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  1. Assuming that the virus doesn't morph into something that completely evades the effects of vaccination, I think CDC and experts will say at some point that people can go back to pre-pandamic behavior (no requirement for social distancing, no mask mandate, etc). We may be some ways away yet though. If virus mutation makes vaccines completely ineffective, then I don't know where that leaves us (probably some mix of risk/reward with increased good hygiene by all).
  2. I don't know if it's the distancing, the mask, the copious hand washing or some magical juju, but this winter was the first in forever when I didn't get anything. No cold, cough, strep, nothing. Even after the pandemic is over, I might continue to wear masks during the winter when going to crowded places.
  3. These days, I only play multiplayer with people I know in real life.
  4. You could probably craft a tax bill to get around the reconciliation rule (too late to do it in this bill imo). Tax any employer paying less than $15/hour, the difference between what they pay and $15, then give refundable tax credit to any employee earning less than $15/hour, the difference.
  5. I'm on the fence about this as well, but I tend to lean towards reintroducing this bit of corruption in our system to grease wheels. Right now, voters are predominantly given a choice between hyper-partisan or ideological warriors vs moderate governing politicians. There's very little room for compromise between these factions. And quite frankly, the moderate politicians really don't have much to take back to their constitutients to show what they did for them when nothing gets done in Congress. If compromise of principles and open exchange of ideas are no longer an option, let'
  6. Well, a little positive news on the MASN front. https://www.masnsports.com/masn-news-information/2021/01/masn-to-launch-in-market-streaming-for-all-300-orioles-and-nationals-games.html Apparently the app will launch by opening day (not sure if in home only). Way overdue, but still nice to see some progress.
  7. That is such ****ing bull****. I would be more apoplectic if I didn't love Charlie and Dave, but still total bull****.
  8. While I'm happy for Smith's recovery and thankful for his performance for WFT in 2020, doesn't it seem that he has a problem with the team being extremely reluctant to have Alex Smith put his life on the line to play football? While I won't fault Smith for hus competitive fire, WFT acted perfectly reasonably in being concerned with Alex Smith ever playing football again after the injury.
  9. I really can't believe that any GM would trade a second rounder or more for Sam Darnold. I don't care how bad Gase is, when's the last time a QB who has stunk it up for his first 3 years suddenly turned it around in a different setting? Occam's razor. You can dig for all kind of exotic reasons as to why Darnold was bad in NY. Most likely, Darnold just isn't very good.
  10. There are two things I always recommend to up and coming law school students I meet. Clerk or even intern for a judge if you can. Not for the line in the resume, but for the appreciation of how the judicial system works behind the scenes, both the good and the bad. Second is to intern or volunteer for your local public defender's office. Go sit in on arraignments. Tag along to jail visits and witness interviews. Go visit those section 8 housing neighborhoods where seemingly every other family has someone caught up and ground up by the criminal justice system. It certainly gav
  11. Soto is not going to re-sign. It is sad, but it is what it is. Boras clients do not give hometown discounts (even Stras' contract was arguable in terms of whether there was a hometown discount considering the question mark surrounding his durability at the time). I can remember three Boras clients staying with their team, Stras, Jared Weaver, and Matt Holliday. Stras and Weaver dictated their decisions and Holliday got a good enough deal for him not to feel the need to go shopping. As to whether it's on Boras or the Nats, it's probably a mix. Soto being Boras' client would mak
  12. Rush Limbaugh's brand of division and hatred were not matters of political views. Regardless of what one's opinion is on proper decorum after a person's death, let's not paper over people's objections of Limbaugh as mere political disagreements.
  13. It was beyond idiotic to let Cousins play on that second tag. If didn't want to sign a long deal coming off the first tag, they should've traded him to the highest bidder. Same thing with refusing to trade Trent Williams after the holdout. At some point, Bruce Allen was making decisions with his ego, not his brains.
  14. Just in case Jerry Jones is perusing. Yes. Yes it is.
  15. Almost nothing would make me happier than to see Juan Soto become a Nat for life. What a treat it is to have him in the Nation's capital.
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