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  1. I don't mind throwing barber out there a couple plays a game just to help save AG for the long haul. 2-4 touches for him to give Gibson a rest and keep him healthy equates to 20-40 less touches for AG the rest of the season and less chances to get injured.. Agreed, Mckissic feels like a another version of AG. And unlike CT I dont get worried about Mckissic's health cause he just comes off like a tougher player who doesn't mind getting hit and bounces right back up.. I want him on this team..
  2. I agree things like that will get ignored. You know whats not getting ignored the fact that the Giants defense went out there and won that game for them on Sunday. The two turnovers they forced lead to 14 points and that crappy offense of theirs only needed to put up 6 points and it was enough for the W.. All I've heard most of the season about NY is how good their defense is and they basically keep them in games and almost win them for them. You don't hear that about our defense. Somehow statistically they are putting up respectable numbers in terms of opposing QB rating and sacks this season
  3. If there is anyone from Clemson I want beside Lawrence its Etienne.
  4. You sure about Purdy? QB school seems to love him. His anticipation, he was making throws I remember John Friez and Frerotte would make to Henry Ellard all day back when he was the only weapon we had during those awful Norv years, or you can say Troy Aikman would make to Irvin all the time during Dallas' reign. He has awesome footwork and always keeps his cleats in the ground when he throws so he's pretty accurate. I mean look at 4:30. That's a pass Haskins was skunking vs the Ravens a couple weeks ago. And16:50 remember when Haskins missed McLaurin on that role out play I want to say vs Phi
  5. After putting up 11 sacks in the first 2 weeks we've put up 5 sacks in the last 4 games.. that's less than 3 per game. 5 1st rounders btw...
  6. We lost to a Saquan Barkley-less Giant team where Daniel Jones throws for barely over 100 yards and also leads them in rushing.. I don't see another win on this schedule, maybe the rematch vs these guys..
  7. Jordan Reed could have used a few of those calls Thomas got there..
  8. For me the standard for a defense was the '92 and '04 defenses.. Yes '91 was amazing but when you have an offense like we had in 91 that was spotting the D so many points in the game it does make things easier for the defense. But in '92 and '04 our offenses stunk and our defenses were asked to be on the field more and do more. That '04 team they NEVER gave up 400 yards of defense and over 300 yards 7 TIMES, and NO one scored 30 points on them. Could you name anyone on that defensive line besides Griffin?? I mean even when the offense stunk up the place they STILL rolled out on the field like
  9. I agree with giving him more time. I wasn't playing the black QB stereotype card, the work ethic issue and preparation issues was coming from his teammates. Not sure where you can play the conspiracy card there.. Not to mention his reaction to everything in the last week plus kinda justifying his lack of maturity.
  10. Yea I'm officially against investing so much draft capital in the front like this in the future. Still giving up 30 points per game is ridiculous with the talent and nearly half decade we've spent building up this line.. I mean how long are you supposed to wait until you see results?? I mean we're gonna have to start PAYING these guys soon and the question is gonna be are they worth it???
  11. I don't think it was his play that got him into so much trouble as it was the locker room rumblings about his work ethic and preparation as Smith and Allen were said to have better habits than Haskins and players were noticing that. Couple that with the agents comments alienating his teammates, it might have been a capital sin that you can't come back from. But I hate the idea of drafting another QB because we have so many holes on this team.
  12. Not today. Prayers to Dak, dudes been a positive ambassador for the game, gets hated on for lack of success despite his draft status by people like me and he remains positive and the look I saw on his face felt like a kid who'd be bullied for years but maintained a positive attitude through and through but then something like a serious life event happens in his life and finally all that hate finally gets the best of him and he's wondering why??? He's a good dude even if he wears the silver and blue and I hated to see his reaction.. All the best to him and hope he comes back 100% so we can beat
  13. I mean when you have Burrow and Herbert out there doing what they are doing and there are rumblings about his work and prep habits I get why the decision was made. I would have preferred to see him develop. I know Peyton Manning struggled early but his counter part that draft was going 1-15 2 ints and 4 fumbles vs Kansas City. So you had to feel like you could stick with Manning longer and deal with those mistakes.. When Brady came into the league what did the Brady 6 do? Did you not see the special on how crappy those QB's were? I still say our scheme needs serious work, Haskins needs to matu
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