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    ES Soccer Thread

    All soccer talk: MLS, EPL, Primiera, Serie A and Bundesliga here. This way we don't keep bumping the 2010 World Cup thread up with non 2010 World Cup talk.
  2. Sticksboi05

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Disagree, Redskins fan disinterest was part of why Vinny got fired. It will never be THE reason at incompetent organizations but Ted clearly cares about earning a quick buck by fooling fans into coming to games. If the attendance falls further it will matter. Enough to get Ernie fired? Who knows. But enough to piss him off, I hope so and that's good enough for me!
  3. Sticksboi05

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    And it's such a stupid comparison. Yes, sticking it out with a core of players that has one of the three best records in the NHL going back over the past decade makes sense. Sticking it out with a bunch of guys who have never won 50 games in a season and at worst have been the embarrassment of the NBA is stupid. GMGM built loaded rosters and then got fired, and then built Vegas into an immediate Stanley Cup finalist. No comparison between that and Ernie the Moron. If you know ANYBODY still supporting this team and going to games, please advise them to stop until Ernie is fired.
  4. Will always remember his days as the Nationals first manager. And yes, that stare down was incredible.
  5. Sticksboi05

    Post-Curse D.C. Sports Thread

    The Curse is over, it's dead, it's irrelevant. Time to move on and have only good vibes. We have one of the best pitchers ever on his way to a 3rd straight Cy Young, we have a dynamic duo in the back court who are trying their best despite Ernie Grunfeld's incompetence, the Redskins are still a mediocre franchise but we no longer go into seasons praying to get to 6 wins, and the city FINALLY HAS A CHAMPION! June 7, 1978 June 7, 2018
  6. Sticksboi05

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    He did say it was the most debilitating penalty ever assessed in NFL history. I do think this is worse but they have the opportunity this week to ease the pain. TRADE. EVERYBODY. Re: bolded assuming you mean just for the Wizards?
  7. Sticksboi05

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Dude, it's a $40M cap hit for nothing. That is CRIPPLING. Mike Shanahan said the cap penalties we had back in the early 2010s were debilitating and this is more than that. Wall's is brutal as well. And Ernie cannot be relied upon to keep the team afloat. As long as Ernie is GM I will not invest in this organization beyond occasionally checking headlines.
  8. Sticksboi05

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    And this isn't hindsight, lots of us wanted to get out from that contract at all costs this season just for breathing room. Team was going nowhere as constructed anyway so even if he was still the best player on the team, it made no meaningful difference.
  9. Sticksboi05

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Excellent decision. I already checked out until Ernie is fired. There is no reason to waste precious hours of the day caring about this organization until it shows it wants to actually succeed. And yes at this point just completely blow it up and trade Beal to the highest bidder. We should've already been tanking for a shot at Zion but Ted is too dumb to run the Wizards like the Capitals. All you can do now is acquire a TON of draft picks and hope this franchise does something is does terribly, develop no-brainer talents.
  10. Incredible they can lose 7 in a row and still have a top 4 record in the conference. Let's also remember they lost 8 in a row in 2010-2011 and still won the East. They won't this year but could still finish second behind Tampa. There will be moves at the deadline no question. Bura's days are numbered.
  11. If this goes much longer people are going to be fired and the decision to not keep Trotz will look even more asinine.
  12. This team is a disaster right now. No other way to put it. Defensively they are horrendous. Honestly since Orpik's return they have been bad. Not saying it's him but the pairings haven't looked right.
  13. Starting True Detective S3 after just wrapping up S1, which was GREAT.
  14. The Eastern Conference is tight. A win today = second best record in the conference. A loss = one point out of the last playoff spot. The only team with a cushion is Tampa Bay.
  15. Just to be clear, Sean McVay coaching the Redskins would not end up like Sean McVay coaching the Rams. They don't have an egomaniacal owner and a cluster **** fake GM who poisons everything he touches.
  16. Ha I'm just giving you a hard time! All good.
  17. That'd be pretty tough considering the White Stripes released that song in 2003 on the album Elephant.
  18. All due respect, I don't give a **** about what overpaid Josh Norman thinks. Guy has been here for 3 seasons and wants to criticize people who've been slowly beaten by this organization for approaching 30 years. Spare me. Skins fans so whiny asking for a properly run organization that doesn't have humiliation and embarrassment oozing out of the walls on the regular. It is not just about losing. Nobody is leaving because we haven't gone on another 3 titles in 9 years run. If you're trying to argue the Chiefs playoff losses = we're entitled because we won a championship 27 years ago that ignores the fact that the Chiefs have been an exponentially superior organization for the past 27 years. If the Redskins were even just like the Bills, the narrative would be completely different.
  19. Fickle is jumping off the train in 2000 less than a decade after 3 titles. Leaving after 20 years of trash and outright professional embarrassment is not. It's not the losing, it's how they got about everything in this organization...coupled with sucking. I wouldn't become a fan of another team I agree, but I support anyone who says screw this and finds something better in their lives.
  20. And then inevitably becoming good for a cycle as well, like every single team in the league except for this trash and the Browns, who are about to take off with a great 2nd year QB and loads of young talent.
  21. Sticksboi05

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    1. You're so insanely incorrect I don't know where to begin. 2. The Washington Post know more about what goes on at Redskins Park than anyone on this message board, who has ZERO access to the hallways regularly. 3. They have made zero attempt to do it the right way - they sort've tried once and got mad at McCloughan for getting credit and then fired him in the most humiliating way. I honestly CANNOT believe any fan actually thinks the media is doing this team wrong. It is truthfully unfathomable. The only answer is people who actually have nothing in their lives except the Redskins and if that's the case, I mean this seriously with no sarcasm because people go through hard times, I am sorry. New team can be the Washington Braves. That was the original name when they moved from Boston.
  22. A 3 game skid was the longest of the season. We take this team for granted. Back in the win column.
  23. The Redskins spent the final few days of 2018 soaking in an acrid stew of criticism: From fans, from sports radio hosts, from the New York Times, from The Washington Post, and from just about anyone who spent any time thinking about the Redskins in the final few days of 2018. The onslaught may have been unexpected — only two months ago, the Redskins were in first place and favored to win the NFC East, and the franchise seemed to have made at least a small step or two in the right direction. That’s all been forgotten now. And with just minutes to go before 2019, the team took one final broadside, which may have been among the most powerful of the week, if anyone was listening. Because it came from ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt, a longtime Washingtonian who speaks for D.C. fans as well as just about anyone, and with a national pulpit. He did not pull his punches. +++ For those who haven't seen yet, SVP's take down of Skins management on his One Big Thing segment was amazing. The best quote that sums EVERYTHING up [coaches, individual players and draft picks and schemes yada yada don't matter - there's no point is spending hours pretending that is the issue] ... "What's equally hard for me to fathom is somehow, ownership seems blindsided that fans are done. I ran into some executives last year at a party for the Super Bowl in Minneapolis and was blown away by their arrogance. They still carry themselves like their brand is royalty. You’re like Sears: something that once was. In what make-believe space do you exist where you convince yourself of some alternate reality?" Truthfully, I am proud of every fan who yesterday decided nope, not me. I will not be a party to these snakes as they finish off a once proud franchise.
  24. Sticksboi05

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    That 2-10% figure is specifically rape, sexual assault is more broad of a term. But your conclusion doesn't make sense. It is incredibly difficult to prove in a court of law in general, it's almost always he said she said situations, which makes it tough for even the best prosecutors to argue it wasn't just rough consensual sex beyond reasonable doubt. Prosecutors will also often decline to file charges from reports because they have limited resources and won't bother on "he said, she said". There are also massive backlogs of rape kits across the U.S. because law enforcement only has so many resources. Then there's the fact that only 35% of sexual assaults are reported to the police at all according to the Justice Bureau. So there is really little evidence to suggest that women are going to the police en masse in hopes of putting men in jail falsely for this crime. There is evidence that it does happen in rare cases relative to the amount of substantiated claims. The FBI says only about 8% of rape claims are unfounded after investigation. This is getting off topic though because Foster was not accused of rape so I will leave it at that.
  25. Sticksboi05

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    Domestic violence is a tricky one because if we want women to feel comfortable coming to the police, we cannot ask them to do so in the face of having every single person they interview doubt them and desperately look for holes. It's humiliating, scary and challenging enough. Yes, some women lie. I don't think there is a shred of evidence beyond anecdotes that that exceeds the amount of women who are telling the truth. Am I arguing for everyone accused to face consequences off the bat without proper investigation, absolutely not. Of course not. But I also am not going to assume every accuser is a lying gold digger, which it seems a lot of men still do in 2018 because of the press that relatively isolated cases get where women lie purposefully. And that leaves me in between in a random void where there is no good answer, which is often the case in life. It's basically the only crime where this conundrum exists.