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  1. I don’t know why they need to rush it. Use the throwback “leather helmet” no decal and the throwback jerseys and call it Washington Burgundy and Gold or Washington Football Club. It’s a no brainer for me.
  2. Washington Red Wolves. Turn out the lights in the stadium, then illuminate a moon. A blood curdling howl. Then turn on the lights and play Red Wolves of DC
  3. https://www.behance.net/gallery/59216087/Washington-Redskins-Rebrand-and-Integrated-Branding Washington Scouts Check out the link, really well done. Regardless of what name we pick if it has any sort of military connection I want us to steal the Ranger tab this one uses.
  4. I do think it would be cool to align all the cities colors but when I think of Washington football I’ll always want burgundy and gold- and I don’t even like those colors (ketchup and mustard). I’d like to go to the colors from the alternate jerseys from a few years back with the dark burgundy and actual gold for whatever new team name we use.
  5. Nope. But I would trade Collins and a first for him. He’s younger and better.
  6. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29206933/jets-jamal-adams-reach-impasse-contract-extension-talks Jamal Adams is 24 years old, and a pro bowl, AllPro, Safety. If available via trade, would you want the Redskins to pursue him? What would you give up, if anything?
  7. Also, piersbacher has shown nothing to date. I think he gets cut.
  8. Based on our history with our top 5 pick Scherrf, I think we would do the right thing and put Charles in the best position to succeed. That said, I think an older, stronger Charles is our starting OT by 2022.
  9. 1. We have tons of folks signed to the roster already (I think one of the most in NFL) 2. We have lots of previously drafted and Undrafted young players we are developing at S, CB, WR, etc. 3. We have absurd cap room I think the plan will be to attack camp cuts and cap casualty cuts from other talented teams. We will scoop up 2nd or 3rd year dirty starters who get replaced by highly drafted rookies on low level contracts.
  10. Follow them from his house? We are looking at no football for months. I would have prioritizes self starters, mature, and hard working guys.
  11. I don’t like the pick. This is not the year to draft a young player who is a “follower” and easily led astray. Imagine him stuck in his hometown for months waiting for the season. I don’t think it’s going to work out for us, but I would at the very least sign Jason Peters or another starter he can learn from and follow around like a puppy.
  12. How is Tyler Johnson different from Kelvin Harmon? They seem like similar players to me.
  13. I hope we trade down. But if I have to pick I’m going ADG or Bryce Hall
  14. I could get behind it. Fromm will at least be a solid backup. I don’t think he busts. I’d take him in the 4th.
  15. https://www.rotoworld.com/article/nfl-draft-preview/2020-adjusted-sparq-scores-offense Every year we seem to have targeted high sparq players. Interesting to see if we can see some of the guys we pick tomorrow in the top of these lists.
  16. Trey Adams OT from Udub, is he any good? He’s freaking huge.
  17. I’d rather have a pick next year, maybe they regress. Pray for a 2nd next year.
  18. I’m all about taking a future pick if someone wants to give it up, especially a team like the Chargers, who I think will struggle.
  19. Anyone else need a LT? Jags? Vikings?
  20. No surprises yet. Let’s see that run on LTs!
  21. This is true. And he’s also very, very smart. Before the draft he was shown breaking down plays on the board-he gets all of it. He is hungry and will learn this offense quickly. I think he responds well to the “competition”- he has before.
  22. An article in the Athletic talked about Lynn Bowden from Kentucky as a 3-4th round WR. He is a slot WR prospect who played QB for them last year: “The people who watched Bowden extensively at Kentucky probably don’t believe he can fall out of the first round. He was that good there. When the Wildcats’ quarterback situation fell apart in 2019, head coach Mark Stoops and offensive coordinator Eddie Gran moved Bowden to quarterback and basically ran the option the rest of the season. Bowden, who led the Wildcats in receiving and rushing, essentially dragged his team to eight wins. When
  23. His childhood and his learned behaviors let us understand why he did it, but they don’t excuse it, IMO. The same way sexual predators are overwhelmingly the product of sexual abuse as kids. We can understand their learned behavior and motivations but it doesn’t excuse their heinous acts.
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