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  1. Kirk will always have those 1 or 2 absolute clunker games every year. But it also doesn't appear that the Vikings have that good of a supporting cast this year. The OL is shaky and they lost Diggs.
  2. There's that Jay Gruden offense we grew to love lolol
  3. I'll just refrain from making any evaluation one way or another until the end of the season.
  4. I mean its only been two games and our second game was against Murray who is basically impossible to pressure since that offense is either him getting rid of the ball or running away.
  5. I don't think Moreland has been terrible. He was on Hopkins a lot last week so you gotta expect him to give up some catches there. Moreau has been okay as well. I think the group still needs an upgrade but both guys are serviceable for now. The big issue is Apke. He is atrociously bad. And its even worse because Collins is not a cover Safety at all.
  6. I'd like to see some screens to Gibson as well but maybe the coaches just don't trust the OL to execute? I actually don't think Turner has been an issue. I haven't minded the playcalling all that much. We've gone spread, passed on 1st down, etc. We're just severely lacking talent at critical areas which is hampering us.
  7. Tough matchup this week as well. Browns have two very good OTs.
  8. I think hes a more natural 4-3 disruptive DT type as opposed to the space eating 3-4 NT.
  9. I don't think the locker room is sour on Haskins though. This isn't some veteran laden team that is relying on a young QB to lead them, they're all pretty young and mostly figuring things out.
  10. Gruden had good QBs and skill talent like Garcon, Jackson, Reed, Thompson, etc. The passing game wasn't much last year either when it was Case Keenum and McLaurin and a bunch of tomato cans.
  11. Because the Browns have way more talent? Try watching other football games outside of Washington. Outside of McLaurin and maybe Gibson we have by far the worst set of skill players in the league and might actually be in the discussion for worst ever. Yes its that bad.
  12. Noone is denying Reed's ability. When healthy he can ball. But its a huge risk to rely on him to be healthy. The 9ers have the luxury of letting him be a backup behind Kittle(though Kittle might miss some time now himself).
  13. Not really. Brady actually completed over 60% of his passes right from the get go and that was back before the rules changes. Accuracy and touch are just things you either have or you don't. Very rarely do QBs go from inaccurate to accurate.
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