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  1. When I talked about Bateman I lauded his speed especially as accelerating fast in a short radius in the flat (5-10 yards). After writing that, I read some of the reports about him and my take seemed out of synch with some of the draft geeks who bill him as more of a possession dude with speed being perhaps his weakness. It doesn't surprise me that Crabbs on the tweet below still can't accept that speed because I gather it conflicts with all those possesion receiver reports that people like him have written about Bateman. Personally, i thought he was both -- posession type with s
  2. I'd put money that Darden doesn't go undrafted. Gandy-Golden wasn't much as for seperation skills in college -- projections about him involved his physicality. I wouldn't dismiss small school receivers because of AGG. Tyreek Hill coming from West Alabama, Garcon, etc. Usually guys who can seperate, do YAC, track the deep ball and run like Darden are coveted in this league especially these days. PFF swears by the most by the yards per route stat -- and I believe Darden is their top receiver on that metric or 2nd best. They dubbed him as a third rounder. Will see.
  3. We've been burned more often than benefitted in recent years from trading down. Like I've been saying if Pitts is a surprise faller, I'd trade up for him within reason. But aside from him and the QBs, not sure there is an obvious trade up prospect. If we were picking top 10, I wouldn't want to trade down. But 19 might not be that different from lets say 26 in this draft.
  4. Be one of my all time stunners if Lance falls to 19. Smith I'd be very surprised. Waddle/Slater I'd be surprised. Only one of those that would keep me from trading down would be Lance. I don't see for example Radunz a mile away from Darrisaw. I like a bunch of receivers just a hair lower than Waddle. I have to watch AVT more but to me he looks like a guard (his original spot), he doesn't strike me as a must have trade up candidate. The Colts liked for example years ago Ryan Kelly as we apparently did too but is he a trade up type of a player? I don't know but my hu
  5. Agree. but as @stevemcqueen1pointed out the same reasons why its attractive for us to trade down exists for the rest of the league as for similarly graded players falling in a wide range and if so it might not be easy to find a trade partner. That's one thing I've heard personnel guys joke about in interviews, people want them to trade up or trade down, it sounds great but trading partners don't always exist. But I am with you as for this mindset. Hopefuly we get lucky on this front.
  6. I'd put money that there will be a surprise faller to 19 but I am cool with trading down assuming we could find a trading partner. It's not always easy to find a trade partner outside the top 10. Tier A: Almost slam dunk before 19 IMO (some are slam dunk, some almost) Lawrence Fields Z. Wilson Trey Lance Pitts Sewell J. Chase D. Smith R. Slater Tier B: Likely before 19 Mac Jones (judging by mocks but not sure about this one) Micah Parsons P. Surtain C. Farley J. Horn J. Waddle C. Darrisaw
  7. So many players I like in the 2nd-3rd range.
  8. Maybe so. I liked Asasi in the last draft and he went higher than I expected. I thought i was the only guy on earth who thought that Keene could be a good player, mock draft types had him in the 6th-7th, but the Pats took him in the third. Keene didn't have big production in college but like Tremble showed that he could move and block. Yet, Keene would be a poor man's version of Tremble. So you are probably right, I think he drops to the third at the latest but he could go in the 2nd. I think Tremble's measurables will be the kicker here. To my eyes it looks like the dude c
  9. best TE blocker I've watched in years, IMO better than Hockenson at it and ditto Trautman. And the dude can really motor to the 2nd level far down the field to block a dude in a way that i don't typically see from TE's.
  10. Tremble, one of my guys My gut is the mocks won't mirror reality. Too many needy QB in the mix. But on the off chance it happened, we'd have to trade at a minimum this years first and next years first and something else. I'd trade Payne before trading Allen. I'd do it. But i doubt this sceanrio comes into play. If we are going with mocks then some see Mac Jones as a top 10 pick, many a top 15, got my doubts he goes that high.
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