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  1. But isn't that a fairly good description of the Redskins? A team with no real players on it save for a small handful ?
  2. hmm, Cook was cooking, the 6th seeded Vikes won on the road in New Orleans, Kirk played great and you came up with this.
  3. Looks like Kirk got that monkey off his back. Came up big in a big game on the road against a team many picked to go to the Super Bowl. It’s interesting to see what a difference the talent around you makes. With Theilen and Cook back Kirk looked good, meanwhile Brady with Edelman and no one else looked very mediocre
  4. You are going to stake your claim that Tepper is worse than Snyder based on 2 years of ownership when we have a full 20 years of ineptitude by Dan Snyder
  5. And those Redskins team stores in the malls? I doubt anyone is going into them.
  6. ... but a bad money day for Dan is still better than anything most all of us could ever dream of financially
  7. Umm, maybe it’s because the team that that visiting fan base supports is only 2 years removed from a superbowl championship, and has had 13 winning seasons in the pat 20 years, and has had 7 seasons out of those 20 where they won at least 11 games. Meanwhile the Redskins have not even come close to sniffing a Super Bowl and have only 5 winning seasons in the past 20 years with 3 of those 5 being 9-7, 9-7 and 8-7-1... and no seasons where they have won more than 10 games.
  8. When you are a multi billionaire that means nothing. It is pennies to him
  9. And yet Snyder is still making bank
  10. I was listening to WTOP driving home from church at noon and the traffic update said there was heavy congestion on 95 south because of all the Eagles fans heading to Fedex field
  11. Congratulations to Dan Snyder for being named among New Arena's list of the 29 Worst Owners in Sports History. He came in at #5. He was outranked by #4 George Reynolds, owner of the Darlington FC who went to prison for money laundering, and #3,2 and 1 Marge Schott, Jerry Richardson, and Don Sterling who were all racists.
  12. My point is that even exceptional GM's like Ozzie Newsome, who's resume is basically the entire list of accomplishments of the Baltimore Ravens and whom IMO was one of the best GM's in the NFL, will take a calculated gamble on a big contract. Sometimes they pan out (eg Jonathan Ogden was signed to the biggest contract at the time for an offensive lineman in NFL history in 2000, and that season they won the super bowl) sometimes they don't.
  13. I agree that no one should draw any final conclusions about what kind of QB Haskins will become...... but right now there is plenty to be concerned about
  14. There's plenty to be concerned about when a high first round draft choice goes 13/29 for 156 yds with 0 TD and 1 int while a guy like Blough, an undrafted rookie third stringer thrown into his first regular season NFL debut on a short week manages to go 22/38 for 280 yds with 2 TD and 1 int , oh and this against the NFL's 5th ranked Defense