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ES Content: Washington Redskins Media Guides (**1st Update**)


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Installment 1: 1948 through 1952

In the ongoing interest of providing our members with the broadest array of products and services related to the Washington Redskins, we have acquired, scanned, uploaded and converted (to the extent possible, into text), our collection of Washington Redskins Media Guides. Our archives start at 1948 and go through the present (with some exceptions). Over the course of the next few months, we will be periodically releasing more media guides for your consumption. We hope that each of you will take advantage of this resource to read up on the history of the Redskins and learn about the team, players, coaches and history of bygone eras.


48mg.JPG The 1948 Washington Redskins Media Guide

49mg.JPG The 1949 Washington Redskins Media Guide

50mg.JPG The 1950 Washington Redskins Media Guide

52mg.JPG The 1952 Washington Redskins Media Guide

Installment 2: 1953 through 1956

53mg.JPG The 1953 Washington Redskins Media Guide

54mg.JPG The 1954 Washington Redskins Media Guide

55mg.JPG The 1955 Washington Redskins Media Guide

56mg.JPG The 1956 Washington Redskins Media Guide

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Thats the plan.....coolest part, they're 'searchable' since they're in PDF format.

Btw, this is ALL iheartskins hard work on display. Also huge props to Die Hard who tracked down and obtained, at great effort and expense over a number of years, these media guides. You'd be hard pressed to find many of these individually anywhere else, and short of working for the NFL history division, you sure wouldn't have access to nearly all of them. Its fascinating to see how the league has changed, and how much more comprehensive and elaborate the guides get with time.

Awesome job iheart :cheers:

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