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  1. I know I don't want to be reading tomorrow about another monster game from Peterson (like last week) while our running game struggled. I want to see all this supposed motion and misdirection with pass catching running backs to put the Cards defense on its heels versus back to back "meh" running game performances. As one of this board's biggest fans of Gibson I think this wish is doable. As for Haskins. I think Murray by a wide margin is the better QB. I am not down on Haskins but to me he's 50-50 boom-bust type. So I'd love to see Haskins go toe to toe with Murray. My ride
  2. I cut him slack, too mainly because his supporting cast is pretty bad. What i am looking for is progress on certain things.
  3. Hoping for better from Haskins over time than Alex. If you have a good team around Alex you can win. But you are a one and out team in the playoffs with a dude like Alex even with good players around him, typically. Though I do buy the beggars can't be choosers line in the context of this team. When we went head to head with good QBs who could play like Brees and Ryan we were smoked that season with Alex. But he's the perfect foil to a dude like Ryan Fitzpatrick and is the right guy to beat bad and even mediocre teams. Fitzpatrick is a aggressive but makes mistakes. The Red
  4. Some reporters say we were offered a first, two reporters said it was a 2nd and change -- one of those 2 reporters said a 2nd and a third.
  5. I agree with the premise the better coaches bring out the best out of players. But at the same time, some dudes are just freaks when it comes to talent and some aren't. Personally I don't think so as for Kerrigan. Kerrigan to me is a try hard, often bull rush type of pass rusher who is smart and takes advantage when he can. He has good skills but not elite skills. Chase is a freak. A guy like Aaron Donald is a freak. Good coach, bad coach or whatever -- Donald is so slippery and strong, and just knows how to beat the dude in front of him. Chase, ditto.
  6. It's my crazy time at work, so I don't have time until Nov to rewatch the game with coaches film but I'll get to it then. It's amazing how much more you can see by rewatching, I'll get to it and watch the LBs eventually but for now I'll take your word for it. I don't always agree with Cooley but I often do. He isn't enamored with the LBs. Interesting that both he and PFF converge on Sean Dion Hamilton it seems as to his play last week. PFF if I recall gave him a 25. That's abysmal.
  7. The season did go south fast so people checked out early. I know I did but I didn't right from the jump. But you are right I forgot about the Jay haters. Even though running with your point for argument's sake, eventually coaches change, i think this is the last team that should pass on elite talent, especially a pass rusher. Who was the last dominant pass rusher we've had? Dexter Manley. Harvey for spells? We got to go way back. And I like Kerrigan more than most here but I never saw him as elite or even scratching the surface of elite.
  8. I agree but don't recall anyone rooting for losses from day 1. Not me. I get the point. And I was no Manusky fan. But on the D line beasts play like beasts. Man versus man. Chase is just better than the dude in front of him. Even with Manusky IMO that would bear out. Kerrigan has typically gotten double digit sacks even with the medicore D coordinators that we've arguably had all the way back to Haz. Our other D lineman IMO are good but they aren't Chase Young level talent. He's a peg better. Bad coached teams can have elite players. I agree its harder to do. But
  9. I was just listening to Cooley's commentary on Young after watching the game over. He thinks he's an ALL Pro already. He made a similar comment to my observation which was cool for me to hear because it was thought more than any that made me fall hard for the dude early last season. That is, the dude is just so disruptive play after play. If you watch our other D lineman, that's not the case. Chase is in another category. That's what took me about Chase, too. I spent a couple of off seasons re-watching our D line a lot, posted many clips on different threads while doing it, a
  10. LOL, with all the Giants O line stuff. Being the dude who brought them up. I agree that the Giants O line sucked against the Steelers. I wasn't debating that. I disagree though that the talent level they have is same as us. I am betting that Zeitler didn't overnight turn from one of the best guards in the NFL to one of the worst. I am betting on Thomas just getting better and protecting the blind side better than Christian. i am betting on Hernandez over Martin. Will see. But if Thomas ends up a bust, Hernandez just as bad as Martin. Zeitler's career nosedives. And the dudes they dra
  11. He could also start at LT. He doesn't have long arms like the typical stud LT but really quick feet. I'd take him over Christian or Martin but obviously we won't know until it plays out.
  12. For the Giants I know I didn't say their O line would be great. But good -- yeah. I do like some of their young talent including ones who haven't played yet like Shane Lemieux. I'd give them time, its a young O line with upside. Sadly, I don't think our O line can be defined the same way as for the young with upside combination. For example, Will Hernandez was a beast in college, Wes Martin not so much. Andrew Thomas is a top 5 pick. Zeitler is regarded as one of the best guards in the game. Maybe the unit will under achieve. Will see. But I don't think too many teams wouldn't tr
  13. The more touch on the ball was one of my comments during the game. His ball on some throws had so little arc to it, that it was hard for a receiver to get underneath them. Cooley commented the same on a podcast. I am still not totally sold on Haskins being a franchise QB. It's still hard for me to tell. It wouldn't shock me if years from now, we are talking about him being like Ramsey and Campbell and we kept banking on potential from his flashes but it never came together. It equally wouldn't surprise me that he's up there or a peg higher than Kirk, Alex and the rare compete
  14. Don't know. But if you deep deeper there is more from them. The grades indicated that our DEs were much better than the Giants DEs in that game. But the Giants interior was better. But Ionnaidis got a better grade then both Allen and Paybe by the way. The Giants secondary with the exception of Bradberry got really low grades. Our secondary sans Apke got really good grades.
  15. Unless i am forgettng I am pretty sure the gist of your point before the season when we debated this is you think the Redskins O line was average and we were too harsh on Christian. I recall saying there were some who said they heard Christian didn't play with the intensity they'd like to see, and you questioned whether that was true. Then I posted Keim saying it and you thanked me for that post. I am bringing this up because I do recall what solicited some of the debate was you not really thinking our O line wasn't that bad, if I recall correctly? So I brought up
  16. I think we might have the worst O line in the NFL. I watched the Giants game and no I don't think they were right there with us but agree it was close. I'd still trade O lines in 2 seconds. But I agree the Steelers got a lot of pressure on them so they weren't hot. PFF claims their O line scores are the most reliable compared to any position. I agree though that's debatble. The worst score a Giants O lineman got was a 46, otherwise they were in the 50s with Thomas breaking 60. My point about the Giants having a better O line is their left side is better (the more important side
  17. I liked Simmons a lot predraft but for me it was Chase Young by a mile. Simmons is a physical freak, Derwin James type. I think he's a better athlete than James, better in coverage. But James is a dog. I didn't always get that impression about Simmons. Chase likewise is a dog.
  18. Yep some teams by luck time a bad season perfectly. We land a top 2 pick in 2013 but traded it away albeit it wasn't a great draft. Had a top 5 pick in the 2015 draft but it wasn't that good of a draft. Other examples of that. Clinton Portis once said about a year ago so when asked why this team just can't get over the hump -- he said part of it is that even when we are bad, we don't end up with the #1 pick, or #2, etc. Even when we are bad we miss out on elite talent. This year that changed. Chase Young is the type of dude that this franchise typically doesn't lan
  19. Don't know. But Peterson can break off into a big run after he finds some daylight. Barber hasn't been that kind of dude in his career. The Lions do not have some monster run blockers. Peterson is one of the better backs even at his age at making something out of nothing. My problem here is we have a sample with Barber, 4 years is a long time for that position, 3.1 YPC last year. He hasn't really had a hot career. But again i'll give him time. My point isn't that we should regret it today but instead at the end of the seaon if we end up having a shot at the playoffs (which
  20. Behind the scene reasons? The reason that was told to the beat guys behind the scenes (judging by their commentary) centered on Barber having better hands and they want to run this new fangled run-pass catching backfield with a lot of motion. And Peterson didn't fit that. I get it. I get it from a McKissic and Love and Gibson point of view. Barber not so much but will see maybe the dude does really have a great hands. Like I said its early. I didn't say they should regret letting Peterson go. I said if Peterson has a monster season and Barber has a typical Barbe
  21. I probably harped on the O line on this thread as much as anyone before the season. I recall even arguments about it with some defending Christian and disagreeing with me that the Giants O line has jumped a clear peg above ours among other things. So yeah I get how bad it is. But I disagree with a premise (if that's your premise and maybe it isn't) that Peterson would be just as pedestrian as Barber was last week. Peterson has a wicked jump cut and can break tackles still at his age as good as almost anyone in the league. I've several times posted clips of how amazi
  22. Listening to Standig this morning who like me also predicated them beating the Eagles but sounds skeptical they beat Arizona. Suggested if they beat Arizona, there might be more of an urgency of finding upgrades during the season (Allen Robinson?) than there might be now.
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