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  1. FuriousD

    Case Keenum antisocial?

    Case Keenum is antisocial?! Jeebus... Seriously, I'm at the point where I wouldn't care if Joseph Goebbels lined up under center if we could blitz our way through the east and force the NFC into unconditional surrender. On to Poland!!! Sorry, on to the SUPERBOWL!
  2. Taking a different tack here for those young enough to have missed it the first time. I, Claudius - Available on Netflix Winner of an Emmy and numerous other awards, this 1976 BBC epic is a tale of ambition, debauchery, and intrigue. Rated one of the "100 Best TV Shows of All Time" by Time Magazine, the series spans the history of the Roman Empire from Augustus to Claudius and stars Derick Jacobi, Patrick Stewart, Sian Phillips, Lindsay Duncan, John Hurt and Brian Blessed. It might look like it was made on the cheap (and probably was) but the story, the dialogue and the acting are all first rate!
  3. FuriousD

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Well, I suppose you draft 4th round talent with your 4th round pick or you can draft 1st/2nd round talent with an "issue", (this one being medical) and roll the dice. FO obviously thinking the pros outweigh the cons and also thinking long-term. Nothing wrong with a gamble in the 4th round. Bryce Love is a very Bobby Beathard type pick/gamble.
  4. FuriousD

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Totally agree! Smart move would have been take the top O-linemen and wait for next year. They could have enticed next years new HC with his own QB pick. That's replaced now with the guarantee that any HC dumb enough to join this 3-ring circus will be saddled with a QB he didn't choose and owner/moron who can be counted on to meddle in **** he doesn't know anything about. This team gets harder and harder to root for...
  5. Snyder has proven beyond doubt he has no concept of the fundamentals of ownership. Day one he broke rule #1 (hire good people and get the hell outta the way) and the results speak for themselves. He’s failed to learn anything in 20+ years. Drop him in a different decade and the results would be the same...
  6. FuriousD

    Starting QB 2019???

    Curious what you think his motivation will be? I mean, we're talking about the most horrific injury of his football career, his age, his pay for the next 2 years and let's not forget his family! Do you think they will be supporting him to go back out on the field after that!?? Seriously, if the man is smart he'll hang it up.
  7. FuriousD

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    Watching that video is fun! He throws a soft and very catchable ball AND can be effective deep as those chuck plays to Jackson prove. This is going to be very interesting!
  8. FuriousD

    Focus on NY

    This has all the hallmarks of a letdown game but we'll see. If this defense is a solid as we believe it is and we don't go out of our way to shoot our own feet, then we should play downhill to a comfortable win. Should... If they do come away with another win things will really hot up around here!
  9. FuriousD

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Saints

    I think I'm over the Redskins. I went almost the whole day without thinking about it and was watching french cooking videos when the wide said "do you want me turn to turn on the game?" Kinda wish she hadn't.... Turned it off before the half and back to Youtube to pick a recipe for this weekend. That's where I'm at these days. I'm looking for things that are going to make me happy
  10. FuriousD

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    Seems like lots of Redskin fans disguised as empty seats
  11. ...said Bobby Beathard, 5 mins before drafting Ryan Leaf!
  12. "The LSU product slid in the draft due to non-football related issues. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported that sources describe Guice as "immature" and "high maintenance," noting some of his visits with teams did not go well. Rapoport added there were incidents in college that teams found out about that were not previously reported. NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock added that there is another investigation that could potentially be embarrassing for Guice and the team that selected him." What's this all about?
  13. FuriousD

    What do you Believe??? (Religion)

    The Clouds, composed by Aristophanes. The story features a philosopher named Socrates who keeps up a school of skepticism. A nearby farmer manages to come up with all the usual dull questions asked by the faithful. For one thing, if there is no Zeus, who brings the rain to water the crops? Inviting the man to use his head for a second, Socrates points out that if Zeus could make it rain, there would or could be rain from cloudless skies. Since this does not happen, it might be wiser to conclude that the clouds are the cause of the rainfall. All right then, says the farmer, who moves the clouds into position? That must surely be Zeus! Not so, says Socrates, who explains about winds and heat. Well in that case, replies the old rustic, where does the lightning come from, to punish liars and other wrongdoers? The lightning, it is gently pointed out to him, does not seem to discriminate between the just and the unjust. Indeed, it has often been noticed to strike the temples of Olympian Zeus himself. This is enough to win the farmer over, though he later recants his impiety and burns down the school with Socrates inside it.
  14. FuriousD

    What do you Believe??? (Religion)

    What do I believe? I believe google when it says there are roughly 4,200 religions in the world. I also believe they are entirely man-made as evidenced by the crude carpentry often used to hammer the leaky vessel together from a piece of this and a shard of that. I also firmly believe that you should read Christopher Hitchens book, God Is Not Great. Why Religion Poisons Everything. Better still buy the audio-book and listen to the author read it himself. The mans command of the English language is a revelation and the absolute ease with which he dismantles the 3 great monotheism's (and some lesser ones too) is quite astonishing. RIP Hitch.