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  1. Yeah I may have been a bit too hard on Thomas. I've listened to him more now and I do like his energy. I don't like him by himself though, I think he needs someone opposite of him. I just don't get why Galdi was axed. He's awesome and so much better than this Reese Waters dude who just puts me to sleep everytime.
  2. Zimm's question has never been ability. He's just gotta stay healthy.
  3. I have a hard time trading Allen. He's a leader in the locker room and the PFF metrics suggest he's better then his #s might say he is. He's a strong Rivera culture guy. I think if anything he stays and Payne is the one dealt. I like Settle but his ceiling might be a rotational 3rd DT type.
  4. I don't think we can predict our draft direction until FA hits. We probably won't draft Bateman or Toney if we sign a high priced WR.
  5. Could be that the team is looking to see who other teams cut before resigning Scherff. If a bunch of decent to good Guards get cut, they might decide to go with a cheaper option. I'd still prefer to resign Scherff though. He's just hitting his prime and dominant interior OL matter.
  6. 980 is dead now. Travis Thomas is too cringey and Reese Waters is boring as hell.
  7. Thats possible. Tua didn't really light it up last year. I could see Jones being a Dalton type and having a solid ~8 year career as a starter, but that's probably his ceiling. Tua could be a superstar but more likely he'll flame out.
  8. I can't believe there might actually be a bidding war for Marcus freaking Mariota.
  9. The only thing worse than drafting Mac Jones would be trading up to draft Mac Jones.
  10. My guess is Smith lands in Chicago. People are saying Jacksonville but they're gonna draft and start Lawrence from day one and Smith is gonna wanna go somewhere where he can potentially start.
  11. Even if she's doing the Texas fundraising stuff for charity, she's still...raising millions of dollars for people who need it. EVEN IF she pockets like half of that(which is garbage but probably something a MAGA would argue), that's still a couple milli at least for the people of Texas, more than Cruz or any other Repub managed to do. She could be the absolute worst anyone assumes, and still she's done more good for the people of Texas than their own elected officials.
  12. Some people choose the strangest of hills to die on.
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