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  1. Wow I really wanted Stafford but two 1st was alot
  2. I’m posting on my phone that’s how it comes out for some reason
  3. Honestly if we do trade for Stafford or Watson I hope Ron is fully on board don’t Wanna hear that Dan took over the whole situation I’d rather stick with TH at that point
  4. I think we have 50 million in cap and if we release Smith or he retires saves about 14mil i think it’s enough for Watson and a WR like Golladay
  5. I feel like we have a window for this defense before we gotta start paying guys I think we should trade for Stafford and sign a WR in free Agency
  6. 1st rounder might be a lot but I’d give too 2nds and a 4th in a heartbeat
  7. I think we should be all in on Stafford if he’s a available. Stafford with this defense would probably win the east for 4+ years
  8. I feel like Haskins doesn’t prepare and he doesn’t care to improve
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