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  1. I thought it interesting to have Trump claim abuse is up with the pandemic. Most of what I have heard from social workers is the numbers of calls to which they are responding are down...because social workers are still trying to stay socially distant and not visit houses. That isnt to say he is wrong. I am just curious what makes him assert it as true. I, as a father of four minority children, am saddened our president couldn't/wouldn't denounce white supremacy. That is the saddest part of a sad debate for me and mine. Realize, I say this after listening to other sad parts o
  2. We should be aware what has happened in Israel. They had very low numbers so they reopened. There positivity rate shot through the roof. They are back to the point where people arent even allowed out of their houses. We should be aware of the high risks we taking opening up and make fall back plans as we move forward. If we dont have a plan/fixed measurable point where we take a step back, then we are managing this terribly. All I see is a huge push to reopen no matter what. I get it. I want my house and sanity back. I want my blind daughter to get the in person help s
  3. Washington Post Article I think on the scary things in this comes at the end of the article when it says roughly 50% of trials that make it to phase 3 fail. Now it may still seem like the odds are greatly in our favor with roughly 10 drugs in trials now. However, I am not sure it works that way if the drugs work in similar manners. They may fail for the same reasons (treating the virus that way may have toxic side effects or not be effective). Also on the flip side of this, I hope the trials are robust e
  4. I really hope that is a troll created story like the pizza-gate of 2016.
  5. Quick question, which do you believe, the CDC or Hopkins https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/testing/tracker/overview when it comes to the percentage of new tests that are positive? The CDC through the MD department of health say 3.7 percent of people tested for COVID19 are positive. Hopkins says the number is 6.2 percent. That is large difference and it matters when some of the metrics for opening and closing hinge on being below 5 percent.
  6. I just finished watching The Same Kind of Different as You with my two older kids (teens). It was a good one for showing some historical racial relationships with a Black character running afoul of the KKK. I think also working to dispel some of the myths about homelessness is important when some of their biological family history. It is definitely a good movie, well written and acted.
  7. As somebody who works generating the data used for published economic stats, I am reminded what my boss said to me 20 some odd years ago when I started. He said, "tell me what you want to prove, and I can find a stat to support your point." While that is true, I think it ignores what numbers are. Numbers are not real things. They are something we use to describe the world we are experiencing. They are are a short cut in an attempt to make exprience A relatable to experience B. That is the arguement for why stats agencies like BLS use the same methodology time after time.
  8. Anyone run across this before? They modeled covid 19 in a supercomputer, and they got an interesting and plausible outcome for what the disease is doing. Long story short, in addition to wearing a mask that covers your nose, take vitamin D. It won't cure you, but it could reduce the impact. https://elemental.medium.com/a-supercomputer-analyzed-covid-19-and-an-interesting-new-theory-has-emerged-31cb8eba9d63
  9. I may be off in left field here, but I find myself somewhat heartened by the distressing news and what it may imply. When one protests, one has to decide on whether to do it in a way that is convenient for those who are impacted by the protest. This decision often runs into the reality that many of us do not WANT to be confronted with the things we have done wrong or contributed to happening. Further, we really don't want to confront what change could or would require us to change in our lives, Thus, it is almost always inconvenient for us.
  10. gbear

    2020 Season Schedule

    Do we have a tv station schedule to know which games will be on which networks?
  11. I am enjoying Lovecraft country. I didn't originally think I would, but it is surprisingly captivating with well written characters and good acting.
  12. That is an interesting answer to "Make America Great Again." "The best is yet to come".
  13. OK, so the patient was technically dead in terms of breathing and heart beat. I feel for the family because they were told of the death and then later told, "Oh wait, we now have signs of life." Note, these signs of life are not, "The patient got up and said what are you doing!" After 30 min without Oxygen, there is no way the patient doesn't have severe brain damage. So now imagine getting the call saying your loved one is dead, the grief you feel, followed by another call saying, "oops, still alive," and then finally getting there to find your loved one in a vegetative state.
  14. I know my mail, that we are tracking, has sat in lithicum, MD since Wed., and everyday it says it will be delivered tomorrow. It is fabric so my wife can make masks. I think about this with a story from my dad in DE where his neighbor, who works for the post office, told him they took parts of the sorting machines out to the parking lot to be hammered. The idea is to make the machines unrepairable. I put this with the stories out of Michigan and Ohio, and I think our postal service is in deep trouble.
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