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  1. Another coach leaves this organization. Do the redskins want to announce anything? Didn't see any thread for this loss. Thought he was supposed to be a "coach in waiting" for a Coordinator position. Guess not? Who's Tampa's LB right now? Seems to me thats the only place where we look these days?
  2. Assistant HC is a title by man. It literally means nothing. We are the only fools to actually implement that years ago to give our coach a boost in pay. Eric will be a head coach in 2020 somewhere.
  3. Eric Bienemy isn't going anywhere as a assistant HC, hes in running for a HC. There is no reason to move to another job for a literal move when he knows hes the next hot OC candidate. This is a foolish take
  4. Yeah ok lol. They could have passed this in the first two years of his administration but somehow wait til the democrats take one house to "blame" them. If you don't understand this is a game, ive got news for you
  5. It's not necessarily about the slogan but its the micromanagement of issues like this and worrying about these kinds of details
  6. The article highlights that Dan Snyder did not appreciate the marketing campaign "We hail" designed by ex-chief operating officer Brian Lafemina. The slogan apparently was too close to the Nazi slogan “Sieg Heil!”, which translates to hail victory. Is this really what this guy is concerned about? Not the health of this organization but a stupid slogan. Meanwhile, he has time to buy a $100M yacht. I guess he doesn't want to invest this money into more important things.
  7. who says he wants to win? he hires people who doesn't want confrontation with and someone to be buddy-buddy with.
  8. Why would anyone else outside of retreads come here? For a retread, coming here will not tarnish your career. For a Kris Richard or someone young who has some promise, this could kill your career
  9. when i see this thread bumped, i expect someone to say Harper is back! or Harper is gone lol
  10. skinfan2k

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    Why do the commentator keep saying Happ is NBA legit ready. he is a poor man's tyler hansborogh, but he blows. If someone in the NBA drafts him, they should be fired
  11. skinfan2k

    Watching the NFL playoffs

    The four remaining teams left are avg more than 27 pts a game. NE is the only team avg under 30 and their average of 27.8 is the lowest in almost 10+ years. We are not even close to that kind of offensive wizardy
  12. skinfan2k

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    It feels like only a 5 pt lead even though we are up like 16-21 most of the time
  13. skinfan2k

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    Ayala reminds me of Byron Mouton
  14. i'm kinda hoping we botch this hiring and firing and the media takes advantage of this situation.
  15. Its kinda sad that the Redskins TV show doesn't even address this.