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  1. God **** this guy so hard. I applied for an SBA Loan using the streamlined application last Sunday night. Still not a single word from anyone on follow up. I'm hearing from a couple of people that have talked to someone in the SBA that it will be a while before anyone gets approved. For the PPP loan I called my bank (TD) and they aren't even allowed to service those loans yet, they're STILL waiting on guidance from the government. Unreal - shocked how well it's going? Go **** yourself.
  2. All I know is Kevin Bacon is completely ****ed at this point.
  3. Isifhan

    The Quarantine Thread

    @visionary where at in Delaware we're up in Newark. Shop rite delivers here.
  4. Isifhan

    The Forthcoming Recession

    Every one of these mother****ers better end up in prison. Assuming we make it through this mess. **** Burr and the rest of the gop.
  5. Isifhan

    The Quarantine Thread

    I have one rental, tenants paid March but before most of the **** hit the fan. I'm quite worried about what might happen if they stop paying since that means I'm paying on two mortgages with my primary ando I've basically lost my stream of income with live events being canceled. Thinking about preemptively lowering the rent for a period of time or at least working with them if they cant pay to see whats possible to keep them in place and not have them walk away altogether. Eviction would take forever anyway. My primary mortgage company's disaster relief line basically said I can call them and if I so choose for 90 days they wouldn't submit a hit to my credit score but you're still responsible for the mortgage. Unless the president or congress issues other guidelines they can't do anything else. Call your mortgage company's disaster relief line and see what might be possible as I'm sure it might vary from bank to bank.
  6. Same physician that said he didn't need to be tested right....
  7. Thanks - I guess we'll see how it goes. I have reserves but if two months of dates go poof that's definitely trouble. Some dates may be resceduled but there's a good chance a lot won't. Hope you weather the storm as well.
  8. So I don't know about anyone else but my small business is getting hamered by this. I book shows that tour to various theatres across the country. I'm on the verge of losing every date that's booked between now and May if not longer. Any other small business owners here, how are folks managing cash flow? I have a small LOC that I'm looking to get increased but even that will only take things so far. Any payroll tax relief would be minimal since I have one employee. I have my doubts that anything SBA related will help to be honest.
  9. I told my wife the same thing - they really weren't even looking at each other for the most part. Did the wife give him a hug? I might have missed it but I don't think she did. It was sort of weird all around. Glad he's home safe though.
  10. Isifhan

    The Impeachment Thread

    Yeah - we're not recovering from this. They're beaten and beholden to Trump. If there isn't a record turn out in November - send in the clowns.
  11. Isifhan

    The Impeachment Thread

    It's been well established at this point, that they don't give a flying **** about oaths. Doesn't matter in the least to them and no one will hold them accountable so what's a country to do.
  12. Isifhan

    The Impeachment Thread

    Yeah the jurors coordinating with the defendant, happens all the time. America, as we know it, is done and I'm not sure it goes back even if dems win house, senate and presidency. Too much damage is being done, courts are being packed, regulations rolled back. I have kids 6 and 3 - what the hell kind of country are they going to grow up in. Very sad times.
  13. Not only would he have gotten all of the revenue from the G7 but he'd of used tax payer money to fix that **** hole. The gall of this dude is unreal.
  14. Attorney Bill Barr to now probe USAA, Nationwide, Aflac, and Allstate to determine the oranges of the Insurance policy.
  15. Let this be a lesson to all of you who don't want to treat your syphilis.