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  1. Shocked at all the complaining about the ovie no goal..,it was def a no goal u can clearly see Ovie shove the pad of the goalie...that being said no way we lose game 7 is there?!?
  2. CjSuAvE22

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I bet we panic and reach for a qb in the first round this year even if its not Jays guy..,,
  3. Dont worry there was a lot of LOL and LMFAO at Trump several years ago when he said he wanted to run....
  4. He had too much going against him and still pulled out victory vs hillary if dems want to win they need to tweet michelle obama and MAYBE then she can beat trump, but all these freshman democratic women are sealing his faith for a second term they need to sit down listen learn the game then strike...
  5. What are you trying to say?? Hes Going to win whether we like it or not...hes not getting impeached either, the circus can continue but it will do zero good.
  6. Trump wont be impeached hes most likely going to win the 2020 election....
  7. CjSuAvE22

    Starting QB 2019???

    Lets be terrible for two years then draft Lawrence problem solved...
  8. CjSuAvE22

    Starting QB 2019???

    Why so he can be one man trash into another mans dumpster fire?? Id rather keep the pick and let jay pick his next qb only way for us to win...
  9. CjSuAvE22

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Who cares about whst Bickel says and if its true or not ...i just need to see Allens record here to throw up.
  10. Dans the one that pushed for the Alex Smith trade he never left...
  11. CjSuAvE22

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Hence why we dont deserve to be good...gruden abd cousins coulda been a thing but this FO is clueless replaced two goid receivers with a prospect with potential then a qb with a mediocre aging vet...
  12. CjSuAvE22

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    YES. Well said.
  13. He doesnt turn the ball over but doesnt score points either 10 tds in 9 games is pathetic im sorry but im not about the auto losing vs teams with a decent offense, we stood no chance vs the saints nor the falcons....and he was present and suited up for both those games.
  14. I dont see it that way Smith didnt take us from being average to being a contender he had very little impact yeah we started 6-3 but the way the defense played any average qb could have done that then the second the defense starts giving up big plays we rolled over and showed who we really were, Getting blown out by Atlanta and New Orleans was all i had to see that this team even with or without smith at helm had no chance band aids arent going to fix wounds that need sutures... Now we are a team with the highest paid corner and highest paid safety in the league, for a team that has no quarterback or wide receiver its going to be very hard to win with a divergence like that imo....but i will still watch and hope for the best but i have become cautiously optimistic since trading for an old mediocre qb for the SECOND time in this Bruce Allen led regime....
  15. Alex getting hurt had nothing to do with us losing to dallas in the second game....we barely won the first and cooper roasted us in the second game trust me you will want to see this team exactly what it is or you will lose a lotta sleep