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  1. It was an ugly play for sure, and he deserves whatever fine he gets from the league... BUT, he's helping to set the tone against our arch-rival... I agree that based on past history it doesn't appear that he has ever been the kind of player to take dirty shots (like, for instance our own Brandon Merriweather)... all that being said I don't mind him making an agressive play against our most hated rival's starting QB
  2. Everyone punked the Eagles when they played scared but basically played for the tie against the Bungles a few weeks ago, but that "half a win" may end up getting them the division title this year...
  3. Today's "win"? just cost us about ten draft spots and totally eliminated any chance of getting Lawrence or Fields... that being said, it was still pretty nice kicking the absolute **** out of the Cowboys... I couldn't help myself but be proud of today's effort, regardless of the long-term negative effects of this "win"
  4. Yea this original post hasn't aged too well....
  5. Wow... so glad we used a 4th round pick on this guy... I hated the pick at the time and it looks even worse now... I hope I have to eat these words in a few weeks but I wouldn't bet on it
  6. Damn, great call Trances... I would have totally missed this and left Derrick Henry in my lineup, and my league locks everything after the first kickoff of the Thursday night game, even if the other players don't play until Sunday or Monday. Much appreciated.
  7. Agreed, he did play a very good game Sunday, but as Winston Wolf famously said, "Let's not start sucking each other's (popsicles) just yet, gentlemen"
  8. Really? I don't think he's a stud, I just think that after nearly a decade of linebacker turd sandwiches like Mason Foster and Will Compton, even a McDonald's hamburger will start to look like a filet mignon...
  9. Who’s this Sara Walsh?.... she’s a hottie...I’d hit that like a drunk driver
  10. Nothing official that said it was a first, but I have to believe that before last season started, Cleveland would have ponied up a #1. Maybe Houston too, based on what they ended up giving for Tunsil. Either way, the stubborness and arrogance of "he whose name will never be mentioned by me again" was staggering and definitely left the team with MUCH less compensation than a player of TW's caliber should have fetched.
  11. At the time he made that play, the score was still a tie game at 17-all ... that was a BALLER play, which forced Philly into a third and long that ultimately got us the ball back... and if you go and look at the replay, if he hadn't make that play, there was NO DEFENSE out in the flat and Clement could have moon-walked 25 yards without being touched. Liking the young guy so far, that was a game-changing play by a 7th-round, relatively unheralded rookie... props ... looking forward to seeing more from this dude.
  12. If Brucifer wasn't such an insufferably arrogant prick, we could have had Jedrick with the #1 pick that Trent would have fetched... right now would you rather have Jedrick Wills playing LT or the Niners' upcoming third round pick in next years draft.... smmfh
  13. In my opinion that it still very much up in the air... if he continues to play at the medicore level he's been at for over a year, then I'd say no way do you re-sign him at an AAV of over $15 million. Some team out there may be willing to do so, but I think we can find 80% of that level of production for 25% of that price. If he balls out the rest of the year and Moses and Chase and Charles make up a serviceable unit, then yes.
  14. Still can't believe Chase didn't get credit for another forced fumble on that fourth quarter "tuck rule" play with Wentz... it was clear to anyone (including Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles) that CY was the one who caused Carson to pull the ball back and eventually fumble it. That should count as a forced fumble, I don't care what the rule says...
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