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  1. Thanks for that article I’m glad to see someone that actually knows him speaking about his character that being said I’m really glad he fell to us in the 2nd i think we got the steal of the draft
  2. I don’t get why I keep reading off the field issues the guy never failed a drug test never got in any legal trouble what’s even the Eagles said they had no issues at their meeting.
  3. Are visits really necessary, I mean what’s the point doesn’t the players agent tell the G.M the price,There looking for and I would assume the G.M thinks that a deal can get done why bring a player in just to low ball can’t they do that over the phone seems like a waste of everybody’s time
  4. Why the intrest in Dallas castoffs Orlando scandrick has 8 INTS in 9yrs think about that for a minute
  5. If we can land Carlos hyde and Allen Robinson that should really help in the redzone where we really struggle
  6. redskin301

    Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside) I was a big KC supporter but now the real KC comes out he’s the most money hungry QB I’ve ever seen and what’s worse he plays it off like he wants to win but it looks like he doesn’t it’s all about the money for Kirk I hope he goes to the Browns and he can take his loser record and his stat padding with him
  7. redskin301

    Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    (ESPN power rankings) nice Alex smith stat being the 4th most winning qb since 2011
  8. redskin301

    Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Per:Pft After word surfaced that the Chiefs will trade (as of March 14) quarterback Alex Smith to Washington, some suggested that Washington will now trade quarterback Kirk Cousins. Washington won’t, because Washington as a practical matter can’t. Technically, Washington can trade Cousins. To do that, however, Washington would have to have Cousins under contract when the window for trades reopens, on March 14. So Cousins would have to sign a new contract (not happening) or Washington would have to apply the franchise tag (at more than $34 million for 2018) or the transition tag (at more than $28 million) and Cousins would have to sign it. Then, Washington could trade Cousins to another team that would give Cousins a long-term deal replacing the one-year guarantee under the franchise or transition tag. As a source with knowledge of the situation explained it to PFT, those scenarios that would allow Washington to trade Cousins provide zero benefit to Cousins. Indeed, why would he cooperate with Washington to allow Washington to get value for Cousins, when he merely needs to do nothing and become an unrestricted free agent? Washington would be stupid (even by Washington standards) to tag him after striking a tentative deal to trade for Alex Smith, and Cousins would gain nothing by going along with any such approach. If a team were to give up draft picks or players for Cousins, that team necessarily would pay Cousins less than it would pay him if nothing of value had to be surrendered. Also, Cousins should want to be able to go to a new team that preserves all picks and players, so that he’ll have maximum help around him. For all those reasons, a trade of Cousins won’t be happening. He’ll instead go wherever he chooses on or after March 14, truly unrestricted by the team that drafted him in the fourth round a full six years ago.
  9. redskin301

    Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    Bruce Allen is a bum trading fuller is the dumbest move didn’t we get burned by fat man reed before with a ageing QB Kirk is the best qb we had in 20+ years and trading a young CB that can play on a cheap contact for Alex Smith is a joke all to save 4-5 mil per year I really hope this don’t work out so we can fire Allen’s Bum a**