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  1. Good god, man! Put the mouse down and back away from the computer...
  2. Not sure it's entirely fair to lay this at Turners feet. Across the board, we losing far more head-to-head battles than we're winning. We have one legitimate skill player and a bunch of question marks. A very questionable O-line (being kind). No TE worth a mention and a quarterback controversy to boot. We're talking very limited offensive talent! And there are no plays called when the instructions include forgetting to block, overthrowing/underthrowing receivers, making the wrong read, running the wrong route and all the other nonsense we're been treated to this year..
  3. Watched David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet last night. VERY sobering and sad but that being said, what a treasure that man is! Attenborough is hopeful for the future but so much damage has already been done and it seems much of the international leadership either myopic or just plain ignorant.
  4. I agree with the "this is about next year" sentiment. Perhaps if we hadn't lost Chase Young and Matt Ioannidis early to injury and perhaps, if we hadn't coughed the ball up 5 times, Rivera might have felt differently down 14 points with 3 mins, or what ever it was, to play... But those things do tend to color your judgement when balancing risk and reward. I think most here agree that Rivera's biggest challenge this year is coaching a very young team and that's a very difficult job even with all the pieces in place. When a key components are lost, the job gets exponent
  5. Not impressed with Haskins half-hearted attempt at play action on the throw to Sims. The play was a success but so important to really "sell it" for PA to consistently work well.. Add to the list of things needing work.
  6. Just saw a bumper sticker that said, MAKE LYING WRONG AGAIN... and frankly, I found myself smiling and wincing at the same time. The bar is sooo low these days.
  7. Trump claims the "biggest headwind" preventing Big Ten football from happening this fall is "Democrats" -- not the coronavirus pandemic Switching descriptor from Chinese Virus to Democratic Virus in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...
  8. And HELL would like to introduce Tiffany Trump as it's newest dues paying member of the 5th Circle
  9. Seems like a lifetime ago but, let's see... I think the route he was most famous for was called "The Dodge". If memory serves, it was one of those multiple choice routes dictated by coverage where if QB and receiver read the coverage correctly, there was always an opening to exploit. Pretty sure the Dodge was significant in driving his reception numbers but it wasn't necessarily a chunk play. It was more a possession play. He was a great blocker in the run game. He absolutely killed Denver safety, Tony Lilley in SB 22 on one of Timmy Smith's long runs! It happened j
  10. Yeah, that's right. That pic is wrong from from top to bottom and twice on Sundays...
  11. I would seriously think again about the WRX Sti. My brother in law bought new just over a year ago (his dream car) and is regretting it. The thing spends more time in the shop than any new car I've ever heard, includes a whole motor replacement and the list goes on... Also, for trade in value I strongly recommend Carmax. Close friend was offered $1600 for a 2014 Ford Escape on a "deal" for a new truck. I told him to slow his roll just long enough to swing by Carmax on his way to the dealership to see what they offered. He walked away with 4k.
  12. So what the heck is going on at Free Safety? No name listed at first string in the depth chart.. Apke listed as a back-up.. Who's on first? That's a good sized hole at a very key position!
  13. Can't help it 'bout the shape I'm in Can't sing, I ain't pretty and my legs are thin But don't ask me what I think of you I might not give the answer that you want me to! Legend!
  14. Honestly, my fandom has been on the wane for quite a while. All this does nothing to change that. At the end of last year, I had vowed to end my subscription to Sunday Ticket after many, many years. The hire of Rivera and the draft of Chase Young turned that around and I will watch some again this year but the whole Washington football experience is down to a lukewarm temp. A good season would go far in stoking the coals but they have to drag themselves from the basement of their own division before that can happen and that always looks like a bridge too far...
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