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  1. hailer21

    The season in gifs

    Week 3 - Skins 31 - Pack 17
  2. Firing Brian Lafemina and anyone else with a fresh perspective on how to rebuild an eroding fanbase.
  3. hailer21

    Breaking: Redskins claim Reuben Foster NFL.COM

    Reuben Foster Whoopsies: Multiple domestic abuse arrests, gun & drug charges, kicked out of combine Talent: 1st round athlete Video of Whoopsies: Not yet Outcome: Claimed on waivers without hesitation shortly after 2nd assault arrest Note: Relax, Reuben's whoopsies are "small potatoes" compared to some of the other stuff out there. Ray Rice Whoopsies: Landed a haymaker to his fiance's face, knocked her unconscious, dragged her around a bit Talent: Stellar start to his career BUT was coming off a pretty lackluster, injury plagued season prior to this incident Video of Whoopsies: Yep Outcome: Purged from the NFL with a quickness after some awkward PR speed-bumps along the way Note: This incident established the NFL's domestic abuse disciplinary code and several Front Offices' playbooks for handling such cases. Namely, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Tyreek Hill Whoopsies: Plead guilty to beating up his pregnant girlfriend, specifically he "hit her in the face, choked her and punched her in the stomach. He put her in a headlock that put 'external pressure on her neck that compressed her airway'". Talent: All-Pro Video of Whoopsies: Nope Outcome: Drafted on Day 3 following a year at a West Alabama labor camp Note: Don't call it a comeback! That pregnant girlfriend with an iron jaw is now happily engaged to Tyreek Hill. Joe Mixon Whoopsies: Landed a haymaker on a girl's face; broke her jaw Talent: Ranked the 3rd to 5th best right-hook, er-I mean RB, coming out of his draft class Video of Whoopsies: Yep Outcome: Blackballed from the NFL Combine! But drafted in the 2nd round Note: Now this technically wasn't a domestic abuse incident. But IF that girl had been his girlfriend.....hoo boy! Joe may have seen himself slapped with a year at West Alabama! Josh Brown Whoopsies: Verbally, emotionally and physically abused his wife for god knows how long. Got arrested, over 20 incidents reported to police. Talent: he's a kicker Video of Whoopsies: In this instance, the kids are the only witnesses. No video Outcome: In 2016, resigned for millions after admitting to the Mara's he used his wife as a proverbial and at times, literal, punching bag. Afterwards, he was suspended for 1 game in August 2016 stemming from a 2015 arrest. Then more came out about alleged abuse on October 20 - he was benched for the next game. The next day he was put on the league's "exempt" list. Three days later he was released. He's a free agent. Note: .......he is available, should we kick the tires on this guy?? Kareem Hunt Whoopsies: Pushed a girl around and at one point he pushed so hard it sent her flying into a wall face-first. Gave her a kick while she was on the ground Talent: budding star at RB Video of Whoopsies: Yep Outcome: Waived 9 months after alleged incident Note: To claim or not to claim, that is Bruce Allen's question. Colin Kaepernick Whoopsies: Kneeling during the national anthem Talent: middle of the road QB with some productive seasons Video of Whoopsies: Several; in HD-quality Outcome: He will never step foot on an NFL field again Note: This guy's misdeeds are the kind of BIG potatoes the Redskins and teams around the league just won't stand for.
  4. I don't think the Skins unis should be adopting a real GOLD color at all. The uniforms Jurgy proposed look just like Florida State's to me. The burgundy and "gold" color scheme we have now is uniquely ours and I like it that way. There is no need for major overhaul. If we mess with either of the two colors we've got now the Skins will just end up looking like the 49er's or FSU.
  5. hailer21

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    May have been mentioned before in this big ole thread, but hey, its a good spot to watch the game for remote Skins fans like myself. http://atdhe.eu/
  6. hailer21

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    just a test post gone wrong