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  1. Isifhan

    Do you use Zelle?

    This might not apply to you but just FYI. I use TD bank for my business and while TD personal banking is fine with Zelle it is not compatible (at least as of yet) with TD Business Banking. I'd assume that might be the case with other business bank accounts so just double check.
  2. Started watching The Colony. Pretty solid first season with two more on netflix. Always good to see Carl Weathers in a role and the one Dr. (I'm forgetting his name, the short one) from House is good in it. Another dystopian show right up my alley. They don't get into the alien arrival at all really but the show is set following some kind of invasion where the US is now broken into individual colony's with regional leaders.
  3. And yet there are still kids in cages and he continues to purge the people around him. How many acting positions are there again?
  4. Dude is keeping kids locked up in cages. Do I think there's a chance he won't leave office? Yeah I'd say he doesn't give a **** about norms.
  5. You have arguably the most morally bankrupt person to ever hold the office. The only thing that's keeping him out of jail potentially is the presendency. I don't think it's out of the question that the peaceful transfer of power will end if he is voted out of office. The democratic transition of this nation has been the best in the world but given all of the other norms that are being broken folks need to see what's on the horizon here.
  6. My guess is the press conference will turn somehow into Barr justifying a new investigation into Clinton et. al. Or at least inferring there needs to be one, whatever it takes to define the news cycle. Dems need to get their **** together - the committees should have dropped every subpoena they had last night or this morning. The house is on fire and folks are discussing sticking towels under the doors rather than calling the fire department.
  7. Isifhan

    Massive fire engulfs Paris Notre Dame Cathedral

    Mine as well - was that being propagated on Fox or something?
  8. It really is breathtaking how quickly this all is happening.
  9. If the MSM wanted to fight back they need to promote the "President Miller" narrative. He'd be gone in less than a week.
  10. Here's the 2017 New Yorker Article I think they're referencing.
  11. I get it - but the power in this admin's case is ridiculously fleeting. When you got a guy setting records for turnover in an administration (and not only turnover but in 95% of the cases your former boss **** talks you after you're gone) you walk into the situation knowing your time is limited. That's worth it? I guess it has to be which is sad. I seriously hope some of these folks go to jail when there's real accountability in office.
  12. It amazes me that person after person will debase themselves for this guy. Hey I might have some morals...nah let me be a terrible human being to uphold the crazy policies of this guy...THIS guy. Throw some more kids in the cages, chop chop. I hope these folks will be held accountable once this administration is out of power.
  13. That's the one. The actress that plays the girl is fantastic, and it has Dean Norris (Hank) from Breaking Bad. The mother is good as well.
  14. Started watching The Act on Hulu. So far 3 episodes in, it's quite good. Based on true events apparently.