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  1. Poor guy. He deserves to play for a better franchise.
  2. Oh god, they hired America's hair? Bahahahaha what a ****ing train wreck of an organization.
  3. SpacePenguin

    Game Day Thread: Redskins at Blake Bottles Bench

    Another blatant hold on Smith lol
  4. SpacePenguin

    Game Day Thread: Redskins at Blake Bottles Bench

    Looked like a pretty blatatnt hold on preston smith there...
  5. SpacePenguin

    Game Day Thread: Redskins at Blake Bottles Bench

    I wish Mason Foster had a clue, he could've peeled off and made a play.
  6. Doctson got a taunting penalty. He reads ES and knows you think he doesn't care.
  7. "Gotta look at the tape *sad puppy face*. We like what we see from Josh though, moving forward. Gotta look at the tape, though. I need to look at the tape. *Grumpy face* I NEED TO IMPLANT THE TAPE INTO MY BRAIN!". Yeah, I've been drinking. Enjoy, boys
  9. Prevent or not, there is no way Sanchez makes that throw......
  10. You want the plain turd or the one frosted with SJW sugar? Either way, it's gonna taste like ****. Sorry mods, last post on this ever lol
  11. Hahaha, oh no, the media speculation of why they didn't bring in Kap is coming! The franchise is in shambles, the stadium is half empty, Josh ****ing Johnson is playing QB.....god forbid a media circus though. I kid because I'm bored.
  12. That's more of an indictment of the front office who brought in such a sorry stable of QBs than it is a complement to Josh Johnson.
  13. It's Josh Johnson, and this coaching staff is gone Not sure their evaluation is gonna matter moving forward, thank god.
  14. I just realized that I think this franchise deserves this for letting he shall not be named go. I'm almost enjoying this lol....not that the fans deserve this ****.