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  1. Oh yea, I forgot about that close call! LoL. But yes, much crisper, faster, tape to tape exiting the zone. Hate to say, "like they flipped a switch" but it was night and day from the last month+.. Just need some consistency now!
  2. Was nice to see the Cup Champs make an appearance! They all played well, but still think Holbty was #1 star.
  3. Well that was embarrassing.. Another wasted effort by Holts.
  4. Did Kempny get concussed recently and nobody knows about it? Been doing dumb stuff at an alarming rate lately.. But yea, let's see: 40 minutes, 7 shots on goal, carry the 1 and yep, that sucks. Holtby has to be scratching is head wondering WTF he's gotten into.. Can't believe we're still in it. Hopefully someone shows a heart beat here in the 3rd.
  5. Dumb penalties and a dominant forecheck has us chasing our tails.. At least Wilson knocked Anderson into next week.. lol
  6. Tomorrow is an actual test. (They mocked Kuzy after last game.) We're 4 pts ahead, they have 2 games in hand..
  7. Can't match the opposition intensity following a score? That or we take a lazy penalty.. It was silly a month ago, it's getting ridiculous now.
  8. Teams play and decision making is suspect.. Not sure what he's thinking with 3 seconds to go, at the other end of the ice. Apparently the NHL will let us keep the stolen point. Still, seems like the last month + every time we make a mistake it's in our net. Got to tighten up!!!
  9. Yep, thankfully were not losing (too many) points due to it so far. I wasn't feeling good at all about going into a S/O with Copley vs Varley last night.. Nice that Kuz seems to be coming back around!
  10. 2 goal leads in the 3rd period becoming stressful.. Glad they finished that one in OT.
  11. Figured our "review" luck was due to run out.. Sucks that the same ref who blew the whistle (and should of seen the puck loose) also pointed good goal? Whatever..
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    Gameday Thread

  13. <--------- guilty!! Who else yelled offside on the Kuzy goal?
  14. GoDeep81

    Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    A POUND??? (yea, Im yelling) lol Man how times have changed.. Back when I lived in NoVa (97') the closest we got to anything like that was 4th of July "Smoke In" at the Ellipse in DC.. Cops would kinda turn their back and let you smoke, people would throw/pass out J's, NORML would speak on the PA, lots of frisbee and hacky sack.. Then over to the Lincoln Memorial (or other spots nearby) for some live music! Good times!