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  1. What an absolutely huge loss. This man was a GREAT AMERICAN. Thank you for everything, sir. RIP.
  2. Oh man, I am IN MY FEELS. Just weeping, it was extraordinary.
  3. I dunno man, I think the same could be said of the GOP and the PP (zing!). It's just a matter of how open the white supremacy is.
  4. Trump’s first two years, as in when he had both houses of Congress? Plus, y’all act as if he’s not obviously a criminal schmuck who hired the most incompetent stooges ever and did shady ish every damn week.
  5. Waiting for the “free stuff” hammer to drop. Or did I miss it? I, too, am 51 and concerned that Reagan-era bull**** is still around.
  6. Agreed. And Logan and McKissic could absolutely feast in this situation.
  7. We lost taser-balls but we'll never lose this:
  8. Give Wild Sheep Chase a try. All the basic elements are there, but it's digestible. Wind Up is fab, but it's another sprawler.
  9. Curious what you think of that one, EG. I've been a fan since Wild Sheep Chase was published in my senior year of college. Read everything in order, but 1Q84 is a bit divisive among Murakami's readers. I happen to love it.
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