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  1. Shaka has the intangibles to be a good fit at SAM.
  2. It appears I have different views on Parsons than most of you-probably since I am a Penn State fan. I’ll try to give you a different perspective. He was admittedly immature as an early teen. How many on the board wasn’t that way at the same time. The Stuff that allegedly happened at Penn State has continually been no findings. There was not any evidence to substantiate the claims for a court case. The player then filed a civil action and named 4 people that suit. In all accounts he has grown became a better person. micah graduated with a 3.5 GPA in just over 3 years from Penn State. Bu
  3. No way... not even close. Everyone was sick to their stomach about it. Horrible comparison.
  4. Obviously I follow PSU. From everything being reported. This baseless accusations by a former player. There was never enough evidence for any charges or complaints filed. Yes..
  5. I’ve said this many times. The civil lawsuit filed by Isiah Humphries is from over 3 years ago. Parsons was 17/18 at the time the court system basically threw the case out due to lack of merit and evidence. The university was cleared of any wrong doing. He graduated with honors in 3 years from Penn State. I have read that there are absolutely zero concerns on his work ethic or character. If he falls anywhere near 19 this year you do what you can to trade for him. He is that good. Sideline to sideline every down player.
  6. Parsons is fast—sideline to sideline fast. as for the lawsuit. There is way way more information out there other than the snippet that was seen recently. At one point the judge was dismissing the case due to lack of any substantial evidence with the other football player.
  7. The thing with TH is that his entire college career he put up big numbers albeit a small school still huge numbers. I have always been meh about Kyle Allen. Yeah he was a huge recruit out of HS but but if my memory serves me correctly was never steady in college and counted around when he didn’t get the starting nod. He was inconsistent in college. I’m hoping TH can put a little mass on him and can have a productive career.
  8. Don’t like that proposed deal at all.
  9. It is vague. Throughout the entire process there was enough evidence- judge was going to dismiss the case due to no evidence and no cause. Some just hate penn state and bring up the evil Sandusky
  10. Agree with you on Carr —would also not be mad at a good deal with Winston
  11. Wonder what Darnold or Carr would take to get in draft capital? Winston with his eyes fixed wouldn’t be awful. Also if Taylor Heinicke add some good weight/muscle he would be probably be a decent option. I wouldn’t sell the farm for someone would spend on supporting cast
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