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  1. gbear

    Random Thought Thread

    While I was on vacation, I was thinking about these two articles from the Washington Post, and I wonder how much of our nations obesity is caused by the combination of points made in these two articles. The first article is about why the fat-burning heart rate is a myth. In the article, it notes "At rest, fat constitutes as much as 85 percent of calories burned. That figure shifts to about 70 percent at an easy walking pace. If you transition to a moderate-effort run, the mix becomes about 50 percent fat and 50 percent carbohydrates, and it moves increasingly toward carbohydrates the faster you go." So we actually burn fat best when we sleep. The second article was about sleep deprivation. Since 1942, the average amount of sleep Americans get has gone down by an hour a night. In1942, we averaged 7.9 hours a night. Now we are under 7. I was thinking about this while I spent a week in Jamaica drinking pina coladas and noting my shorts were looser despite how much I was drinking and eating desserts. I do sleep more there. I just doubt running 3 miles in the mountains rather than my comparatively flat 5 miles with dogs and stroller here would account for the weight loss. Maybe sleep and less stress really are keys to my waste-line.
  2. I have been enjoying a guilty pleasure show. I wont claim it is the best ever, but Lucifer is entertaining.
  3. Den bumper sticker- secure ports before walls. Keep it simple. Identify bigger problem, and then ask why they want expensive walls that don't solve the real issues. Follow-up: why did you close government for a sub par solution at best.
  4. Now Trump's economic advisor, hassert, is telling fed furloughed employees to talk to their supervisor for help getting a loan? How am I supposed to help? What's more, while furloughed, I am not supposed to do anything job related. The employees whom I supervise have no supevisor to ask for help during the shutdown. I think the most charitable assessment I can give for this advise is that it is based on real abstract theory with little practical application in the real world due to how the furlough is actually implemented. For now I will just hope my employees dont expect miracles from me.
  5. Dont know which emo to use jumbo, laugh, trophy, like or cry. All fit with the post because I share too many of the feelings.
  6. I do find a little irony that some wait for the economic impact to be so great Trump ad Republicans can no longer ignore the damage they do. Among the casualties of the furlough is the Census which collects many of the monthly indicators for the economy and employment numbers. So we have removed many of our most consistant ways to measure the economy at a time some hope the infrmatio might encourage an end to this madness? Am I crazy to want data driven decisions made by my government?
  7. gbear

    To be a man

    I would like to point out boys are more emotional than girls as young kids/babies. I asked around because raising 2 of each, the boys are much more sensitive and emotional. Turns out, that is normal. How much of what we think of as stereo typical masculinity is completely learned behavior versus having anything to do with dangles between our legs? Note, I didnt say hair on the face as I know many women who was their lips and eyebrows.
  8. gbear

    To be a man

    I agree with the commercial. I tried to answer this years ago. Alas, I haven't bettered my answer since. A Good Man A man is a lucky somebody who has grown out of the selfish myopic teenage years. He is somebody capable of looking out at his world and what needs to be done, what is being left undone by others be they capable or incapable. A good man is introspective enough to know his talents and his passions. Once he has looked both inward and outward, a good man may plot his path. A good man never stops looking, both inward and outward for the only constant is change. A good man is mindful of others and their perspectives. A good man seeks solace and comfort in his efforts. For if he can take comfort in his work, the fear of starting over need never discourage. A good man is ever mindful of his footprints both in his family and community. His life is marked by joys many who chose other lives never imagine much less enjoy, whether it be pride in the path of those who follow or the true company received only by the honest. A good man does what he can, when he can, until he can’t. At the end of the day, a good man can look in the mirror, see the haggard face of any age and take solace in his life well lived. I endeavor, though sometimes fail, to be the good man. Don’t we all?
  9. gbear

    Workout Thread III

    This year, my workout is running 2.3 miles pushing my 35 lb. son in a running stroller with one hand and holding on to a 50 lb dog's leash with thw other hand. Then, I bribe my son with a life saver and repeat the run with a second dog. Then, I repeat with a third dog before calling the workout done. I have been soing this a couple times a week.
  10. Commerce is furloughed, including Census as they plan for 2020 Census with questions still not set.
  11. On the empty stadium front, Camden yards > fed ex.
  12. Angelos gets my vote. Both of them hired a bum named Albert to drag their franchise rep through the mud, but Angelos then fired a manager of the year who had decades more good work ahead of him.
  13. Anyone laying odds on subject of Trump's first tweet for 2019? I am getting it involves a crooked investigation. Never mind that many of us strongly suspect the only thing crooked in the investigation is the target.
  14. Because all feds have personal attorney... I mean we are all not upper level SES under Trump who should expect to need a personal lawyer, or so it seems.
  15. I had a second HR tbought... Fed employees get paid for holidays only if they are in a paid status the day before or after the holiday. So if still out on Monday, anyone want to get on whether Congress gives up their Christmas to iron out a bill to keep fed workers from losing the Christmas paid holiday? Here's hoping it is all resolved before it comes to these sad Christmas tidings.