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  1. Not really man. Clearly you see the value of respectful dialogue in a forum conversation. What strikes me is your preference to sight it as policing while telling me what I should do and should not like. The irony is rich. I'm more than happy to have a conversation through an IM.
  2. Conn tells folks that they should not respond respectfully to other posters positions in non offensive dialog. And Also tells folks not to like certain posts. Within the context of policing. Okay.
  3. Very good assessment. And I agree. There were several plays were he slide in the pocket to maintain a down field view. I remember one particular play were he pulled back a throw and took a coverage sack. The announcers confirmed by commenting that he had no where to go with the ball. Yes he may have had other options and have likely made a number of bad reads but I like the progression. We are seeing a little more with each start. Good stuff.
  4. I'm with you and hope it pans out. We need a TE and continued support on both lines. Significant experience and growth at several positions. By the Daniel Jones is good. Much better than I thought he would be.
  5. From your fingers to the NFL god's ears.
  6. Be careful man. Sometimes objective analysis is too much awesomeness to post in one thread.
  7. Spot on! That was the absolute best part of the win!
  8. I'm okay with this being his 5th game of NFL experience and that he's 2-2 in his starts (correct me if I'm wrong here). And absolutely thankful that he's growing. I wish that he had every opportunity to take first team reps, coaching and starts for the complete season so we could better evaluate him again his progress as well as the other rookies. So, I'm happy that we won a game on the road and that we collectively can see progress.
  9. We may not be close, just progressing and that good to me. And I'll take a supportive win from a rookie in his 5 game over a back up.
  10. Lol. My son came down stairs twice to check on me. Yeah man. It's been a long time.
  11. I love it! Winning starts with wins. Not draft picks not picking order, just winning. Yes, confidence and competent coaching are key. Adequate players are key but winning starts with actually winning a game. And like I mentioned earlier, if it was about draft picks and round sections then we should be one of the better teams in the league by now. I'm happy you picked up "Hope this helps" HTTR
  12. I'm not policing anyone. To each their very own. By the way, take the time to read the contacts of the exchange before your comment on a side bar conversation. To answer your question directly, if someone takes the time to post why they believe a win is sub optimal, someone else should have the right to respond respectfully. Hope this helps man. HTTR