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  1. We need to convince them the vaccine will enhance their performance or reduce chance of injury. They're probably dumb enough to believe it.
  2. I'm gonna have to take my first trip to Cooperstown when Max is inducted into the HOF as the first curly dub.
  3. That's why I'd wanna deal with Tampa. Their farm is loaded and they're probably okay giving up some of it for a rental since they have a shot to win again and they can never pay the guys they develop anyway.
  4. Na. In a year or two when the pandemic dies down and he's racking up 15+ sacks a year nobody will care. It'll suck for this year though. I mean Lamar Jackson didn't get vaccinated and he just got COVID AGAIN, you think Baltimore is getting rid of him?
  5. Went to see Old tonight. Interesting and at times thrilling but kinda "meh" at times as well. Give it a 6.5/10.
  6. Here's whats gonna happen. We're gonna end up finishing like 9-8 and will have lost at least two games due to COVID forfeits and that'll be the difference between making and not making the playoffs.
  7. I feel like its just as much the fact that we played a ton of mobile QBs last year and we also played a lot of soft zone which allowed QBs to just get rid of the ball underneath to avoid sacks. Its tougher for DTs because the QB can see you head on, its not like an Edge guy where they're often coming from the blindside. But its also a lack of closing speed.
  8. Someone changing genders doesn't affect my livelihood whatsoever. Someone not getting vaccinated potentially does.
  9. They're terrorists. Every single one of them.
  10. The Rams have a much more veteran group. They haven't even had first round draft picks for the last few years.
  11. All it takes is one guy to show up COVID positive without being vaccinated. Imagine if like Montez Sweat ends up on COVID protocol for our Week 2 game against the Giants and that causes a chain reaction resulting in a forfeiture. Guys will turn then.
  12. Yeah I don't see Humphries as a lock either. Cam Sims played well at the end of last year and I think will make it as the #4.
  13. Mental health is serious. She could paralyze herself if her head isn't truly in it. She owes nothing to anyone, she's already done more for this country than any of these big shot fake tough internet warriors.
  14. Man that chase for Gretzky's record is gonna be insane in a few years. It'll be awesome to see a D.C. athlete get a major sports record.
  15. I have a feeling we have some really important players who aren't getting vaccinated. Like nobody gives an F if a 3rd string Tackle isn't getting it, we can just cut his ass. We ain't cuttin Montez Sweat.
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