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  1. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31248700/nfl-draft-2021-trey-lance-draft-most-mysterious-prospect After reading this, and what I've seen and heard, I'm warming to the idea of the big trade-up to go get Lance....
  2. Ok, now this may be the best quote I've ever seen on this board...
  3. I know you're right, but it's just hard to swallow that of all years, this is the one where getting the answer at QB will likely prove to be too much to overcome... very concerned about wasting the "window" of all the young talent on rookie contracts while waiting to develop a drafted QB (Mac, Newman, someone like that) because we won't be able to get up high enough to draft one of the top 4
  4. Damn, as much as I enjoyed the division win and playoff game, I’m seriously now thinking we’d have been better off losing that Eagles game and drafting 10th instead of 19th... sigh...
  5. My man crush on Riverboat Ron has reached an uncomfortable level!
  6. If we end up with #3, and Jacksonville is at #2, what would it realistically take to convince them to swap picks with us? And would it be worth it for a chance for Fields? (I say, absolutely YES, but would the Jags hold us hostage and hold out for multiple future-year #1's to make that deal a la the RG3 trade?)
  7. Plus he runs a freakin' 4.4 ... basically as fast as Kyler Murray with a way better and more accurate arm. We need to trade up to #2 if that's what it takes to get him YES. HE. IS. Maybe better...
  8. Lawrence and Fields are the only two blue-chips... Lance, Wilson, etc are projects and we all know that doesn’t work here in Dannyworld
  9. So the WTF will pick third in a draft with only two franchise QB’s... why does this seem so fitting...
  10. Detroit still had a time out, they would have ruled forward progress stopped and still given them the time out with at least a second left.
  11. It was an ugly play for sure, and he deserves whatever fine he gets from the league... BUT, he's helping to set the tone against our arch-rival... I agree that based on past history it doesn't appear that he has ever been the kind of player to take dirty shots (like, for instance our own Brandon Merriweather)... all that being said I don't mind him making an agressive play against our most hated rival's starting QB
  12. Everyone punked the Eagles when they played scared but basically played for the tie against the Bungles a few weeks ago, but that "half a win" may end up getting them the division title this year...
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