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  1. I'm pretty comfortable with the head coach hiring the general manager. Naturally, any head coach will want a GM who's capable of getting the players he wants but in order for that to happen the GM has to at least have a firm grasp of the many nuances of player personnel and coaching from which to form a strong basis of communication and collaboration with the head coach. Another suit like Bruce Allen would never understand a team's personnel needs on the same level as the coaches, nor would he want to, and such an important position in the hands of someone that inept would be a detriment to th
  2. We have enough offense to win this. An explosive WR, an exciting RB, and a near unstoppable TE. Ron has to make the decision on whether to start Alex or not, because the QB I saw last night isn't going to get it done on Saturday.
  3. Pick up a vet, then draft Kyle Trask in the third round and let him sit a year.
  4. The NFL will review the proposed contract from the Lions and if it contains language indicating he'd have greater authority, autonomy, and responsibility, then the league will deem it a promotion. They'd probably give him a new title, sort of like the whole "Assistant head coach - defense" loophole we popularized at the start of the Gibbs II era.
  5. Personally, I would keep the 'good' QB, even if it means slightly overcompensating him, and improve all the pieces around him, then pray the QB is at least competent enough to sufficiently utilize a talented supporting cast. A good QB can stall a talented team, that's true, but a bad or even an average one can debilitate a team. Plenty of just good QBs have won a Super Bowl, and it's usually with a good defense and strong coaching, both of which I'm confident we already have.
  6. I believe the main crux of these stories, if not the details. Snyder amassed nearly the entirety of his fortune through overleverage and debt prior to being team majority owner, so I have no doubt of financial malfeasance at play here. You'll need a team of at least 50 forensic accountants to comb the organization's books but I'm 100% certain they'd find enough GAAP irregularities and violations to propose criminal penalties.
  7. Jim Schwartz: "Hey, Dwayne. Okay, what can you tell us about those ****s in Washington?" Dwayne: "Well, coach, you might not have caught this on the game film but there's this thing they had us do to mess with defenses's heads and put them out of position. It worked most of the time." Jim Schwartz: *prepares to write it down* "Yeah? Tell me about this." Dwayne: "I'd have the ball, pretend like I'm about to throw downfield and instead tuck it back in. It fools the coverage." *looks around nervously for eavesdroppers and then leans closer to Schwartz* "They call it the pump fake."
  8. I'm not making any excuse for him. When you have a meddlesome owner, the only remedy to curb their incessant influence is to find success despite their presence; otherwise, in the midst of organization-wide calamity they'll succumb to their inherent tendency to try to 'save' the ship. In Dan's case, it was to draft a QB whom he thought could turn the fortunes of the team around, before it became apparent to Dan after Haskin's rookie year that Bruce and Jay also had to go. If you want to keep Dan at bay, the team in its near autonomy from him has to perform, or he'll eventually blun
  9. Dan probably wouldn't have been aggressive in his pursuit of Haskins had he maintained any semblance of confidence in a fifth-year Jay Gruden and a tenth-year Bruce Allen, both of whom contributed in the near-complete erosion of fan interest by the end of 2018. I'm not excusing Dan for the pick but I can see why at that particular point all restraint withered away and his natural inclination to meddle reached a fever pitch. None of that matters now. Haskins is history and we have to hope Alex has a strong practice and can suit up.
  10. Either Alex's calf issue is more serious than we think, or they want to rest him another week to face Philly and they believe Haskins is good enough to beat Carolina. Or maybe neither. Go WFT!
  11. I'm in agreement that every 'different' player should be treated differently, but they certainly shouldn't be disciplined differently for the same offense unless, for example, one player has a history of similar offenses preceding the most recent one, whereas the other player has committed none prior. The other matter is the severity of the punishment. In your example of Troy and the other QB, if the penalty for sleeping in a meeting room was instead to run 5 laps around old Texas Stadium, Troy would have and should have been just as eligible for such discipline as the other QB, but since the
  12. The RG3 cult was even bigger and more intense. They largely disappeared during Kirk's playoff run in 2015. A post-season win, and the same will happen with Haskins fanbase.
  13. From Bill Walsh's Finding the Winning Edge (which almost every coach, like BB, considers to be their Bible): "Maintain whatever policies that have been established. For example, a firm stance must be taken with any disciplinary action. Any fine system that is in place must be enforced. Exceptions should not be made. If you begin making allowances for the behavior of certain players, you run the very real risk of having everyone else consider the system to be a fraud." Knowing Ron, I'm going to assume any leniency granted to be the result of direct meddling from DS.
  14. He put the team at risk, his head coach in potentially SERIOUS risk, and had he not been caught, he probably would have carried on like nothing happened and potentially exposed the entire team without telling anyone what he did. Judging by his earlier antics, he doesn't strike me as someone who would have approached the team after-the-fact and revealed himself to be the potential cause of the outbreak had that happened. SMH. Another handpicked QB from Daniel Snyder.
  15. He is not playing this week. Rewarding Haskins with playtime sets a negative precedent for the rest of the team who'll be watching how Ron addresses this very carefully.
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