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  1. Looks about right to me 7-10 Football team can't be higher than 20 imo. Future is bright tho!
  2. For years going to fed ex all while the team was terrible there were still instances of joy to yell the fight song etc etc.....I wonder what it will be like now...can we at least bring back the YOU SUCK chant I know they took it out because it was offensive but sheesh are we just gonna cheer only when something good happens? We will be a very confused fanbase imo during the home opener.
  3. why tho? why do we need to contort to every other team in the league let them have their stupid birds and animals running around, we had a mascot and a team name it didnt work out so now lets be something different its not so terrible imo. WFT Est 1932.
  4. We need to keep it Washington Football Team imo, at least i have a lifelong affiliation with the football team, i however will feel like i have much less of an affiliation if we change to any of the mentioned nicknames, but thats me personally...
  5. There is hope my friend there is hope. But I agree lol
  6. This team feels different i cant help but be excited for this season i expect fed ex will be fuller than usual with burgundy and gold during the home opener.
  7. His logic was he wanted to wait before there are more facts....
  8. Its a free country Sweat is allowed to not get the vaccine if he wants to wait for more facts. If he gets sick he get sick....anyone around him who doesn't have the vaccine will also get sick, and those who did get the vaccine won't get sick right? So whats the big deal.
  9. You are the one that used the word "Robbery" who held a gun to peoples heads to force them to buy this? Did anyone snoop around in peoples wallets and remove $50 to force them to watch this exhibition match? Im sorry but if you spend money on something with no judges that has been called an "exhibition" match for months and are expecting Mike Tysons vs Evander Holyfield that's on you.
  10. Money is hands down the smartest and best boxer in the history of boxing anyone that tries to argue that just has no clue....Only one knockdown ever against him and it because he hurt his hand and never because he was hit on the head hard enough maybe Zab Judah got close but that's about it. Its not his fault you guys want to see mutilation go on in the ring like its a gladiator event.....he just laughts himself to the bank every time I love how he called it legalized bank robbery LOL. Then don't buy it watch it or care about it....to even post on a boxing thread imo everyone i
  11. Age is just a number look at kurt warner tons of young qbs burn out as well.
  12. im still bitter about the name change this barely upsets me. Hope u retire one day in Burgundy and gold #91
  13. Im really shocked people are upset with how this front office is doing so far....anyone who cant see we are on the UP is blind....that playoff game our teams in the past get BLOWN OUT like Drew Brees Saints 52 points BLOWN OUT....our team competed every week this year which is something i havent seen in a LONG TIME...not to mention we ROFLSTOMPED the Dallas texas boys or whatever...TWICE.
  14. Lets take Darrishaw i hope he falls to us
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