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  1. Bitcoin tanking on a day when there’s data released on greater-than-expected inflation is pretty funny.
  2. Why? Considering two things: 1. We are coming out of a pandemic, during which consumption went down, leading to pent up demand upon reopening. 2. Quite a generous expansion of UI benefits, that kept most people without jobs afloat (poverty actually going down following UI benefit expansions).
  3. There’s a supply crunch in many commodity areas and a demand boom with reopenings. Why are people surprised that consumer prices are going up?
  4. Yup, generally was a good idea to mask outdoors if someone was talking, singing, shouting etc in close proximity for a prolonged time. But going for a walk in the park, etc, we knew by Fall was safe. Even less need to worry now outdoors if you’re vaccinated. Talk, sing, dance do whatever. The unvaccinated want to roll the dice for death or Long COVID, more power to them. But I’ve resumed life back to normal, indoors and outdoors.
  5. Outdoor mask wearing was unnecessary even when people weren’t vaccinated. You won’t be catching COVID from people in ventilated, open outdoor spaces.
  6. File this under policy actions that accomplish nothing. This is virtue signaling by the administration with negligible impact on global vaccine distribution. The choke point to vaccine production is supply chains and manufacturing capacity.
  7. Forgetting to cancel your subscriptions on time is not an indictment of the existing financial system. Plus, this is super easy to reverse. I’ve done it like four times already this year and spent no more than 5 minutes total. Lol
  8. The downside is that if you lose your keys, or god forbid, fall for a scam, you’re straight out of luck with cryptocurrencies. Banks in the US offer a layer of protection through reversibility of transactions. The security side of cryptocurrencies isn’t really solving a pressing issue in US finance. I can see the upside for people in developing and authoritarian nations, where confiscation of financial assets by corrupt leaders/institutions is an issue, but it’s not a relevant issue in developed nations.
  9. Figured we could use a separate thread for this that doesn’t contain any COVID-19 news but rather focuses on what to do while your quarantined inside your home for what might be weeks or more. I assume a lot of us are now teleworking in some capacity. Anxiety inducing times but we are planning on making the best of it in our home and as memorable as possible So how are we entertaining ourselves? Post what you’re binging, playing, cooking etc. I have a huge backlog of movies and games to get through. We started day 1 of our self quarantine yesterday by watching The Death of Stalin. Dar
  10. To The GOP is making up claims of electoral fraud to undermine the trust of the public in our electoral process. Happening in FL and AZ for the past few days, and now it seems Nevada GOP is denying results that pretty much swept them out of power at every level of government in the state. As the GOP reaps the electoral results of their bargain with Trump, expect this to worsen.
  11. I was holding off on posting this because I wasn't sure where this dumb conspiracy was headed. But this has now reached enough of a mass popularity in right wing circles so here you go. Tl;dr: people are convinced that a Trump admin official who they have dubbed "QAnon", is posting subtle hints of a massive conspiracy on the 4chan board /pol. http://nymag.com/selectall/2017/12/qanon-4chan-the-storm-conspiracy-explained.html
  12. A lot of economically anxious right wing folks have descended upon UVA this weekend. Of course, there are heroes in this story. Who were sadly failed by their local police departments.
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