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  1. Marvin Lewis will not be our coach. By the way, please keep in mind that Callahan wanted to walk last year. He was convinced to stay with the staff for onemore year. Callahan as well as other football folks were not fans of the light structure and coaching philosophy implemented by Jay. You will likely hear this fleshed out over the next few weeks. Jay was more of a disaster than many folks would ever know because of incredibly friendly disposition with the players and media. In short, Callahan is not the long term fix and I'm not sure he wants it. Stop. Jay just owns his "individual" faults. The faults are more than enough to never be a head coach in the NFL again. Hopefully he lands as an offensive coordinator when he's ready to come back.
  2. By the way this notation that Haskins is "not ready" is demonstrably false. There have been incredibly consistent reports of his ongoing improvement during the off season and during the preseason even with the limited attention that he has received. Jay has already shared (during recent interviews) that Colt was his guy from the beginning. In short there was never any QB comp. This is the definition of disingenuous behavior. One of several. In short, ..and please hear me here. Point 1 of 2) The reason why our media loves the " Good Guy" Jay is because Jay provided his perspective and objectives to them, off the record. His objectives may not be what's in the best interest of the team or the future of the franchise. If Jay wanted to make an argument against a rookie QB, Jay had an outlet to share it. We have heard some of that noise over the last week, and certainly today. However when we talk about Jay, we are not talking about a honest or reliable source. Case in point, how did Colt or the recent play of Case work out? If Colt's selection as the starting QB was based on Jay's assessment of "readiness" (Some performance on Sunday) then how can anyone bother to embrace his assessment of Haskins as ironclad? Part 2 of 2) Every single first year hall of fame QB (Manning, Marino, Elway, Drew, etc.) has trouble calling plays and recognizing defenses. In many cases, they didnt click until year 3. Haskins may or may not be a bust. We are lucky as fans, if we see 1 franchise QB drafted by any team within a 3 year window The experience of dedicated practice reps and play on the field will tell the story over time. We should judge Haskins based on this year and next, not flawed perspective.
  3. I'm not. I will say that the buc stops with him (without question), but he gets entirely to much blame. A large majority of our problems have been coaching and QB play synergy. Impatience is not an issue here. No team or owner would have had the patience that the Skins had with Jay. Lastly, remember that no one talked about the greatest of Kraft or Bill until there was a Tom and Bill. This can turn, folks can learn and grow. I'm taking this one step forward with a smile and will judge the rest of the season base on what we learn from it and how we react during the office season.
  4. Lol! Once the new lease agreements are finalized it will will start to hear some louder voice. The more secure the footing is, the safer folks will feel about speaking out. In short, I have no idea outside of the next year.
  5. Remain in Landover while the statium is built in the RFK location.
  6. This might just be the best couch assessment that I have ever read. To answer your question: Soft definitely to soft. Every player who sits on that couch becomes way to complacent.
  7. Typo. But I left it there.. kind of..because it works
  8. Yup. Of course the blame starts at the top but accountable is applicable everywhere. The couch (coach) sets the standard for the players. Jay was a nice guy, but very sub par coach and leader. Write this down: Firing Jay is the first win of the Redskin's season.
  9. Like all major acquisitions, we are talking billions of exchange outside of construction. It's not traffic news. It's going down folks. There were multiple sources reporting on it 3 days ago because the DC Mayor's lips were a little slippery. There has been ongoing significant engagement for years. That's very true. Change has to start somewhere. Right now is as good of a start for now.
  10. It's been in the works over the last few years. It's happening. Here's a touch of what was shared out loud: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/dc-mayor-wants-redskins-playing-back-district-eyes-rfk-site%3famp
  11. His real value is in lobbing, always has been. He's in the process of delivering the DC stadium deal. So in short, yes he is untouchable but don't be surprised if you see a positive change in roles for Bruce post "DC Move" confirmation.
  12. Nope. It's Bruce's conference.
  13. Would you have preferred that Jay wasn't fired? And please answer the question because all of us would have preferred 5 or more Superbowls within the last 20 years (and all of the competence that comes with it).
  14. You may need to reassess you opinion with regard to "starting every other week". I don't believe there is a single usecase that proves this to be a good idea for any QB; rookie or otherwise. Furthermore, we should be extra careful about treating DW like he's a sensitive rescue kitten (like many on this board projects). What he has shown throughout the collage season and during his post season interviews and assessments, reflect that he is the most competent and cerebral QB coming out of this draft. If he can't stand up to his first year in NFL actions (should he prove that he's our best option to win), then he's not the answer. In short, throw him out there if he is relatively ready. He can't do worse than Peyton Manning, Big Ben, Don M, John Elway, E Manning Drew Brees, Bernie K, Phil Sims, Russell or..you name any other rookie out of the draft besides RG3. All of them had jacked up numbers as rookie,.but they learned and they built off of their experience.
  15. That's an easy one. 2000 Its the geriatric year of free agency. Bruce Smith, Dion, Mark Carrier, Brad Johnson and host of others..(Stobblefield, big daddy Dan W, Champ etc.) We literally had a chance to make things happen if we could have stayed healthy.