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  1. Congrats Brooks!! Enjoy it ol timer!
  2. Yea, Love Oshie, but I can't see 7 years left in him.. Head injuries are so scary, his dad suffering from brain related illness.. Plus he got a cup, gold and plenty of $$.. Even if he resists I imagine his family will push for an early retirement. 1 more concussion and the talk will get real..
  3. Yes and yes! Which is why I'd of rather seen them spend money elsewhere and promote depth from within.. They've got to have some young(ish) forwards who can play 200' and PK, for much less than nearly 3mil a year? What they have against Jaskin, I don't know.. (And salary cap going DOWN apparently, this upcoming season) Vrana is the next important signing, imo.. Then they better start looking for an Oshie replacement.. His health can/has become an issue. I hope GMBM can keep up, but I fear a LA Kings like season(s) are on the horizon..
  4. Is the salary cap going up or something? Just not seeing how/why they can afford a 4th line penalty killer at 2.75 mil.. But, it's done now. Should of just kept Beagle, he was the best faceoff guy on the team. (and would of probably took 2.75x4)
  5. Seriously doubt we'll want to pay Hagelin anyway, for what he does.. I'd think either Connolly or Burt are also gone. We're not in a cap friendly place.. It was huge moving Niskanen, but that still doesn't leave enough to sign but "maybe" one of those 3..
  6. If they keep him, they need to leave Haglin on a checking line I think.. He's fast but his lack of skills will hamper any top 6 trio, imo.. Need to hope Oshie stays healthy.
  7. Don't hate the trade.. Good for cap space, gives us a gritty blue liner. Gonna miss Nisky though, but unfortunately he's lost a step, imo.. Not sure if Gudas can skate at all? Hope it works out!!
  8. Oh well, they can't take it back! We got a cup... This group needs to find some fire though, they played like they were asleep about half the time.. Certainly didn't deserve that one. I think the non adjustment to the weak ass PP is what's most disappointing about the coaching.. That much talent looking like dopes with a man advantage shouldn't be acceptable. Anyway, catch ya'll next year!
  9. Division winners, reigning Cup Champs against a wild card team, at home in game 7 of the 1st round.. What could go wrong?
  10. Yep.. Hagelin adds nothing to that line but defense. They need offense.
  11. Lot of trends going the wrong way tonight.. Hate to imagine the next one that'll fall, but I can smell it. Unfortunately.
  12. Boys need to find another gear..
  13. 8, 43 and 25 set the tone.. Team responded with great energy for 60 minutes.
  14. Time to call DSP up.. Team needs energy anyway.