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  1. Nah **** the hedge funds on this one. I’m with the, as they generously call themselves, autists and retards.
  2. Yeah it’s all completely ludicrous. GameStop might have become so undervalued that it got shorted more than it should have. Millions of redditors are basically in a pissing match against hedge funds who short stocks. And the hedge funds aren’t doing too well in this fight. The live Reddit thread about this on r/Wall StreetBets is amazing. This is internet history, there will be congressional hearings about this and documentaries made.
  3. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-25/how-wallstreetbets-pushed-gamestop-shares-to-the-moon This story is already an all-time internet classic and it’s only going to get so much worse.
  4. Always a good time to bump this post after the Qtards one up their last insanity. Anyone seen reports of college kids engaging in insurrection and sedition lately?
  5. There’s definitely a meltdown happening on TheDonald. Won’t link to it but it’s there for everyone to Google and find. There’s a sizable chunk flipping out on Trump and the mods are censoring away but can’t keep up.
  6. From inauguration to the end. A disgraceful end that anyone with a brain saw coming.
  7. Really hoping Twitter bans him when he’s no longer shielded by holding public office. He’s the single most potent source of disinformation on the platform. No one deserves a permaban more than him.
  8. For what its worth, scrapping Trump era policies will be a lot easier since Dems can use the Congressional Review Act to undo all of his executive branch nonsense.
  9. Owning the Libs as your primary agenda was probably not a great idea. Been thinking a lot about how Democrats have been radicalized towards more democracy while Dear Leader is actively engaged in voter suppression of his own base.
  10. So Model X? Overpriced SUV with better options in the price range or worth the $$$? Asking for a friend
  11. I like Bertans but he seems like a luxury for a team that can’t defend for ****, plays iso ball and has no bench scoring. Would the Spurs take him back? Lol
  12. I mean it’s a good game* *If you have hardware worth at least $1500 to run it
  13. If Wentz is available, we should take a chance. He’s either a bum now or in need of a change of scenery.
  14. Can we bring back Randy Witman, the best coach this team had in possibly three decades. This team hasn’t played a second of defense since he was fired.
  15. Just an inexplicable decision to play Haskins today. Bad on the field, idiot off the field. What was the point? He should have cut last week.
  16. It takes skill to somehow be the worst QB this team has ever fielded.
  17. The unfortunate Trump tax we had to pay to get this scum bucket out within 4 years. The GOP is a den of thieves and criminals.
  18. Should have kept Cyberpunk a PC exclusive until the optimized version for PS5 and XSX were ready. There's a lot they can do with the world and the city they've built. Night City itself is so well made that they can easily get 5-6 years out of this game. I mean GTA5 has now spanned 3 console generations and this game has much more to offer, both for story DLC or online modes.
  19. If you’re on PC give this a shot to increase performance: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcgaming/comments/kcka6t/unlock_your_cyberpunk_2077_memory_pool_budget/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf I gained like 20 frames from this alone and now I’m able to run it with Ray Tracing turned on and 60+ FPS. They should have never put this game on last gen. It’s horribly optimized right now on PC, where only high end rigs can get the most out of it. The last gen videos are just painful to watch. They did their own game disservice because when it ru
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