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  1. the reopen plays are back. thank god i shifted a bunch into hotels, airlines, Boeing and casinos.
  2. Spac mergers always **** the bed. They are pumped up by too many twitter fools, you just have to get in at the right time and get out before the merger. I was in Nikola 100 shares at 40 pre merger and then it skyrocketed to 92 on the first day or two and then crashed.
  3. I bought 100 shares at 17 and i sold an option that expired last night at 40. I made 2500 off CCIV. could have made a little more if i didn't sell the option but who knew it would run up to 65 from 17 in 3 weeks!! Also just got my Robinhood tax form back and i made over $650K in transactions in day trading. :x
  4. https://www.kiplinger.com/taxes/601197/what-trumps-payroll-tax-cut-will-mean-for-you If you made less than 4k per pay period gross and your company participated in the payroll tax deferral, you have until april 1 to pay. Thats why you have to pay @Springfield
  5. wasn't there a change in payroll taxes therefore you would get more in your paychecks?
  6. my arm was pretty dead for shot 1. i anticipate a dead weekend for shot 2.
  7. i got a call from my Nats rep and he said full STHs will be the first ones in the park and then they will figure out general attendance if that is the case.
  8. i love snow bc i gets snow days for work and get paid to stay at home lol
  9. What does the forecast look like for this thursday? I see euro and the american predicting 8-9!
  10. i used to be terrified by dogs and why people have them but i am in total love with my GF's dog. she is by far the best but the only thing i dont like is that she sleeps in the bed with us
  11. same i am selling a call this friday for $40. my entry point is 17 though so i am up pretty big already
  12. I know alot of spacs are scams but alot of them for me are for those initial pops and doing valid research. I got into DKNG, golden nugget, space, hyln and a few others.
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