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  1. armstrong001

    Redskins vs Texans Prediction Thread: Pessimistically Optimistic?

    Since the offense can't seem to score points, I'm hoping the defense can step up to the task: Redskins 17 Texans 13 Redzone stand to seal it at the end.
  2. armstrong001

    Redskins vs Falcons Prediction Thread: Working Man Blasting in the Stadium

    Redskins finally put some points up, and the defense remains stellar, albeit giving up a late touchdown like last week. Redskins 31 Falcons 20
  3. armstrong001

    The "Remember That Time..." Thread

    I figured, since they weren't being flagged and they were pretty obvious. It is amazing more guys didn't get hurt on those plays. Especially the ones where the defender falls on the back of the legs, pulling the runner down backwards.
  4. armstrong001

    The "Remember That Time..." Thread

    Was this game before or after they made horsecollar tackles illegal? I saw two on Portis in the first 10 minutes of that video, the second one looked to injure him. Classic Roy Williams tackling style.
  5. armstrong001

    The "Remember That Time..." Thread

    I remember hanging out in the parking lot before the game and meeting Joe Jacoby. He was just massive in person. Riding home on the metro after the game, and everyone had pieces of sod from the field.
  6. armstrong001

    The "Remember That Time..." Thread

    I can't find a video (only ones that seem to show up are Frerotte head butt videos) but I remember being at the first game at JKC stadium against the Cardinals in 1997. Frerotte to Westbrook for 40 yards in overtime to win the game. I thought for sure that was going to be something special when I left that day. Story
  7. Link I'll be glad to see him go. Dude has been a stud.
  8. A Dallas Fan's Loss Wife left with the dog At least Dak will bring a win My sorrow remains
  9. armstrong001

    Random Thought Thread

    Like Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Al Gore?