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  1. Yep exactly. I don't know how he would fit into the type of guy AP/DQ are looking for. Maybe the thought process is the culture will be so good from everyone else that we can take a hit from him and the talent is too tantalizing but I don't know, the WR class was insanely deep.
  2. Seems like Martin is the only young/unproven-ish guy from the Rivera era that is holding up. Everyone else could be gone in a year or two tops.
  3. It kinda is. It means you don't really make that kind of push until you're sure you got your elite QB on a rookie deal. Otherwise, if it turns out the kid can't play, you're really hamstringing yourself. Also, these elite studs typically don't want to play with a QB that isn't at least kinda proven. Although with Aiyuk and Daniels's history, that might not matter in this particular case.
  4. I mean Wagner still played at a high level last year. This isn't like when Rivera picked up Thomas Davis who couldn't move at all at the end of his career.
  5. No he wasn't. Dak was a borderline MVP candidate last year. He was basically a game manager before McCarthy arrived and is now a legit top 5-10 QB.
  6. In the modern era? Yes, absolutely. McCarthy turned Favre around late in his career and squeezed the final bits of juice out of him. He completely built Rodgers from the ground up. Then he goes to Dallas and pushes Dak to the next level. We like to crap on McCarthy and he gets some hate but the guy is a QB whisperper absolutely. Gibbs was no longer the brilliant Xs and Os mind in the 2000s that he was in the 80s/90s. I'd still take GIbbs over Mccarthy as a leader of men without a doubt but when it comes to modern day football strategy and player development, McCarthy is much better.
  7. Good for the Celtics but they had probably the easiest route to a title ever. How often do you face #5 seeds in the Finals?
  8. Yeah you never say anything like that publicly. Keep it in house.
  9. Going back to our identity of strong starting pitching.
  10. Idk. Baldurs Gate 3 is pure single player and is one of the best RPGs ever.
  11. Quinn saying we can get flash later gives merit to Mitchell being a target. I personally wasnt a fan of his but the talent is tantalizing.
  12. Watching the draft coverage is interesting. All our picks were raved about…except Brandon Coleman. I think we may have reached on that one and its gonna end up being the turd of what will ultimately be a rock star draft class. I feel like he was a reach pick made out of desperation and the draft coverage kinda proves that. Not much excitement in the room
  13. Daniels to McCaffery is gonna be lighting up the league by 2026
  14. I remember coming home from one of if not the last days of school and all the kids in the neighborhood watching it at my friend's house while waiting for our parents to pick us up. It was surreal af. It was a crazy sports time all around. Two NY teams in the finals of their sport and the World Cup was being held in the U.S.
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