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  1. Skinsinparadise

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I just can't resist
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    WP: 20th anniversary of Snyder

  3. Skinsinparadise

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I'd agree if the idea was we all thought we were losing every off season until the last three years so what a relief to finally have some off season good vibes for a change. But that's not how it's been. Not even close. Heck Doc Walker makes a running joke about how we have been the kings of the off season for well over a decade, where there is always some feel good vibe about something. And then too bad the season starts.... We got this guy or that guy and it all feels good. Drafts -- FA's -- new coaches, etc. It's always something new to get jazzed about. And yes some of this stuff indeed works out. Some of it doesn't. Vinny's 2004 FA crop to this day is probably the best FA class here of all time. London Fletcher was a killer signing. We got Sean Taylor and Chris Cooley in the same draft. Heck some of us thought that Shanny got like 7 starters at the time after the 2011 draft. When we got RG3 we got our franchise QB and received stratospheric level crazy hype. On and on and on. This is just another chapter in it as opposed to one of the only versions of it. The problem here hasn't been the feeling that the off season had no victories to it. It's been that on the aggregate it hasn't translated to being a winning team. Heck as good as this off season feels in places, it doesn't change in my mind the outlook of this team beating their 7-9 recent runs (or maybe 8-8?) unless Haskins is the goods this season. Will see. And if your point is we have become a steady mediocre team (not awful and not great) and we should appreciate that. I get it sort of. But I disagree. I think I'd rather for example do the Gibbs 2 version of things where we go 2 out of 4 seasons to the playoffs versus being stuck with the 7-9-8-8 drill. I'd say the golden age under Dan was the Gibbs 4 year run not this run. But granted we are splitting hairs because neither run deserves celebration IMO. I do like how they operate now better than Gibbs 2 but again it has to ultimately result in winning. And real winning versus the ifs and the buts equaled candy and nuts drill. Keep in mind, Bruce had to earn his place with fans. They weren't against him from day 1. They were excited about him. Vinny is gone, hooray! So fans never thinking Bruce can have some victories in the mix of the off season -- not sure where you are coming from on that. It took work for Bruce to lose his standing with fans including me. Heck I recall the Vinny thread (similar to this one) where in the soup we praised him on somethings. In retrospect, some seem to think Vinny had no defenders but I recall them. I've said before Bruce IMO is mediocre at his job in the FO and does a poor job putting up a good face for the team publicly. I think he's improved his PR skills tremendously though this year. As for him as a FO guy to me he's "meh". Not terrible. Not good. I think he's the weak link (along with Santos) in the chain of the FO. And i've explained why many times. Because making moves that are perceived to be good and actually having a good team are two different animals. It's not the same thing. Dan has won the perception game plenty of off seasons. But fans aren't FO people. Just because for example I or whomever loved the Harmon pick in the 6th round doesn't mean squat. I am not a professional football guy. When I was in front of Scot that one time i told him I want done whatever he wants done. i don't think people here make it that hard for Dan and Bruce really to show us up. Most of us flat out say go win Dan-Bruce and show us your way works and then we will happily say you guys are right we are wrong. You'd think after all these years they'd do it based on dumb luck alone. It should eventually happen based on the law of averages alone. I just hope it's not 10 years from now but soon. I personally think you have to have a special front office and a bit of luck to develop a successful franchise without a franchise QB. Baltimore has sort of done that but otherwise it's been hard and rare. That's why for some of the people here who I gather would bask in people eating crow about Dan and Bruce -- I think then its all about Haskins, Haskins, Haskins. They get it right with him then you'll have plenty of chances to tell people to suck it up and give Bruce-Dan credit. And I'd have no problem doing it. Zilch. And I promise I'll do it with no disclaimers. I live and die with every game -- it gives me no joy to be right about anything negative about anything Redskins related. I'd love every minute of coming on here if they go 11-5 or whatever and head to the playoffs -- I'd first of all likely go to the game and I'll find some wi fi on the flight headed there and happily type on this very thread that Bruce-Dan's genius paid off. And my only disclaimer to it is I'd like to see more success than heading to the playoffs every 4 years or so. Heck I'd even take something like the Falcons-Gibbs 2 version of success -- every other year. But I won't wait for that before praising them.
  4. Skinsinparadise

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Got the vibe it's some internal battle between some of the FO people the way he said it or some gossip like incident that hasn't been revealed. He implied he hopes it works itself out so it doesn't spill into training camp or something like that. It makes me wonder if there is something about Chris Russell's take recently which is he thinks Doug wants a promotion or more power and Kyle ultimately will want the same and Doug wouldn't be happy if Kyle is elevated to a position above his. I am not suggesting that's the narrative but wonder if Kyle, Doug, Schaffer have competing ambitions and then you got Bruce above them. So wonder if you got some Game of Thrones thing cooking behind the scenes. If it's not that then maybe just some gossipy thing happened? That is, if Sheehan's sources are right.
  5. Skinsinparadise

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    ...ASHBURN, Va. -- The Washington Redskins' future was on display Monday. During a workout, it looked like this: Quarterback Dwayne Haskins, taking a snap from under center, rolling to his right and stopping to throw a deep out to the left side with the receiver (Monday it was Cam Sims) catching it in stride. The presence. The big arm. The ease of the throw. Haskins is already displaying the traits that led him to be the 15th pick in the 2019 NFL draft. The present, though, could look like this: Case Keenum, a smaller, physically less-gifted passer making smart throws here and there and mixing in a deep ball. One deep pass Monday hung up and was defended, but his ability to move was evident and it's hard to fully appreciate what his improvisation skills and experience will mean come September.
  6. Skinsinparadise

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I was just listening to Sheehan's last podcast. He hinted that there is a behind the scenes drama going on in the FO that he hopes gets settled. He was vague about it. But the reason why i take that just a little seriously is that he and Cooley back when they were at 980 hinted at the Scot stuff weeks before it broke out and ironically 106.7 officially broke the story. Back then Sheehan was vague too.
  7. Skinsinparadise

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The reason IMO Bruce won't be celebrated by most (or more on point Dan) for any one or even multiple moves whether it's R. Foster or whomever is because the off season almost always included victories in the mix year after year. It's never been ha -- look at that move take that! They have always had nice moments in the mix. Really every organization does. As much as Gettleman is ridiculed right now around the league -- its not like every move he's made has been a joke. He arguably had one of the better drafts last year in the league. He is getting buzz this off season in theory for turning around the worst O line in the league into an above average one at least according to some observers. So why give Gettleman a hard time? Well, because it looks like on the aggregate the Giants aren't poised to go anywhere. So the sum of the parts don't add up -- at least in theory. I've used this analogy before about Jay. I guess I'd be considered a Jay apologist considering I mostly like him and don't see him as a flagrant problem as so many here seem to think him to be. Nonetheless, if I went on Jay's thread which is full of critics after a big win and said see what do you guys say now! I'd be laughed at because their criticism of Jay isn't that he does everything wrong but that on the aggregate over a longish sample they are dissatisfied about him. So for me to do a victory lap or get some love for Jay on the Jay thread, I'd wait for the whole soup to be finished -- where its like hey they finished 10-6 and won a playoff game what do you guys have to say now? That's IMO is the bed that Dan and Bruce made. The sample is too big to celebrate any off season perceived victory. I also don't think most will grade them on a curve with a woulda shoulda narrative. Or this is another positive step on their long journey to inevitable success. The sample I think is too long for most of us to see it that way where they are given the benefit of the doubt or a break. So on that front I am as cynical as any other. But the one thing where I agree with some of Dan's quasi defenders is would we be singing a totally different song if he actually struck gold and landed a franchise QB. I think its certainly possible that we'd be singing a different tune about Dan-Bruce if they actually got the QB position right. And while I grant its not easy to get the Qb position right -- its not like its totally out of their hands either where they deserve no blame for striking out at that position over and over again. But maybe finally that will change. I hope so. I think it's all about Haskins at this juncture. They get it right then the misery might finally end.
  8. Skinsinparadise

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Footwork IMO is one of the bigger fundamentals. Some say Haskins' footwork is good, some say otherwise. I guess we will see. But I'd put it high on the check list. Heck accuracy in a timing based WCO is much about matching footwork to routes -- in any offense you have to reset your feet well on the move to maintain accuracy unless you are Mahomes. Footwork is prevalent in the soup IMO. How Tom Brady’s high school footwork drill laid the foundation for super bowl success For Browning, though, there’s a certain satisfaction how he prepares his feet and how he studies the way other elite quarterbacks prepare theirs. “Obviously, your drop and your footwork and all that is what sets you up (to make a throw),” he said. “It’s something I feel I’m good at. It’s something I work at and take pride in. “Some of my worst games have been when my feet aren’t ‘alive’ or staying buzzin’ in the pocket,” he added. “When you go through reads, your feet start to die. Your stride will change and you’re not in rhythm.” Drew Brees is one NFL quarterback Browning studies often, because of Brees’ precise passing – he holds the career NFL record for completion percentage at just under 67 percent – and for his less-appreciated footwork in the pocket. Brees, at 6 feet, 209 pounds, has a similar stature to the 6-2, 210-pound Browning, and neither are considered much of a running threat. “Brees is pretty good at it, the footwork,” Browning said. “He keeps a wide base, he’s balanced. He has really active feet in the pocket, but he’s not antsy. Some of those (NFL) guys you’d like to watch, but a guy like Aaron Rodgers – I’m just not born that way. He’s doing whatever drop and then flicks it 70 yards.” Browning was not gifted with Aaron Rodgers’ natural talent. Few are. Instead, one of Browning’s best qualities is his dogged obsession with some of the most nuanced fundamentals of the position. He said he spent time this summer trying to perfect his three-step drop, to better align the timing of his footwork and his wide receivers’ route-running. The idea is for him to plant his right (back) foot just as the receiver starts the break in his route. Good footwork leads to good timing, which leads to accurate throws.ɹrst-segment-of-every-practice-doing-basic-footwork/ Peyton Manning spends the first segment of every practice doing basic footwork drills—the kind they teach twelve-year-olds. Coach, what attributes does Brees possess that separates him from other outstanding quarterbacks? Like many of the great QBs, Brees has a strong arm. They all spend hours studying film of opponents and know every strength and weakness of the secondary they will face. Brees is particularly adept at identifying mismatches for his receivers. Before the snap, he has a good idea which receiver will be open, and because he has a quick release, he is able to get the ball out of his hands before the defensive line can pressure him. He is a master of getting his offensive linemen into the right pass protection scheme for the play that has been called. What makes him special is that he has great footwork.
  9. Skinsinparadise

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Good post. I'd agree that Haskins is more prepared to read defenses and run an NFL offense than RG3 was. But for me that's thanks to the benefit of hindsight. RG3 was billed as a super smart dude at the time. He did his film review stuff on NFL Network with Mooch among others and showcased his recall and ability to draw up plays. And Mooch gushed. His wonderlic score was about identical to Haskins' score. Though I don't think the Wonderlic is the be all and end all. RG3's hype back then easily eclipsed Haskins hype now. Haskins though is easily the 2nd most hyped QB we've had. I recall Polian saying RG3 had the quickest release he's seen since Dan Marino. RG3 had crazy numbers his senior year. He was considered accurate as heck, had a bazooka of an arm including a great deep ball. And he had Michael Vick speed in the open field albeit without his elusiveness. Film guru types like Greg Cosell was saying he was better than Luck. Ditto Dungy and some others. Polian said he was can't miss franchise QB. I got some concerns about Haskins. But the things I like specifically over RG3 is that he seems humbler and harder working. I had no clue back then that RG3 didn't love to watch film. But Shanny in his interviews has really hit that point home over the years. Bruce Arians in his book about QBs really goes to town on the value of intense film review by saying that he doesn't care how talented the Qb is if doesn't study hard he isn't going to have a productive career because eventually defensive coordinators are going to figure them out and they will struggle to counter punch. Haskins seems like a film prep hound and if so that should serve him well. He's obviously built like a tank so I don't worry about him snapping in two the way I did with RG3. There is plenty to like in the soup as to Haskins. I am cautious about it until I see it play out. Draft geeks falling hard for top half of the first round QBs is an annual ritual. I am not saying i am immune to the hype. I just bought my kid an Haskins jersey -- I just learned that are running 25% off sale today for anyone interested in jerseys. So hopefully Haskins ends up among the first round success stories. If he does make it -- I read he would become the first Redskins first round success at Qb since the 1930s. That's insane that we've struggled that much at drafting QBs. You can have the first- or second-overall pick of the NFL draft and can envision him standing next to a gold bust in Canton, yet end up trying to explain why he was a Hall of Fame bust. ...Thirty-nine quarterbacks since 1993 have been drafted in the top 10. Of those, 15 were busts, four have been injury-prone, six have gotten to the Super Bowl, four others will have thrown at least 200 touchdown passes, one (Michael Vick) rushed for more than 6,000 yards, just two (Eli Manning and Peyton Manning) have won the Super Bowl (twice each). The jury is out on the seven others drafted since 2014. ...The Seahawks selected QB Rick Mirer second. Mirer was likened by Bill Walsh to Joe Montana. “I feel Rick Mirer is the outstanding athlete of the draft,” Walsh said. “To me, he has Montana movement.” ..“Each one has the ingredients to be a top-level quarterback in this league,” Beathard said before the draft. “They’re both the kinds of guys that you look for. They aren’t clones, they are different. I don’t think that the upside of one is different.” ...“I’m tired of hearing about David Klingler,” Bengals coach Bruce Coslet said. “Why don’t you guys write about John Elway and Dan Marino? The story of this draft is we got Akili Smith and a lot of people had him No. 1 on their boards. I’m very pleased.” The expansion Texans made David Carr (.597, 64-71) the first pick in 2002. “This will be an historic moment for the franchise, and we believe we will be selecting a player in David that possesses all the qualities we are looking for in a player and a person,” Texans founder Bob McNair said. “We have to have stability at the quarterback position, we just have to,” Lions President Matt Millen said. “It hasn’t been here since … fill in the blank.” Carson Palmer was the first pick in 2003. Byron Leftwich (.579, 59-42) was the seventh. “We’ve solved our quarterback position for the next 10 years,” Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver crowed. In 2005, QB Alex Smith (.624, 183-96; 529-2,433-14 TDs rushing) was the first pick. QB Aaron Rodgers was 24th. “Who’s more athletic and has more upside?” 49ers coach Mike Nolan said. “Yes, Alex.” The Titans made Vince Young (.579, 46-51, 282-1,459-12 TDs rushing) the third pick in 2006. “This guy is special,” GM Floyd Reese said. “Now we have to get him special in the NFL, and that’s why it’s going to take a little bit of time.” Matt Leinart (.571, 15-21) was picked 10th by the Cardinals. “A gift from heaven,” coach Dennis Green said. In 2007, QB JaMarcus Russell (.521, 18-23) was the first pick. “It became a no-brainer,” Raiders coach Lane Kiffin said. “He is a winner. He is dedicated.” ...The Jets traded up to draft Mark Sanchez (.567, 86-86) with the fifth pick in 2009. “We felt really good about Mark, what he did on the field and off the field,” GM Mike Tannenbaum said. ...“[Gabbert has] got the height, weight, speed, arm strength and the mental ability, so we feel like he’s got ascending ability for a quarterback,″” Jags GM Gene Smith said. ...QB Christian Ponder (.598, 38-36) was the 12th pick, with Vikings vice president of player personnel Rick Spielman calling Ponder’s selection “a no-brainer.” ...Ryan Tannehill (.627, 106-66, 216-1,065-6 TDs rushing) was No. 8 — ahead of Luke Kuechly and Fletcher Cox. Said Dolphins owner Stephen Ross: “I always said once we can identify a franchise quarterback, let’s go get him. And I think that’s what we found.” The Jaguars made Blake Bortles (.591, 90-64) ...“It’s such an important position in this league and you want to do it right,” GM David Caldwell said. “We can’t just throw him out there. We’ve seen what happens when that happens.”
  10. Skinsinparadise

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    MMQ Kirk, just recently, our Conor Orr examined four teams who need the Hard Knocks boost this season. And just for the hell of it, I looked up the dates on which HBO announced every Hard Knocks team since the lockout. Here’s what I found … Dolphins (2012): May 29 Bengals (2013): June 15 Falcons (2014): June 12 Texans (2015): May 27 Rams (2016): March 23 Bucs (2017): April 19 Browns (2018): May 17 You’re reading this on May 23. So my read here? I think NFL Films and HBO would love to have a team in place right now, but it’s not a killer that they don’t. And my guess right now would be the Raiders would be the right team, among those who can be forced in.
  11. Skinsinparadise

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    This is why this thread will be the most important one we got this year. if Alex is around all year to mentor Haskins -- that's great. Cool to see Alex like that.
  12. Skinsinparadise

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    @Veryoldschool For some reason I can't quote your post so I'll respond this way. I'll start with this team hasn't wanted Hard Knocks in the past so I am guessing Dan is included in that soup otherwise they'd have done it. So I don't think fans will see it as a Dan PR stunt. Just to simplify my point some. A. I think the odds that they are going to win over fans via winning this year is very low. It feels to me like a 7-9 season. B. I think the likely only sale for casual fans is hope for the future thanks to their younger stars. C. Hard Knocks is a perfect propaganda tool for B. I think fans like us are unusual. We can complain about this or that but we still watch their games and live and die by everything. I think for some of the more casual fans they've gone beyond anger. They are checking out. It's not that they are watching and being disappointed (that's old school Dan problems) but that they aren't watching at all because they don't care (new school Dan problems). Hard Knocks would at least give some of these people who perhaps don't plan to watch these games this year a reason that might compel them to tune in to see some Redskins stuff from a totally different angle and maybe that will hook some of them back in the fold or at least add a little intrigue. I don't know if you ever watched a season of it but the whole series tends to be some serious propaganda to promote certain players. So whether they feature Guice or Haskins or McClaurin or whomever -- they will do a good job of selling them. Heck my wife who is a causal football fan at best immediately recognized Keenum when the Redskins signed him because she recalled his story from the Rams season. And she likes him for that reason and she's not even a Redskins fan. As for the fear that the show would showcase players and then be let down by them -- that's possible but its a chance I'd take. My point is they have reached a lower low than anger. That lower low is apathy where you need to grab back some of these people's attention. And I don't mean it by a flashy big FA signing but showcasing their younger stars. If these young players end up flops -- then it is what it is considering too many people are checking out anyway so i think they got nothing to lose. And I do think Haskins has given a boost to reverse this some but I think any shot to showcase him, Guice and the younger stars would help. If these young stars end up flops then they got big problems regardless of how much they were showcased previously IMO. And again this isn't because i need the buzz-jolt. I just want them to win. Heck I almost flew up to see Josh Johnson play with a rag tag team behind him. But I think they are losing some of their fan base and it's gone past anger. The Washington Redskins came into Week 2 with a 1-0 record and a share of the NFC East lead, riding high off a road win featuring new playmakers. They returned home to a freshly-renovated stadium and a chance to go 2-0 for the first time since 2011. Who cares? Redskins fans don't seem to. Given the opportunity to check out everything shiny about the team at home, fans stayed away. 306 people are talking about this The sentiments of former third-generation season-ticket-holder Steven Collins reflect that of many alienated fans. “My emotions during the Snyder era have run from anger to hope and back to anger. Then disbelief. The crazy part now is that I feel indifference. Indifference to the team that was a huge part of my life growing up,” Collins, 55, wrote in an email. Collins, who had kept his Redskins tickets after moving to Florida, continued: “Anger isn’t cutting it because the organization probably believes that no matter how mad they make us today, we will love them tomorrow. Indifference can be powerful and much harder to overcome. I’m there. I’m not hopeful. I’m not mad. It’s easier to stop caring and move on.”