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  1. Bucs home schedule is pretty underwhelming. The only other home game they have with any real juice is the Bills and maybe Bears. Based on Fowler's tweet regarding our schedule, I think we'll open against the Giants. I doubt the league will have us open against the Eagles three years in a row. If MNF is against an NFC South or @ AFC West then the juiciest matchups would be at the Raiders(Vegas) or the Bucs. Possibly Panthers for the Rivera return factor. Broncos would be in the mix if they acquire Rodgers obviously. I wonder who we'd play on Thursday N
  2. Yep the lockout + essentially two COVID impacted seasons has screwed him. I don't think he'll get there now, which is sad. It'd have been awesome to have D.C. athlete as the all time X in a certain stat. We had to watch two guys in two different sports break records against us(Barry Bonds HR record against the Nats, and Drew Brees TD record against the Skins). Well I guess Russell Westbrook is gonna get the all time triple double record with us but he's only been here a year so its not the same. He's an OKC guy.
  3. I watched some streams of it and it looks pretty fun but I heard its really short? like ~10 hours? I'm not a big RE guy.
  4. They die on a hill for him because he's everything they want to be. They want his dirty undeserved wealth. They want to be as corrupt and be able to get away with stuff the way he does. They think everything he says. They don't aspire to be Colin Powell or Mitt Romeny or John McCain. They aspire to be Donald Trump.
  5. Probably, but you never know. All it takes is one desperate team and Rizzo has fleeced teams in the past.
  6. Yep I think its time to rebuild. This is why I suggested the possibility of trading Scherzer. Obviously if we're contending that's different, but if we're like 5+ games out at the end of July and some team with title aspirations offers a haul? It'd be silly not to consider it. I'm just happy we were able to cash in and win a World Series. I can live off that for another few years.
  7. I'm surprised that some contender that needs a pass rusher hasn't gone after Kerrigan. He's still a fine situational pass rusher but definitely not an everydown starter anymore.
  8. Just rest everyone for the playoffs. I don't care about winning the division. Home ice doesn't mean jack anyway.
  9. With a better secondary and an offense that should actually score points I expect more sacks from everyone this year. I was a little disappointed with our pass rush at times last year outside of the teams we faced that had backup QBs/OLs.
  10. Yeah I don't see him as another McLaurin. McLaurin is a legitimate blazer, he runs a 4.3 but we just don't see it often enough because our QBs have stunk. But remember the first Dallas game last year when he roasted Diggs? Or the debut in Philly? Scary Terry can legit fly. Dyami Brown probably has more game speed than actual legit speed. I think his strengths might be more acceleration(i.e. he gets to his top speed faster)which allows him to get open and he has good body control to come down with 50/50 balls.
  11. Day after tomorrow he'll need an amputation. I'm only half kidding.
  12. Better hope and pray Beal is okay, but damn Westbrook is clutch AF
  13. The cross conference same division standing game isn't going to be the finale, I don't know why people keep assuming that. The final game being all division games is fantastic and will stay.
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