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  1. obviously she is a saint and a demon simultaneously depending on who observes her sort of a schrodinger's cat, except it's who instead of when i say we keep her in the box and not let anyone look at her
  2. and it's the same network that while fully knowing what an absolute vile slime ball he was still spent years making him a yuge presence and inflating his brand way beyond what would have been otherwise most likely and laughed all the way to the bank...and the cnbc division has had its own bs (inc giving us larry kudlow)... not that they're "the same", but overall, even given all the positives i could say about many of the reporters involved, my sentiment is "**** all 24/7cable news channels and nbc/fox in particular among broadcast networks for their lack of civic responsibility t
  3. why would you put it off any longer than necessary and take any risk at all that something might keep you from making it that day?
  4. objectively speaking, and especially considering environment/venue, the last ten pages of this thread has been a tribute to intelligent (and funny) political discussion in these very dark times....and i'm not even hyped up on experimental covid meds i had been thinking of vis when i saw a post he made about the old days when he and zoony and i ran into each other at the wapo thing pre-es and it's kinda 'wow, that's been a long time' i gave vis his "custom description" under his screen name in a "from all of us" spirit some time back he's been indefatigabl
  5. some of ya ought to lean more into keeping your powder dry until you can see the target
  6. yup, that was pretty decent as figured/hoped by me...but, you know...
  7. i'd like to be new anywhere it's de rigueur in the tailgate
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