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  1. Time to call DSP up.. Team needs energy anyway.
  2. Another suspect effort.. I could really care how "hungy" NC is.. 1 PP goal in 2 games, with the defender missing a stick, is bull**** from this group.. Hope they wake up.
  3. Here's a thought.. Shut the **** up about the coach? He gone, **** him! It's ride or die time. Leave the ****in for the offseason..
  4. No JAM.. This **** is getting ridiculous..
  5. Didn't want both our "goons" playing on the same line?
  6. Worse playoff performance I can remember.. Oh well, game 3 coming up!
  7. Maybe one of the Tampa games? I think all the games vs "lesser" (CBJ) were nail biters until we lost. But to answer your question, hell no. We never looked that bad..
  8. 1 shot that period? Poor play is one thing, that's embarrassment territory..
  9. Too much round 2 talk for me.. One game at a time!! Let's go!!!
  10. Little too much blood pressure for my liking, but hung on there..
  11. About the only worry (other than noted crazy bounces/bad hockey luck) I have for the playoffs is our special teams. PP hasn't looked particularly sharp lately and the PK gets exposed too often still. Hopefully the refs "let em play" and we don't have to see anything decided on it, but there will be some and better PP teams will take advantage if given the opp.. Losing draws compounds that problem.. But, as for 5v5, if last nights 2nd/3rd period is an indication of our playoff "focus", it'll be our opponents who should be "worried"!!
  12. Stanley Cup Champions sighting there the last 40 minutes.. We show up to the playoffs like that? Look out!!
  13. Tripped up in the trap game.. You'll have that.
  14. That was the highlight of the highlight imo.. lol Coburn is a BIG DUDE too.
  15. Bout 55 minutes of purdy right there!!