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  1. I would think our game gets moved to Monday or later Sunday.
  2. Generational Talent aka worth paying for lol. He didn't even have 35-100 until 2019 lol. I'm not paying someone to bat .280 25 90 rbis top dollar money lol
  3. The lerners aren't short sighted like you are. Why the hell would you pay above value for Harper and Rendon when in theory Soto came to our team and produced from Day 1. They figured they had a window to buy Corbin and use the current nucleus to win a championship thru heavy money on pitching. When Max leaves, It will be the inverse where we have cheap arms and our money is going to the offense.
  4. Yes because he is a generation talent. Rendon is not even close. He is not a team leader, he didn't make ASGs, he didn't do jack **** until 2019 as a top 15 player level. He literally had 1 legit season and you want to crown his ass.
  5. Please 2019 was not normal for Rendon. He has one year over 5.2 and it was that year. He is not keeping that pace at all. I'm not paying someone like Rendon who had their best year with a top 8 player in baseball behind him. I'm paying Rendon money to Soto who is that type of player.
  6. Rendon and harper were not worth their prices. I'd argue we won a world series a year or two too late. The transition to the young hitters was going to happen sooner or later.
  7. Sorry Rendon is not worth the price. We will find out in 3 years how he isn't
  8. dude how did you get tickets?  I didnt get an email for presale??

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ixcuincle


      I have 2 left for Saturday but we'll see if the people I know want to use them. If they can't use them I'll see


      They're 100 level seats, about 380 per seat.

    3. skinfan2k


      thats easy. I'll pay you right now. 

    4. ixcuincle


      All the tickets I have are gone. Sorry. There might be presale for NLCS ticket buyers.

  9. I have been trying to find (in advance before the season begins) two tickets with on field pre game access for the redskins. V. Dallas game  as an anniversary gift. When I contact the skins staff. They keep trying to get me to purchase season tickets with gold membership for on field access.  Just trying to go to the Dallas game.    Help!!!!!

  10. yeah man.  $80 each. 

  11. Hi there,  we're interested in this ticket.  My husband and I have season tickets but we need one for our nephew.  You can text me on 301.807.5377 if it is still available.

    Thank you.


  12. cool i will let you know.  Not trying to spend more than $20 to be honest.  

  13. are you going to the Pitt and dallas games? if so, i need someone else to buy a pair with 

    1. ixcuincle


      Probably. Tell me more

    2. skinfan2k


      i haven't bought tickets yet but its easier to find a pair than a single

    3. ixcuincle


      Alright let me know what you end up doing 

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