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  1. Bruce to Dan right now - "Why'd you send me out there all alone!? Those people were asking me mean questions!"
  2. Bruce has ZERO accountability. And Snyder enables that behavior.
  3. Bruce insults season ticket fans, claiming they didn't come out Sunday not because the team stinks, but because they recognized that they could get top dollar for their tickets. Bruce calls the Redskins' culture "damn good". This guy is so full of sh*t.
  4. Bruce is dancing around every question. I wish the reporter pressed harder on the "where is Dan" question.
  5. TXRedskinsFan

    Is it time to go Nuclear on Snyder???

    Greetings from Houston! Loooooooooong time lurker, first-time poster. If not for this topic, probably would have never signed up for this site. I am 42 years old, been a Redskins fan since I was three. Watching the Redskins every Sunday with my father was a staple of my childhood. When Madden and Summerall were calling the game, it was an even bigger treat. Many fond memories. I was fortunate enough to watch our guys trample the Bills in Super Bowl 26 in person. Despite moving away from the DC area right after college (spent 12 years in NJ, 3 years in Philly, been in Houston almost 7 years now), my fandom is just as strong today as it was back then. Sure, I don't catch the games as often as I'd like, but this is still MY TEAM. Throwing this idea out there - I am going to be in the DC area during Thanksgiving week. Looking into applying for permit(s) to hold a Redskins fan rally in DC that week to draw attention to Dan Snyder's comical mishandling of our beloved team. I truly believe in my heart we can get 50,000+ people to attend. Have to think there is a HUGE amount of rabid fans like ourselves who will be visiting the area that week, which could help numbers even more. I have never developed and executed a rally before, but I know I can do this. I WANT to do this. So here are the million dollar questions - 1. To anyone's knowledge, has this been tried before? Wondering what types of obstacles I could be facing. 2. If I can lay down the logistical groundwork, anyone here want to help? I am not talking financially, just time and effort.