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  1. Rosen tried and didnt make immature moves, character is super important we will be getting nothing for haskins its better to cut him at this point
  2. Yah but Lawrence is the second coming home of Peyton Manning with legs...
  3. Trever Lawrence is a day 1 starter and also will be the best qb we have seen in a redskins jersey in 30 years
  4. Landon Collins. Dont even need to think twice about it.
  5. Alex Smith stinks. Wasnt good in 2018 and is worse now...Andy Reid saved his career
  6. U dont think they tricked us into thinking they were good?
  7. We were not good it was a gimmick....MNF vs the saints was a good example
  8. Collins is overrated, bum signing by bruce allen from a bum team....
  9. Yes I'm saying exactly what I said...From last year to this year I don't see anything from him that tells me he can be an ELITE QB, and unfortunately for you a highly sought after NFL head coach agrees....
  10. His arm is maybe above average.....and his ceiling is low at this point he excels at one type of pass has poor pocket presence he doesn't have intangibles to over come his accuracy issues...
  11. Really? Hes in our top ten pay....i havent seen the production from him to warrant the pay...and on multiple plays have seen him not wrapping up or missing tackles...
  12. Im actually disappointed in Landon Collins this year, He takes very poor angles and often times misses tackles in space....or maybe its just me but I'm wondering if anyone else has also seen this.
  13. I agree, give him this game lets see what happens but if we are even remotely close to being in a winning position at half 7-13 or something and Haskins has a couple turnovers that led to the 13 its Baltimore would have its time to put him on the bench I don't care what he did in college who he played high school football or what, you don't handicap 53 guys for one in the league I can understand maybe if he has shown something like putting a team on his back and rallying to victory but I've seen little to anything from him....
  14. I know one thing....DH is better than JJ (josh johnson) gives me some hope....but not too much
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