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  1. Isnt the 2.2M guaranteed though? If so, then I dont think its an Apples to Apples comp. I mean, everyone is seeing 8.75m and thinking "Ok, so he's getting ~4.4M per year, right?" No, 8.75M is probably the max value full of incentives and back loaded. He probably gets a 1M signing bonus and 1.5M in Base this year along with some roster bonuses each year. This is a good deal
  2. Yeah... Darnold seems to be a huge bust. But to play devils advocate... Another athletic QB that actually transitioned to QB in college. Plus athlete with with good, not great arm and former top 10 pick.... Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill was older his rookie year than Darnold is right now. That has to mean something. Im not saying Darnold will last another 2 years in the league, let alone lead a team to the AFC championship game... but maybe Sam needs his Mike Vrabel.
  3. Mostly agree. Simply, Haskins hasn't had the experience/game reps to fully lock down his mechanics to overcome his lack of knowledge of the playbook, and he hasn't put in the work/learned the offense enough to overcome his lack of experience/shaky footwork. I'll say this, if this brow beating/benching ends up lighting a long term fire from Haskins and he ends up making a leap... Rivera is going to get a TON of rope with me. That would be one hell of a coaching/mentor job that doesnt happen often in the NFL.
  4. Im not sure why people are having trouble with this. He has been clear about it. 1) Rivera thought, like many others, that we'd have 1-2 teams in our division (Most everyone thought DAL & PHI) would be 3-1 / 4-0 at this point in the season. The opposite has occurred, which is a surprise around the league. 2) Every offensive snap starts with the ball in the QB's hand, and every pass is based on a QB's decision. So if the QB is not making the right decision, adjustment, etc. the play immediately falls apart. How can a new coach with new FO personnel fairly evaluate &a
  5. Given Haskins age/limited experience, a new coaching staff, a new offensive system, the limited offseason, and the fact we are rebuilding combined with the fact that Rivera is a loyal, well liked coach makes it quite clear... 1) Haskins isnt putting in the work And/Or 2) Haskins isnt leading in the locker-room There is no way that Rivera would bench Haskins due to performance given what I mentioned above. I think all of us on this board understand the tough position Haskins was put in this summer. 1 of the 2 points above clearly occurred for Rivera to do this
  6. Poor hands and instincts. Game speed is only mediocre as he doesnt have an explosive 1st step or quick feet, while not having the route running to compensate. AGG is a much better prospect.
  7. Somewhat agree, but both those incidences directly related to breaking rules of the actual game. Also, dont be surprised if more stories like this pop up from other teams here soon.
  8. Harmon's efficient feet and catch radius are fine as a RZ threat. You're asking a raw, 5th round rookie with a shortened offseason to beat out a guy with more refined skills. Im simply saying that he wont beat out Harmon "Early in the year" as the consistent Z receiver opposite of Terry, but we'll see
  9. Great question. AGG - Bigger athlete. More explosive vertically with quicker feet and better instincts with the ball in his hands/YAC. Better at the LOS. Harmon - More consistent catcher/hands and a bit more efficient in his movement and much better route runner. Basically, Harmon is the more refined Receiver, while AGG is the better athlete/body control. Both have trouble with separation, both block their ass off and compete. I have a hard time seeing AGG beating out Harmon early in the year.
  10. This. Like the NBA realized in the last decade, versatility allows your team to create mismatches on the fly w/o leaving you exposed. For every Desean Jackson big play, he gives you 5-10 plays where he cant block his own man. Our WR's can block and get YAC/make plays Our RB's can catch the ball Our TE's can block and find open spots in Zone Coverage. Our Linebackers can play the run and cover in space. Simply put, today's coordinators are less bull-headed about "their system" or getting the ball to "Their" guy. its about ID'ing the mismatch and exposing it.
  11. Couldnt disagree more. We took a LT in the 4th and Im not sure you find a better OL prospect than Charles outside the first 3 rounds. As for the NFC East, The Eagles had a mediocre draft at best. They picked up some decent prospects later in the draft, but their first 3 picks were all taken about a round early and appear to be backups. I thought the Giants did well, especially with OLinemen and DB's. I actually think the Dallas draft was a bit overrated because of Lamb. I love his high floor and YAC, but I want to see his separation outside of the pillow swinging DB's in the Big
  12. Agreed also. This draft is making it VERY clear about the type of offense we will run. - quick OL - Strong WRs that block (Terry, Harmon, Golden) - “Weapons” that can play make (Sims, Love, Guice, Gibson) I think it’s becoming clear. sweeps, Screens, etc. with blockers on the outside. Makes Haskins job much easier. Seriously, Guice & Gibson with Harmon, Golden, and Terry is an interesting group that allows the OC to run a ton of different options with that look without giving it away. Gone are the Reed and AP days of knowing what we’re going to run.
  13. I pointed him out above and He is a good example. Good stats, strong competition, strong work ethic and leadership on a Grade A program. Dinged for average frame and just an above average arm. I mean, guys like Fromm and Kessler can have such an underwhelming arm that its almost impossible to make it. But the tall/lanky, big armed guys just seems like an Al Davis move.
  14. But again...why. My post wasn't rhetorical.I fell like all the Mid round QBs with leadership, timing, poise/pocket presences issue ALWAYS flame out. And I dont mean they become backups. I mean they are out of the league. 2016: Hakenburg, Lynch, Cardale Jones 2014: Logan Thomas, Mettenburger 2013: Glennon, Landry Jones 2012: Weeden, Osweiler, Lindley 2011: Gabbert, Mallett Again. You and many others on here do far more work than I do and i trust your scouting. But i feel like this archetype has shown to fail consistently. OTOH,
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