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  1. The 5 people accused of contributing to a hostile workplace were with the organization for several years - how could they have stuck around the office for so long if there weren't others that were complicit in their behavior? You seem to be reducing this whole thing to a few bad apples - I think the Post was limited in how much they could effectively report and the issues go way beyond a few bad actors. Regarding the PR next steps- it just makes no sense to me that Rivera would speak/take questions on a matter he had nothing to do with. It would be par for the course for Snyder to
  2. What? All of the crap that was reported happened while Rivera had nothing to do with the team. Synder is the owner of an organization that was outed as a pit of female despair - how is Ron Rivera the only one who can make a statement in this situation?
  3. There were multiple anecdotes in the article that described the "veterans" of the office educating the greener employees on the toxic elements of the workplace - everyone that was embedded knew what the culture was about. Who leads office culture? It's Dan. It's virtually impossible that Snyder - the lone constant in the entire operation - was so insulated that he had 0% knowledge of the pervasive harrassment and sleaze happening directly underneath him. The sales manager for luxury suites reduced this female underlings to eye candy for prospects and clients - that dude reports to Snyder. You'
  4. Who said the post is leaking this stuff? To my knowledge, the buzz has been generated by all the surrounding media (not working for the post) hinting at this bombshell to be. The whole network of sources involved in providing the juicy details are probably all talking with the web of media that surrounds the team. I just dont see this as a case of the Post drumming up hype - but I very much hope they deliver.
  5. The worry here is Wilkinson is being paid to make sure Dan keeps the team. She is the villain now. I'm not advocating anyone "go after her" but I will be forever butthurt if she is the reason Dan remains owner after all the bombshells and lawsuits. Dont do it Beth!!
  6. I was on the same wavelength a couple years ago and have since retired all Redskins gear. The present situation just reaffirms that decision. To me, wearing the gear in public is akin to telling the world I support the team and EVERYTHING it represents. Remove the context of being in the stadium rooting for the team and the gear symbolizes much more than "I hope the team wins on sundays" Someone might ask me for my thoughts on the nickname or the owner or the years of buffoonery and I could provide some nuanced explanation of why I continue to root for the team on Sund
  7. This is the best thing Snyder has done in 10 years. I dont believe he's learned a lesson from all this - it's too late for that now. But new blood at the #2 spot (and on down) is something I can definitely get excited about! I can respect your sentiment here but let's get real - bruce was handsomely compensated and can binge on golf and coors lite for the rest of his days without a care in the world. He's good with or without employment as prince of darkness so I say celebrate away!!
  8. No exaggeration- 80% eagles fans in the stands today. I was there, it was freaking miserable. Definitely had the feel of a neutral site game.
  9. These ratings #s are hard to make sense of without some context - I wish the local media folks would put some effort into explaining just how "major" and "shocking" a problem they represent. Finlay elaborated a bit and mentioned the overall 11.7 rating the Skins garnered but again, without some averages or other benchmarks to compare these ratings #s with it's hard to realize how poor they really were. FWIW, here's a snippet from Steinberg's Dec. 2017 column where he starts ringing the alarm bells about cratering local ratings... The local television ratings
  10. The selfie thing was so RG3-esque, harmless but the sort of thing that will rub many the wrong way. The most troubling he is just flat inaccurate. That's going to be so hard to overcome. The dude has A LOT of work to do
  11. @Califan007 do you think Trent is purely in pursuit of more money? This is all a grand manipulation of the media? I don't and think Bruce simply failed at his job by not foreseeing where this would end up. He is going to have a far more difficult time getting value this offseason than he would have before this drama got out into the open. This latest episode seems fairly straightforward - Trent got sick of his employer for a multitude of reasons, tried leveraging his way out, unstoppable force (trent's desire to go) meets immovable object (Bruce's ego), and viola!
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