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  1. As TK posted previously, all our normal rules do apply to this thread, and of course: NO POLITICS---NO RELIGION---NO MUSIC VIDEOS----NO "BABE" PICS, MALE OR FEMALE Posting an image related to the "random thought" is ok, but use restraint: check the page, avoid clutter There is a revived random humor thread for all those kind of vids/gifs/memes etc. Member management of this thread will be required
  2. Per requests, this is a revival of the previous one that got archived (title change, random to misc). Try to avoid abusing rule 13 too much. "NSFW" (not in our rules btw) isn't "anything goes." this was the first post in the original thread This guy rode a one-trick pony back in the day, playing the funniest drunk ever---even better than Frank Fontaine or Red Skelton (Crazy Guggenheim and Willie Lump Lump --much earlier).
  3. I kept thinking we need a place to stick stuff like this (there's so many I see) but that don't really fit anywhere else (they're not all China turf) and aren't worth a new thread for every one that comes along. "Two and a Half Men" star finds religion, calls TV show "filth" http://news.yahoo.com/two-half-men-star-finds-religion-calls-tv-213606045--finance.html more <incl. video> at link
  4. it's tempting since i haven't lived in alaska for a very long time reading the other posts, here are some of my 'most requested hits' during my streak secret agent man (j. rivers) wicked game (isaac) 5 O'Clock World (vogues) Thunderball (t. jones)
  5. @TryTheBeal! confessional time--i actually did karaoke during a point in time...navy town....80/90's.....i consider it a shameful period
  6. i logged in just to reply to this, o mourner of the babe thread ( edit accurate insult) had that actually occurred you would have experienced a very dramatic change in your posting options, given the length of time you've posted in the tailgate and in this thread i hoped i wouldn't need to specifically address the "babe" pic thing in the op after all this time, but....
  7. Per requests in other t-threads and because it's fitting as a standalone. To that end, I will ban for trolling anyone who pops in with a complaint about the thread's existence. Have at it.
  8. Jumbo

    The Impeachment Thread

    for aryan, i'm more into the lili von shtupp type
  9. Jumbo

    The Impeachment Thread

    c'mon......almost all the dems here say that kind of stuff over and over and have been all along hell, i liked hillpill more than most the dems here
  10. Jumbo

    Random Thought Thread

    @Riggo-toni i envy the talent---i suck at drawing/painting/sculpting, among many other things btw---yall owe some thanks to @Mr. Sinisterfor being the guy who stepped up to tell b/bng about the problem post, helping to keep the thread safe that kind of thing will be important moving forward---to point: i will now remake the random thread later as prev discussed and due to skinsmarydu incessant nagging in pm (like a half dozen every day and i wasn't here for a week so they're all piled up)...also she's led a rather mild demand for the renewal of another 'random' thread that got put in archive and can't be resuscitated so i'll make a new version of it, too... so look for that on a social platform near you now for your god's sake mary can you please please stop hounding me day and night p.s.---i'll give you guys soem time to wrap up conversations before i lock this one, but start posting in the new one for new stuff
  11. Jumbo

    The Impeachment Thread

    i'm still of the take that the dems played the hand better by not going to court, as did nancy holding up delivery of the articles (which was really a 6-7 day delay in terms of actual process---nothing was going to be done over the break other than using anything the dems sent as fodder for fox and all rw media to rip up and discredit and help the senate with preparation time on their opening remarks) in the meantime a lot of stuff that would have been more lumped together and steamrolled in coverage has been in focus and dominant in public discussion i think it's working slowly and incrementally---as these things historically have fwiw---in the dms flavor and today so far i think there was more of that i'm actually encouraged (keep in mind my base position since he became the nominee was it would be all over the day he took office, perio, it would just take a few years), but this is certainly a wait and see situation aw, c'mon pinoch--- if ya wanna be a real boy that's the time to remember that many great guerrilla fighters were lefties
  12. Jumbo

    The Impeachment Thread

    i'm busy bringing to market my line of political-figure pinatas for parties and the 'susan collins' will be one of my first models go ahead ya pacifist peacenik snowflake libtards---tell me you can picture that very specific face and not get all-atingle at the idea of just hitting it repeatedly with a stick until something good comes out of it
  13. Jumbo

    The Impeachment Thread

    with due acknowledgement of his base intellect and lawyerly skills, i've usually been more critical than not on shiff, inc during mueller, but i have never seen schiff so razor sharp before...he is lighting it up and just dissecting and destroying this goper nonsense....in a macro sense he's basically dragging the entire diseased and rancid party in its current state into the spotlight very effectively...this is a sewer of a party too long supported by many arrogantly ignorant and terminally hypocritical "good, decent, gopers" who specialized in denial and delusion and provided a nurturing sanctuary for many other types of folks far worse
  14. I found it too offputting forum-wise to keep seeing the one thread there (being made for a second time, even) and no one thinking making this one should be a thing. "Fixing" the dems is a bigly fine topic (which is why I made it originally, months ago, but that's ok) and having its mate is not just about logic in service to intelligent discussion, it's also addressing what is somewhat like a family focused on attending to "fixing" the kid that's tagging buildings vs. the one who is setting fire to buildings. So how do we "fix" the GOP? C'mon Buzz, Popeman, Kilmer, twa, noninney, sacase, timmysmith, aredskins, zguy, jschuck, and all you other cats of conservative or indie stripe (and the lefties too of course). Let's set the table.
  15. Let's take care of some business first: I started this as a new thread after perusing already existing alternatives and being dissatisfied with the options, including a thread I MET'd awhile back trying to accomplish the same goal----which is to give a regular place to learn about, or comment on, movies that are in the making, or rumored to be so, but haven't got their own threads yet :cool: So if we're going to talk about Rocky #32 in here, it's fine until someone starts a thread just for that, and then we'd just post there to discuss that movie. To start off, I'd recommend a trip to the Marvel site for super-hero movies fans, as I found the notices of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant Man I can see lot of potential for both, although the Guardians I read is quite different than their newer manifestations. There is also stuff on other new Cap and Thor flicks (Thor looks to pick up where Avengers left off). Also, I was disappointed a few months ago when I heard Tyler Perry (c'mon) was going to be Alex Cross. And I guess the movie is disappointing money-wise as well as otherwise. Part of me is glad it's a dud hoping they ****-can Perry for any future possibilities for Cross movies. But to me it is too bad that Mathew Fox (who is supposed to be good in it) may suffer since this is his first big role since LOST. On a similar note, one of my favorite fun-reading-material characters is Jack Reacher of the Lee Child (pen name) novels. The guy is kind of a cross between Dirt Harry, Jason Bourne, and Kwai Chang Kaine, but more with the persona of some of the badass characters Charles Bronson often played in the 60's--80's. He's a drifter and loaner and retired major of a special MP detachment with deep ties to Special Forces. Not a lot of talk in him, but a lot of serious trouble if you get on his wrong side. I have long wanted to see Reacher in a movie, and thought he could be a great leading action character and the books always had straight-forward and very well crafted premises and regularly varying supporting characters. Probably the most singly emphasized physical characteristic is his height (like 6'3-5ish). It's a central feature every time his physicality is being featured (which is often). So I finally hear there is going to be a Jack Reacher movie and I get all jacked up and then....I find the star is ****ing Tom The Mad Manic Midget Cruise. And I hate Tom Cruise (thought the I like a number of the dip****'s movies,dammit). I could shoot him. I HATE he's got the role. A couple weeks later I saw some previews and it made me want to shoot him again. What a waste.
  16. @twa um, what's the map dealio? ^ (other than it appears to be something you need to edit out pronto )
  17. Jumbo

    Near Misses

    "fishing" would be the single word
  18. i liked that post cuz immediately i pictured my idea of a tomahawk in use to serve the purpose but then a minute later i thought you probably meant the missle kind.....so which kind did you mean....i need to know....not that the missile doesn't have its own appeal...i'm open minded
  19. you fighting furies better make sure you don't slander noam chomsky or you will be punished.....doesn't matter that some his **** is crazy
  20. Jumbo

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    i know way more of the swine dialect than the original form but in my teens the book of imaginary beings was my first of many of his...went to him, huxley and others right after a lovecraft and derleth phase....but i digress
  21. Jumbo

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    do you know mine? i looked in the in box and see nothing they always try to leave me out
  22. Jumbo

    Is it weird to go to the movies by yourself?

    or sit by you for any reason
  23. Jumbo

    Near Misses

    sharks, eh? whoa...one my pet fears is getting chomped on while in water, from sharks or gators in particular...and i grew up in ak where there aren't threats from either but i frequently went knowingly where i was often close enough to bears there's an interesting little subset of psychology that focuses on how we prioritize concerns, inc. what we worry about or fear and how often much of what gets most of our energy is unlikely to occur while things that are much more likely to happen aren't given much thought