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  1. Tesla will be the #1 car maker by 2025 in the world.
  2. I mean i don't care how bad your weapons are, when you are down 20 points, you should easily throw for 300. when has Haskins done that? Herbert threw for 300 off the bench and kept pace with KC.
  3. Haskins hasn't shown me anything that shows he's a franchise QB. accuracy stinks, can't change up speeds with his throws, he is way too stiff when he runs, he doesn't make guys around him better. At best i see him as a system QB, and nothing close to a top 10 qb in this league.
  4. Steelers was my pick too. the Steelers were 9-7 with Duck right? Colts who knows but i hate betting division games.
  5. Whats a good week 1 survivor pick? Cheifs? Colts? Ravens?
  6. Nice. I have about 6k in closing cost and the break even is in the next 18 months. He was giving me 30 yr at 2.375 as well but i didn't want to restart my 30 yr cycle again.
  7. got my 30 yr mortgage from 3.875 to a 15 yr at 2.25 and i am paying 100 more per month. woo!
  8. thank god we won't be seeing those trash gold jerseys anytime soon. great for fans to wear but ugly on the field. I haven't seen our curly W red jerseys yet.
  9. good thing is my best friends are taking the rental and they are not strangers. But thanks for the heads-up.
  10. does anyone here have a copy of their rental agreement? My dad is becoming a rental landlord. What are some things you would like to see from a landlord ?
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