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  1. We need a new nick for Tony. How about "No Drama Rendon"?
  2. bearrock

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    IDGAF. If Bernie gets the nomination, that's the day I become a Bernie Bros. Anyone but Trump.
  3. Yeah, I think active players with all time seasons in WAR (top 50 or top 100, I forget) is Trout, Betts, and Harper. That's the list. Harper proved that he could do it once (and almost did it again till the wet base game). Trout and Betts are repeaters on the list. I tend to think Harper has the higher ceiling than Manny, but then again I'm biased obviously. Woah. Didn't Rosenthal report that Philly front office preferred Machado to Harper? Certainly puts that 310 rumor in question.
  4. Wait. OMG! You have inside info that Harper is gone don't you! You are just trying to ease us into the news!!!!! Has anyone ever seen PleaseBlitz and Mike Rizzo in the same place? #PlotThickens All my hope lies in the hands of Uncle Ted. Overrule the son and GM and say here, take my pocket change and sign the young man. TBF, I think most WS champions since 2009 Yankees relied on bats on bargain years (pre FA or cheaper late vet contracts).
  5. Boz is on fire with his chat today, lol. Anyone subscribe to the Athletic? I love WP Nats coverage, but with Chelsea Jane on her politics assignment, I was wondering if a subscription to the Athletic might be worth it
  6. Oh thank goodness, we still have a chance! Thanks Boob!
  7. I think they'd have a credible argument for the lineup being best in NL. The rotation is still suspect after Nola.
  8. But then again how many front offices are looking at twitter to make their FA decisions?
  9. To be fair 10/300 got pulled back after FA started supposedly. And it was 10/300 without opt outs (though, I don't think anyone will be opting out of 30 mil AAV in the near future, lol)
  10. Rumors floating that it will be 310/10. I'll be speechless if that turns out to be true (and pretty bitter)
  11. It would be really shocking if Phillies pay significantly over 300 over 10 years or if Nats allow Harper to leave to division rival for just a little over 300/10. Guess we'll see.
  12. I tend to think plain reading of the military construction provision of the National Emergencies Act allows tapping into the 3.6 billion for military construction (obviously I don't think this is a good idea). SCOTUS could rely on the reasoning in Jackson's concurrence in Youngstown and distinguish based recent Congressional rejection of additional funding, but that's somewhat of a dubious ground in light of express language of the Emergencies Act. That Trump is tapping into military funding to push up the wall budget to 8 billion is a little baffling to me. Why not just use the 4.4 billion and declare victory?
  13. Well, he's not wrong, lol. No matter where he goes, Bryce would do well to heed the big brotherly advice from Max. He's got all the talent to be a great player, but with the right focus and intensity like Max, he could leave a lasting legacy on the game.