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  1. I think we hit on Haskins... Now, he might be a Pro-Browl QB or simply an average starter... But I dont see how he bust with his arm, pocket presence, and general aptitude. And for all the people who were clamoring for him to start early and said that QB's dont sit anymore... I'd ask "Whats a comp?" Find me QB with his limited experience (years as starter, level of Competition, and Passing Attempts) in college who isnt a freak athlete to help bail him out? All of the limited experience guys were great runners... Darnold, Josh Allen, Lamar, Cam, Wentz, Tannehill, Manziel, Alex Smith, etc.... All could use their legs to bail out their inexperience. When I look at guys drafted early who didnt have that benefit... Kizer, Trubisky, Jamarcus Russell, Mark Sanchez, and Aaron Rodgers I just think it goes to show that Haskins is one of the youngest, least experienced QB's in the last 15-20 years. Take away the bail out ability that Allen, Cam, Jackson have.... and you have a guy that needs to be at a higher level mentally, and that takes time. I have faith that we have our QB for the next 5-10. My only questions are, how do we compliment him and will he take a step up from average to good/great?
  2. pcbothwel

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I dont think its about hooking up a friend as much as..."Hey, I got to spend 80 hours a week with these guys and lead 60+ guys on Sunday's... communication is going to be key. I'll hire who I know I can work with." Im not excusing it, but just giving it a different perspective. God I cant wait for this year to end
  3. pcbothwel

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Not a Snyder or Allen fan, but we need to wait until tomorrow and hold reporters accountable accordingly. If we stand pat and take Lock/Haskins or a defender, I dont want to hear anymore from some of these hacks (Not Russini specifically, just in general). Its such low hanging fruit to say crap about Snyder "Forcing" a pick and overriding his scouts/FO. Again, I'll wait until tomorrow to pass judgement. But If do nothing, I dont want to see a bunch of lame tweets about "Ownership really wanted a QB, but FO members and coaches almost resigned in protest until decision was rescinded... That's the ONLY reason a trade up didnt occur" Also, We need to keep in mind where some of this could be coming from. We know Gruden & Allen want to save their jobs. Drafting a QB in the 1st does NOT help that cause. Snyder may be making sure "Hey, dont take some pash rusher so we can win 9 games instead of 8. Do whats best for the long term success of this team" Not saying Snyder is that smart or prudent, but it could be the influence of younger guys like O'Connell/Kyle Smith who want a QB against the CYA crew of Allen and Gruden. Just food for thought.
  4. pcbothwel

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Agreed. If we take Lock or Haskins at 15, im not sure there is much to complain about. I have Lock above Haskins, but wouldn't be mad at either.
  5. pcbothwel

    Starting QB 2019???

    Not buying it. Jay and Co. clearly have eyes on defense at 15. Again, Jay himself has mentioned the importance of hitting on a good player in the 1st and not reaching on a 2nd/3rd round QB prospect just because of the position. That basically translates to ..."No, we wont reach to take Jones". And I dont see Snyder, Bruce, etc. pushing for it either given Jones's limitations.
  6. pcbothwel

    Starting QB 2019???

    Great fit with Jay. Has a great arm and is very accurate downfield. He is making just under 20M per year for he next 4 years, but with no guarantees if traded. We could convert some of his salary to a signing bonus and we could fit him under our cap (And a Scherff extension)
  7. pcbothwel

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Ehhh. More parallels than you think. 1) Neither are considered Wealthy in comparison to other owners. 2) Both have had scrutiny as being average business men at best with more luck & failures than true innovation being a pioneer 3) Both "Fans" that really want to win and are willing to spend 4) Both has shown to be delusional in relating to the fans experience at their stadium as well as their status of their team compared to peers
  8. pcbothwel

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I know what I must do.... I found my purpose...LOL - Last summer, I said my Goodbyes on the Orioles Forum and said I would also no longer watch any games until a complete overhaul/rebuild. This winter, The Orioles fired everyone and went with a whole new structure with a modern approach/structure/GM - About 6 weeks ago, I said my Goodbyes on the Wizards Forum and said I would also no longer watch any games until a complete overhaul/rebuild/New FO. Yesterday, EG gets canned and Ted Leonsis said "We will be running a process to review our structure, roles and responsibilities, and think through how we can build an organization for the next chapter of the NBA demands". So here it is guys... I'll give it until about November... maybe ThanksGiving before my required departure to get Bruce Canned... You're Welcome ES
  9. pcbothwel

    Starting QB 2019???

    This... For the life of me I cant understand how people rate Grier and maybe even Jones above Finley. His arm isnt great, but its not terrible.. and he really checks every other box. I wouldnt hesitate to take him with our second 3rd if Jay and Co like him MOD edited - DO NOT QUOTE LONG STRINGS OF TEXT OR PICTURES/VIDEO.
  10. Agreed...great pickup. TBH, the comp pick thing doesnt make sense to me in the NFL. Why reward teams for letting players walk? Its a capped league with a floor and HEAVY revenue sharing. I understand it in baseball 100%, or even the NBA a iittle...but not the NFL. It was one of the few reasons I was interested in AJ green for a 3rd. We would recoup a 3rd/4th next year when he signed elsewhere.
  11. You'd think it would be perfect. The Colts have a TON of cap space, but appears to dont want to commit long term salary (See Funchess contract for 1/10M)
  12. ^^^ Agreed DC9... as I mentioned. He has quick, but terrible feet. Which is why he can pull and get to the 2nd level quite well...but cant back peddle, setup, and anchor at all. He also is terrible reading/timing pass rushers and keeping balance & bend. Those things alone KILL you at Tackle, but are non-existent at Guard. He is much better moving forward than backward. His 10 yard split was 1.78... Same as Scherff while being bigger, longer, and a little stronger. He has MILES to go as a pass blocker as a tackle... but a couple of small tweaks and he could be a Pro-Bowl caliber run blocker as a guard. Its a great gamble to make.
  13. Yeah... he was pretty awful, but there is certainly a glimmer for him at guard. I cant speak to the last 4 years in NY, but coming out of Miami, he was only 20 and had some redeeming quality's. - MASSIVE and STRONG man. heavy hands and stays on his blocks - While not quite Scherff level of "Nasty", he actually does have a little attitude to him...GOOD - TERRIBLE feet in Pass blocking, but actually moves well getting to the 2nd level on Line backers. Fact is, his ability to stay back as a Tackle and read the defender as well as move his feet efficiently are TERRIBLE. Thats what doomed him at Tackle. Now, He still has issues with his punch and EXPLODING them onto Defender, and his pad level is questionable at best. But its worth a shot to get a guy that big, athletic, and mean
  14. DRC has been a really good CB the last 5 years... he can play the outside, nickel, and safety. In the modern NFL, you need your back 7 to be versatile to handle multiple looks. Im not complaining one bit assuming its for 1 year and less than 3M. We can agree or disagree about Collins, but I think we are going about FA the right way now. I.E. Find a blue chip player and pay accordingly. But then bypass all the mid level guys and wait for the cheap ones. Contrast that to what we had done previously with guys like Zach Brown and Stacy McGee. I mean, look at the Bengals for Christ sake. They spent nearly 30M in AAV on 5 players, none of which would really even be a starter on a good team let alone a Pro-Bowler.