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  1. Ok but if you read the BBC article it explicitly mentions that GamePass Ultimate is starting a beta cloud service now, which I'm assuming will go live when the new consoles come out. Being able to take your saves from console to pc to mobile will be a huge draw, especially for the Zoomers who aren't as fixated with TV/Monitor gaming as the rest of us ancient boomers.
  2. Cloud gaming will be part of the Game Pass: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-53737789 It's going to be clunky at the beginning like any new tech.
  3. The value Microsoft is offering is really, really good for both PC and Xbox gamers. When XBX1 and PS4 came out, digital downloads were barely a thing but are now standard. The console that offers the best cloud gaming experience is going to really disrupt the market for the next gen consoles and Microsoft is clearly gearing towards offering a really deep library of games through a subscription model.
  4. Microsoft is gearing more towards hybrid gaming where your library and saves aren't tied to the console. You can play the same games on PC, console or mobile through the Game Pass. We don't know how their vision for cloud gaming is going to play out yet, but it could potentially be very disruptive. I am 100% getting the new Xbox if I can take my PC games and continue progress on a console without much of a loss in performance. Unless you're rocking a PC with the new Nvidia 30x0 series GPU's, the XSX will outperform most PC's people currently have.
  5. He could be on tape saying this and it wouldn't matter to the people who should be reflecting everyday as to how their "values" came to be championed by such a disgusting person.
  6. McSally poster child of the participation trophy.
  7. There is no acceptable condition under which someone with a public platform should be spreading misinformation in the midst of a global pandemic that is killing thousands every day. What you call is a perfect example is the kind of asshole-ry that made the US have the worst outbreak in the world. He wears a mask? Great. Don't go on the radio and then tell people that masks don't work with your zero expertise in medical science or epidemiology.
  8. For people with public platforms to not spread misinformation like “masks don’t work” and “survival of the fittest”?
  9. The narcissism of people like Cousins is amazing. "I will be fine, if not oh well". As if he is not capable of infecting others, especially the most vulnerable in our communities. Complete jackass.
  10. The best backwards compatible machine is the PC since mods can really overhaul older games for the better. Mass Effect "remasters" already exist on it for instance. Consoles using backwards compatibility is a gimmick. As long as it is compatible one generation back, it's fine. Hardly anyone will be using a PS5 to play some PS3 or PS2 game.
  11. It's the crazy uncle and his fwd:fwd:fwd emails but the President and national media. Daily nightmare.
  12. EA really just needs to look at the FPS genre and see how sports games can be done better. You make all the games free to play, you add seasonal content. You update teams over time, both for player performance and roster changes. You push out big updates to improve/tweak gameplay/dlc every other month and you basically charge a subscription fee. They would make so much more money and probably put out a better game too.
  13. I didn’t dislike the choices you make at the end either. But I did agree with the criticism that it lacked closure for a lot of characters and storylines. The extended cut fixed this problem somewhat and the Citadel DLC was really good fan service.
  14. Yup. James Fields was treated a hero in far right circles but he never got mainstream accolades. But the arguments were the same, that he drove into the crowd because he "feared for his life". Kyle Rittenhouse's ascendance really shows how the extremists won and the entire party is now just a bunch of bloodthirsty racists whose entire worldview is about power and domination.
  15. The third one was very good. Probably had the best combat of the trilogy. The ending got a lot of hate, but they salvaged it with the Extended Cut.
  16. This was a long time coming. It's basically Charlottesville but all over the country at this point. Trump's America was always bound to look like this.
  17. OP is super worried about a bogus tracking technology, when actually real tracking technologies exist at a mass scale throughout the globe and chances are very high that OP is a willing participant in them. And the organizations he's worried about, like the World Economic Forum that supposedly want to track everyone, put out 50 pages long white papers on how we can create a world with more protections for people's digital privacy: http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_Redesigning_Data_Privacy_Report_2020.pdf The amount of performative paranoia is beyond silly at this point.
  18. It is not, I can tell you that. In the interpretation and falsified drivel of some nut job conspiracy theorists you may follow, sure. But in reality, nope. There are a lot of people who will tell you, that these organizations are trying to take over the world through secret vaccination programs that will put Google chips inside you to track you. They are all either crazy themselves or predators who prey on vulnerable, misinformed people. Again, mandatory vaccines have been a part of society for a long time now. The COVID vaccines are just the most recent target of misinforma
  19. Lots of vaccines are already mandatory to participate in a host of public activities and none of these things are required. Step away from the keyboard, catch some fresh air and then reevaluate where you get your news from. You are currently listening to the most insane and dumb people in our society. ——— Also, we’ve had a “social credit system” in this country for a long time. It’s called your credit score. It’s amazing how even in these conspiracies, you’re coming up with bogus scenarios, when very real systems of evaluating the worthiness of people already
  20. Meningitis vaccines or a booster shot are mandatory for all incoming college students at most universities. ——— Any sensible and reasonable society mandates safe vaccines. The COVID vaccine will be mandatory at some point. If you are watching Tucker Carlson and taking him seriously, you are not a reasonable person.
  21. None of this is too surprising since Trump has had a fairly strong floor throughout his presidency of about 35% of the voting population. At the same time he’s also hitting record disapproval’s bordering at 60%. If we are really looking at the data on how the election is playing out, the largest voting bloc in the country is people who are just sick and tired of him and just want him gone. A political convention, from either party, isn’t really changing this dynamic.
  22. I’m sure all the parents struggling to homeschool and work at the same time, the millions who have lost family and friends to the virus, the millions unemployed are greatly swayed by boring convention speeches. Political punditry around conventions is just the absolute worst. Elections are not decided by these dumb events.
  23. The best part of this story is that Michael Cohen received photos and evidence of this back in 2015. Falwell Jr. endorsed Trump immediately and has been bootlicking ever since. Seems like someone really enjoys being cucked. Lol
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