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  1. I thought his closing argument in the impeachment trial was well done. Of course I thought he presented a good case throughout. So I am probably not the target you think he struggles to motivate.
  2. What is the likely timeframe for any deal the Wizards make. I still feel like nothing will be done until something is announced. I still think the odds are Beal walks for nothing. We are still the Wizards whose greatest magic trick seem to be making opportunity after opportunity disappear.
  3. I have been running more lately due to fostering a 1 year old, 80 lb. german Shepard mix that needs energy out. For the past couple weeks, I have been trying to do more of the run breathing through my nose which I find very challenging. I have to switch over to out through my mouth when the dog starts pulling to see other dogs. Sometimes, it is all mouth when the pulling is too much. I feel more fit, and we will see if I truly am when I can run without the beast.
  4. China, vaccines are not as available all over the world as they are here in the U.S. We happen to be a very rich country, and it is easy to take for granted all the things available to us as a result. Now maybe, the richer countries participating could have thrown in enough vaccines for the other countries' athletes as part of their entry fees...but the richer countries could have done a lot for the rest of the world's COVID response. Also, vaccines seem to mean less likely to get it and far less likely to need hospitalization. Unfortunately, vaccines do not seem to make us pro
  5. Are they no longer required to teach it or are they forbidden from teaching it? I think the difference could be quite important. Think of the potential impact on things like the AP U.S. History exams. Now I know only a third of students go to college. So at best only a third could be impacts by that requirement, but the point remains there are many ways to influence what we learn. I hope it is a "required to teach" issue and not a "required not to teach" case.
  6. Am I the only one who finds it ironic to read Iran is now concerned about security situation in Afganistan? How long ago was it that Iran tried to sew chaos anywhere the U.S. was? I dont think it was just Iraq. They seemed to want to be a regional powerhouse. "Congrats, Just warning, the position isn't all it's cracked up to be." - former powerhouses in the region (U.S. and U.S.S.R)
  7. Funny thing is before the revolution, Iran had the largest group of Christians in the Middle East.
  8. I think we need a coach pick lottery date? I call 7/20 at a 2pm press conference.
  9. Tshile, I am with you. I would rather the money have gone to solving some of the problems we, as a society, claim are too expensive to solve. The before/after/pre-k care would have been a great place to apply the funds. Alas, I think that is like saying we should be spending btw 1/3 and 2/3 what we spend on foster care on providing resources to keep families together. It makes too much sense to try and assess actual needs and root causes when there are political interests and easy messaging in play.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTsM1dSAiXqiV5oZjuNw_Bg She is absolutely the best workout leader I have found. She helped me lose weight and get to my 4-5-6 goal of turning 45 with a six pack.
  11. I wonder if the cartoonist recognizes Don Quixote was actually attacking the windmills because they represented progress. He was attacking progress. I actually think Trump charging windmills is a fairly good metaphor even if it doesn't exactly mean what the author intended. Think about it. Was Trump for anything scientists told him or did he try to suppress their message. What did he say/do about global warming? What was his initial reaction to being told how bad COVID was likely to be? Heck, he even sharpied a map to say a storm was going a different way. He was far from enlightened.
  12. The amazing thing is across many religions, they have prayers or mantras with something in common. Most of them are said at a pace of roughly 5-6 breaths (in and out) per minute. That isn't an accident. It's crazy to me how even the traditional Native American prayers are often recited at the same pace as the Ave Maria in Latin. That just blew my mind how many traditions got to that truth because breathing at that rate is calming. Now maybe the "because" is an overstatement, but I like how the book goes into the physical impacts of breathing that way for a few minutes a day. Ever hear ho
  13. I am reading Breath. It is amazing how we have come to do something wrong that is so basic to living. It turns out there are huge benefits to breathing through your nose. In addition to learning how important breathing full breaths is with both the intake and exhale being full breaths, it is kind of cool to read how some of those who master it gained advantage. Ever see the picture of the Black Olympic athlete who won the gold with his fist up in the air? He was an early student of a guy who taught patients with asthma to breath slower through their nose. The cure rate for asthma simply
  14. You're right, the stories I remembered were for Klobuchar.
  15. I wonder if this is a follow-on to the stories about how hard she was to work for in the Senate. I think the stories came out during the election right around the time she and Biden had their moment at the first debate. My memory on the timing could be off. I still wonder though if these rumors are recycling the old stories or if there is something new.
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