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  1. Warhead36

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    Letting Trotz go is going to cost us another Cup or two. Rierdan is not on his level.
  2. I drank a lot. I have the video of the final Hudson K on my phone and it'll never be deleted.
  3. Europe trip booked. Going to Lisbon, Ibiza, and Barcelona in June.
  4. Warhead36

    Cuts to get 100 million in Cap Space???

    lolol Hogs Haven is a joke. No chance Scherff only makes $9 Mil. He's gonna get 12+ easily.
  5. Warhead36

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    He's good. He's not Sherman or Ramsey good. And he gets hurt a lot. If we can fetch a 2nd for him I'd do it in a heartbeat.
  6. Warhead36

    A tight end by any other name

    Why do so many of our fans insist on trying to build this team like its 1985?
  7. Mayor Pete with a very strong finish with that closing statement. I think he has a shot...
  8. I feel the same. I don't want a regular average joe President. I want someone who can get stuff done. I don't care about their upbringing, doesn't mean jack to me.
  9. She just doesn't have stage presence. She's not presidential at all.
  10. Mayor Pete using Bernie's lines referring Scandinavian nations and the American Dream lolol
  11. Can Klobuchar stop with the joke attempts? She isn't funny.
  12. Warren has been the big winner thus far. I think Biden has done well also. Sanders is being conservative. He's kinda like that NFL team that's up big late and is just playing run run pass punt playing prevent.
  13. Klobechar has good policies/ideas but has absolutely no presence whatsoever. I think she'll make a decent cabinet member. Race should be cut down to the Final Four: Sanders, Biden, Warren, and Buttigeg.
  14. Biden is hilarious tonight. Apparently he's the only one that knows and has done anything. Do like his energy though. Bloomberg has been a disaster. Not really a surprise.