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  1. ^^^ Why does it have to be done in the capital building? There are Airforce Bases close by. Go there are get it done!
  2. I grew up on the other side of the pond in the Thames Valley. Not a ton of snow but winters were often 20-degrees at night and the house had no central heating. My brother and I slept in sleeping bags under the regular bed covers. I had an old car and carried a blanket to lay over the motor to try and keep it warm or it might not turn over again. Meanwhile the doors locks could freeze and I would heat the key with a cigarette lighter under my great-coat. And the black ice... OMG. Had the car do a 180 on me once! Cruising down a very slight hill at about 20 mph but started picking up spe
  3. I think arm strength is over rated. Yeah, it's nice to see a ball launched 50-60 yards and dropped into a bucket but you cant make a living relying on it. Far more important to have an accurate short to intermediate game. Kinda like the old golf saying,... "you drive for show but putt for dough".
  4. Not going to sweat this one... A division title would be great but we desperately need building blocks too, so wont be heartbroken either way.
  5. Just my 2 cents but I think this is a fluke... OSU has 2 receivers crossing barely 5 yards apart deep down field, so someone has run a bad route. Add that the underneath receiver is completely obscured by 2 defenders so I think Haskins target is the open deep receiver but the ball trajectory is low. Just sayin...
  6. For those who like sci-fi and Ridley Scott, Raised by Wolves is very interesting. Reported to be loosely based on the Book of Enoch (one of the gnostic gospels, I think) it’s a new age creation story about terraforming. The wife and I are about halfway through the series and really have no idea where the storyline is going, which is not to say it’s rudderless... far from it. Anyone else watching?
  7. Yeah, I've noticed it too. He seems detached from the game-day coaching. My guess is, he trusts JDR to do his thing and knows he doesn't have to help. And with Turner, he knows he's not going to help by staying in his ear and trying to call the game for him. It's like that old golden rule for owners, specifically "hire good people and stay out of the way". The coordinators know he's there if they need him but otherwise follow the game plan. It quite Zen if you think about it. In the heat of battle but having the self control to stay above the fray.. At least that's the way I
  8. Man, we are waaay overdue for some long-term stability. I'm hoping Turner wants to settle in and stay working under Rivera for a while. I may be biased but this shaping to be a good place to work with first rate coaches at the top ..
  9. Not sure about OC of the year but considering this system install is in year-one with no OTA's, no camp and a QB carousel on top? It's understandably been a struggle but you can see progress being made...
  10. You see, I see a statement like that and it's just a head-scratcher.. Kyle Smith drafted him Apke makes the squad though Rivera's transitional year Jack Del Rio decided to give him a chance to play Bottom line is that people who know a lot more about football than YOU (f***ing light years more than you) see potential and are willing to work with a DEVELOPMENTAL player.
  11. Your right. Folks need to take a step back sometimes and remember what's taking place here. Rivera reminds us this is a very young team in the developmental stages with a LOT to learn and it's going to take time.. And guess what.. Apke is a "developmental player" (4th Rd) with a lot to learn. Shocking! Apke might make it, he might not, but if they can polish him, he actually has some serious wheels on him. 4-3 speed..
  12. Shout out to Scott Turner. Getting kudos for play calling & design
  13. God, I hate us playing Dallarse on Thanksgiving!! Doesn't exactly aid in the digestion... That being said, I want to be cautiously optimistic and suggest a win Turkey Skins 24 Arse Wipes 17
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