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  1. Ok but it gets thrown around a lot especially on this board (smith is 11-5....”we couldnt win witg cousins...blah blah) ...im not saying smith is better than stafford or vice versa im saying i dont see stafford adding the value to this team that the picks it would cost to get him...trading for qbs doesnt work.
  2. What exactly is everyones infatuation with Matt Stafford...are these the same people that think Alex Smith was good??? Matt Stafford is an average qb....at 32 his win to loss ratio is extremely poor yeah he can throw a football but can he win games...clearly he cannot, i dont see him adding more value to this team the way potential players can in terms of draft picks we would have to give up to get him
  3. I don't think so its very close and I give a slight edge to cousins, Cousins has his team in playoff contention more times than Stafford has a playoff win and has played in more playoff games and been a starter for much less time.
  4. We had a qb here that put up Stafford like numbers and nobody was happy with him....why are we pulling for Stafford now?? imo Cousins > Stafford...trading for Stafford doesn't help this team imo. Trust the scouting department if they see a rookie to fit the the schemes and plays Turner likes to do draft him otherwise sign someone in free agency as a stop gap or use what we have now in hopes of taking a qb in the draft next year...how many times has trading for a qb worked that's over 30 years old....id rather spend that 2nd and 4th on potential players
  5. Guys we dont have the ammo for watson...i see him going to the jets falcons or cowboys.....please hope he jerrah doesnt do something crazy
  6. Correct if we are really turning a new leaf Smith is worthless to this organization...
  7. I would like to get to being a contender at some point been waiting 25 years... Alex Smith does not make us a contender and will hold us back from eventually getting there...watching him throw he cant pivot or stand right on that leg its affecting gis throws hence the 8 picks this season our defense is the reason hes 5-1 even in 2018 when he was 6-3 we were just barely average...we really need him to retire or cut him
  8. I dont understand lt what good is a veteran qb gonna do for this team besides suck up salary cap...we arent winning a super bowl with any of the vet qbs that are becoming free agents.... Cmon man...Brees wipes the floor with Smith
  9. It would be really nice to luck into a Russel Wilson type qb in the 3rd or 4th
  10. Repeat after me guys “Alex Smiths contracts brings negative value to the team, he was a panic mode decision made by Bruce Allen” will help you guys when we release him...he was always average at best we were never gonna win with him regardless of his injury or not yeah we were 6-3 or whatever it was before his injury in 2018 but we werent a good team....cut him or release him
  11. I have a bad feeling we are giving up 4 first rounders and 2 2nds for Deshaun Watson maybe more...
  12. Didnt he win a playoff game last year?? Most years isnt he relevant in December??? How many times have we had a qb like that in 30 years. Cousins is a good qb i know people dont want to admit it but hes good and durable.
  13. Lets be real Cousins def had performances like that....not saying hes Brady Brees or Mahomes but you cant delete key Kirk when hes stat wise been a top ten qb in the league for most of the time hes been a starter...which is why i think we need to sign TH4 early because hes shown some flash of being a capable qb, you cant let that just walk away otherwise you end up vomiting all over yourself like we have so much in the past.
  14. Roll with Heinicke and Allen if there is a qb in the draft that this regime thinks can do well for us within two years get him if not we can roll with the Allen and Heinicke
  15. People ripping Heinicke for being a trump supporter....im over all this the guy balled out for us yesterday....what does his politics have anything to do with it
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