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  1. They once existed in Virginia, they are more in the deeper south if you can find em anywhere. North Carolina to be the closest to us..
  2. I'm on the Redwolves bandwagon.. Yes we killed them off in VA over a century ago. But its unique, I can live with it.. #WashingtonRedwolves.. Start the movement..
  3. I'm sorry, I can't.. How do you bring up the past anymore when we do pregame ceremonies bringing back old players?? You gonna show highlights with Herzog saying touchdown washington redskins? Can't do that. What makes you think won't go further and associate the uniform colors to the old redskin team and demand those be changed too??? We can't have throwback nights in DC anymore when the NFL wants to celebrate an anniversary.. We're just awkward now. its a feeling I hate and I'd rather not deal with it, get my Sundays back and just not watch the NFL anymore.. I already live in a city that had an NFL franchise get stripped away. They learned how to move on. So can I..
  4. Nope. I think its a mixture of everything.. Honestly I don't even know how I could support this team anymore.. I won't be able to wear my old gear, and I just wear polo's, without the idea of being judged as some racist despite the fact I come from a mixed race household. I mean can we even wear the old colors??? Sure you change the name but the colors still represent the old tradition, and you know someone down the road will make that argument.... I mean when it gets to the point where my fandom could affect my future I gotta consider ditching the team.. Not worth the hassle.. That what this name change means..
  5. Yea but with this change I just feel like I'm being told my fandom for my team was wrong the entire time.. I have to throw away all those decades of fandom away in favor of a new direction. There are cities that lost their teams and got expansion teams, and had to start fresh. I don't know. We can't have throwback days anymore when the league cerebrates an anniversary and wants teams to bust out old colors. Its gonna be awkward bringing back former players to talk about the team and how that conversation is going to go when you reference the team name.. How do we celebrate the team going forward with pregame ceremonies that have to do with the past?? All I think is, whatever it is it was wrong.. I was wrong. And I just don't feel emotionally invested in the team anymore because I feel its no longer mine.. It's theirs. All the team name suggestions make my head spin, 4 suggestions for soccer team names including one womens soccer team name. Name me a fanbase who'd like to change their name to a womens soccer team name?? Boring names like Generals, Commanders, Federals and I never liked Senators..Retrievers?? You wanna name us after Comet from Full House?? Greyhounds after the Bus line??? Wolf Pack? There are no wolves in DC. Red Tails: while their contributions are noted in the war all I think about is the freedoms they fought for weren't given to them when they returned home. Warriors?? Barely any creativity with the name change that attempts to shed the native american imagery that still maintains the football aspect of the team.
  6. Exactly.. Cause last I checked the discussion you'll probably see at any Redskin tailgate between black, white, Hispanic, Asian fans alike probably sounds more like about the team the opponent, Snyder, the past. I don't think their up there talking about Native Americans and their Redskin-ness..
  7. Jesus to revert this team to such a generic unenthusiastic overused name like warriors. Its like the ending of Good fellas where Henry is in witness protection and was talking about instead of getting Spaghetti like back home he said he was served egg noodles and ketchup.... Way to be imaginative and thinking about the DC area and uniqueness... No more Redskins, no more history, no more fight song.. You know what comments I haven't been seeing since this went down. "Congrats Dan, I'm gonna support your change and buy some season tix"... Instead I'm seeing posts on twitter of people enjoying watching "Triggered" Redskins fans wrap their head around the idea of us losing our identity as a fan base, clearly showing they don't really care for the plight of the Native American community. They just like seeing something taken from someone else.. I live in San Diego, born and raised in Northern Virginia.. This is a sad day for me. I've seen the charger fan base move on since they left and their pretty content with the NFL not being here, they like having their Sunday's open now. I feel I'm probably gonna follow suit..
  8. In honor of Buges. Here is when he went to Phoenix and beat us in '92... FYI it was Rypien's fault. RIP coach..
  9. Well just about all our picks besides AGG are getting panned by critics... Of course at the same time they are praising the Bengals for all their picks. But if you look at history at SI, Espn, CBS, the Bengals basically get A's from everyone every stinking year so there you have it in terms of what they really know..
  10. Knowing Ron Rivera and his time in San Diego, he kept tabs with SDST's HC Rocky Long who had an old school smash mouth NFL power running system at state..The Aztecs could only do one thing and that was run the ball. Dude blocked for Donnel Pumphrey and Rashaad Penny. While both have struggled in the NFL being out here in San Diego I know that Oline never got the credit they deserved for making those two look better than they actually were.. Played Guard and Center.. I dig this pick.. A flex Center/guard whose awesome at run blocking.. My bad he was better at pass blocking.... decent at run blocking..
  11. I think I did 100 mock drafts. I had us picking him in the 4th round in about 40% of them.. I dig this pick.
  12. So CBS sports initially gave Denver a C- for the Albert Okwuegbunam pick. But then they changed it to a B-. Interesting..