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  1. I dig Keanu but I’m a little skeptical that he could pull off the multiple-personality Moon Knight.
  2. Also hyped. I expect Biden to invoke the dignity of the office a lot. Contrast will be self-evident.
  3. More important than ever to take the Senate and then pick up seats in 2022. There’s increasing public support for constraining judicial review, adding seats, and introducing term limits. Let’s ****ing mourn tonight and fight tomorrow.
  4. Rest in power and may we somehow make it through this ferocious time.
  5. As someone who teaches American history, I'm spoiling for a fight with these mouth-breathers. Let's dance!!!
  6. I think we’re gonna learn this week if our secondary actually has any juice.
  7. Damn man, I’m really sorry to hear it.
  8. He looked great. Played with intelligence and ferocity. So stoked to see 2 local dudes wrecking divisional backfields.
  9. Dwayne still hasn’t had much pro experience. He’d have benefited from preseason snaps. But he’s clearly growing into the position.
  10. Not to mention Philthy got away with a bunch of blatant holds.
  11. JCB

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Me too Sin, but my Marvel junkie might win out.
  12. Got CEH at pick 10 with Mixon on the way back. Feeling good about my RBs.
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