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  1. Wow. That was fantastic, didn't think I'd be moved that much but damn that was powerful.
  2. It's word salad. He's just spewing nosensical **** that comes off the top of his head. "Read the manuals" WTF? We're Last...meaning we're First!! lol
  3. Why go through the hassle. He can resign a day before going out of office and Pence can pardon. Theoretically no legal entanglements.
  4. Just seeing this now. So Owen is a client of mine - his day job is part of the comedic juggling duo The Passing Zone https://passingzone.com/ He's a great guy and I knew he was into hang gliding but had no idea he set a world record for this he didn't mention it!
  5. I should have said that first - When Sandy Hook happened - I think that was the start of the fast downward decline. The fact that elementary school children were slaughtered and no meaningful gun reform happened, looking back as hindsight is 20/20 you can infer that pretty much there was no bottom for the GOP. We just didn't know at the time that there would be a President that had no regard for any of the Constitution so we weren't projecting it forward too much. But I think you're right the mass shootings in elementary schools don't budge the needle nothing is going to. So seeing kids in c
  6. Burgold what line is left really? Once the GOP didn't care that he was putting kids in cages - I mean shouldn't that have been the tipping point right? The GOP doesn't care that he personally enriches himself at taxpayer expense. They don't care that he solicits help from foreign governments to win an election and re-election. They don't care that he's installing loyalists to every position in the Government at the expense of competency. They don't care that he's completely bungled the pandemic of our lifetime with 150,000k and counting deaths on his hands. They don't care about basically cr
  7. Either these people are bat**** crazy or just evil. Either way, just a stunning display of wanton negligence or stupidity.
  8. He'll commit more crimes. He's emboldened now but next time when he's convicted there's no get out of jail free card. And **** trump vote this mother****er out.
  9. I hope these polls do not lead to complacency - espcially if we're in the middle of nonstop COVID spikes combined with Voter suppresion tactics. I can see people thinking "hey we got this in the bag, all the polls say so" then not getting out to vote. Hope that doesn't happen but I can see the possibility.
  10. Aussuming at some point Trump will pardon both Flynn and Stone, I'm assuming those pardon's will be recinded by Biden should he win and they will end up in jail. I mean, he can can "do whatever he wants" according to good ol' Article II, assuming he wins right....
  11. Delaware announced on Friday that it will be 3-6 weeks before self employed and 1099s can expect the software to be in place to even apply, no mention that it would be retroactive.
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