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  1. We're there 2 instances where Trump was accused of committing crimes today, or at least 3: two times directing Cohen in payoff for affairs (illegal campaign finance issues) and money laundering of campaign funds? Totally clears the president indeed...
  2. gbear

    Election fraud in North Carolina

    Is it terrible of me to think of an old childhod saying when thinking of all the Republican claims of voter fraud? I keep thinking, "he who smelt it dealt it." Granted Republicans are at least equally deserving of credit for bringing this instance to light.
  3. It hasn't been my best year. That's for certain. I am still positive, but the pull back over the last month hurt.
  4. That will be the claim if Congress doeant ratify it, that it is the same and doesnt need to be approved.
  5. gbear

    Random Thought Thread

    Our family random knowledge quiz question of the night, "what animal is responsible dor the most human deaths?" I was pretty confident in my answer until my wife's answer of "humans." According to siri though, my answer is correct. The mosquito takes first place. Humans come in second.
  6. gbear

    Election 2018 Thread (Blue Wave in Progress)

    We should also be careful and consider the privacy implications of the technology which could allow us instant knowledge of voting outcomes. As you pointed out, we knew how many winning tickets were sold where and when very quickly after the drawing. Now I want to imagine knowing where every voter who voted for the losing candidate voted and when. How big a stretch would it be to get from that information to the identity of every supporter of the losing candidate? In this day and age, that could be done in minutes (seconds if only a few voters). Sometimes the temporary fog of uncertainty is a small price to pay for an election free of the threat of retribution for your vote. Now we only get collective punishment whereby winning parties split the spoils of contracts and preferential posts and the losing party can be shut out. It's still not great, but I haven't seen better offered yet.
  7. China, I thought you were going to say NPR. The truth is we have more than one. The only way I see we can get to what he is implying would be to abolish free press and have only state run media.
  8. gbear

    90s music

    Tori Amos and U2 were some of my favorites in the 90's. For funny music, I will still vote for Aqua's Barbie Girl as a song whose humor stands the test of time as one of my top 5 funny songs of all time.
  9. Well, we are half way there. For so long, clean shaven has been "in." Now beards are back, and we are half way to making my look back in style. All we need now is for the manly chest, aka one with hair, to come back in style and my wife will have to worry. Alas for now my wife still hates beards that I could grow in a week, and nobody else seems to think chest hair is sexy. So she still has a monopoly on liking my hairy, yetti like body. Nobody needs to question my testosterone levels.
  10. Is that a bad thing? Should he be working for the gov?
  11. gbear

    Election 2018 Thread (Blue Wave in Progress)

    As I think about voting tomorrow, I cant get this song out of my head: Where is the love
  12. gbear

    Election 2018 Thread (Blue Wave in Progress)

    What the story misses is the governors races mean when it comes to the flip side of having to protect those borderline seats in the future. If dems take Senate and majority of gov spots, they may hold Congress longer. It is an underatated story that for dems to take a majority in Congress this year is doing so swimming against the current of redistricting from 2010 and a raft of voter suppression measures. It also removes the "Nunez impact" on all Congressional investigations where the majority party simply refuses to release info contrary to their talking points they have written before any evidence is presented and often inspite of said evidence.
  13. I remember hearing about a race between a kkk member and a thief. The campaign slogan I remember hearing about most was, "Vote for the crook. It's that important!" The point was even if our guy did everything you said he did, it would still not mean anyone should vote for your guy. It's that important. I feel like that now with denying the current version of the Republican party more unfettered power. Honest though, that scares me because it's the logic that gave us Trump when enough of them said anyone but Clinton.
  14. gbear

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    Every successful team has unheralded players come through in positions nobody outside the team thinks they can. Us having a 7th rounder hold his own under fire against a good passing threat is a great sign.
  15. gbear

    In defense of Martyball

    I liked Marty ball. Perhaps interesting to only me, but the QB whose play Smith seems to be imitating played up the road in Baltimore. For any who think Marty got a raw deal being run out of town here, I present a QB who managed to get his team 20 wins in a row before being replaced by the glitz and glammer QB playing their team out of the playoffs. I think Smith is playing a lot like Dilfer did for the Ravens...and that's actually a compliment. I am a "Just win, baby! Just win!" kind of fan.