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  1. We are doing a helicopter tour in Maui and then i will do it at a special private landing with just us too
  2. Just figured out how i am planning my proposal. What a relief
  3. my parents gave my grandparents a grandfather clock.
  4. hey guys i just bought the new xbox series x from costco. it was a packaged deal with MLB the show, and the external hard drive and 3 months of game pass ultimate. so my xbox live subscription was originally purchased in august 2021 somehow expired the same day i got the xbox on June 26 but then my game pass ultimate now expires in November. do i need to buy both live and game pass? or does game pass encompass both? is there a way to get a deal on game pass? i heard if you buy 12 months of live and 1 month of game pass, you get 13 months of game pass?
  5. yeah i got it to work after this advice. i was using the prompts that comcast had and it didn't do anything.
  6. i wish we traded him for Kbryant or anyone else when we had the chance. he's basically a sexier version of MAT who also stunk
  7. reading on twitter someone said it is a fracture
  8. sorry it must have been a autocorrect error. I have a samsung sound bar and i have it set at D.IN but the comcast remote only see thats the tv is picking the sound via digital audio cable but not actually able to control the volume.
  9. and now a new issue. the sounder is connect via digital optical audio but now the Comcast remote won't pick it up.
  10. i'm a moron. figured the fire stick could work on the power of the adapter and thats not the case. and now it works lol
  11. This is the one I’m returning lol
  12. thank you that looks good. Do you know of anything a little cheaper .
  13. I need some help for my tv. i have only 2 hdmi ports on my tv. I have my sound bar (want to use the arc in the tv), cable box, xbox series x and then fire stick into the hdmi ports. what is the easiest way to plug them all in at the same time. i bought a switch from amazon and it doesnt even recognize my fire stick
  14. a 7 inning double header would reduce the pen work by 4 innings!
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