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  1. gbear

    Any dog lovers want a 10 month boxer mix?

    I would be thrilled. I dont think she is happy in our house with the other 2 of the three other dogs picking on her. My wife took her as a very young pup, and we have trained her as best we can, including two 8 week courses at pet smart. She is smart, and when she is focused, heels well. She is incredibly loving. Like I said, She is a good dog. She is just dog number 4, and we have 4 special needs kids and my MS. It is just too much. We did what we could to make sure she isn't a fighting dog. I always said, "you dont know what you can do until you push to the point of failure." We love her, but we now know 4 is too much, the point too far. Now it is just about finding her a good home, even though it's not our home.
  2. gbear

    Any dog lovers want a 10 month boxer mix?

    Odenton, Maryland near fort meade. We would drive the dog a few hours away for a good home. Heck, we have put dozens of hours training the dog and many times more taking care of it. We just want a good home for it, and we arent doing a good job because the older dogs are being jerks, and she is still a pup.
  3. gbear

    Any dog lovers want a 10 month boxer mix?

    Anyone have experience with
  4. Always worth the call. For what it is worth, I have been told by a few activists that a call is worth more than 3 times an email because it shows personal commitment. Even if they are unlikely to change, showing voters care can still influence if enough feel that way. Picture this, you are running in a district where 30% are strongly for an action and 50% are indifferent. Do you want to give up 30% of a likely vote for the moderate approval of 50% who will likely base their support on another issue?
  5. gbear

    Any dog lovers want a 10 month boxer mix?

    Coco is an awesome dog. The other thing I forgot to say abiut her is she has one of the best "leave it" our dog trainer said he has ever seen. She will stop licking, eating or even going for a treat. It is nice with kids and their toys. I love her, but I dont think our house is doing her a lot of favors. Four dogs and four kids is really too much for us. I wish I could figure out how to get her to south Dakota. We just want to know she is in a good home. Anyone know a good boxer rescue?
  6. Did anyone else notice how little Rosenstein blinked behind Barr? I was impressed with the man's ability to not blink and stare blindly ahead.
  7. You think there is a chance we survive this? Nobody survives. Death comes for all and is undefeated. This true when talking about societies and individuals. It is all about what is accomplished before the dieing of the light.
  8. Well, I called my congressman to weigh in on the need to impeach even if not convicted in the Senate. I always say, take care of what you can control. Don't leave some good undone because your actions or lack of action made it undoable. Put pressure on the Senate to say what he did was good or even not that bad. Give them the chance to do right even if they are saying now they won't. If Congress can not even DO that, they are as bad as the senate SAYS they will be.
  9. So awhile back, we had a golden retriever that needee a new home, and an extremeskins family took her in. I thought it was a long shot then, but I posted, and scarlet found a great home. Then last fall, I was in Indiana, when my wife called and said she may have just volunteered to to take in a dog. She said there was a boxer mix puppy being given away and she worried it would it would be made into a bait dog. That was almost 7 months ago. The problem is we have 4 dogs and 4 kids. The pup was only to be temporary until we found a boxer rescue or somebody who wanted her. Problem is, we havent found one. Coco is a kind and friendly boxer mixer. 10 months. Knows basic obedience. has developed anxiety from our alpha dogs overbearing way. With proper introduction should ok with other dogs but has anxiety around new dogs currently. Housebroken. Good running companion and crate trained. Up to date on all shots. Anyway let me know if you have any leads for a great new home.
  10. People seem to act like impeachment means nothing without a Senate conviction. Ask Clinton what being impeached meant for his political voice afterwards. I remember it as a big deal even without conviction.
  11. Trump is the only person I have ever seen using audit as a shield. I wonder if the audit is real. From what I have read about his presidency and private organizations, he should be under the constant audit he claims.
  12. Triple? You are very optimistic.
  13. Does anyone remember a couple months ago when somebody posted the interview where one of Trump's old cronies said he got off on breaking up marriages and/or making women be unfaithful? I thought that was likely bunk straight from somebody with serious sour grapes. However, doesn't that narative fit some pf his commentary on the Conway marriage? I hope that is wrong, but like the dossier, much of what I want to believe beneath any president hasnt't been.
  14. I think he timed the trip to take news coverage away from what was happening in Congress, and he walked away to steal the above the fold headlines.
  15. gbear

    All Things North Korea Thread

    Did Trump make this all fail in an effort to take news coverage off of Cohen?