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  1. did anyone get tickets this morning. i had a cluster**** number of issues. Anyone want to trade game 5 for game 4 tickets???
  2. we all know that lol. we are asking from the team dude!
  3. the XFL pushed the NFL to adopt alot of the new things that we see now during games like skycam.
  4. Bo Porter said something which was amazing. He said at 19-31 there were no finger pointing or any media leaks unlike one team we know. This team never worried all year. Davey reminds of a Gibbs maybe not the offensive genius but guys will run through a wall for him.
  5. I saw that tweet and respond. Who the **** does she think she is? Do you have to live in DC proper to be a fan of DC teams? How idiotic
  6. So are you saying you want Max and Stras to be the starters for each of the road games??
  7. skinfan2k

    11-5 Finish, Tell Me It Can Happen, Please....

    This team won't win 11 games over the next 3 years.
  8. Let's say Stras pitches in Game 6 and throws 100 pitches. If the Nats need him for Game 7, they will use him for 1 or 2 batters if they have too.
  9. skinfan2k

    ISO: World Series Tickets

    Same here. I'm willing to pay 1.5-2x face if you have some!
  10. I agree but i think Davey is thinking we have four legit starters and anibal would be the anchor for 1-2 and 6-7 as well as Max.
  11. skinfan2k

    The Official D.C. Defenders Thread

    when is the draft and who is on our roster right now?
  12. Max is getting game 1. If he had a poor game 2 start, it would be different.
  13. Agree but look at the difference in price though. One website is almost $150 cheaper.
  14. there are so many better sites than stub hub. I'm surprised people use that website still. Use TickPick! There is no more presale for public. You have to buy 2020 Nats Plus if you want tickets.