but I'll watch him. If we are going pure pass catcher, Hunter Bryant might be the best dude. He's 6 "2 but about 10 pounds heavier than Claypool
  8. Skinsinparadise

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I was one of the bigger Harmon guys before last draft. So i like him. Keim and others though have said they heard this FO-coaching staff see him more as a 4th receiver rotational type than their future starter at Z. One of the few receivers I haven't looked at, I'll check him out soon.
  9. Skinsinparadise

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    TE is a tough spot. You got scant options in FA. And it's a tough spot traditionally for rookies to hit the ground running. I like the draft at TE better than most once I started diving into these prospects and I noticed that I am not alone on that view, some other observers agree with me and some don't. It's missing IMO A listers but IMO there are a bunch of B to C + type prospects. I don't think I've ever been so into the combine because I have so many receivers and tight ends that I watched where I don't have a strong feel for their athleticism. So these are my pre combine thoughts subject to change. Early 3rd round -- I think there is a shot Trautman and Kmet and Harrison Bryant are still there. 50-50. I think little chance they are still there in the 4th. With the combine as a disclaimer. Harrison Bryant in particular IMO looks explosive on film so if he times that way, too -- that could shoot him into the 2nd round. Trautman to my eyes has the most potential. I think there is a good shot Hunter Bryant goes in the third too but I am not a big fan -- I like him a lot as a receiver but I don't think he has the size to be a traditional TE who does it all. If Hunter runs something crazy good maybe I'd be sold that he's an Engram type and maybe I'd swallow his blocking. At least Hunter is a willing blocker. Early 4th round -- To me Hopkins likely goes here or the third round. I like Hopkins but don't love him because of the drops and I think he's inconsistent as a blocker. But if he has a good combine I can see him elevated by some to the third. I like Pickney as a blocker and he's not bad as a receiver. He can drop into the late 4th or 5th. He'd be my guy if we are fishing for bargains because I don't don't a huge disparity in all the TE's I've mentioned up to here. Albert Okwuebunam would be the other guys that I think would be late 4th and 5th, I'd like the value of him at this spot, too. After these guys IMO there is a fall off. I like O'Grady but his character issues seem to be major red flags. I like Breeland but not as much as the other TE's I mentioned above. Thaddeus Moss to me is a weird prospect to assess. I really wanted to see his combine numbers. I like his hands-blocking ability. I don't like his separation skills and YAC ability. Colby Parkinson to me is a 6th rounder. but some like him better than I do. I haven't wanted Asiasi, yet.
  10. Skinsinparadise

    The Philosophy Thread: HC First, GM/FO First, or does it matter?

    Finlay has been hinting that they will radically change their public approach so they operate like most other teams. Good. Bruce-Dan treating their operation like its the Kremilin hasn't really worked for them -- its added to the public suspicion about them if anything.
  11. Skinsinparadise

    2019 ES GMs Mock Draft - Final!

    Ditto with me having the Dolphins. I've suffered some for having this task over the years so I think I've earned the draft haul they got this time. One draft, I'll have them surpassing the Pats.
  12. PFF scores for both