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  1. Next game, tomorrow vs Buffalo 7pm est. https://www.nhl.com/capitals/schedule/2021-02-16/ET/list
  2. Thats better! Bummed V didn't get the SO..
  3. Watched the first episode of "Your Honor".. Kind of predictable to start, but the little twist toward the end of E01 got my attention. Looking forward to the series!
  4. Crosby needs to pay for that cheap ****. He likes to kick legs out.
  5. Pulling Vanecek is the 1st real questionable call by coach, imo.. Anderson isn't really NHL caliber anymore. I recon sooner or later they'll get a multi goal lead and actually hang on for a W?
  6. At least Ovi got one. Need some bodies back.
  7. Another multi goal lead surrendered.. We love doing that apparently. Can't win em' all but 3 goal lead = loss = weak..
  8. NHL needs to provide "all" the camera angles for TV. This is how conspiracy theories start. lol Zed and Sprong answer back in a hurry!
  9. She's a hippie, don't you know this by now? Yep and either is a penalty. Bummed we gave up a point, but nice to see the Great8 back on ice for the OT winner!
  10. Solid, gritty, win! Can't believe how short handed were gonna be Thursday. Eller probably gonna be out. Hope Nicky and Wilson can go..
  11. From the morning skate/lines, appears Wilson may be ready to go! Imagine it's still a GTD, but he was skating with the 2nd line, so that's good!
  12. Take the point. All these guys out are gettin ready to catch up to us Im afraid. Thankfully Vanacek has been pretty damn good! Samsonov may of protocoled himself out of the #1.
  13. Going to be a tough stretch, especially if Wilson isn't back immediately. Glad to get those 2. Defense is below average..
  14. I still need to see that puck cross the plane. Camera shake isn't enough proof for me. At least we got a point out of it. We look pretty slow and not much energy, outside of Wilson and the grinders.
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