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  1. BurgundyBooger

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    As I've said in the past, culture starts from the top. Whatever workplace environment players or coaches are thrust into will inevitably mold their attitude and behavior. You can have 100 employees and 100 managers crammed into one space, all with the right positive mindset, but it wouldn't matter if top leadership - be it one or a handful - propagates negativity and unaccountability because theirs is the authority and influence to instill, promote, or purge workplace value as they deem fit.
  2. BurgundyBooger

    Players Need To Shut Up And Play (Morgan Moses & Josh Norman)

    It's too late. No one would buy the act at this point. They'd respect him even less than they do now if he switched up because they'd perceive the change as the desperate act of a man on the verge of losing his job. That is why they need to cut Bruce Allen, then bring in a HC with direct and unobstructed access to Snyder so as to show the players the absence of any red tape in the event a player needs to be cut. A GM or Team President - any authoritative buffer between the coach and owner - would muddle the chain of command. Besides, any such figure would either find themselves at odds with Snyder and eventually get fired, or become just another stooge, so why bother as the position would only undercut the HC's authority?
  3. BurgundyBooger

    Redskins Culture is embedded in the mentality

    People rooting for Haskins to turn this culture around...lol. Culture is manifested, nurtured, and preserved from the top.
  4. BurgundyBooger

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    The difference between a good head coach and Jay Gruden is the same difference between an improv comic and a comic who relies on regurgitating jokes written down the night before. The best comics can always identify the shifting mood of the audience and adjust their shtick to keep the party going; they're naturally quick and funny. Jay Gruden can write the best jokes that come to his mind but when finally heckled by a bored audience he'll freeze up with no answer or comeback.
  5. BurgundyBooger

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The pizzazz drew attention and excitement initially because to most it meant we were another step closer to going to the Super Bowl. Now? The big splashes feel like desperation on the part of the organization to remain relevant and an opportunity for the signed superstar to cash out into the sunset. It sucks to feel this way but whenever someone signs to come here, I'm skeptical that it's with the intention of winning ball games.
  6. BurgundyBooger

    Starting QB 2019???

    For the sake of self-preservation, drafting Rosen would be the genius move by Bruce/Jay. He'll go through the necessary growing pains as a rookie, and Bruce/Jay would argue that's the reason for yet another failed season and promise a better outcome in the following year once he's matured into the role and that switching regimes would be detrimental to his growth. So yes, we're getting Rosen.
  7. BurgundyBooger

    Spurrier comment

    Then it's the job of the coaches and management to straighten out or cut those embarrassing players. Ownership and management are THE source of the problem and blaming the final product on anything else is like blaming the Enron scandal on the interns.
  8. BurgundyBooger

    Spurrier comment

    If the people calling all the shots are the source of the ineptitude of this organization, then how can you possibly place any blame on those lower on the pecking order and are just following the lead of their bosses? If Trent or Ryan were to condemn this team after they retire, are we honestly going to accuse them of skirting ownership for the issues plaguing this franchise?
  9. BurgundyBooger

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I know it's all about money, but you're overstating the importance of the Washington Redskins franchise to the rest of the league, particularly in light of the fact that the NFL has now penetrated and earned the market interest of the 3rd most economically prosperous city in the entire world (Los Angeles) by fielding two winning teams. Money is rolling in. Would the NFL *like* a strong and prosperous Washington Redskins franchise? Of course. But are the losses the organization have incurred over the past decade and more enough to raise concerns from the other owners? I don't think so. We've been losers for a long time. If the 'Skins were vital or important to the NFL, the league would have stepped in a long time ago or at least we would have heard murmurs about it by now. We haven't heard a peep in over 20 years of futility. We all want someone to come in riding on a white horse to save us, but the owners look after their own and the commissioner doesn't have that kind of pull
  10. BurgundyBooger

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    They can but they won't. Al Davis was causing a ****storm and not a peep about it from the other NFL owners. Jim Irsay was arrested. Married Jerry Jones caught on camera groping young women. Dan hasn't come close to ruffling feathers the same way or embarrassing the NFL image. Owners are not going to turn against their own unless it's something heinous that they themselves wouldn't do (or confident they wouldn't get caught doing it), otherwise they'd be putting targets on their own backs for any future infraction that might endanger their ownership.
  11. What's the point? Bruce knows everyone thinks he's a POS. Having a reporter allude to it with a cleverly-concealed question won't enlighten him further in that regard.
  12. It's definitely something Bruce would try, but all members of an ownership group have to be approved via 24 votes of current NFL owners. With Bruce's rep, it's hard to imagine 24 owners being okay with him being a permanent fixture to an organization already in disarray.
  13. BurgundyBooger

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Bruce will somehow convince Dan that it's envious hate, like the hate towards the Pats. Nothing to see here.
  14. BurgundyBooger

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Bruce has no shame. He comes here, sullies the Allen name, knows full well that he's in over his head but doesn't care. For any other human being, inheriting a father's legacy and completely botching it would cause for many sleepless nights but ole Bruce naps like a baby amidst one losing season after another. He's a really special guy. I'm sure he knows he'll never accomplish a stadium deal in an ideal location and will leave the organization with his head held high after he's cut the ceremonial ribbon to open our new home in Allegany County.
  15. BurgundyBooger

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    How likely is it that Snyder will even get the new stadium? In Virginia, Ralph Northam isn't as cozy with Snyder or the Redskins as Terry McAuliffe was. Snyder probably doesn't want to be in Maryland any more. The DC landscape has changed dramatically since RFK. The transients could give two licks about the Skins or the name and they'll be damned if they get stuck with the bill for a new stadium. I suspect Bruce is playing Dan like a fiddle and knows that getting a new stadium in the ideal location is a pipe dream given all the factors and the current quality of the product.