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  1. Playaction2Sanders

    Welcome to the Washington Redskins Derrius Guice RB LSU

    I mean 2/3 of our RB corp can't play 60% or the season and the corps that can play is 34. I mean with Guice I feel is running style isn't gonna last in the NFL. I feel his legs are always vulnerable when he runs, like he flails them and he doesn't get down low to protect himself when he gets hit... I feel like he runs like the animation in madden '95. Like his upper body is there, but his legs aren't caught up yet to him. In terms of symmetry..
  2. Playaction2Sanders

    **** you 50 gut!!!!

    But our defense in 92 was awesome as well. But our offense took such a huge step back they had few opportunities to pin their ears back and rush the QB like they could in 91. My favorite defense of all time was the '04 defense but we averaged just as many pts in '04 as we have this season but that defense was still awesome if you watch the tape..
  3. Playaction2Sanders

    **** you 50 gut!!!!

    This is what our teams identity should be the rest of the way, after the Carolina game.. Need a reminder fans?? Am I the only person who was thinking about this when Guice and AP was running all over Carolina on Sunday??? Meteorologists all over America could all agree on 1 thing on Jan. 22nd 1983. Randy Its coming at you!!!!
  4. Playaction2Sanders

    Redskins vs Packers Prediction Thread: Cheezy Wins

    Im actually excited about this game. If our two headed monster can maintain I don't see why we can't give GB a run for their money..Its December, the run game dominates the winter time. I say this game is closer than some expect. We lead through most of the game 13-7 . But GB will figure it out. GB 20 Wash 13
  5. Playaction2Sanders

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Exactly what I was thinking. I was thinking about Vincent Jackson with the Chargers when he did the same thing in I want to say 2011. But he came back in week 10 to accrue the season credit and he walked to TB. Isn't Trent doing us a favor by not showing up and now we still have the option of deciding where he goes and can get some compensation for him in 2020?? or is there a chance of reconciliation? I mean if he wanted to be done with us Like VJ did with SD he would have shown up in week 10..
  6. Playaction2Sanders

    Next Coach?

    if he wins out keep him. If we continue to play like this and Guice and AP become this beastmode combo backfield you have too. You wanna bring in a Spurrier again and misuse a Stephen Davis who still had plenty in the tank for a Trung Candidate??
  7. Cant wait to watch highlights of that running game today.. That was just fierce.. This should have been our identity from week 1..
  8. When Trent Green said the Oline sprinted to the field at the start of this possession you just felt it. This is a therapy session for this team, letting months of frustration out in the form a truck and Carolina is gonna be on the receiving end of this therapy session the rest of the way..
  9. Oh and he gave it to Flowers to spike it. I FREAKING LOVE THAT!!!!
  10. 70 CHIP.. 50 GUT.... GET OFF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Pound that rock dammit!!!
  12. But Keanu Neal wasn't kicked out of the game. Hell in that infamous Dallas game helmet to helmet hit on Thanksgiving they didn't even throw the flag...
  13. Playaction2Sanders

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    An average guy isn't going to have the resources Alex Smith has.. I mean I don't see anything good coming out of him returning to us. You gotta deal with Haskins, you gotta deal with the fact Smith is older. Idk hit me up in 5 years..
  14. Playaction2Sanders

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    Paid vs showed up. That looks like mid-high 30,000 right there..