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  1. Oh, I could swear someone posted footage of him bumbling the words at some point. There's simply too much insane corrupt crap every day to remember where it is.
  2. Just gonna go ahead and stick this here.
  3. This is kind of in my wheelhouse, as a historian of religion in America. The standards are actually fairly poor for determining what counts as religiously significant, and expert testimony is used more often here than in other areas of jurisprudence. But there are standards, and having read this document over I’m not surprised to see that the Trumper doesn’t engage the substantive ones and relies spuriously on arguments that failure to honor this exemption will open the floodgates to discriminate against minority faiths. Totally cynical, ahistorical, and overlooks huge amounts of precedent. Typical, in short.
  4. JCB

    The ES Heavy Metal Thread

    How the **** are Priest and Maiden not in the HOF? Stained Class, baby!
  5. It’s not amazing that Bill O’Reilly apparently hasn’t read the Constitution
  6. JCB

    All Things "AOC" Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Republicans with their fantasy of white guys being persecuted, yet this is the **** they allow on their watch. And then that underworld cacodemon Pence blames it on the Dems.
  7. Yeah, he can **** all the way off with that. Make it part of the already gargantuan defense budget. As for the education thing, I teach at a public university in NC and a vast, vast amount of what we're seeing across the country in peer institutions is the bloat of middle manager in college admin combined with slashing funding from state legislatures. They chip away at "boutique" subjects (read: humanities) and hike the tuition.
  8. Jesus that is a reach.
  9. JCB

    All Things "AOC" Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Yeah, moral outrage over the mistreatment of children who happen to have been born elsewhere is really FOR THE LOLZ. Jesus, Americans ****ing suck.
  10. As an Oberlin alum I can attest that Gibson's baked goods are ****ing delicious!
  11. Interesting piece here: Aren’t you shocked that so-called originalists are just shills?
  12. Man, I'm gonna wait and see but I'm leaning strongly in the direction of optimism. Just thinking about the comparisons above, Roeth and Rivers are obviously aspirational and we'd all welcome that. Leftwich was solid but couldn't stay healthy. JaMarcus and George were lazy, over-confident turds, and that's not a problem Haskins has, regardless of how he pans out. HTTR!!!
  13. Read this:
  14. Clearly Muslims or MS-13, amiright?
  15. Excellent deep dive on Warren from yesterday's NYT.