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  1. I was just thinking how scary it is to watch a group that seems to wish for a return of Nazi power. It's scary to me when I think of how much of Naziism's rise before WWII was fueled by economic grievences that could apply to the U.S. populace today. THe Nazi party didn't have a majority backing it in Germany when they took power there. Thus, I don't want to overlook the similar activities and expressed thoughts from a minority here in the U.S. today.
  2. With a healthy Westbrook and Beal, the Wiz are actually fun to watch and not half bad. There are quite a few head-scratcher moments, but they are playing hard. I am not sure why people think anyone could get triple doubles like Westbrook does. He rebounds exceptionally well for his position. If it were a common skill set, I would think more players would do it regularly. When he and Beal are playing, they are at least competetive against some of the better teams in the league. Yes, I know a week and a half ago we were looking like the lottery team with which we st
  3. On the J & J vaccine issues, why do so few of the articles mention that all 6 people who had issues were female? I think of this everytime I see a video of a guy who got the vaccine suddenly worrying (like I sawa on the news last night)...They could at least reassure him he doesn't seem to be at any higher risk than he was before he took the vaccine. Additionally, out of over 7 million doses given, only 6 have had issues with only one death. That is pretty good. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to how many women have blood clot issues with birth control? Want to bet it is m
  4. OK, so how many of us went and looked up nerds-feather.com?
  5. I wanted to post a quick thought on the concern these MRNA vaccines are just new technology. I believe they have been researched for as long as I have been alive. As it was explained to me, they have been theoretically doable. I think the research into this just recently developed scalable effective vacines, but I think biontech has been working on them for at least 5 or 6 years before joining with Pfizer. I remember reading about them back when I invested in Pfizer (before I got out when I decided I did not want to make money off peoples' illnesses). They have been and are still working
  6. I remember feeling that way when Holtby came along. Hopefully, Vitek turns out to be that good.
  7. That is awesome. We all knew you were a good writer, and it is a heck of a feather in your cap. If you guys actually win, it will be something you can use to promote future works (or even promote existing works. I see it on covers all the time with bylines like "by Hugo Award Winning Timotthy Zahn."
  8. I envision him in a goal line offense. With his natural strength and vertical, he could be a true dual threat to either block credibly or release for a fade. With his strength, I could almost wish he was a bit shorter because I'd like to try him at OT.
  9. I'm with you. I read a lot of fiction for escape. I just have a deal with myself to try and learn something every three or four books. I hope audio books count. I listen to a lot of them when driving or running. If you can follow the audio books, I think they count.
  10. i just finished Caste from which I learned a lot of Black history and culture about which I was previously unaware. I always thought we had a caste like system in the U.S. I just didnt realize our system rivals India's which is where the location with which I associate caste. I didn't know Nazi's looked for a way to deal with Jews in the early 20th century but decided the model the U.S. used with Black people went too far. Ouch! Now I am reading The Evening and the Morning by Ken Follett. It is another of his historical fiction page turners. I find his books hard to put down.
  11. The conspiracy is that he killed Nicole. I mean he was found innocent... Is it not a conspiracy theory if the majority of people (including me) believe it to be true.
  12. OJ Simpson was guilty. I don't care if the gloves fit.
  13. On the CDC report about racism being a public helath threat, I think they are missing another potentially greater way racism affects the health of citizens. As I read Caste, there was a portion in it about the bilogical impact of racism. The author poitns out a few damning points about our society and the impact racism has on our health. 1) In Africa, Black men and women do not have increased rates of diabetes and heart conidtions. 2) There is a biological impact from the increased stress from the perception and/or fear of racism against oneself. Over time, the constant fi
  14. This 6 month thing reminds me of when the drug I was taking for my MS kept putting out stats for "chance of getting PML (brain infection) is x% in the 4th year taking the drug." The problem was this information came out when I was taking it for my 5th year. I was like, I know my odds of getting it in my 4th year are 0 because I didn't get it. So, how about my odds in the 5th year? The answer was always we will get back to you with that informaiton nect year. I took the drug for 8.5 years, and I was always in the vanguard being a part of the patient group with the longest duration taking t
  15. Is it just me, or is she really good at her job? There are times I think she has the writers of West Wing crafting her answers. If she is really doing this stuff off the cuff, that is remarkable.
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