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  1. best TE blocker I've watched in years, IMO better than Hockenson at it and ditto Trautman. And the dude can really motor to the 2nd level far down the field to block a dude in a way that i don't typically see from TE's.
  2. Tremble, one of my guys My gut is the mocks won't mirror reality. Too many needy QB in the mix. But on the off chance it happened, we'd have to trade at a minimum this years first and next years first and something else. I'd trade Payne before trading Allen. I'd do it. But i doubt this sceanrio comes into play. If we are going with mocks then some see Mac Jones as a top 10 pick, many a top 15, got my doubts he goes that high.
  3. A mauler, I liked him before that draft, his issue though seems to be character issues/intangibles so I gather Ron will stay away.
  4. Unless the criteria for every player is they only got upside with no flaws, then I'd be considered critical of every player. None of these guys are perfect prospects -- they all have weaknesses. So I give my pro and con. As for Mac, I waffle on him. 50-50. He's probably going on the weirdest ride among the draft prospects as far perception. He's gone from some say pro personnel guys like him better than mock drafters when the mock drafters had him pegged as a late first rounder-2nd rounder. Now there is some vibe of the reverse -- he's the darling of some mock drafters but
  5. How much does the QB situation impact free agency? A lot. Not at all. Or, OK, maybe a little. It depends which agent you ask. As it searches for an upgrade, Washington, for now, has quarterbacks Alex Smith, Taylor Heinicke and Steven Montez under contract with Kyle Allen an exclusive rights free agent. One agent was adamant he wouldn't send his clients into a situation like Washington's, feeling it could prevent them from building up statistics and earning another deal. That would especially be true if the player was coming on a one-year, prove-it deal where numbers equal more money t
  6. Could the draft provide help? ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. said of Washington's situation: "Wide receiver is the deepest position in the draft. ... They've got to find someone." Kiper said as many as 40 wide receivers could receive draftable grades. Because of the unusual season, and lack of great scouting opportunities, teams will disagree on which 40 warrant those grades. A wide receiver a team likes in the fourth round could fall to the sixth or seventh. That draft depth also could prompt Washington to spend elsewhere in free agency, or it could allow the team to trade bac
  7. I've posted a ton on him on the draft thread, positive and negative. More positive than negative. Relatively speaking I am pro Mac Jones since I wouldn't hate it if they drafted him. He's hard to evaluate as I've said before because he gets bailed out on contested throws and his contested throw accuracy and attempts (as PFF charted) is mediocre and doesn't nearly match Burrow on that count. But his accuracy with throws in the flat is laser sharp, almost perfect on that front, love how he manipulates safeties with his body language/eyes. I think his footwork in the pocket as for navigating
  8. Not that YPA is the definitive stat as for pushing the ball down the field but its certainly a key one. Going through it you could see that Big Ben for example fit the narrative about him which is he is throwing mostly short, ditto Dalton. Fitzpatrick among the most aggressive.
  9. y accounting for the position and measuring the percentile instead of the WAR difference between outcome and expectation, we measure draft success in the same way teams might think about it. For instance, due to the high value of wide receivers, Calvin Ridley and Quenton Nelson are projected to have the same WAR above expectation after four years. Still, Ridley’s outcome falls “only” in the 80th percentile for wide receivers drafted at the end of the first round. This reflects that most people would consider Nelson as the better pick, as he became a perennial All-Pro player while Ridley is jus
  10. Allen Robinson has made it clear he wants to sign with a team that will “compete for a Super Bowl.” Chris Godwin insists he won’t grab a bigger payday and end up someplace “where I’m going to be miserable.” So when free agency starts in less than three weeks, teams will have to sell those two top receivers on more than the size of their offers. They’ll need to show them they’re ready to win, that they have a stable organization, and a clear plan for at least the immediate future. How are the Jets supposed to do that when they don’t even know who their 2021 quarterback is?
  11. That's really @RWJ not me as for Mac. I like Mac Jones over Trask, I don't mind him as a prospect. But i am not all in on him -- I am undecided on him.
  12. I am agnostic on Mac Jones, don't love him, don't hate him. but wow the buzz he's gotten in the last week is wild, granted none of these people matter though to the bottom line.
  13. I was somewhat early to the party with Koramoah but also late, I did a write up early during the college season and liking him but not loving him. But its been @stevemcqueen1 going to town on him as being a great player. I don't know what games I watched earlier but I wasn't blown away. Now, I am a convert after going through two games. I loved Jeremy Chinn last year in part because he was a ball of energy, had swiss arm knife elements to his game and just played with so much gusto. Koramoah reminds me of Chinn. He's a bit of a different flavor than Chinn. The dude is so ex
  14. SF Athletic article. so many other teams have narratives similar to ours, which makes me pessimistic about a QB dropping close to our pick.
  15. JLC isn't always wrong. He broke first their interest in Haskins before that draft and also that things aren't good with them and Trent before it went south. But up to you who to ignore, I am just posting stuff when I see it. On another note, Fowler on with Keim in a podcast. Both Fowler and Keim said when they ask about Darnold he's a polarizing player, very mixed opinions depending on who they ask about him. Fowler seems to think Mariota is a major WFT target, Keim seemed to concurr.
  16. Wallace is one of my favs in this draft, lot of receivers there.
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