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  1. Its going to die...our only hope is Snyder eventually moves the team but for now enough opposing teams supporters show up to the stadium, we are battered and beaten fanbase looking for hail marys to get him out...i just dont see it happening
  2. I wish Snyder sells the team, but its a pipe dream someone wake me up after we fo 2-14 and have no.1 overall and take TLAW....maybe another pipe dream tho
  3. The paying off refs is a joke....cmon guys lets be real if anything the league paid refs to go against us...
  4. I just hope they make this quick either change the name or come out with a statement for not doing it, we dont need more distractions im ready to get back to football..,
  5. Why? Firing Bruce was good enough....until i see a vote with only native americans and that vote is majority for a name change, then ok done deal change the name, but until then i dont think Snyder has to do anything...id like to see a Vote.
  6. Im always going to be a Redskin. And i wasnt even alive for the “good ole days.”
  7. Im very upset and depressed about this .....football wont be the same if the name is changed for me all my memorabilia etc basically useless, it almost feels like i cant ever win as a skins fan bruce allen leaving was huge for me now, im sucked back into the black hole.
  8. Agreed its no longer about a game anymore it feels like.
  9. This is gonna be interesting because will all the lefties be allowed to support Biden and be unscathed (the same guy that said u have to go to dunkin or 7 11 with a slight indian accent) or are we gonna only be upset at conservatives like JDR for being in support of the current president...also im not in support of either side i think both sides are moronic, but i feel ppl like JDR should be allowed to express their beliefs without having to worry about being fired
  10. The change the name ppl are yelling loud now.....im not very versed on the subject but im a moderate that leans conservative and wouldnt like the name changed however if they have sufficient evidence and more than a handful of people find it offensive should the skins change their name?
  11. Heres a thought ....cant wait to beat silver and blue riverboat ron is coming for u jerruh.
  12. You are the one hating on me brother...i never said anything ill willish toward democrats but keep on thinking you know me...
  13. I support Trump because i have to Hillary was no less of a corrupt person than Trump was it made my decision an easy one as a republican, however if Bloomberg is the democratic nominee ill easily vote for him over trump but i dont think that will happen....