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  1. The first round pick is heavily protected. This is a good trade. Westbrook is awesome and Wall has had too many injuries.
  2. Not sure how reliable this is, but the data Starlink submitted to the FCC said that the latency was ~30 ms. In forums, people who got in the beta program have reported anywhere between 30-150 ms (seems location dependent). https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pcmag.com/news/spacexs-satellite-internet-service-latency-comes-in-under-20-milliseconds%3famp=true At least in its early form, Starlink isn’t meant to compete with the existing ISPs in urban/suburban areas. But once their constellations are up to thousands of satellites and delivering gigabit speeds, and if the latency chal
  3. Pai's time at FCC turned out to be not so bad. The worst doom over NN repeal didn't come to pass, broadband speeds increased nationwide and costs didn't go up. Still think public broadband as a counter to Verizon/Comcast is necessary. Starlink is also going to be rolled out over the next few years and it's going to give existing ISP's a lot of necessary competition.
  4. Picked up the XSX on Friday. Gamepass is pretty cool, got a bunch of games I missed last gen downloaded and ready to play. Skyrim and Fallout 4 were bundled together for $30 with all DLC. Starting off with Skyrim first. Running the game with graphics mods and no FPS cap is pretty amazing. Stunningly detailed world on a big screen TV, running at 60+ FPS is awesome.
  5. I trust Biden not to staff his administration as a clown show like the previous one. Hiring from the Resistance fan fiction club isn’t gonna happen.
  6. Kirschner is a clown, Flynn pardon can’t be challenged.
  7. About to be playing Skyrim and Mass Effect on my next gen console over the next few months.
  8. XSX runs Skyrim with 4K graphics mods at 60FPS. Will be doing my first Skyrim play through now that insufferable 30 FPS is no longer the problem.
  9. Got an Xbox Series X from Best Buy this morning! Was shooting for a PS5 but will settle for this and wait for the PS5 to be regularly in stock. Have to go pick it up from the store in Frederick this week, which is not super close but w/e.
  10. Im playing Detroit Become Human right now, which was ported to PC from PS4, and it’s one of the better single player games I’ve come across in a while.
  11. There's a whole bunch of people digging up old videos of Tucker Carlson debunking 9/11 "inside job" conspiracy theories, as if that makes him look bad. But then I realized that all 9/11 truthers are now GOP voters. That they are simping for the party, which would have orchestrated 9/11 if it were an inside job, is lost upon them it looks like.
  12. It's up there with Brad Parscale labeling their campaign the death star. Do these people not watch movies to the end.
  13. Figured we could use a separate thread for this that doesn’t contain any COVID-19 news but rather focuses on what to do while your quarantined inside your home for what might be weeks or more. I assume a lot of us are now teleworking in some capacity. Anxiety inducing times but we are planning on making the best of it in our home and as memorable as possible So how are we entertaining ourselves? Post what you’re binging, playing, cooking etc. I have a huge backlog of movies and games to get through. We started day 1 of our self quarantine yesterday by watching The Death of Stalin. Dar
  14. I was holding off on posting this because I wasn't sure where this dumb conspiracy was headed. But this has now reached enough of a mass popularity in right wing circles so here you go. Tl;dr: people are convinced that a Trump admin official who they have dubbed "QAnon", is posting subtle hints of a massive conspiracy on the 4chan board /pol. http://nymag.com/selectall/2017/12/qanon-4chan-the-storm-conspiracy-explained.html
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