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  1. I mean it goes farther back if you look into it. The Rangers didn't come close to winning with A-Rod. After he left they made it to back to back World Series. The Giants made one World Series with Bonds. Shortly after he retired they won 3 in 5. The Angels haven't come close after signing Pujols to that mega deal. Meanwhile the Cards who let him go made it back to the World Series a year after he left and have been a solid year in year out contender since. History speaks for itself. If you want to win championships, you don't dole out big bucks for one position player.
  2. If he gets offered $500+ Mil? And you still want to compete for championships? You might have to. Megastars who make that kind of money don't win championships in MLB, unless they are Pitchers.
  3. Speak for yourself. I liked him, always have always will. We had three top 10 coaches in our program and let em go. This organization is just rotten to all hell.
  4. And THAT is why you pay to keep Stras, not Rendon. Pitching wins championships.
  5. I trust Mike Rizzo. People fumed when we let Harper go too. Players come and go, but good management means sustained success.
  6. I mean, what have the Rockies won with Arenado and that big contract? Like I said before, its very difficult to win when you pay one player that much money.
  7. Holy crap, thats a ton of coin. Good for him though, he deserves it. Im happy for him. He gets paid and he helped us win a title. He’ll always be a DC legend.
  8. Warhead36

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    Oshie is an American hero
  9. The LBs other then Holcomb are garbage. Also need another Safety next to Collins.
  10. I mean he gets to live in beautiful LA and get paid $400 Mil. There is no guarantee he wins anywhere else. The fact is, the history of baseball shows that any team that commits that kind of money to one player never wins.
  11. Or could be like Robinson Cano situation where some random team like the Mariners comes out of nowhere and pays a massive amount. I'm hearing the White Sox really want to land a big star.
  12. Warhead36

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    If a team is willing to give up draft pick(s) and or young players for Bertans you trade him. He's going to be overpaid in the market.
  13. Blake Treinen is literally the definition of volatile reliever. Dude bounces from scrub to all-star caliber every year.
  14. Soto will probably wait to FA. I'm not sure guys are gonna sign deals early anymore seeing how much money is out there, especially a guy like Soto who has proven on the biggest stage he's a star. He could try to be the first $500 Million player in 5+ years.