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  1. FuriousD

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Alex Smith is under contract for a LOT of money with very little chance he plays in 2020. The least Smith can do to earn some of that money is take Haskins under his wing this off-season and tutor him. It's a new playbook for Smith as well, after all! As far as it's possible to do so, the FO should insist that these two spend gobs of time joined at the hip, going page by page, practicing study techniques and learning what it is to be a PRO.
  2. I'm not encouraged by ANYTHING that questions Haskins work ethic or maturity. It's a huge red-flag and certainly something Gruden would have picked up on that colored his judgement of the kid. Lack of commitment (at this level of competition) is a serious character flaw. All we have left to hope for is Haskins has had some kind of epiphany because the man's character is deep-set at this this stage of the game.
  3. FuriousD

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    1: Alas poor Gruden, I knew him well! 2: But still,... what light through yonder defense breaks? 3: OC, OC, where for art thou, OC? 5: Now is the off-season of our discontent! And so on and so forth...
  4. FuriousD

    RIP Former Skin Sam Wyche "Die, you yellow dogs, die!"

    Remember the side-line huddle? Don't think anyone stopped to consider it was important where the huddle was on the field until Sam moved it toward the side-line to obscure personnel changes. Then it was "hey, wait a minute, get back to the middle of the field"!
  5. Point or no point, gotta have a QB worth his salt. Jury's going to be out on Haskins for a while but it will be mighty interesting to see if they pick a QB in the upcoming draft!
  6. FuriousD

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    So true. We have to remember, he was driving Gruden's make and model vehicle this year. Has he ever put one of his own together before and what would that look like?
  7. Honestly more excited about Del Rio than I am Rivera and I'm stoked about Rivera! Looking forward to watching this defense play UP to their potential.
  8. So, if you are Del Rio, and your preferred scheme is 4-3 but you've just been handed a 3-4 squad... do you plan a switch right away? Or do you use 2 years of free agency and draft to gather talent and roll out your new 4-3 in 2021? Plus weight room and diet. Haz and Shanny had guys dropping weight and building bulk to grind square pegs into round holes...
  9. I would hope they plan to target TE, DB & LB in free agency. From Bleacher on TE's... "Finding valuable tight ends can be difficult since the position tends to take longer than others to develop. Teams can rarely count on rookies, and older veterans tend to lack the durability to make an impact for 16 games. For most squads, it makes more sense to address the position in free agency". On CB,... Hey, lookie there, Kendall Fuller is FA! Whadaya say we bring him home? And at LB, it's hard to imagine Del Rio looking at the position sheet and not verping a little..
  10. FuriousD

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    So much time with him? Way less than a year and only closely together since week 11! Before that Haskins was on the back-burner. The coaching carousel will turn for a few more weeks and Rivera should look around. If it turns out KOC is the man, then I'm fine with it. If not, I might hope his old passing game coordinator position is still on the table but if Haskins "clashes" with any new coordinator brought in then he's the problem, not the coordinator. He's a professional now and needs to act like one.
  11. I was absolutely decided upon cancelling my Sunday Ticket subscription and told the wife AGAIN this Sunday not to renew. But,... Rivera and Del Rio?! Hmmm, I might have to go all in again. I mean, how can you not? I really like where this is going and super-stoked Del Rio might be in!
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if he's offered a chance to remain. He hasn't exactly burned any bridges here...
  13. For me, it begins with division titles. It's been so long since we've been anything but consistently bad within our own division. I wanna go toe to toe with the Giants, Eagles and Cowboys and kick some arse!
  14. Just because things can often go this way... Below is the list of Panthers set to become free agents (the new league year begins March 18, 2020): UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS EDGE Mario Addison S Tre Boston CB James Bradberry DT Vernon Butler CB Ross ****rell CB Javien Elliott WR Chris Hogan DE Wes Horton EDGE Bruce Irvin DT Kyle Love DT Gerald McCoy NT Stacy McGee G Greg Van Roten G Daryl Williams
  15. Van Morrison corny?! Hmmm, those are fightin words, young man!