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  1. I just can't get excited about the DC universe. So many stops and starts and falling all over themselves. It could have been so much better but it's like no one wants to have the patience to do it right. Lots of great characters but no execution.
  2. He had like 30 acting so I'm not 100% sure but I thought at least a few overstayed the traditional acting limitations. I could be mistaken though.
  3. The precedent has been set. Just make her acting and ignore it when the time runs out to replace her. GOP shouldn't have any issues with that I'd assume.
  4. All in the name of Donald Trump. The guy that used to sell ****ty steaks and tap water in a bottle and was bankrupted six times. What have we become.
  5. Well that wouldn't be very unifying if they started arresting the criminals in the previous administration would it... Every one of those ****ers need to see the inside of a prison. This is insane, a coup with the evidence staring everyone in the face.
  6. Now I can breathe...congratulations. Time to get to work Mr. President.
  7. Is it? Ossof is at 1.944 mil if he picks up 136k at 80% of 171k that still gives Purdue 34k and he's at 2.063 mil so it's not enough. Close but short. Where else can they pull votes from?
  8. If you actually punch these fools in the mouth they immediately back down. Letting this administration run wild will be looked upon very poorly in the history books. So much more could have been done. What a failing.
  9. What makes people vote against their self interests so much. It's really amazing. The people of KY have to thinks he's doing something right but on almost every metric the state is terrible. Boggles my mind it really does.
  10. This **** is why Biden can't ignore these crimes and "move on" for the good of the country. Every Trump admin official feels empowred to ignore congressional calls to testify. The administration needs to show that there are consequences for ignoring calls to testify, subpeonas, hatch act violations and every other crimy mccriming thing these idots feel like they can do. Otherwise what the hell is the point of laws if people in the highest offices can just ignore them.
  11. I wonder if Cruz gets up, looks at himself in the mirror and says "here's how I'm planning to be the biggest asshole on the planet today!"
  12. Are there legal consequences to these actions post transition? I would bring the hammer down for national security concerns on every one of these clowns who are slowing this transition.
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