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  1. Cleveland is certainly interested in Williams, Dorsey made that clear without naming him. At 2-4, his team is underperforming against expectations, and star second-year QB Baker Mayfield has been sacked 16 times in six games. Dorsey knows he needs to bolster the Browns offensive line. "It’s a hard position to acquire, especially at this time of year. We’ll make a million phone calls. We’ll constantly work the phones," Dorsey said. "If nothing happens, we’ll move onto the next project. If we think we can improve the position, we’ll make a move if it’s right for this organization." Compensation will be key as the Williams situation unfolds... The calls will keep coming to Ashburn asking about WIlliams. The question will be if Allen will pick them up.
  2. I see Standig is the one dude trying to take on the point that maybe the off season is better than now but at the same time he accedes that Bruce's "pride" is in play as to that decision.
  3. I'd be more encouraged if the vibe was they are bartering but Bruce just has gotten what he wants yet. Don't love the idea of teams calling him and Bruce responding with he's not open for business -- which is the vibe that most who are covering the story are giving. But to your point, we got 13 days, it certainly could still go down.
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    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    PFF though never seems to take the QB goes high drill gig seriously in their mocks. In their defense they say their mocks aren't based on what they think will happen but about they would do.
  5. 106.7 The Fan's Craig Hoffman reported last week Allen's comments were more than just public posturing and Allen "told Trent a few weeks ago that he is going to have to sit the year and they would explore trading him in January." Hoffman also reported a source told him Williams intends to follow through on his holdout and has no plans to play for the Redskins through the remainder of the regular season. Of course, Allen said on the eve of the season the left tackle would return to the Redskins this season. There were reports (or rumors) of a deal being made with the Cleveland Browns which seem unfounded at the moment.
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    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    PFF's mocks always funkier than the norm 1. CINCINNATI BENGALS: QB JOE BURROW, LSU Burrow has sustained elite play every game for half a season. He’s torched one of the best secondaries in college football. He’s got a stronger arm and quicker release that Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa. We’ve never seen a quarterback with a higher passing grade through the first seven weeks of the season. He may not be at the top of boards right now, but he’s shooting his way up there. 2. MIAMI DOLPHINS: EDGE CHASE YOUNG, OHIO STATE I firmly believe the Dolphins didn’t gut their roster completely to get a consolation prize at QB. If they don’t have their guy at number one overall, they’ll go best player available. With the highest pass-rushing grade we’ve ever seen from a defensive lineman, Young certainly qualifies as that. 3. WASHINGTON REDSKINS: CB JEFFREY OKUDAH, OHIO STATE Back-to-back Buckeyes, as Young and Okudah are the two highest defensive players on our board. Okudah has only given up a passer rating of 58.4 in his coverage for his career. He has all the length and athleticism to be a shut-down man corner in the NFL. 4. ATLANTA FALCONS: EDGE AJ EPENESA, IOWA Epenesa’s 2019 hasn’t been the dominance that we’ve seen from Chase Young, but the tools didn’t all of a sudden go away. His 26 pressures are only the 18th-most among edge defenders in the country this season. 5. NEW YORK JETS: OL ANDREW THOMAS, GEORGIA Thomas has taken his game to another level in 2019. Whether it was pitching a shutout in pass protection against a talented Notre Dame edge group or his 91.2 run-blocking grade that’s the third-highest in the country, the junior looks like a special prospect. 6. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS: WR JERRY JEUDY, ALABAMA The Jags would have to be running to the podium if Jeudy is still on the board at this point. He’s as special a WR prospect as we’ve seen since we started grading in 2014. Jeudy has broken 27 tackles on 110 catches over the past year and a half. 7. CLEVELAND BROWNS: OL ALEX LEATHERWOOD, ALABAMA Leatherwood gets the nod over Wirfs for the Browns because of his length and proven ability on the left side. He’s been dominating in his own right after switching from right guard. The Alabama left tackle has only allowed three pressures so far this season after yielding 21 a year ago. 8. MIAMI DOLPHINS (VIA STEELERS OL TRISTAN WIRFS, IOWA Wirfs is a building block for the Dolphins OL with emphasis on the block. Wirfs has seen both his pass- and run-blocking grades improve every season of his career so far and is probably the strongest player in the country as only a true junior. 9. NEW YORK GIANTS: DI DERRICK BROWN, AUBURN Even with some talent already on the Giants interior, I can’t feasibly foresee Dave Gettleman passing on a player with Brown’s profile. The Auburn defensive tackle runs 6-foot-5, 318 pounds and is arguably the most powerful run defender to come out in recent memory. He’s taken his game to another level as a pass-rusher this season as well with an elite 90.0 pass-rush grade. 10. LOS ANGELES CHARGERS: QB TUA TAGOVAILOA, ALABAMA There’s a good chance the NFL won’t be as high on Tua as the general media. He also really hasn’t had to do much this season. Tagovailoa has only seven big-time throws on the year, which ranks 48th in the country. With the wheels falling off in LA, a top-10 pick might be time to look at Rivers replacement. 11. TENNESSEE TITANS: S GRANT DELPIT, LSU Delpit is built to play safety in the NFL today. Of his 356 snaps this season, 128 have come deep, 139 over the slot and 71 in the box. Him seamlessly filling all those roles and only allowing five catches so far this year is a fit for every defense in the league. 12. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS: CB KRISTIAN FULTON, LSU Fulton has already given up more yards this season than he did in all of 2018, but over half of those came in the Texas game where he rolled his ankle in the first quarter. In all other games, he’s allowed 11-of-21 targets for only 110 yards and broken up three passes. He’s still one of the most complete corners in the draft, and the Bucs still need as much help as they can get at the position. 13. DENVER BRONCOS: QB JUSTIN HERBERT, OREGON You can’t tell me that John Elway would pass on Herbert if the Oregon quarterback fell in his lap. His arm talent is off the charts, but he’s come up noticeably small in a number of big games throughout his career. He’s earned only a 79.5 passing grade against Power 5 competition over the past two seasons. 14. ARIZONA CARDINALS: WR CEEDEE LAMB, OKLAHOMA They loaded up at the position in last year’s draft, but now the Cardinals need game-changers. With how deep the WR class is, talent should get pushed down boards much like last year. Arizona would be the beneficiary, as Lamb is a top-five player on our board. Body control, route running, ball skills, you name it, Lamb has it. His 4.39 yards per route ranks third in the country this year. 15. DALLAS COWBOYS: WR LAVISKA SHENAULT JR., COLORADO Shenault is still more of an offensive weapon than pure wide receiver, but the Cowboys could use the former, as well. His 34 broken tackles after the catch since the start of last year are six more than any other Power 5 receiver in the draft class.
  7. Yeah if that's what they truly intend to do then my best guess is Bruce can sell it to Dan or whomever as a win win in the off season. Hey we punished Trent AND we got a draft pick. I bet they do get something back for Trent in the off season but it's unlikely to be what they can get now. The article I posted awhile back from Joel Corry has many similarities. Tampa was stinking that season. But Bruce remained firm anyway. Sounds like though Trent not saying a peep might be playing into Bruce's hands. McCardell purposely became a pain in the butt to get Jon Gruden to perhaps tell Bruce to get rid of the guy. ...The idea was to become a big enough distraction to force a trade. That's why we kept McCardell available to media outlets where he became increasingly more critical of Gruden and the Buccaneers organization in his numerous interviews. Our NFL sources indicated to us that a couple of teams were interested in acquiring McCardell early in the season but Allen wasn't open to moving him at that time. This only deepened the divide between the sides. Eventually, we found the right button to push. A former colleague of Gruden's in Oakland told me he hated confrontation. We had McCardell fly to Tampa about a week before the trading deadline for an impromptu meeting with Gruden where he was instructed to be extremely combative, which was out of character for him, because we thought that approach might help spur movement. We wanted Gruden to get a taste of what life might be like if a disgruntled McCardell came back. I can't say for certain but suspect the meeting between McCardell and Gruden prompted the trade. Gruden couldn't have been looking forward to an unhappy McCardell returning after getting fed up enough with Johnson the year before to send him home for the final few games of that season.
  8. Hoffman who thus far has been the most accurate on the Trent proceedings if I recall said recently that Bruce told Trent that they won't trade him until the off season. That's a fairly specific report so I believe that Bruce said that to Trent. The question is was Bruce bluffing? Or will he change his mind? Of all the things that have been Bruce hallmarks here, I suspect if Trent never gets traded -- this will top them all. His signature move.
  9. I am not a big fan of trading first rounders myself. The point I took from the article is the 2nd half of the first round draft picks according to some aren't that different statistically speaking from one spot to another -- so unless you expect to have a really high pick in the draft some GMs are willing to roll the dice for example and assume Amari Cooper will be better than another dude you are getting at 20, etc. IMO the oddest thing about the arrangement is the top guy in charge of personnel isn't really even a personnel guy. Not that its never been done before but Bruce doesn't exactly ooze confidence that he of all people is a good out of the box exception that we should ride with. As Doc Walker (and I rarely think Doc has much insight but I agree with him on this one) likes to say they've worked out an arrangement where no one gets blamed for anything. Heck when Bruce in his latest press conference debacle was asked about his 10 year tenure and its lack of success, he just about immediately deflected the conversation to Doug, Kyle, etc. Yep Kyle should be in charge.
  10. Based on some who cover the team. Bruce's main thing is trades or no trades is all him -- ditto making the actual trade. So the Trent decision and how its being run from what I get is all Bruce. Then other than that some say he doesn't mess with the draft unless you need a deciding vote to tip the balance when people are undecided. Some say he does like to mess some with FA especially as for letting players go. So sounds like FA and trades. And he is the public face at times along with Doug. It wouldn't change squat for me. We got a 10 year sample size. Maybe if this was Bruce's 2nd year I'd feel differently. Naturally I want to make a good deal here and if he does it, I'll complement him like I always do if he does something right IMO. I don't think Bruce is a mess where he can't tie his shoes right and gets everything wrong. He's had some successes amidst the failures. But on the aggregate IMO he does a "meh" job and I downgrade him for the lack of class that comes with the "meh" performance. But that's just me. For any one move to turn an opinion from negative to positive than you'd have to be on the fence about the dude and personally I am not on the fence. I want the dude gone.
  11. The analytics boom. NFL GMs have forever valued high draft picks like they would a star player. Deeper studies into the validity of that thought have brought context to the conversation. “I have my guy run the value of each pick based on trends, say, the last seven years,” said one AFC GM. “The No. 1 pick has created this type of player—Pro Bowls, All-Pros. Then the No. 2 pick is this, and so on. You can see it by color shading on a chart. You get down to, maybe 22 to 35, there’s not a lot of difference. There’s a dropoff in Round 1 over time, and that’s where I’d go back and say a Jalen Ramsey, a Khalil Mack, guys picked in top five, merit the price. “If you feel like this player helps get you in the playoffs‚ and your pick is 21 or below, you can justify dealing that 1, and you get a known commodity.” In other words, if the hit rate on a pick like the one the Cowboys gave up for Cooper or the first one the Bears yielded for Mack is closer to 50 percent than it is to 100, a lot of teams are thinking they simply have a better shot with the established star. Dallas, took it another step and studied the kind of receiver it would get in the 20s, and figured Cooper was a safer play than Hollywood Brown or N’Keal Harry or Deebo Samuel. And in general, that illustrates how teams have gotten smarter about valuing those assets.
  12. Edit: that dude has a lot of followers but also seems to joke a lot so not sure if he is serious here or not.
  13. This is a big mistake for the Jags. Ramsey asked for a trade. they should have made an example of the dude. Ramsey needed to ask for a trade before FA -- how rude of the dude to do it after that. Yeah they got a lot back for him. But much better to show him who is boss.