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  1. It's a household fave of ours, Cali. "Your sweet buns!"
  2. Kept a Mondale/Ferraro poster on my wall through high school. RIP, sir.
  3. No spoilers from me but there was some very emotional stuff. Loved it. Mackie is the man.
  4. I’m a big Murakami fan, and a pal just hipped me to Joe Ide. Really enjoyed the first one. I’ve been working through this one.
  5. Wait, you're saying I *didn't* buy my car in green?
  6. Not for nothing but a decades-long GOP assault on expertise hasn't helped much.
  7. ^^^ Chris Rock had a great bit about taking aspirin, very similar. He also said "I don't know what the **** is in a Big Mac but I eat it!"
  8. First Pick is way less realistic than PFW it seems. Like, crazy drops all the time but then I get a C+ for taking Davis Mills in the late 4th. And the site doesn't have a clear grasp of our team needs at all.
  9. Man, even the fight parts weren't *that* great. The 80s video game color scheme and the slow-moving Titan bodies were just a bit too homage-y.
  10. Based on watching Path to the Draft (fwiw) the rock solid reasoning is that Jones reminds some folks of Cousins. Gold, Jerry, gold!
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