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  1. I know it’s crazy with QBs. I think this is one Qb class I will follow very closely because of all the footage I have watched on them the past several months.
  2. I am very depressed about it as well. I think Grant Paulson summed it up the best when he was on the Sheehan show yesterday. Finally someone on the radio said Daniels in his opinion was likely to bust out of the 5 quarterbacks. “
  3. Honestly the more I hear and read the more I don’t want this guy. If true that he wants to be the best running Qb ever then this reunion with him will be short lived. I am praying we don’t hear his name called tomorrow night
  4. I know and hoping albeit slim that the pick is not Daniels. Kinda getting prepared that it will be him
  5. Yes hoping that nothing from the team will provide some hope albeit slim that it’s not Daniels. My honest opinion is that Maye will be better than Daniels for the long haul. Daniels had a great year and is dynamic but I just see too much recklessness from the him with such a thin built.
  6. For a team that is suppose to keep things hush hush there has been nothing but leaks from different pundits saying their sources have Daniels to Washington for several weeks now
  7. I am with you as well. I am really still surprised it’s going to be Daniels. Sure I will still hold out hope for Thursday but the writing is on the wall for JD
  8. I have seen it so many times over the years as well with people including myself. I don’t agree with Keim on the team taking Daniels regardless of what he or his agent thinks. My gut tells me that Quinn and KK are pushing for Daniels and Peters may give way to that. If that’s the case then I am not happy with the Peters hire. Hard to believe you would pick someone who does not want to come here. I am sure there is some truth to it if Daniels publicist had to put out a statement.
  9. Your right it will be a huge mistake. He is also a better leader than Daniels who is too reserved for me. My gut tells me in 4 years Maye will be better than Daniels. I see too much careless in Daniels game not protecting himself and leaving his feet.
  10. Very good post. You make some great points. Hopefully Peters is not persuaded by DQ or KK to go elsewhere with the pick
  11. I would hate the pick. Peters was executive that I wanted this past offseason. Really excited what we did in free agency, but taking Daniels would lower my opinion of him. Heard Sheehan on 980 the other day saying any QB can get hurt. Sure they can but Daniels does not protect himself and I saw some of the hits he took running. Eventually the physicality will do him in. He looked like a rail walking in the airport last night. I didn’t want Chase Young in 2020 and my pick would have been Herbert. I watched his games and knew Herbert had no receivers just like Maye. His best receiver Johnny Johnson is on a future reserves contract and he likely has no career in the NFL. Chase could not handle the better tackles in college. His last game against Clemson was the kicker for me. He had no answer for Jackson Carman and the DC had to move him around to try and get pressure.
  12. That is how I feel. Going to be very upset if Daniels is the pick. Don’t like his style of play challenging defenders and getting knocked on his back 10 yards backwards. He is not going to last into his thirties with his body type not avoiding contact. We have a chance to draft a big guy with a cannon of a arm who can throw into tight windows. Has enough athletic ability to make off schedule throws and is younger than Daniels. JD was not as good as Maye at 21. Really surprised Peters would consider taking JD given the risk factor. Sure Maye could get hurt but he has a better chance to play 12-14 yds than Daniels.
  13. Exactly I am fully with you. Daniels age related should be going into his 2nd year in the NFL. Maybe it’s not that big of a deal and I do give him credit for having an outstanding year. Just don’t like his long term outlook with his style of play and thin frame. Plus the having outstanding Wrs and a good OL. I am not too concerned with Maye having a down year. New OC mediocre wideouts and bad offensive line. I feel it was expected. I believe his upside is so much better than Daniels
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