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  1. Yep it seems like just about every other position, some guys dominate right away while other guys don't put up the big #s until year 2. But to suggest Young has been a bust? I can't believe anyone thinks that. Heck he might be a Pro Bowler year 1.
  2. Goff is a good underrated QB. He's in that Cousins tier of getting crapped on undeservedly.
  3. Myles Garrett only had 7 his rookie year. JJ Watt had 5.5. Brother TJ had 7. Justin Houston had 5.5.
  4. Payne is really good against the run and has consistently stuffed backs in the backfield on 3rd/4th and 1. I'd like to keep him. He shouldn't be that expensive as he's primarily a run stopper.
  5. The NFC is wide open. Rams could be a darkhorse.
  6. Scherff is good but is there a NOTICABLE difference between him and Sweitzer? Not really. You don't pay a G that kind of money unless he's Quentin Nelson or Zach Martin dominant and Scherff isn't that. I'd prefer to keep him because he is very good, but for big bucks? No thanks. With that said it'd suck to create another hole since the left side needs a complete revamp. Roullier is a FA too and while he's not all world, he's dependable enough at C and worth keeping.
  7. Yeah I had no issue losing to Philly and New York to end the year last year and clinch the #2 pick. If the results were reversed Philly could have had CD Lamb(even though he went to a division rival anyway) and we could have seen Young terrorize us for the next decade in the Big Blue. Think. Long. Term.
  8. That's why you don't draft for "need." You never really know what positions you will or won't need. Accumulate talent and trust your coaches to figure it out.
  9. I wouldn't really say I have buyer's remorse. I still fully expect Young to be an absolute force for years to come. I don't hate the pick at all. I just wish we saw a little bit more this year like what the Bosas did their rookie years. But that might be more of an indictment on the rest of the team than Young.
  10. We won't pick ahead of the Jets or Jags. They have 1/2 all but secured at this point. Still would love to pick 3rd and ensure Zach Wilson.
  11. I like Doc and I think him paired with Galdi was actually pretty decent, but I can see why they let him go. His schtick as angry old guy gets old after a while and he's pretty painful to listen to when not talking NFL(hell he's painful to listen to when talking NFL too at times with all his cliche crap).
  12. Yeah exactly it works both ways. I don't believe in drafting a QB just because you need one. That's how you end up taking someone like Blaine Gabbert, passing up on talent like Ryan Kerrigan and JJ Watt among others. But this looks like the year to get one. Hopefully we'll be in position...
  13. Chiefs offense vs. Steelers defense in the AFC Title game would be legit. But don't sleep on the Colts. That defense travels.
  14. You just know Mahomes is gonna pull this one out
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