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  1. I am tempting to turn to the Clemson/Pitt game to see why some are hyped about Pickett but right now watching Alabama. I like Mac Jones over Trask but I have a hard time falling for him too. He could be. Even with freakish talented receivers around him in recent years, he IMO was still their go to receiver. Their most consistent receiver with the best hands. I think his 40 time might effect his draft status a little. Some suspect he is a 4.5 guy some think he is faster than that. At his size I think his speed will factor how high he goes.
  2. Loved Devonta for 2 seasons now. He is undersized weight wise and not crazy fast but he just gets open all the time, has great hands and is super clutch.
  3. I don't think you have to be a dominant CB to go in the mid first. It's a premium position typically. And you got potentially a bunch stacked up pretty close to each other IMO where I can see if one goes other teams grab theirs early. Ditto LT in this draft. i can see the 10-20 range be the sweet spot for both -- more so LT and than CB. The run on CB could be more late first but typically the CBs go faster than the mock draft types predict. The other sneaky postions IMO in this draft might be DL and edge rusher. I can see a bunch going in that range.
  4. Pitts to me looks like a receiver not a slower version of one. The dude IMO will be a stud. I've watched probably more TEs in the last 2 drafts than any other position. Pitts to my eyes doesn't blend into just being another in a series of previous good receiving TEs -- he looks to me as the best receiving TE i've seen in a long time. As i am typing this he just recorded his third TD today. I get the theory people have about TEs and I share many of those same theories. But watching the actual player quite a bit -- i throw that theory out the window but that's just me.
  5. i wasn't much of a Trask guy before today and watching today makes me want to double down on the take of what I feel watching him....Maybe i'll regret this take later.
  6. Typically corners and tackles can go early. I can see a bunch of them taken in the 10-20 range.
  7. I did some random looking at their formations at D line. Years back I did this in the off season for Manusky's defenses. On first blush, Del Rio mixes it up more. I couldn't really nail down easy patterns except for some. Like Manusky's defenses: Allen is typically on the right side, Payne on the left. Though saw Payne for one play on the right which I don't recall seeing Manusky do Payne often plays 3 technique on plays that are long -8 yards plus. Allen sometimes moves to 1 Payne often playing 1 or 0 with Allen playing 3 against the run Sometimes 5 or even 6
  8. My other UF man crush Kadarious Toney with a big special teams play. there are some guys who can be in the range we pick if its in the 15-20 range. maybe Surtain drops that far though I am guessing not. Stokes, Samuel Jr. Farley, etc.
  9. No doubt. Ditto Brevin Jordan who IMO is an even worse blocker. But I like that fact that Pitts has bulked up in part to improve on that front and its on his radar screen. Having said that, whenever I hype a player in a middle of a game they tend to disappear for a stretch afterwards. I guess i am a jinx. There could be a run on left tackles and receivers around that range which is possible. Few thought Ceede Lamb would drop as far as he did to Dallas but in the end he did. It's unlikely for Pitts to last to 19 but possible IMO.
  10. For me if I am looking for two things from a TE who isn't that good of a blocker yet its: A. Willingness B. Size When I watched Jordan Reed with coaches tape (and I posed some of the clips at the time) you can see he wanted nothing to do with blocking. Pitts at least based on what I am reading is committed to getting better at it. And a player who is 6"6 and is pushing 250 pounds certaintly has the size. I don't get the sense from what I've read that Pitts likes the idea of being considering an Engram/Jordan Reed all receiver style TE. I think t
  11. Neither dude has Pitts size, speed, explosion IMO. I could be wrong but Pitts to me right now screams star in the NFL. I didn't get that vibe watching Gandy Golden albiet I like him.
  12. He needs to improve his blocking no doubt but that seems to be on his agenda and he certainly has the size for it. He's not one of these tweener TEs. The dude is such a monster. He seperates well, is slippery, has double moves similar to a a stud receiver, his super good hands, is explosive with the ball in his hands. One of my gauges as to whether I love a player is how would I feel if a division rival grabbed him. And yeah I'd hate to see him on Dallas or NY, etc. It's a different position but watching Pitts reminds me some of how I felt about Dalvi
  13. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/gators/2020/10/02/why-floridas-kyle-pitts-is-the-perfect-mismatch-maker-for-dan-mullen/ If Florida coach Dan Mullen knew Kyle Pitts was destined for stardom when he signed him as part of his first recruiting class, he didn’t say so. Mullen never mentioned the four-star tight end by name in his 2017 early signing day news conference. Mullen did, however, outline the philosophy that turned the raw Pennsylvania native into one of the best players in the country heading into Saturday’s game against South Carolina. “The biggest thing to m
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