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  1. gbear

    Job Hunting Scams

    On the government side, it really can take forever. 21 years ago I started in Jan for a job I applied for in September and knew I got late in October. It's not much better now as we recently hired a guy in October but it has taken till this week for the security clearances to go through. Of course there are still a lot of hoops for us to start jumping through before he can start.
  2. The team on the floor at the end of the game looked like they had no legs. Beal and Rui's shots fell short. To me that screams tired legs no longer getting the lift the rest of the body is used to when shooting. Still, the game was exciting. The team is not hopelessly terrible. They just always seem to be missing the extra gear to push across the finish.
  3. gbear

    The Official "DC" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    The surprise DC show that I have come to like is Watchmen. I didn't like the movie and was never into the comics, but the show on HBO is amazingly well written and acted.
  4. I cringe because over and over I kept asking what "winning" would look like. I asked it before Iraq too. I never saw an answer I thought was adequate. It looks like I wasnt alone in those thoughts. They were just unpopular because we, the people, beleived others had those answers. This should be damning for Biden.
  5. gbear

    The Impeachment Thread

    As I said, I dont think Republicans really want Shiff testofying.
  6. gbear

    The Impeachment Thread

    Why would he take the 5th for being contacted? If it were me, I wouldn't give the a dem with speaking experience the spotlight and chance to control the narrative. If you question Schiff, you will get his closing arguements repeated to a whole new audience. You will hear once more what we are supposed to do to protect whistleblowers. Then we will hear questions about why do we need to hear from the second hand witnesses when the first hand ones have already testified confirming what whistleblower alleged. Do you think they want Schiff making that case? I think they are better sticking to witnesses from whom they can pull the counter narative they have been promising, regardless of it's plausibility. Their entire playbook is the story told often enough is believed. If they follow their normal script, they won't give the stage to anyone like Schiff because that lets the other story get told again.
  7. gbear

    The Impeachment Thread

    I chuckle a bit at the thought the Republicans on the Senate want any part of Pelosi or Schiff talking in their planned sham trial. From the perspective of Pelosi and Schiff, I think I would file this under "please don't throw me in the briar patch." That would be about the quickest way for the Republicans to lose control of the narative. In a sad note, I find myself wondering how long before the R after a politician's name is commonly thought to mean "Russian."
  8. gbear

    Redskins vs Packers Prediction Thread: Cheezy Wins

    Packers win 28-24 with a late TD that Haskins and Skins can't match.
  9. I notice the assumption all MRI are the same. Depending on what they are used for, the newer MRI are both stronger and faster. This can matter when looking for some things in the brain (I suspect other parts too, but I know brain). For those scared, open can help or the ones we can listen to music while the scan is running. As a second note, those of us in the Baltimore/DC area are in the market that has one of the highest ratios of doctors to patients in the world. So we have options and are acting like everyone has the choices to pick the doctor or service provider they want. In a lot of "fly-over land" there may only be one choice in easy driving distance. In those situations, market forces are not helpful. So most of us don't have a ready means of knowing what something should cost because we dont have a way of understanding what differentiates services in terms of need or better service. Then many of us have no choice even if we are capable of making informed decisions.
  10. Scorched earth politics belittles our country. At the end of the day, the strength of our republic is only what we can do when we are done with our political fights. To the extent we pick fights along our tribal lines, we harden our distaste for anything from the othwr political party. Yes, Trump seems to thrive on political fights. The question is why do we all have to? Shall we throw away half the people in this country? Besides, have you noticed he loses every policy debate when actually defending what he wants to do? Stay on subject and ignore culture war crap where he can rile his base. There is no way to wrestle a pig in their pen without getting muddy, so why try to be the piggier pig? I aspire to better. Show some class.
  11. Booing the wife of a politician is just bad form. I hated it with Hillary. I hated it with Michelle. I feel the same with Melania. It's classless.
  12. gbear

    The Impeachment Thread

    Any ruling on forcing Trump's people to testify yet? Weren't we due to get a ruling today?
  13. gbear

    The Impeachment Thread

    On the makes me smile aide of the ledger, I ask myself what the odds are the Republicans call either of today's witnesses to testify in a Senate trial? For that matter, they might want to shelve their plans to call "Shifty Schiff" too.
  14. gbear

    The Impeachment Thread

    Thanks Jumbo. Lol
  15. gbear

    The Impeachment Thread

    Schiff's close was as good as anything I have seen scripted for a movie. I hope it is not as dire as it seems to me, but nothing I witnessed gives me much hope.