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  1. I feel bad for the cop who had to show up to this.
  2. Yeah but his bloated salary was due to the fact that our front office didnt see the need to pay him a decent contract had we signed him to a similar contract to what we paid alex smith on 2018 after the 2016 seasom we would have gotten a good qb at a decent price, that was young and could have built an offense around...we didnt even offer him what mike glennon or brock osweiler got....qbs get paid especially ones that dont get hurt and can play
  3. Lol we are the only clown team in the last 20 years to let a qb of cousins caliber walk away after botching it up with franchise tags two years in a row....Cousins was above average on a below average team in fact the defense was absolutely atrocious i cant believe how many times we gave up 3rd and 15s or more or how we lose a 15 point lead with 4 minutes left vs the saints....kirk cousins was not a problem when he was here....
  4. I want to sign trent williams back to our team say what u want about what happened, the man played his best football when healthy for us and protected his teamates prob one of my fav redskins/wft player in the 2000s along with kerrigan taylor and kirk cousins
  5. Nobody ever looks at the full glass....We were never winning a super bowl with him.
  6. I dont care how many games alex smith won or wins this league is about winning championships, we were never gonna won one with him 3rd team to realize it in his career and thats a fact. Not even if he didnt break his leg were we gonna win a super bowl with Alex Smith
  7. Yet two More athletic younger qbs took the same teams he was on to super bowls, yeah he wins games good for him but he cant get his teams over the hump and he was never taking us to a super bowl, ill take the 24.5 million cleared in salary cap over 2018 alex smith any day. It was a massive mistake by the team trading for him they puked all over themselves and im glad we are finally moving on
  8. Dude he wasnt very good when he was here he was already at the tail end of his career and didnt even crack 16 tds in the 16 games he played for us Alex Smith was always an average qb the reality is younger more dynamic qbs have taken the same teams alex smith played for to super bowls....im so glad the stench of moronic moves by bruce allen will be gone once alex smith leaves Ashburn.
  9. Hes being a cry baby....if we didnt want u here we would have cut u...im ready to move on from him we dont owe him anything go back to san fran or something.
  10. Hes way overrated a winning organization would have never traded for him, people point to our winning record i mean yeah we won some games and got completely embarrassed in others what did alex smith even do for the first 7 years of his career...not much. Then went to andy reid looked ok nothing spectacular till Reid found his franchise qb. Would have been more excited to see Colin Kap put a burgandy and gold jersey on...say what u want but Kap played in a super bowl and smith has never came close to sniffing one
  11. No u cannot easily argue that....Alex smith was in the 14-18 qb range when we traded for him....hes now nothing more than a clipboard holder at best...that being said i do not want teddy bridgewater so im with you there.
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