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  1. First 4 pots of the thread. 2 we win, 2 we lose.. ****er chimes in with "pump the brakes".. Cards 27 WTF 31
  2. I was gonna be happy with a INT and 7 points off the TO.. 2nd half of the game nearly got me emotional.. lol
  3. Didn't read the thread and obviously a day late/dollar short, but did I spy some hurry up offense with 10 minutes to go to surprise the D? Pass on 1st downs? POUND the rock when deep in the zone?? Somebody pinch me!!
  4. Not sure what else Ted needs to see. Team of this caliber has no business looking this disinterested. Hopefully he doesn't wait till all the coaches are gone. I really don't care to see another half season of this.
  5. Best 2 periods of "meaningful" hockey they've played (that I recall) in probably the last 2 seasons. They were relentless, pretty much dominated at both ends. Still need to see some paydirt from a few more guys.
  6. Can we fire TR and find a replacement before Sunday? We just look like boys playing men. If that's all Reirden can get out of em', he'll need to be gone for sure. Im not even sure what they're "trying" to do? Just looks like we're skating around waiting for the periods to end.
  7. LIke a broken record.. Can't win a 60 minute hockey game, only playing 30..
  8. The time is now, for the Caps.. Just no getting around it. Lean years are on the horizon.
  9. Been watching "Hanna" Action/crime/drama series about a young girl trying to find out who she is. Her dad trained her from birth to be a Jason Borne type. Plus I "think" she's been genetically altered or something to have exceptional senses. Pretty good, 5 episodes in!
  10. "Have you smoked weed before?" You mean, like today, or??
  11. 7/31/2020 Site loading "weird" for anyone else? Keeps wanting (trying, just spins the hour glass) to load some cloud site until I re-click a few times? Started yesterday. TIA
  12. They looked good. Still struggle winning faceoffs and entering the zone on the PP.. Couple bad penalties. Basically looked like they did before the shutdown, but with a little better defensive effort.
  13. Watched "The Outpost" over the weekend.. Intense action, war movie (2009 Afghanistan) based on soldiers accounts. Very sobering. Good watch!
  14. Yellowstone is a must see, imo! It gets better each season. Costner (John Dutton) is the "star" draw, but doesn't dominate the cast by any means. The son(s) Kayce, Jamie, sister Beth and her boyfriend RIp are the "stars", imo.. It's a cowboy, western, rich - blue collar "ranch" owners vs the native indians and ever richer white collar foes, all bidding/wanting for the - land - Yellowstone "Dutton" ranch is located on..
  15. My bad.. lol Hopefully nobody took me up on the offer.. It was pretty bad.
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