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  1. I still need to see that puck cross the plane. Camera shake isn't enough proof for me. At least we got a point out of it. We look pretty slow and not much energy, outside of Wilson and the grinders.
  2. Yep.. They didn't even really forecheck tonight. 2 bang bang goals from the top 6, but other then the PK, we we're out played. Lop sided penalty calls didn't help, but still. Need that bottom 6 to produce a little bit. On to ****sburgh!
  3. I'll go out on a limb and say our PK was better then theirs anyway! 2 more points! We'll take em' anyway we can get em'!! Nice job by Vanecek!!
  4. Im just interested how the "D will join the rush" with "D first mentality" are going to coexist. lol Hope Sammy is up for the challenge!
  5. Enjoyed your insight KDawg! Looking forward to next season!
  6. The reality is, the kid is good, but he's probably too small/fragile as a true 16 game QB1.. Im not really concerned that he'll get "figured out". He throws dimes, evades the rush, makes smart decisions. Not really much to figure out. He spread the ball around, read the defense, THROWS DIMES!! Just concerned about his ability to stay healthy. (It's always something, right?) But for sure bring him back! You can never have too many guys on the team who are smart and can play!
  7. Rivera took us to the playoffs in his 1st year! We're not good, but.. We're not bad either! Hopefully we make some intelligent offseason moves and hit the ground running next season! Cheers Xtremeskins fans!! Till next year..
  8. It sucks to call "refs" but damn.. They did us no favors tonight. Tampa had plenty of TO's if they wanted to challenge. Brady effect is real.
  9. Oh well, good season! Unfortunate the refs couldn't call it heads up. 3, now 4 absolutely terrible calls made this nearly impossible.
  10. That's gonna be hard to overcome. It's too bad the refs ****ed up 2 or 3 major calls.
  11. Need the D to win this one for us. Strip 6, pick 6. Im good with either!
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