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  1. Maybe? If I had to think of the most innocent explanation it would be Dan was worrying about COVID-19 dragging down revenue and decided to not give the dividends at the time -- and lets say there was already some tension in place with the people in play, so he passively aggressively decided to just do it without talking to them about it. But who knows? The odd downside to this for the minority owners is they look desparate to sell so that doesn't help them in a negotiation and these stories don't paint Dan as a cool guy to co-own a team with. So its a lose lose.
  2. There have been stories for well over a month centered on the back and forth with the minority owners might be behind pushing some of these stories. I think this story isn't a good one for Dan because it reveals something he specifically did to instigate the back and forth -- at least from the perspective of the minority owners. Previously it gave the vibe that it was just a general being fed up with the dude and wanting to get the most value from selling the minority shares. Sheehan elabtorated on this some on his show today saying Fred Smith has wanted to check out for awhile but didn't s
  3. Digesting the article, I don't blame the minority owners to be upset about their dividends to be withheld with no forewarning. Dan removes them from being on the Board of Directors. Now, they are in a back and forth spitting match. You reap what you sow. If I were a minority owner, I'd blame Dan for the demise of this franchise as for fans, TV raitings, the whole works. If I am a successful business guy like Fred Smith I'd eventually have some contempt for Dan. Dan doesn't exactly have the midas business touch at least not of late. And the sleaze-unlikeable brush that this
  4. i am a a big Bryce Love guy but I've gathered based on those who watched practices he needs to regain his explosiveness. I guess they'd be able to tell in practice.
  5. Not sure where this goes https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29939438/2020-nfl-analytics-survey-which-teams-most-least-analytically-inclined When it comes to analytics in the NFL, the Baltimore Ravens are No. 1. That's the take of analytics staffers around the league, as polled by ESPN in our first NFL analytics survey. Of course, it's a tricky question. There's some visible evidence of analytics work -- on fourth-down decisions or draft-day trades, for example -- but there's even more that's invisible to those outside each organization. There's secrecy and competitive ad
  6. Through a FedEx spokeswoman, Smith declined to comment. Snyder does not need to buy out his partners because he already holds a majority of the team. He also has no plans to sell his stake, which he expects to leave to his children, according to several people who have spoken to him. Still, Snyder was disappointed by the decision by Schar and Rothman — his friends and business partners for nearly 20 years — to hire a banker to sell their shares. In mid-June, he threw all three limited partners off the team’s board. The three shareholders, upset
  7. I am 2-0 so far in my picks, hoping to go 3-0. Redskins 27, Browns 24. The Browns have a good O line but I like our D line going against a pocket QB who takes risks.
  8. The Giants have quietly borderline dominated this series even during their down years. If I recall they beat us 8 out of the last 12.
  9. LOL, like I said with Haskins I am week to week. I get the arguments pro. I get the arguments con. I guess my more con opinion on Haskins is I don't think the dude is some off the charts talent where if 4 years from now he doesn't make it -- you'll be reading articles about how could that dude have failed? I think you got some clear as bell bust potential with Haskins. But I am not opposed to the take of some that the dude has what it takes. He certainly has some talent. I've been really supportive of all our young QBs. I've taken probably the most arrows in the RG3 and Ki
  10. And so Washington fans wait must another week to see where Haskins will go from here, as he continues to attempt to connect his skills with the demands of offensive coordinator Scott Turner's playbook. "Dwayne is more than capable," Turner said. "If his feet are set and his body is aligned correctly, he can make any throw that there is. "I think what happens is a guy will see something and their mind will work faster than their body, and they just try to throw it out there with all arm, and that affects your accuracy. "They think it will take too
  11. @Alcoholic Zebra You are off to a good start about the Giants O line. but will see. Bears and Steelers have really good D lines. And they got SF up next but wonder with the SF injuries they won't be as fearsome as before.
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