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  1. Man, this need totally blew my day! Love that little ol band from Texas! Got to see them twice and loved every second. RIP Dusty Hill. You will be missed..
  2. This vaccine ignorance just makes me angry. How ironic that Columbus gets a day named after him for running into an immovable object and helping transport smallpox to the Americas in the bargain. But Edward Jenner,... who's he? We really do a piss-poor job of educating kids!
  3. I'm loving the draft picks and FA acquisitions for the defense this year. These new faces and year-2 acclimation in the system for the returning players and we should see good return on investment. But let's be honest,.. the single biggest improvement for the defense this year has to be Fitz and the revamped offense.
  4. Becomes easier to understand why RR would say (right after the draft) that Davis was the top defender on their board. The knuckleheads were never on the board to begin with...
  5. Not to split hairs but, "perfectly fine" is far from the truth. At the very least, that's not how RR sees it! Given the the addition of (4) new receivers this offseason, I think any hold-over not named McLaurin has a serious uphill battle to make the 53.
  6. If one thing has become clear this year, it’s that Rivera wants & values competition for playing time. No loafers, no free rides and no “over the hill gang”. This is refreshing the roster and the fan base.
  7. Any reasonable person would agree the 2 state solution would have, should have taken care of this 70 years ago were it not for religious fanatics on both sides.
  8. I think we can all agree with CapsSkins sentiment for the most part, but he didn't get it quite right... The single biggest take-away I have from the weekend and Ron's follow-up pressers (Day-3, I think) is this... He quite clearly states character as his #1 trait. CHARACTER! Of all the things draft geeks like to measure, weigh and tabulate, this is the one thing that doesn't show up on any stat-sheet or high-light reel anywhere. And it's Ron's #1. (#2 was commitment to the game & #3 was the football player, I think) I couldn't help grinning a little
  9. Feels like a Joe Gibbs type player.. Sure, the flashy pass catching TE’s get all the glory but a solid blocking TE is a must. Bates will get reps early on in short yardage, goal line and ST’s while they coach up his route running. And later in 2 TE sets with Thomas on the other end, the playbook is equally open to run and pass options without tipping any hands. And anyone who is 6-5 and 250lbs competing in the 110 meter hurdles at college level has to have above average athleticism! I like this pick!
  10. Just reading about the mans life and times. What a fascinating character!! And when I saw the tile of the thread his name was front and center..
  11. Woops,,, nevermind. Nothing to see here........
  12. Jim Lachey for Jay Schroeder! What do I win?
  13. ^^^ Why does it have to be done in the capital building? There are Airforce Bases close by. Go there are get it done!
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