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  1. Best wishes to Bogey from me too. If y'all could send one up for our old girl Sadie, she might have lymphoma.
  2. Hey man, I would seriously consider trying to get Pfizer or Moderna. They're both much more effective against Delta, like 88%. First shot you'll likely feel very little in the way of side effects. Second shot, I was really tired for a day but that's about it. You can feel much safer if you get one of those two.
  3. They really should have already done a young Leia movie with Millie Bobbie Brown.
  4. That Queen song alone gets me in my feels EVERY. TIME.
  5. Man, just my opinion, but I think New Vegas is far and away the worst of those three.
  6. Roy Rogers was all about dat Fixins Bar!
  7. My dude, you're either a "here are the numbers" guy or a "this is an opinion" guy. Pick a lane. And please now that in all scientific (not some dude on Facebook) likelihood the numbers have been considerably short.
  8. Gave you my old-guy like there, Sisko. My wife listens to new stuff, and the big thing I get hung up on is that so many of the current artists PHRASE the same way. I like some damn idiosyncrasy in my rhymes, dammit.
  9. We watched Nobody, with Bob Odenkirk. Ridiculously over-the-top and awesome.
  10. Was just thinking of my guy Fawkes the other night. Fallout 3 is definitely the hotness.
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