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  1. (Washington football team LETS gooooo) but seriously let’s take our time and do this right with the jerseys the name it’s a complete rebrand of a 2 billion dollar company it’s not supposed to happen in a couple weeks Things like this take time
  2. Anybody know anything about this guy? washington-nfl-team-brings-terry-bateman-oversee-name-change.html
  3. I have this autograph ball when I Went to training camp a few years back signed by rg3 Djax Ryan Kerrigan and Doug Williams
  4. The bad news is probably why there waiting to announce the new name, when the bad happens. Watch how they make a date for the new name Reveal. The patriots signed cam newton and the same day the nfl Penalize them for filming the Bengals sidelines
  5. I’m not sure if you’re talking about Black Lives Matter. Or actual red wolves attacking us in the stands lol
  6. I saw a tweet from the head of the dmv area black lives matter saying that we should not name the team Redtails because people should not be mascots. And I Gotta say I fully agree the team doesn’t need to do this Every time a group gets together and says they’re offended just go with the red wolves or warriors and call it a day
  7. So since it’s a trademark thing it’s probably gonna be the warriors?
  8. I still like the Redhawks name but I’d be happy with Redwolves or warriors
  9. To be honest I’d be happy with a lot of the names on the list other then redtails that name is just terrible
  10. Anybody else feel like there’s going to be some kind of announcement tomorrow!
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