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  1. I hope they trade down just to spite the commercials..
  2. It's gonna be the longest commercial break of the broadcast, too.
  3. I mean...they do it every single year for almost every early pick for the last 15 years at least.....so I'm guessing yes.
  4. Something Something local stakehouse dinner, fire up the jet.
  5. I don't really mind the idea of taking another LB if all the tackles are gone....
  6. Somebody shut this ****in' guy up lol I had to turn my volume down like 8 notches.
  7. I think I just thought of Rocky McIntosh for the first time in ten years. (Because of the jersey number 52) Getting old sucks.
  8. I wish they'd trade down and take Elijah Moore, but what the **** do I know? I guess Darrisaw or one of the LBs would be fine if they like them.
  9. This. I hate to break it to some of you ( not directed at you, warhead), but he wasn't exactly lighting it up even before the injury in 2018. 29th in QBR, while scraping out a few wins over injured/bad teams on the back of a good Redskins defense and a miraculously productive in his old age Adrian Peterson. I don't often criticize Alex Smith outside of the days I have to watch him attempt to play QB, because it feels like I'm insulting a corpse at this point....but thankfully these horrible Bruce Allen trade results are in the past. Best of luck to the man outside of football, thou
  10. I have to say, I agree with that being incomplete. Was juggling the whole time.
  11. It's a real shame that Gibson and McClauren are so beat up. Gonna come up just short
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