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  1. gbear

    Favorite songs from the 90s?

    I saw the Cranberries mentioned, but I liked their "Memories" song more. Also, I haven't seen this song from 1990 mentioned, "Freedom" by George Michael. Others from my high school college days include "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot "Mysterious Ways" by U2 "Mary Jane's Last Dance" - Tom Petty "Boombastic" - Shaggy "No Diggity" - Blackstreet "Let's Talk about Sex" - Salt-N-Pepa Even though I hate to mention it, I feel like "Macerena" by Los Del Rio belongs on the other side of the ledger for great songs of the 90's.
  2. gbear

    The Impeachment Thread

    People need to stop saying they were fired. As far as I understand it, they were not. So long as nothing unfavorable happens to their job position (salary, benefits, promotion potential, etc.), they are merely being reassigned. Again as I understand it, their reassignment out of the Whitehouse is completely within the purview of the president.
  3. ● Chinese health officials say they confirmed more than 31,000 cases of the coronavirus, more than 4,800 of them considered severe. The death toll surpassed 630, with fatalities almost entirely confined to China. ● An additional 41 people on board the Diamond Princess cruise liner, which has been quarantined in Japan, have tested positive for coronavirus, bringing the total to 61. ● Another cruise ship, the Westerdam, is at sea, and its crew is unsure where to go next, after being denied entry to the Philippines, Japan and South Korea. Passengers blame an ill-advised port stop in Hong Kong, where the boat took on many new passengers. ● Two charter flights carrying about 300 Americans out of the virus-hit city of Wuhan are expected to arrive in the United States on Friday. A flight carrying mainly Canadian evacuees landed in Ontario on Friday morning. From further down in the posting, it talks about India. I noticed that while there are only 3 patients testing positive right now, they are in 3 different geographical locations. I can't think that is good from a containment perspective. This whole thing feels like watching a global car crash in slow motion. I can't make myself look away...
  4. I would accept 1 first rounder for him. He is gone next year, and we aren't going anywhere tis year. Build for the future. I wish our front office good luck getting multiple firsts. Granted, the teams that are interested are playoff teams, so their picks will be low...
  5. gbear

    The Impeachment Thread

    I take it as a positive sign of how stable our government has been that our elected leaders are more likely to recognize a chicken coop than a political coup. The real question is how many confuse coup, coop and coupe?
  6. gbear

    The Impeachment Thread

    Quick question for those who think this is likely to be the darkest day on our history, which is worse an aquital of Trump in the Senate or the Citizens United ruling. Both involve allowing fundamental changes in approved influences in our political system. With this one, it is countries versus last time's companies. I think my take away is "money talks," and it does not matter what the source of the funds is. Sadly that may be the take away for our civilization. We talk a good game about rights, but ultimately there is nothing (or very little) that matters more than the bottom line. Worse yet, it is a bottom line over a ahort period of time because our attention spans are tiny.
  7. gbear

    "I have seen the promised land..."

    @JCB , I think about that too. I wonder how many today realize that Gallup did a poll shortly before MLK was killed, and roughly 2/3 of respondents thought MLK was a communist because of what he advocated. It reminds me of a quote about heroes from a foster kid. Roughly quoting, "overtime there are those we look to know what is right. We remember them not for their wins and losses but rather for what they thought was worth fighting." That is why MLK should be known for a post racism dream, but we should also recognize the human rights stands beyond racism. There was a lot of his talks about poverty that are powerful in their own right. We just know more about the race based takes on his message because, honestly, I think we are more comfortable talking about race than we are about classism because we dont care to see that in the mirror.
  8. “I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know, tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the Promised Land.” -MLK Today, I am reminded of this quote as I try to explain to my kids that racism still exists in the U.S. How do you explain racism to kids likely to experience it in their lives? I think about this and the progress we have made. 50 years ago, my mixed family would never have been thought possible, much less its acceptance. Come a long way, but the road is longer still...
  9. gbear

    The Impeachment Thread

    Ladyskinsfan, I am with you, byt unfortunately, the burden of proof is on the accuser in this country. I am watching Trump fundamentally change so much I cherish i am lothe to change/let him wreck that too.
  10. gbear

    The Impeachment Thread

    It is. It has its own ceremony complete w summoning the chief justice and reading of the articles of impeachment. There was an article aboit this in tbe post today.
  11. "I find her interesting because she's a client and because she sleeps above her covers. Four feet above her covers!"
  12. gbear

    The Impeachment Thread

    I like the proposal in the Post for sending over the obstruction charge and holding the other for the moment. Then the Republicans can defend everything he has done to keep people from testifying, the threats to witnesses/witness tampering, etc. If they won't allow witnesses because everything should be discovered before it goes to the Senate, then with holding info from Congress is an attempt to be above the law. Let the Republicans ponder the example they set for future Dem presidents..
  13. gbear

    NYT: Who Killed the Knapp Family?

    kfrankie, I get the same number you got for inflation adjusted minimum wage. While not $22 an hour, it would still be a more than 50% pay increase. As for the productivity and how it plays into it, the U.S. workforce has gotten steadily more productive over time. Up until the early 1970's, as we produced more, we made more money. How much we were paid was essentially a percentage of our productivity. However, as unions lost power and businesses gained power, the percentage of increased output that was paid to labor shrunk. From 1979 to 2018, our typical worker's productivity has gone up roughly 70 percent while our hourly pay has gone up 12 percent. The stats are from the link below, but I have seen similar presented elsewhere. I suspect it is a combination of those two perspectives that lead to what ever methodology they used to get at their $22 an hour stat. I won't defend the $22 beyond that. However, I will note as a parent of special needs children, a couple of whom will likely get minimum wage jobs, I worry whether it is a living wage. I have seen the impacts of drugs and hopelessness. We need a way to decouple our perceptions of "meaningful lives" from making lots of money. I'm not sure there is some magic minimum wage amount that will give people enough that they will feel able to live a meaningful life. I am fairly certain we aren't there yet. Worse though, I fear we will never get there so long as we value ourselves by only what we can earn. For how many men is it necessary to be the "bread winner" or "provider" because that is their role. Is that what it means to be a dad or a parent? This is a societal problem that I fear goes beyond the cancer of low paying jobs/no jobs mentioned in the article. Until we can see our values in terms of the light we bring into others' lives, the wisdom we gain and share, and dozens of other ways can benefit society, no magical minimum amount of money will fill the ache of "our wants." The cancer isn't the lack of jobs. It is the forced change in how people who lost them feel about their role in their family and society. Because we tie so much importance on what we "do," we have a hard time when we lose it. Think about how often people you meet want to know what you do for a living? "Oh, Bill's a doctor from NY." It's as if we are defined by it, and we often let it define us. Maybe it's just staring down the prospect of losing my livelihood to Multiple Sclerosis, but I try very hard to not define myself in my head by my job. I am a lucky husband and father of four special needs kids whom my wife and I were lucky enough to adopt, On top of that I am a manager of a multimillion dollar project that lets me learn and travel to parts of the world I would otherwise never see. On top of that I have been lucky enough to be a patient advisor for the American Board of internal Medicine and a member of the Ethics Advisory Board for Patients Like Me. The jobs are never listed first for me, because they are not me and do not sum up my contributions to society. The first part, the lucky husband, is how I truly view myself. I think if it was the job part I too would be another statistic, a man addicted to whatever pain killers worked, even if the only one that did was a gun. I get the hopelessness in the article. I just think it doesn't delve down deep enough to the root causes.
  14. While we toss out the unemployment numbers as sign number 1 and stock prices as sign number 2 of how great our economy is doing, I worry they are masking a real weakness, From the jobs report article, "Diane Swonk, chief economist at the accounting firm Grant Thornton, noted that manufacturing contracted for the fifth straight month in December, according to the closely watched Institute for Supply Management survey. That marks the index’s lowest level since June 2009. Retail, meanwhile, is still up against razor-thin margins and bricks-and-mortar store closures. Pier 1 Imports announced it planned to close up to 450 stores after a 13 percent drop in quarterly sales. Macy’s will close 29 stores in the next few weeks." I combine that with the high numbers of bankruptcies in the American farming sector, and I do not get the happy picture being portrayed in the media. Are these not concerning for most Americans? I left off the slow wage growth and difficulties hiring due to a lack of people taking the jobs currently vacant. I may sound like Chicken Little saying the sky is falling, but I worry we may be in for an economic shock of a correction.
  15. gbear

    The Outer Space Thread

    There is also the potential pointed out in the Sci Fi book series, The Three Body Problem. In it, the author points out the dark forest possibility. In the series, there is an alien populace with space traveling tech. However, they do not broadcast anything out of fear that doing so will announce their presence to other more powerful aliens. Announcing their presence is akin to announcing a potential threat, either now or down the road. Thus a logical thing for the other aliens to do is destroy the potential threat. In his series, a world with just enough tech to start exploring space is akin to a baby walking through a dark forest. Just because we see and hear nothing does not mean there is nothing to be seen or heard. It may mean they do not wish to be exposed. We make many assumptions about who may hear our broadcasts into space and what their reactions will be.