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  1. We're currently VERY bad at keeping TE's healthy but you wouldn't advocate scratching TE's from the roster, would you? Do you remember the Run & Shoot offense, by chance? It was a concerted effort to feature the pass over the run. Played exclusively from the gun and flooding the secondary with 4 or 5 receivers on every play. Some very smart people spent a ton of time and effort trying to change the pass-run ratio to their advantage and guess what? It didn't work! No clock control. No way to throttle the opposition when nursing a lead and it floundered in the red-zone with the field shrunk up and no power running game to fall back on. It really doesn't matter how bad the Skins are at running the ball, they have to keep trying.
  2. As amusing as this thread is, I confess to not having read anywhere near half of it due to time constraints. But this comment jumped out at me and at first, I thought I had to be misconstruing something. But after a quick re-read, I'm not so sure... So, I ask politely if you are serious? If you are, I would love to hear your reasoning because this goes against all conventional wisdom.
  3. Agreed. Every coach and player on this team needs to be busting butt auditioning for a job next year, whether it's here or somewhere else.. By the Jets game that should include Haskins on the field and under center
  4. I'll go with ... "i'm glad it's simple for you", Alex for $400!
  5. But, meanwhile he's learning and he's growing and with each game pulls away from Haskins. Where would you rather be as a franchise right now?
  6. How frickin sad that we have to be wondering about this already with all the other garbage going on. But you're right and his football IQ needs to be tested. Week 10 bye would seem to be a natural spot for the transition. He'll have one more month to prep, 2 weeks to focus on the Jets and 7 games to show what he's got between the ears. If it's crash and burn, then better to know this year and plan accordingly. If he rises to the occasion then these games will pay dividends long-term.
  7. FuriousD

    Not Watching This Weekend...

    I've paid for Sunday Ticket for the last time and I'll make some effort to get my money's worth but the game will be on in the background for the most part. But I've spent my last dollar on the Redskins while those 2 clowns are at the top and I seriously hope the locals feel the same way. It's time to shun them. Seriously shun them. Their under the microscope, the league has to be paying attention and Fedex Field needs to look like a wasteland!
  8. Undoubtedly, he was the closest thing we had here to a winning QB but he didn't get it done here so, now he's with a far better team with a very solid supporting cast and what's happening? Already questions about the Vikings having made a mistake in committing to him and if Cousins has the ability to win a big game. Same questions the Skins had. His career's not over and he might make some history but seems like long odds.
  9. Didn't know Vinny had a career when he showed up at Redskins Park! I guess you learn something every day... Thought he was a bum, living in a van down by the river...
  10. Ahh sooo... Well, that's a little different. Shanahan was hard to like, period but he was definitely the better coach and his running game was pleasure to watch. I mean, what he did for Alfred Morris was as close to a miracle as this agnostic is likely to see! Gruden was far easier on the eyes and ears but never had the same football IQ. Clearly, Shanahan was able to coach his way to a win at times, even when the odds were not in his favor but Gruden never gave you that sense. Ultimately for Shanahan and all his talents, it ended so badly and so much energy is needed to purge it from memory, there's really nothing left to be thankful for.. I guess the same could be said for Gruden, except he was a nice guy and we know where they finish.
  11. Shanahan has a superbowl ring. What's left to say?
  12. Obviously, we're going to be arguing about Gruden for months to come. I mean, what else have we got to do? What he was, what he wasn't. What he did, what he didn't... But I'll go on record as saying, I liked the guy and I liked his offense. Could have been great even but problem was it was never juiced up... QB RG3 = Nope QB Cousins = Nope QB Smith = Maybe but nope QB Keenum = Absolutely nope RB Morris = Barely 1000+ yds in 2014 but declining skills and nope RB Rob Kelley = Nope RB Perine = Nope RB Old man Peterson = Yeah but, nope... TE Reed = Forget it... WR's = Only real bright spot was with Garcon and Jackson! Ironically coincides with 2 winning seasons but suspect QB and no running game to speak of and NOPE O-line = Urgh............
  13. FuriousD

    How do you define "Team Culture"?

    Bruce Allen's best Bagdad Bob routine! Sad day... I think the thing that's going to stick with me the most is clearly the buck doesn't stop at the top with these guys. Today it clearly stopped at Jay Gruden and the 2 clowns at the top are blameless. Sad and pathetic!
  14. Came across the pond with my wife to be in 1981. Didn't pay any attention to the game for a couple of years but started to take notice in '83. As a transplanted Brit, I thought briefly about New "England" as a team to follow but I didn't like the uniform at all! It was kinda decided for me when my wife (a Raiders Fan) got way too ****y about them going into Superbowl 18. Now, I hadn't come here for an argument, but I had to take a contrary position, right? Shoulda been a clue right there, but we're still married and I don' regret anything.
  15. FuriousD

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    Turns out what we saw in one half against the Eagles was something of a mirage. The sad reality of what Gruden has to work with is essentially a 3rd string QB, playing behind a rebuilt O-line, with talent depleted RB's, TE's & receivers. You can argue that this years receiver core should be better than last years but that's a low bar to hurdle. And you can even claim Jordan Reed is awful at staying healthy and mock his blocking ability to boot, but his talent as a receiver is/was undeniable. His presence on the field was a threat that drew defenders to him and created space and sparked opportunities for others. Something Sprinkle and Davis can't do anywhere near as well. And then there's the running game, if you can call it that! Averaging less than 3 yds a carry, opponents don't even have to load up to stop the run as has no start that needs stopping! So, how do you manufacture drives that result in touchdowns with no running game to speak of, a severely talent depleted passing game and yellow hankies flying on every other play? And yet somehow, Gruden is supposed to scheme his way out of this while to any defensive coordinator, this must feel like shooting fish in a barrel.