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  1. gbear

    Racist costume?

    Is this better than black face? I don't know if it is just me, but I suspect 10 to 15 years from now some people who think it is funny now will regret wearing these costumes. Personally, I hope it doesn't take that long.
  2. gbear

    The Random Politics Thread

    I had an interesting conversation with my son as we head into election season. He was asking how anyone could support Trump. He hears many people talk in our house and around school about all the bad things Trumps has done and supported and he does not understand why people listen to him. He asked, “Are people who support him that mean or stupid?” I do not know if my answer makes sense in the broader scheme of things, but I tried to explain our political system rarely comes down to god versus evil. Rather it comes down to competing values. To illustrate this, I told him the dumbed down version of Million Dollar Murray where a town realized it was cheaper to give the town drunk his own apartment and hire him his own social worker rather than continue to pay for his medical care and time in jail. As a result in the 90’s, there was a move towards cost effective treatments. However, how does one tell the single parent working two jobs to put a roof over the head of his or her children and food on the table that their tax dollars are going to pay for Murray’s free apartment because otherwise Murray will drink? Sometimes, it comes down to a choice between solving the problem or being fair. So often today’s politics seem to come down arguments about which is more important, attempting to solve a problem or being fair. With that said, I started listening to the candidates speeches a bit differently because so much of Trump’s and the Republicans’ pitches are how unfair the current laws and customs are. Why do the rich have to pay so much more than the poor? Why do certain people get advantages when they apply to colleges? It seems a lot of their platform is premised on a sense of injustice. That sense of injustice seems bewildering to many of the minority populations (majority Democrats) who see themselves as historically the victim to far greater injustices whether we talk about racial injustice, sexism, or homophobia. Then we have the “solve the problem” group. They are biased to see issues as solvable which is why candidates with messages like Warren’s “I’ve got a plan for that” resonate with them. They are the type likely to propose the apartment for Murray and a social worker. They are the types to look at the Affordable Care Act and call it a success because it increases access to insurance and care on the whole and leads to longer life expectancies where Medicare and Medicaid are expanded. They may not think about how unfair it is when total medical costs increase, and wealthier Americans once again shoulder the costs. Yes, catching that cancer earlier was cheaper than catching it later when it eventually killed the patient. However, that patient is now alive longer to continue racking up medical expenses and will eventually still have the expensive end of life treatments he or she would have had years earlier. I think of this as one of modern liberalism’s frequent failures. One can make a situation better, but the costs of not dealing with or misidentifying the root problems persist. In the case of the costs of improved insurance and access to care going up over time, the root causes of high cost of end of life medical care and treatment for chronic conditions have not been addressed. At some point, both sides should see it is not about good and evil. It is a choice between competing values. Yes, I fall on the side of attempt to make it better for those whom we can. I fall into the Utilitarian camp of preferring the options that lead to the greatest good for the greatest numbers. However, I recognize this bias will put me at odds with those who claim taking from those who have to provide for the greater number of people is unfair to those who start with more. What’s more, they will be correct saying my proposals do not even benefit those to whom I would give if my taking from those with more lowers the amount to be shared significantly enough. If our higher taxes make all the businesses leave, then we are taxing $0 at a higher rate and getting less than we get now with a lower tax rate. Like everything else, the best course is probably one of moderation where both extremes are avoided. Throughout our country’s short history, we have swung from one side of the pendulum to the opposite never reaching the perceived impending catastrophe. The hardest part seems to be our perspective at either end of the swing is straight down, and the truth is the string of our democracy has not yet broken. The optimist in me still sees the rebound and hopes we have reached the point where we swing the other way.
  3. gbear

    The Forthcoming Recession

    I am less sure than you are. I was recently at a Fed Gov stats conference, and one of the more interesting talks was by the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. For what it is worth, I remember he mentioned consumer confidence dips having a decent correlation with upcoming recessions but still ranked it behind the sentiment of small business owners. So I take the consumer confidence numbers with the manufacturing problems and the farm issues (both trade wars and drought), and I have a bad premonition about the coming year's economic outlook. I hope I am wrong.
  4. gbear

    The Forthcoming Recession

    I think the more telling stat might be that 3 out of 4 people expect next year to be worse for the economy. That goes right to consumer confidence which could be critical as consumer spending has been the biggest prop to our economy thus far.
  5. With Trump poised for next attempt to unravel the ACA, I thought I should post this:
  6. gbear

    The Impeachment Thread

    TWA, more info on procedures: The only sticking point I see is whether telling the staffer is different from telling the member. However, getting access to the member without going through staff seems a little difficult to manage. At least no attempt I have made to talk with a member of Congress ever went anyway but through staff.
  7. gbear

    The Forthcoming Recession

    Of course our president sees any current economic bad news as the natural result of what is being done unjustly to him. The stock market going down is because he might be impeached. That is a much more plausible explanation to him than automltive sales going way down, manufacturing slowing down, and on going trade wars. That's not the answer he thinks of when he asks his "magic" mirror why all this stuff happens on his world.
  8. gbear

    The Impeachment Thread

    It was reported today that it is the responsibility of the president to defend whistleblowers in the CIA according to a 2014 law. Given that,would all of the attacks on the whistleblower by Trump and his office be another example of him failing to defend the rule of law? Shouldn't these attacks themselves be included in any charge of obstructionof justice? I note Clinton was probably guilty of the same w Linda Trip, but he never threatened civil war over the charges against him. We seem ever closer to a banana republic. How far have we fallen from our last president who met only twice with his head of the FBI, Comey because he wanted the branches of the government separate. He met once to interview him and them again to tell him he was nominating him. Now our president wants loyalty from his justice department, and failing to get the results he wants in oyr legal system, he wants othwr country's legal systems to do his dirty work. I wrote this and then saw this article which I believes says it better.
  9. Biden is not a fan of history if he thinks telling networks they shouldnt have Rudy on tv will keep networks from booking him. How wal did it work for the Catholic church to come up with a banned list of books and movies? Same thing with Satanic Verses. So one of two things happens. Either people don't view him as an authority, or they book him just to see why he cares. On niether case does Biden come across as presidential.
  10. Momma, Are you saying I would "go back to voting republican?" Lol News flash, my parents were teachers. I live in MD. I have a chronic health condition the current Republican party wants to make it impossible to insure. I am an adoptive parent of 4 medically fragile children who would already have hit their life time caps under medical plans put forth by Republicans since the passage of the ACA or if the ACA had never been passed. That said I know the history of ideas that got us to the ACA, and ignoring Weld's part in it just shows partisan ignorance. Sure though, assume I would just "go back to voting Republican."
  11. What happens of Trump is convicted (crazy dream?)? Does Pence automatically make it on the ballot and how much time has to be left to get his name on the ballot? I have to admit, I would love Weld to be the Republican candidate. I would have to think twice about voting against him. He at least has put forth honest efforts on healthcare expenditures. Before Romney, it was Weld's work that made Romney care possible which eventually became the ACA.
  12. gbear

    The Impeachment Thread

    Is this the double down, go ask china to investigate Biden? If you get rebuked for doing it once, try again with somebody else? Maybe the whole trade war wasnt the best idea if you personally need their help. Maybe there is a benefit to playing nice with the world. Does he really see nothing wrong w asking foreign powers to investigate his opponents?
  13. gbear


    PCS, that looks like a famous spot in Guam near where a Japanese man hid for decades after WW II.
  14. gbear


    I took this in Jamaica earlier this year. I still like it as the disappearing path.
  15. gbear

    The Impeachment Thread

    I just want to know what Nunes thinks about when he says dems want nude picts of Trump. I dont know anyone, Republican or Democrat, male or female who wants to see that.