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  1. I’d hate to give up draft capital but we can absorb the contract AND JD5 and him have a prior relationship/friendship, AND our GM knows him. I think it’s a no brainer. That said, they said they aren’t trading him and I don’t think he holds out. But I would be offering something like a 3rd and 5th and if they don’t do it before the season and try to unload him before the deadline it’s dropping to much less.
  2. This is true, but you can be an average NFL player that doesn’t fit in a new coach’s scheme. I don’t think he will be cut but when Whitt and DQ talk about “run and hit” players, physical tacklers, etc. does any of that sound like Forbes. Yes, he has ball skills. If the new scheme requires him to play more press man, can he do that? Unless he really commits to playing in the hard nosed style that they are asking of their players I would not be surprised if he gets traded at some point. But he is talented and maybe he shows them enough that he sticks around until we build up the roster more.
  3. Yeah, usually you expect to get eventual starters from your first 3 picks (1st, 2nd, and 3rd round) and maybe a coin flip on the rest if they are contributors. I think it’s reasonable to expect this class to net 4-5 starters.
  4. Listening to take command podcast and Logan said if you check out his 2022 film he looked pretty damn good at OT. Overall in his career he played way more LT than guard. I watched 2022 TCU vs Texas and he looked great at OT.
  5. He’s definitely 4.7-4.8 at the slowest. He was chasing QBs down. I love it.
  6. Yeah, it’s the exception versus the rule. That’s one reason I was excited to see Coleman has 34.5 inch arms and big hands. https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/brandon-coleman-2024
  7. That’s wild. I didn’t even realize he was that athletic, thanks for sharing.
  8. Just like when the oline was getting RG3 killed, everyone said how bad they were. Kirk came in and they looked fine.
  9. Not only is he not the regime’s pick, but he doesn’t seem to fit the type of “run and hit” violent player we want. I hope we can find a role for him due to his ball skills, but it’s not going to be easy for him. He needs to make an impact quickly.
  10. Sinnott and LMC are also big time workers. It’s super exciting. If the drops persist and/or he doesn’t grasp the offense quickly I could see lots of targets going to Sinnott, LMC and Ekeler.
  11. My impression was something like football isn’t the most important thing to him, maturity, etc. not that he’s a criminal or a bad guy but maybe he’s not “a dude” if that makes sense. Which would make sense that we weren’t interested. Standig on a different podcast said he thinks they liked Mimms, Morgan and Guyton and tried to trade up but couldn’t find a partner. For the next group of guys, they liked Coleman at OT.
  12. Yeah, between the major injury, possible concern he can’t play CB and would be a FS, scheme fit, play style, etc. they may have had Sainistril with similar grade. Obviously, if they LOVED him they would have taken him.
  13. Emory Hunt had him as his #3 OLB (WLB). I think he’s a blitzer and a guy to develop in the mold of Luvu. I think we need a instinctive MLB prospect to develop. ”Strengths: - Really good athlete, very twitched up prospect who has a lot of good tools in his toolbox. Does an above average job in scrapping across the formation in pursuit of the ball carrier. - Plays with an aggressive mindset that yields itself to him making a lot of big plays on both ends of defense. Has the acceleration and the burst to chase the run going away. - Does a good job of fighting through contact from blockers, while working his way to the ball. Puts a lot of strain on offenses because he can destroy leverage. Areas of Improvement: - While he works through blocks well, there’s room for him to get better at taking them on. Has to get more consistent in using his hands as a buffer between he and the lineman. - Still has room to expand his game in zone coverage moving forward.”
  14. I don’t think he’s a bad guy but I’m not sure he had the mentality we were looking for. Most of our picks were team captains and/or guys that played a ton of college football as well as RAS monsters. The reports that we tried to trade into top 15 for an OT, and when that failed didn’t try to trade into late first, makes it likely they wanted a guy like Fuaga or Fauntanu. Listening to Peters and Newmark I think they had a pretty clear archetype.
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