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  1. Ooof after reading this thread almost everyone here is going to be severely disappointed in 2020, Trump will win again the rust belt didnt vote dor hillary and they probably wont vote for any of the candidates the democrats are going to have to go against him....that being said i wish people in power supported my thoughts, i dont think ICE is a humanitarian crisis but i also dont think a WALL is a good measure basically just a big waste of money...People like trump and alexandria cortez make me want to puke at how divided weve become.
  2. Bruce clearly doesnt care about paying injury prone players look at the free agent signings most of them are hurt by week 8....this has also transitioned into the draft as well. The only thing i hope is we start drafting with the intent of having a honda motor that will give good long value as opposed to a flashy problematic bmw motor....
  3. Dont get your hopes up guys theres a readon he fell to us....that knee could be problematic
  4. Yup....stadium attendance this season will be all time lows maybe that will open his eyes
  5. Foolish to claim victory...playing right into Trumps hand shoulda just thanked him and begun negotiating with the intent to reach a deal to keep the government open permanently then by all means claim victory....
  6. CjSuAvE22

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Im reading this board and wondering why Alex Smith is being thrown in here due to his play or lack of....because its irrelevant, what is however is his contract hes not worth what we paid not even close nor is he worth what we gave up....we were better off drafting some rookies to duke it out trading for old QBs never works but we do it all the time aince snyder bought the team. Bruce Allen is around because hes the only person willing to be Snyders puppet anyone who thinks otherwise is lieing to themselves, just look at our history with qbs you will see the Alex Smith trade has snyders writing all over it, which makes me believe we will never have a competent GM because he will tell snyder to F OFF and he will get angry and just fire him we wont be good till he openly responds to the backlash and promises to fully give up control of the team.
  7. Would any of you try to catch a falling knife??? Why would any competemt defensive coordinator do that then? Gruden has had 4 def coordinators since his hire here thats a lot for a 5 year coach bandaids aint gonna work everyone needs to be scrapped theres no knight in shining armor for this team till the rot close to the top is gone
  8. We are contenders??? How?? Philly blew us out as did the giants and the first game we played the pukes we didnt beat their A** like you say we won on a lucky defensive td without that we lose and that was with Smith. Im done giving this team the benefit of the doubt just rewind to the monday night game vs the saints thats about as close to contention we are..
  9. CjSuAvE22

    Random Thought Thread

    Cowboys have taken the next step eagles just won a super bowl and the giants are just around the corner.....last night was painful to watch their stadium packed and they win....
  10. CjSuAvE22

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    We paid cousins that much in 2016 and 2017 for our own fault somehow they needed to “see more” from him when he should have been signed after 2015 for 18-22 million a year plain amd simple qbs that can play you have to be able to notice quickly and get them signed its what any knowledgeable franchise will do, but not us we had to “see more”....foools.
  11. CjSuAvE22

    The Ringer:The Curse of a Salary-Cap-Eating Quarterback

    I agree but cousins is wirth 18-22 million any competent front office would have seen that right away of course we did t and decided to go all in on an aging vet instead of hedging mccoy with a young qb...stupid
  12. CjSuAvE22

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Alex smith is a 17 million dollar qb and Bruce is paying him 7 million more than he’s worth cousins we coulda signed for 20 million. That and messing up mugnugget should get this fool fired but somehow he won’t be....