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  1. This is a league where it literally only takes 1 year to turn it around. See Texans for proof. If we can draft a good QB we can make the playoffs. Why rest on your laurels? It makes no sense.
  2. So the plan is to field another ****ty roster? Why do that? It's not like we don't have the cap space.
  3. I don’t know how we can NOT be active in free agency. We can’t possibly fill all our holes with draft picks.
  4. Oh for ****s sake. Get back on a plane to Ashburn and start working on a plan to not be ranked 32nd in the league by players. This **** goes both ways. If I’m a kid about to get drafted what is it about the Commanders that makes me want to play for you? Because right now I’d rather play for 31 other franchises based on your employee reviews.
  5. I think a step in the right direction would be to completely overhaul Ashburn and make it a place players want to practice and fans want to watch their team at. I’m sure it’s fine and all but we need a facility to rival SEC teams facilities with the staff to go along. Just heard they got an F- for family comfort at games and team facilities. Please do better. Free agents will not come here.
  6. They won’t sell it to them. Probably lease with taxpayer funded money for a new stadium.
  7. Ah yes Miatas and Wranglers. Both known for being cars loved by gay men. Perfect for wooing women.
  8. That was your work wife. Well I take it you’re not married. But you were her work husband. You ruined that sacred bond. Also it’s been said once in here already but….
  9. I’ve never leased a mattress and turned it in for a new model. I say mattresses are very different. I don’t get emails from mattressemax telling me my mattress has decrease 9% in value in a month.
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