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  1. He needs the money to pay for his upcoming defense costs.
  2. That is being recouped by asset forfeiture.
  3. The testimony stated he was doing both. Inflating values when applying for the bank loans i.e. deutsche bank and deflating values when filing taxes i.e. his golf course in the Bronx.
  4. My home buying experience was like a financial rectal examination. I own my own business so that didn't help but It's crazy to me that fraud isn't caught straight away with the amount of data and records you have to provide to secure loans. Is it that different on this multi-million dollar scale? I'd think it be harder not easier so the amount of falsifying they'd have to do and keep it consistent boggles my mind.
  5. This story is a huge deal. It's big enough that Susan Collins will be very concerned about what she's hearing.
  6. It's really crazy watching a country crumble in real time.
  7. Can some reporter just bring an air horn to these speeches and sound it every time he lies? They'd not be invited back to cover him again but at this point does it matter.
  8. I thought the one thing that the Redskins confirmed was that Jay would be back for next year? Not saying with this FO especially that could be BS but it'd be yet another sign of crazy dysfunction.
  9. This interpreter needs to be in front of congress asap.
  10. Funny but sad isn't it? Just another example of how the team operates. Rumors of a new DC when the current DC is apparently still employed. Hearing of the hiring of your special teams coach by another team. No other franchise in the NFL does this. It's not getting better any time soon folks.
  11. Yeah it's mostly investor related but has all aspects really. Wasn't sure of your specific focus but it's an all around great website for real estate and wealth building.
  12. If you haven't hopped on check out the Bigger Pockets forums. Fantastic info can be found there. Best of luck on your goals!