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  1. Lids and a couple of others stores mentioned to me they have received their last shipments of WS gear. I barely found a cap i wanted. I am looking for a curly W with a red top and blue brim and i can't find anything. Anyone know where to look?
  2. i know a few folks who made around 20-25K on selling world series tickets and now have an entire season package for next year which they will not use.
  3. skinfan2k

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    i went to the game last night and it proved one thing to me. This team has 0 inside presence. It's a jump shooting team that can play great defense. They will get killed by teams with legit bigs.
  4. I have no faith in callahan. He is trying to play this team like gibbs 2.0. Haskins will not develop this way.
  5. skinfan2k

    Sports Wagering thread

    can someone tell me a website to use to make bets lol
  6. nope. Didnt even mention the postseason run. I hope MASN or the Nats come out with their own.
  7. im not sure if its worth buying. i have seen a lot of better youtube videos. it was a documentary for hte world series and has more astros footage than ours.
  8. so far what i have seen is that he seems capable enough to be a nfl starter. I don't see anything in yet to say he is a franchise QB you build around. He seems like a system QB.
  9. skinfan2k

    Sports Wagering thread

    Until DC gets a sports book, what apps do you guys use to make parlay bets??
  10. And now we have 1 thread for all haskins stuff. This board in the stadium has 0 original talk anymore. It's the tailgate or Twitter now. This board has taken a turn for the worse in the last few years.
  11. anyone going to the anthem tmrw? I'd be game to meet up. Also there are so many things on etsy that people have created to remember this world series Rendon is coming back. There are 0 rumors of other teams poaching him yet. He doesn't seem like he wants to go to a big market like LA and he knows he loves it here.
  12. skinfan2k

    Next Coach?

    its a win win for any coach to come here and chase the money. If they fail, they get paid and don't get any blame because you are working for Danny Boy. If you win, you get all the credit and none goes to Danny Boy
  13. skinfan2k

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    if KOC can't even call plays after this team has scored what 2 late TDs against the jets, he is nothing to consider next year. if he was any good, he'd be calling plays. I'm all for the next coaching staff/GM replacing haskins and bringing in their own guy even if haskins might turn into something.
  14. which blu-ray are you ordering? who is going to the anthem that day?
  15. We really need Dan to be caught in some type of scandal.