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  1. I kinda like the Washington Ratbirds. Have a crazy looking bat as a logo, maybe foaming at the mouth with anger/disease. The team colors could refer to its urine and blood being contagious disease vectors. I'm not even sure if I'm serious or's goofy but still my favorite of the ideas i've heard. I'd settle for the Washington Rhetoric as well
  2. Case Keenum has the worst pocket presence lol
  3. Norman is the best corner in the tank with.
  4. Haskins is playing such a good game. I'm not sold on him at all, but he is showing some promise at least.
  5. What a perfect throw, wow. Sims not having a good game....
  6. McClauren sure was blocking the backside like it was the playside...
  7. Lmfao Payne with the roughing the passer violin celebration. Too funny.
  8. Still not convinced he's a single threat
  9. I was expecting him to be near the bottom, but couldn't find him on the chart. Turns out, his efficiency is damn near off the charts. We've really lucked into a once in a lifetime qb prospect here.
  10. I really hated watching Jason Campbell play football, and I can't say I thought much of his supporters back then. Having said that, it's a bit early to be casting Haskins as his next coming. It's his rookie year. If he still looks like this in year 3, then sure....Jason Campbell him all you want. He may very well turn out similiarly, given the inherent flaws in the management structure of this clown show of a franchise. I seriously won't even be surprised if the next advent of Jim Zorn is brought in, at this point. Not much anyone can do about it though. Just gotta keep it medium and 'cheer for' (laugh at) the maroon and black....or yellow. (Or become a fan of a normally run football franchise, I sure do wish I could).
  11. It's sad, but I don't think Haskins is accurate enough to put up garbage time stats
  12. Not gonna lie, I find it hard to pay attention to these games at this point. Reading gameday threads is more entertaining.
  13. The league done messed letting Snyder own an NFL team.
  14. They're trying to take out our best player with cheap shots ..... ..... ..... We're close.
  15. Is it bad that I took pleasure in watching him get hit by someone he really should've seen coming? Probably.
  16. Heh, that block in the back on Collins right in front of the ref.
  17. Heh, that block in the back on Collins right in front of the ref.