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  1. Great. Can't wait until we mimic Dallas and watch him install Gerry as the new team VP in 10 years. He's already helped to handpick a doomed QB no one else had wanted so at least we can rest assured knowing that he's being groomed in accordance with the status quo.
  2. Now you're electing to go for selective reading, so I won't respond further beyond this final clarification. I never once stated that I'm against new ownership. In my original post, I even made the point that I would PREFER a seasoned and successful businessperson with the right credentials to BUY this team from current ownership. What I don't want is another Jordan Belfort type to be the one to do it. If you choose to have sporadic bouts of intense emotion to ignore that point and instead pursue some rudimentary and flawed framework of it instead then that's on you.
  3. Well, maybe I should have made that opening paragraph clearer: I'd rather we keep a seasoned screw up like our Dan that have a younger clone of himself acquire the team (hence, "old Dan vs. new Dan") and fans suffer a reboot of old mistakes that marred the organization at the onset of his ownership. Frankly, I don't want another young, brash billionaire to even look at this franchise, and if I had to choose then give me the older, closer-to-poor-health-and-death version whose years of service would exempt him from repeating some follies (not all) that a younger owner of his ilk would likely co
  4. For some, Dan Snyder would be preferable to an unknown because in 20 years he's passively accrued enough football knowledge and experience to put himself head and shoulders above a dilettante who'd have us suffer the same growing pains as a young, brash Snyder. Old Dan is better than another young Dan, on that I agree. However, I'll take a new owner who's had a history of legitimate business success and robust experience nurturing human capital, not another modern day robber baron like Daniel Snyder who amassed their wealth by overleveraging businesses and dumping them to oblivious
  5. There are only 32 NFL owners but about 3,000 billionaires in this world. Being an NFL owner places one on an entirely different echelon of prestige and influence that wealth by itself cannot penetrate.
  6. We have a legit WR1, a dynamic RB, a stud tight-end who's a mismatch nightmare for defenses, and a strong defense. Any QB with decent awareness would see that our offense was underutilized behind poor (DH) or average QB play. Under the condition of signing an additional weapon like an ARob, I can't think of a strong enough reason why a QB wouldn't want to come here.
  7. My first wish is for Ron and this team to win the Super Bowl, but if the upper limit of this regime is a division title and a couple of playoff wins, then I prefer outright failure and the hope of a potential buyout because DS has no business owning an NFL team. Culture means everything in this business and he simply doesn't know how to promote one conducive to consistent success, an unfortunate dilemma that only serves to thwart the potential of any promising hire.
  8. I like Washington Football Team. It has a throwback vibe appropriate to the franchise's long history, and its neutral designation doesn't pigeonhole the team to any one image or personification.
  9. Fine by me. Let's keep our picks and roll with what we have and what we'll draft. It's refreshing to see all these other teams surrender 1st rounders, conditional or otherwise, for bums while we preserve what we've earned and try to make the best out of what we have without mortgaging our future once again in exchange for paltry division crowns and glorious wildcard exits.
  10. How about we keep our 1st and stop paying a premium for scraps? Are we really this thirsty for average QB play? We can make some real improvements on the team this offseason with our picks and with an improved record next year we'll more easily lure talented FA's next offseason who'll actually want to come here to play.
  11. We're always preaching about how the great teams build the personnel and playbook around the talent of the QB. Well, who knows more than the actual QB what he needs? Russell isn't some rookie or scrub whose assessment can be dismissed as naive. There are GMs in this league who suck at their jobs, and prior to Ron, I would have had NO problem giving Russ the front office keys if he were our QB.
  12. That's Washington, all right: always eager to slip the 10-carat diamond ring on the finger of the girl everyone else from the bar knows about except us.
  13. The problem with the owner telling his thoughts is those thoughts carry more weight, considering he signs everyone's checks and is in the position that demands appeasement. IMO, an owner with as limited knowledge of football as him should not be expressing his 'harmless' thoughts on football to their subordinates, because those opinions can be misconstrued as soft demands which can result in the GM/Coaches second-guessing their original decision now measured against that of the boss. And in the lucky event Snyder is right on a call, it could paint a false impression that he possesses the acume
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