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  1. Acck, Jett is losing. Thanks for all the help getting him this far.
  2. I did concept 2 for years after I first got MS and had 0 ballance. It was all my cardio for awhile because even I couldnt whine about falling 6 inches. On the cool front now, I started doing the ecercuse programs with my wife when the quarantine started. I did them in addition to my running, and I cut way back on soda. I am down 40 lbs. Of the exwrcise routines, Lilly Sabri was my favorite. She was a physical therapist for a pro football team (soccer). It was through her routinea I broke through to meet my 4,5,6 goal. I wanted a six pack by the time I turned 45 in Oct. Chloe Ting's worko
  3. Thanks for the help. Jett made it to the second round against a Boston: https://www.discovery.com/shows/puppy-bowl/puppy-bowl-xvii/vote?fbclid=IwAR3TtqfEAzXrju64YmT5QV8eo5nHmXaEc5j7KGwYNXFpnrmzXC7tfsKG47M
  4. I recently read Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell. It was another fascinating book by the same guy who wrote Blink. In Blink, he looked at the decisions our minds make in the first instant. In the most recent book, he looked at how we are influenced when in unfamiliar situations with people we don't know. It was a fascinating look at how we ended up in many of the situations protested by BLM. We are really crappy at picking out liars and threats. One of my favorite parts of the book was when he described how we have a default to truth. We assume the people are telling us the trut
  5. If you want a scary glimpse into the vaccine future, my sister-in-laws medical office had 17 people who could get the vaccine. Two people chose to get it, the two doctors. So even in an office where everyone is exposed to modern medicine, only the most educated chose to get it. There is a myth/rumor going around that the vaccine causes birth defects. Then there is the issue of the shots not being approved or tested on kids yet. Then, I think about us needing to get to 80 percent for herd immunity. It is going to take a long time. The only good news I have is if so many
  6. I believe the pne who tried to get to close was shot and killed, right? I think that was appropriate, and note it did not lead to a pitched battle as it could if police went further.
  7. I might be thought crazy, but I think the police did the right thing not confronting the crazy mob. I have no problem sitting back, taking their picture and holdiing them accountable later for all they do rather than start spraying protesters with mace and or bullets. Why risk an armed conflict? Can anyone honestly say there would have been less people hurt or killed? If we are truly a politic of life,how can we advocate killing for civil disobedience? They, for the most part, damaged things, not people. My issue is why did we treat BLM so differently? The only answer I
  8. For what it is worth, pets with disabilities is a great rescue. Three users on this site (including me) have dogs that came through pets w disabilities then my family. The lady who runs it with her husband try their best to match families with good dogs. She only takes dogs who have people already swearing to their temperment, and they pay for vet bills related to the disability. That continues after the pet is adopted too. For example, they are paying for surgery for our dog adopted 3 years ago because his other hip now pains him to the point he can not run, walk or get up stairs. They are th
  9. If you get a chance, stop by and vote for Jett, the cute pup in a wheelchair. The rescue from where we get our dogs, pets with disabilities, has him as their ambassador to go to schools to talk with kids about differences/disabilities. https://www.discovery.com/shows/puppy-bowl/puppy-bowl-xvii/vote?fbclid=IwAR3TtqfEAzXrju64YmT5QV8eo5nHmXaEc5j7KGwYNXFpnrmzXC7tfsKG47M
  10. I don't think it happens, but we shouldn't pretend like it is not important. If convicted, he would not be able to run again in 4 years. It would end the protection as a candidate for presidency he would get by deciding to "start his 2024 campaign on Jan 20."
  11. Crazy question, with rioters breaking into the Capitol, what does the janitorial crew have to do to sanitize the building to make it safe for a mostly older workforce to come back and cast votes/certify election. I am wondering what the possible Covid risks are for Congress to resume. All of this would be after making sure there were no nasty surprises left for Congress as they return. I am thinking along the lines of the suspicious package from earlier in the day.
  12. 6 pm curfew? If everyone started leaving right now, I am not sure everyone could comply. From what I am seeing, I don't see people leaving. I think the curfew was needed, but so is the force to needed to force people to comply. Finally, there has to be a reasonable way for people to comply. I don't see a good outcome to this. Police are now requesting help from other agencies according to the news..
  13. I did not know Georgia has never had a Black U.S. Senator. I also did not know the history of the GA run off system. About half way through: https://www.washingtonpost.com/podcasts/post-reports/georgia-on-our-minds/?itid=lk_inline_manual_57 Martine Powers: It's sort of like the Electoral College, except that this was just for statewide primaries. And if you lived in a dense urban county, your county got six votes in the primary. Joshua Holzer: And it may seem fair that urban counties got six votes. That's more than two, rig
  14. Israel may have paid more, but talking with friends living there it is apparent they are handling COVID19 better than us. They have been hyper vigilant in quarantining and contact tracing. As a result, there numbers have gone down really fast with any fresh out break. If we could pay their amounts and just be done with COVID, how many of us would jump at the chance to have our economy and way of life back quickly? I think this is the difference between a government treating this situation with a determined plan and one trying to constantly downplay it.
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