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  1. Now I can breathe...congratulations. Time to get to work Mr. President.
  2. Is it? Ossof is at 1.944 mil if he picks up 136k at 80% of 171k that still gives Purdue 34k and he's at 2.063 mil so it's not enough. Close but short. Where else can they pull votes from?
  3. If you actually punch these fools in the mouth they immediately back down. Letting this administration run wild will be looked upon very poorly in the history books. So much more could have been done. What a failing.
  4. What makes people vote against their self interests so much. It's really amazing. The people of KY have to thinks he's doing something right but on almost every metric the state is terrible. Boggles my mind it really does.
  5. This **** is why Biden can't ignore these crimes and "move on" for the good of the country. Every Trump admin official feels empowred to ignore congressional calls to testify. The administration needs to show that there are consequences for ignoring calls to testify, subpeonas, hatch act violations and every other crimy mccriming thing these idots feel like they can do. Otherwise what the hell is the point of laws if people in the highest offices can just ignore them.
  6. I wonder if Cruz gets up, looks at himself in the mirror and says "here's how I'm planning to be the biggest asshole on the planet today!"
  7. Are there legal consequences to these actions post transition? I would bring the hammer down for national security concerns on every one of these clowns who are slowing this transition.
  8. Just want to say to this board - thank you. This thread and a few of the others have helped me remain sane during ups and downs, through job loss, virtual learning and more. Mods, thank you for keeping this thread and all the others on track. @visionary Thank you for your tireless effort in keeping pace with the news. I have no idea how you do it. Thanks to the contributions from everyone, lots learned, a lot of laughs and some tears along the way. Looking forward to continuing this thread to see where the country is headed but I just wanted to take a breath and say that.
  9. Congratulatons President elect Biden. You have a **** ton of work to do but enjoy your moment.
  10. Wouldn't be surprised if Tom Cotton runs. He's all of the crazy and not as much stupidity.
  11. He spent 4 years not paying any of his bills, cities are out hundreds of thousands of dollars. I don't think he's going to be holding events across the country, or at least it will be difficult. Assuming he loses, he's not going to be the President anymore so the bully pulpit is gone, cities can say go to hell unless you pay up, which he can't because hes 400 mil in debt and will have millions of dollars of legal bills on the horizon. Not saying he won't make himself the biggest nuisance possible but big rallies...if he doesn't have the permits to hold them and he doesn't have the power of t
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