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  1. I know Harper didn't have the greatest year last year but he had swagger and showed emotion. These players include Rendon dont have it.
  2. Clearly these players dont give a damn for Davey.
  3. I think you have to get rid of Davey. You need to start the process for next year immediately.
  4. the bullpen will give up 2 runs. can the nats score 3?
  5. Trea Turner is such a beast. adam eaton needs to be dropped to the 9th hole
  6. that double play doesn't happen if difo is playing SS
  7. Fedde deserves to stay in rotation based on this rotation now
  8. Of course they will blame it on MASN or some other bull****. Who else on this offense do we need to pay?
  9. Let's see the lineup today with eaton back. It's time to move Robles back to the 9 spot. Eaton, Turner, Rendon, Soto, Kendrick, Parra, Catcher, pitcher, Robles
  10. The Dodgers were 16-25 last year and then won 90 games. Baseball is so funky that anything can happen. The other teams could play .500 the rest of the year and maybe 90 wins isn't needed. The key is which wins we get.
  11. I'm not why they are using Helly as a starter. This guy is not an innings eater. Fedde even on a bad day can go 5 innings but he has the potential to go 7 or 8.
  12. Play Rendon at SS, Howie at 3???
  13. its not even worth watching this team when its not for Max, Stras, or Corbin. The offense including Rendon and Soto are a joke
  14. i saw an article last week if the nats wanted just to win 90 games, they had to go 76-50 the rest of the way. There is 0 chance that will happen
  15. haven't been online all day, davey fired yet haha?