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  1. If Ron Rivera becomes the first winning coach to come here and actually continue winning then there won't be a narrative. If not then nothing changes and the Doofus Dan being a loser narrative won't go away.
  2. 49ers 30M dollar QB: 6/8 77 yards 49ers 1.4M dollar RB: 29/220 4 TDs
  3. Garappolo passes the ball for the first time in the 2nd half.
  4. I don't know but he didn't make much of a difference for the Lions.
  5. Garoppolo 4/6 48 yards 49ers lead 34-7 Bruce Allen really did screw over Kirk Cousins lol.
  6. WTF happened to Jimmy Graham? Was he just a product of Brees?
  7. Rodgers is 9/12 for 65 yards. Alex Smith approves of these stats.
  8. Yeah, apparently Kyle didn't use his fathers list of DC's when he got the job.
  9. Ballsy kicking that one.
  10. Funny stats by the Packers. Rodgers is 3-3, his RB runs twice for 13 yards. But they had to punt. Not gonna win like that.
  11. Hey, our AFC team is going to the SB.
  12. Naa, Reid makes the Koolaid dude look small
  13. He's probably still wondering how he got cut but Hill got an extension.
  14. SkinsFTW

    The Flint Water Crisis

    Or, you'd think that highly taxed states such as Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, would be spending some of that on fixing their obvious decades old problems.
  15. SkinsFTW

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Yet, that Ravens team won 1 SB with Dilfer and 0 without him. Kinda funny. Almost supports Allen's moronic idea of bringing in Smith except for the fact that our defense was the antithesis to the 2000 Ravens defense. Oh, and we had 0 2000 yard RBs either.
  16. SkinsFTW

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    I know that if I was a 22-23 year old football player with the possibility of either making 30+ Million a year in the near future, or boxing pizzas, I'd tell the NFLPA to eat a dick and then commence with learning what I need to learn however I need to learn it so I can get my paycheck.
  17. SkinsFTW

    Jim Covert over Joe Jacoby

    Not to mention that Jacoby had a ring the year before Covert was drafted and then got another one after Covert was retired. Dude didn't play long enough and didn't dominate like Boselli in the few years he did play. In fact, if Covert was drafted by the Redskins in 83 he wouldn't even be mentioned for the HOF because they would say that the Redskins won 3 of 4 over a decade and he was only a factor in 1 single SB.
  18. SkinsFTW

    Jim Covert over Joe Jacoby

    Because this one wasn't about who deserved to be in, it was just about Media clowns pushing for guys they wanted in and then everybody agreeing on it. All kinds of guys got left out but Jacoby is probably one of the biggest snubs on the list.
  19. SkinsFTW

    Jim Covert over Joe Jacoby

    Yet all we see on BSPN and other websites is how horrific it is that Drew Pearson didn't get in, but Carmichael did. Nobody even brings up Gary Clark, who had better stats than both and pretty much the same as Michael Irvin's stats despite playing more in the 80's not much in the 90's.
  20. Don't sweat it bro. If he's going to Carolina then he's bound to be here in the next couple years. Carolina is the new Tampa.
  21. Yeah and the analytics dude will be on the headset with the coach telling him what to do next lol. Sounds like they think it's the same as Baseball.
  22. SkinsFTW

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Some of the guys on SeriusXM reported that McDaniels didn't want the job because the Browns head buffoon wants the head coach to report to him on Mondays with a report on the previous game and then on Friday to go over the next weeks game plans. Hilarious if all they are saying is actually true. Haslam still thinks he knows what he's doing. At least our buffoon has gone into hiding for the most part.