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  1. How the hell do you not have a guy like that on your roster by default. An NFL playbook, schemes, verbage is probably checkers or tic tac toe to him. Gonna look up his wonderlic score, they probably said he was above that test and said. You're good bro.. I'm imagining him in the film room braking down plays probably better than the coaches...
  2. At Cheapeake Bay seafood house, get all the seafood, you can eat..
  3. Not going to the strip club, beautiful... My god what an inspiring performance. Want to see more of him, however this is the NFL, you have plenty of guys that have initial success sometimes out the gate, and then the league finally gets film on you and adjusts. If he is our guy I'm wondering how he'll be when they get film on him.. So proud of him and this team.
  4. I say we embrace the idea of having those two on the team and having a fantastic secondary.. Why is everyone so quick to dimiss and get rid of Collins when he brings so much to the team.. I get the cap number but lets see this out first..
  5. https://twitter.com/BaldyNFL/status/1338487985852076039?s=20 AND ITS ALL LEGAL.. -Brian Baldinger.
  6. What about the '96 team. Talk about frustrating. 7-1, then 8-3. with wins against the Pats who'd be in the SB that year, then we played a 12-4 49er team to the brink.. The collapse with loses to Arizona and TB.. I didn't even care about the finale and the closing of RFK. It felt like salt on the wound when they kicked the snot outta the Cowboys but at the same time, they sat everyone after like the 1st quarter and I was just like. WHERE WAS THIS THE LAST MONTH of the season?? Its spoiled the closing of RFK for me..
  7. Well I've been a fan since the mid 80's. But if you look back in our history I want to say you gotta go back to '39 when we started 4 different QB's in a single season. Hiter had just started invading Poland then.. There was the body bag game when Mitchell played in the 4th making him our 4th stringer but we were healthy for the playoff push in '90 But here we are, twice in the last 3 seasons.. Sure we had seasons where we started 3, sometimes it was because a guy was hurt but most of the time it was because we had no QB's and those teams stunk.. Like the Spurrier teams where we ha
  8. Not even sure I wanna watch this game. Can we end a year when we're not playing with a 4th string off the streets QB for a playoff berth for a change? How many times has that ever happened in the league to one team? McClaurin won't be ready, high ankle sprains are no joke. I'm glad our Dline has remained healthy though but I have no clue where our offense is going to come from. Philly can just stack the front with 8 in the box and shift coverage to Thomas. It's going to be painful to watch. Philly 23 Wash 9
  9. Hmm, No McClaurin but AG and AGG returns.. No Smith probably, I feel like Riverboat wants to win the division now but if things went awry he's playing the long game for Philly and the playoffs.... Carolina can sling it with Anderson and Moore, but they can't run... Tough to call.. Wash. 20 Carolina 21.. Get Ready for Philly..
  10. Not a Haskins defender by any means. I want to move on as well. But he isn't the only one hitting up the strip clubs. He's just one of the few getting caught.. https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/padres-outfielder-tommy-pham-sues-midway-district-club-where-he-was-stabbed/2456296/
  11. I mean I get it, a young man in his early 20's going to strip clubs. Its just that this isn't a normal time, and he's not a normal kid in his 20's and the consequences for getting caught doing something like that during a pandemic with the NFL rules and conduct policy. I mean imagine if he tests positive and he's around our famed Dline and we have to quarantine THEM as well during this playoff push and it costs us the playoffs? I mean I'm not hearing any stories of Kyler Murray or Justin Herbert hitting up the strip clubs..
  12. Carolina isn't a lock and Philly definitely isn't a lock now. A team with a losing record that's suddenly found new life and has nothing to lose.. That is dangerous..
  13. I'm worried about the rest of the season now. Carolina isn't a lock of a game, they almost came back on GB. And that Philly game is looking more like a loss now. Jalen is looking good and I'm not sure if there's enough time to get any tape and learn how to counter him yet.
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