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  1. You may need to reassess you opinion with regard to "starting every other week". I don't believe there is a single usecase that proves this to be a good idea for any QB; rookie or otherwise. Furthermore, we should be extra careful about treating DW like he's a sensitive rescue kitten (like many on this board projects). What he has shown throughout the collage season and during his post season interviews and assessments, reflect that he is the most competent and cerebral QB coming out of this draft. If he can't stand up to his first year in NFL actions (should he prove that he's our best option to win), then he's not the answer. In short, throw him out there if he is relatively ready. He can't do worse than Peyton Manning, Big Ben, Don M, John Elway, E Manning Drew Brees, Bernie K, Phil Sims, Russell or..you name any other rookie out of the draft besides RG3. All of them had jacked up numbers as rookie,.but they learned and they built off of their experience.
  2. That's an easy one. 2000 Its the geriatric year of free agency. Bruce Smith, Dion, Mark Carrier, Brad Johnson and host of others..(Stobblefield, big daddy Dan W, Champ etc.) We literally had a chance to make things happen if we could have stayed healthy.
  3. Best case is the Redskins playing the most competent QB. If that QB happens to be DH then even better as we: A). Receive immediate confirmation that we didn't blow a top 10 draft pick (Shuler). B). Haskin's growth is escalated by one year and compounded for exponential growth for the upcoming years. C). All subsequent picks and off season moves can be focused around team building knowing that we have an Ace in the pocket. I haven't felt like we had an bona fide Ace in the pocket since the 92 season. Virtually the same SB team and a slightly overweight (previous year SB MVP) Mark Rypien jogging into camp. The multiple disappointments from that year are real.
  4. You are spot on. I agree. We are talking about relative probability however. Outside of Heath Shuler, the Skins have not had a more sure thing at QB from the draft. By the way, in no way is the above lost on me. While DH's measurables, prior performance and competence exceeds Heaths (coming out of collage), I ask that you please excuse me for a moment while I look outside for a four leaf clover to ward off another Heath Shuler disappointment.
  5. Darn it Volsmet. ... The industry that thrives on player and pro football projections . You have been incredibly to prolific in the thread to ask that question.
  6. This and other comments like this is the hight of false concern or passive aggressive malfeasance. At the very least, you honestly think this is a thing; (here is an early holiday present) It is not. Please stop this. If you are a skins fan, please appreciate that we got, at draft pick @ 15, what many in the industry think is the best QB in this year's draft. Knowing the above, DH had to wait until the 15th pick to hear his name called. If the best you can do is cherry pick his multiple videos/interviews from draft night so that you can misrepresent his disappointment and subsequent chip on his shoulder as problematic, .. then god help you become a better person. DH may be a bust, he may not. But for me, I'm going to enjoy what we have based on college tape untill the 16 pro game tapes tell me otherwise.
  7. You said "Hella". I'm 100% sure you do not have the full picture or a complete read of this.
  8. Not at all. Just perplexed at how confident you are that Rosen will be a better QB than Haskins. But rest assured, you won't get me again cowpoke
  9. Your statement implies that Case Keenum is a better QB than Kirk. I know you don't believe that. It also don't consider that the Vikings had to loose players to accommodate Kirk's salary. Or That Kirk was in a new system Or That the rest of the NFL also tried to improve right along with the Vikes. The point was that Keenum was in a perfect situation for him, and the Vikes thought they were one QB away from going back to the big game. The Vikes believed that Keenum couldn't get them there. Denver gave Keenum a shot at the Starting spot and realized that Keenum couldn't get them there either; now he is with us.
  10. It's not remotely risky.. Out side of the fact that every Draft pick in every Draft is a risk.
  11. I wish the best for Keemun. But it was the defense and O-Line that took them. Keemun was a solid manager in a system that he was raised in. Maybe the Vikes should have held on to him.. however his value as an extensible QB with transferable skills was revealed when he went to Denver. Denver saw the first hand evidence and shipped him out one year later. He should be greatfull to retire with a career like JC or Fritzpatrick.
  12. Nothing is precluded. But when you draft the arguably best QB of the 2019 Draft at the 15th spot, why go through the effort of thinking the thought? I get it, forums are for talking and exchanging ideas. (Not directed at you but)... Good lord! We are now suggesting options that would put us in the same wheel house of Arazona.
  13. I may not agree with everything, but this is damn good and fair assessment.
  14. It will work out. Haskins was asked about wearing number seven on draft night. He responded by saying that he would need to talk to Theismann first (didn't want to put the cart before the course).