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  1. I liked the article about the number of people who showed up at the job fair after the raids. It was estimated at 25 to 30. I keep saying it. We need more immigrants, not less. People will point to the trade war as a cause of any recession we go through. They wont be wrong, but everyone seems to miss the economic growth we are currently losing due to an inability to fill job openings. We throw away another gift of geography, being right next to the only first world country in the world without am aging workforce problem. They send us workers. We moan, complain, and send them back.
  2. As I understood it when I went to PP as a teen w my girlfriend, it was explained to us that the doctors volunteered much of their clinic time there. Now if I volunteered to give reproductive services to a population and I was told I had to do it while being told I couldn't do so in a manner where I promised to give the patients care they trusted me to give? I might very well refuse to enter a doctor patient relationship where I couldn't give the best care or even best medical advice possible. Patients dont know what we dont know. So we have to trust our doctors. If we tie the doctors' hands on the best care they can give or recommend, do we limit the trust doctors can earn? Would you go to an abstinence only teaching center to learn how to deal w sexual issues? Why not? As for the whole give up 97 percent of the care for the 3 percent, do you want a wife/husband who is faithful all but 3 percent of the time? Will you give up the 97 percent of the time? The point isnt that PP isnt giving up the 97 percent for the 3. The point is the 3 percent or lack of 3 percent can fundamentally change the relationship of the patient and doctors.
  3. Whether or not we stop at food, we sure as heck put it ahead of bombs on our priority list.
  4. This screams somebody in our political system has been taking notes from Russia about what to do with people who may have dirt on higher ups.
  5. Lost in most of the general immigration tussle is our jobs situation. For the past four months, we have averaged 0.8 unemployed workers per job opening in the U.S. I have been banging the drum for months about how there is one industrialized nation not facing the problem of an aging workforce due to retire, and it is the country on our southern border from whom we complain about getting immigrants. We are at a point where the lack of workers is slowing our economic growth. Now we can also look at what the threat of tariffs w Mexico did for our projected GDP. The thing is a trade war w China involves tarriffs on end goods. Due to NAFTA, we have goods move back and forth across the border during fabrication. Just the threat of tarriffs lowered the growth projection for Texas becauase it made the Fed reserve bank there recognize what the current impact is of our hyper vigilance on the border. Up until a few months ago, it took a few hours for trucks to go through customs. It went from a few hour average to a day. People act like keeping immigrants out will help their situation. Mostly, we are just shooting ourselves in the foot for the sake of some white supremacist wet dream of how our country should look and operate.
  6. Are Republicans claiming dems should not be doing this? At the time, and maybe now, the thinking was country music was most popular with Republicans. How many of you trashed your Dixie Chicks stuff? They were the absolute top of the country charts for years until they made clear they thought Bush was dead wrong about the war in Iraq. Even when much of the country came around to their position about the war to find WMD that never found them, their sales and popularity never recovered. I would point out this should be a caution to the Democrats too. Often the damage we do in our passions of the moment can spread the damages beyond our intentions, and in hindsight can seem misguided or even foolish. Don't think this is unique to the U.S. either. I had a coworker explain to me why Iranians (he is one) put sugar cubes in their tea rather than teaspoons of sugar. It seems Domino sugar didn't want tp pay a bribe. So their religious leaders said sugar is evil and should not be put in their drinks. When the bribe was paid, suddenly it was OK to put sugar in their tea and coffee, but only in the cube form, not the teaspoons full. He said he knows the history and finds it funny. However, he still buys sugar cubes, even after more than 3 decades living in the U.S. We humans are easily influenced.
  7. Every time i read Trump said. "and I know nothing" I hear it in Col. Klink's voice.
  8. The Hate You Give is an intense provocative movie with an interesting take on how hard it is to escape the cultures in which we grow up. I thought it provided a better case for the Black Lives Matter movement than much of the TV punditry ever did by attaching a narrative to what seems abstract for those of us not living the crisis. It deserves its Rotten Tomatoes score of 97.
  9. Does he have a plan for repairing the streets after the tanks drive on them? I remember reading about the damage a tank weighing what a tank weighs is likely to do to the streets simply by driving on them. Of course the streets are already in fantastic shape...darn where is that sarcastic emoji when I need it?
  10. Deleted Sorry,better summary from Nocal
  11. I believe those who think his testimony can't change anything, have short memories. What was the impact of the bengazi hearings over and over with nothing new coming out? How many people still clamor for the 30k emails? Did the drip drip drip lead to the public perception Clinton was hiding things and acting illegally? Even if nothing comes of his testimony, it goes towards a narrative, one which has dogged Trump since day one. If that is all that comes of this, it is still damaging to Trump. Personally, I found the lawfare reading linked Monday to be compelling. Anything that raises awareness of what is in the report is powerful. For better or worse, our minds become conditioned to believe that which we hear most often. We find ourselves victims of confirmation bias where everything we experience becomes further proof of what we thought going into the situation. As a country, we need to be very careful about what narratives we allow ourselves to believe. It is the easiest way to lead us around like a man with a fish hook stuck in his groin. The bearer of the pole can lead us where ever they want. Furthermore, the big money we currently allow in politics means there are some expert anglers waiting to cast their lines towards us.
  12. gbear

    US Soccer thread.

    I was just surprised watching the game how few tackles with cleats up werr called on Spain. Yes, the penalty kick was called, but I thought there were a half dozen more that went uncalled which would get cards in a game where the ref had control. I was impressed by the cool of our women and their lack of retaliation penalties. My college and after college teams would probably have let the game get out of control.
  13. Anyone else goibg to listen as famous people read the report? Seems like a possible way to get more people to know what it actually says. Report
  14. gbear

    Fairlife milk

    Clietas, thanks for the info. Guess I am way out of touch with how the ag business is currently run in the U.S. Guess that means the ag gag laws work because otherwise people like me would balk buying much of what is on the shelves...assuming there is a good alternative. Time for me to start looking where possible. My pocketbook, while limited, is the only thing I can do to change these types of businesses.
  15. gbear

    Fairlife milk

    Thanks Yohan. I needed some perspective as to whether I was out to lunch about my thinking. The corn thing seems like it could be scary for farmers, especially as the move to soy beans that can be planted later runs right into the teeth of a China trade war.