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  1. It's really crazy watching a country crumble in real time.
  2. Can some reporter just bring an air horn to these speeches and sound it every time he lies? They'd not be invited back to cover him again but at this point does it matter.
  3. I thought the one thing that the Redskins confirmed was that Jay would be back for next year? Not saying with this FO especially that could be BS but it'd be yet another sign of crazy dysfunction.
  4. This interpreter needs to be in front of congress asap.
  5. This is exactly right. For twenty years now they have done almost nothing.
  6. Funny but sad isn't it? Just another example of how the team operates. Rumors of a new DC when the current DC is apparently still employed. Hearing of the hiring of your special teams coach by another team. No other franchise in the NFL does this. It's not getting better any time soon folks.
  7. Yeah it's mostly investor related but has all aspects really. Wasn't sure of your specific focus but it's an all around great website for real estate and wealth building.
  8. If you haven't hopped on check out the Bigger Pockets forums. Fantastic info can be found there. Best of luck on your goals!
  9. That's the problem though right? They've never been able to do that under this FO at least not consistently. Always excuses, injuries, chemistry, draft picks whatever - good FO's overcome these problems, bad ones don't.
  10. Isifhan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Not enough fans who would care to raise 3 billion or 4 billion or whatever the number is that Snyder would agree (remember it's not even what the teams worth, it's what he'd agree to sell it for right?) However maybe a campaign like that can go towards something that could put pressure on him in other ways. Although with this amount of bad press not moving the needle for him, I doubt much of anything would lol.
  11. Sure - do this and it might bring down revenues slightly. The problem is the league is set up to be a win / win for owners. They get shared TV revenue no matter what, they still will have (albeit not as many) fans in the stands due to at least some fans from other teams going to games, they'll have corporate sponsorships, food, beverage etc, etc. I don't say this because I know what the answer is to get Ownership to pay attention I don't but Snyder is not selling the team. The team can be (and is likely heading to be if not already there) the worst team in the league, they still make MILLIONS a year. Maybe target the corporate sponsors, maybe hit up the other partial owners, I think there was a story or stories about some of the minority owners being fed up with Bruce at some point, but no matter what - there's just not an incentive to sell the team. He literally doesn't have to do much of anything and he wakes up to millions a year. Maybe players refuse to sign here in terms of Free Agents, OK there's still the draft and there's still those athletes looking to get out of whatever situation they are in trying to get a shot at playing in the league. No matter how bad the team is there's only so many of those opportunities so it's not like players won't come here. Maybe quality players won't but hey, that hasn't been an issue in a while anyway. *Edit - I know you probably weren't suggesting Snyder sell (maybe you were) but even if that's not the case - I doubt there's really that much that can be done that hasn't been done already this season that will get Snyder's attention.
  12. Isifhan

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I don't think it will really matter what coaches leave. If it's Gruden that's picking their replacements it will be more of the same. Does he really need a 4th chance to pick a D coordinator?
  13. Isifhan

    An assault on American democracy is underway

    Not a snide question but how exactly do you do that when everything is gerrymandered to ****? What is the way forward because the GOP got resoundingly slapped at the ballot box and they still have ways to usurp the will of the voter so what can be done? I was reading somewhere that the Gov could defund the legislature and make it so that they have a 0 salary if laws are enacted that go against the will of the people (my memory might be faulty here but I think that was the gist). Time to start bringing out some other things in the arsenal because obviously fair play is out the window.
  14. Isifhan

    Election 2018 Thread (An Adult Finally Has the Gavel)

    They are allowing exactly 1 minute of public debate from 12:30 - 12:31 according to the schedule in WI. Really disgusting and I'm surprised the national media isn't picking up on this very much if at all.
  15. If folks have HULU Handmaid's Tale is awesome. Wife and I have been watching over the past week or so. I'm a sucker for that dystopian type of setting.