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  1. bearrock

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    I'd for Cruz over Trump right now
  2. Yeah, I'm guessing that was the point of the so called offer, targeting low-information voters. Dems have to hit back with something that fits on a bumper sticker (which is a true testament to the sad state of US politics). Either "We won't negotiate while you hold the federal government hostage" or "We'll give you $50 billion for border security (but not a dime for a wall)" may work.
  3. Another reason why temporary DACA protection is a crappy deal is that SCOTUS passed on adding on the DACA case to this term's docket (deadline was this Friday). Meaning, even if SCOTUS overturns the 9th Circuit DACA ruling, it will be next term at the earliest, which begins in October 2019. Even if DACA case is one of the first heard and it gets overturned, you're likely looking at end of 2019 or early 2020 as the earliest point at which SCOTUS rules on DACA. Now all the sudden, Trump admin is saddled with the DACA issue heading into the election. In essence, he's offering to tack on two more years of status quo to an issue that they may end up avoiding in 2020 anyway. Is mass deportation of Dreamers really going to be the white house priority on an election year? Can't think of much else that would crystalize everything that is wrong with the Trump presidency leading up to the election. It's a BS deal.
  4. United States does not negotiate with terrorists. Reopen the government without condition. Then we can talk about legislative priorities.
  5. Media needs to get GOP senators to state their position (or lack thereof) on the record. If Trump instructed Cohen to lie to Congress, will you vote to convict on impeachment?
  6. As much as cheap internet targeted advertising fueled the rise of Trump, I think @LD0506 is right. We're seeing a new rise of politicians who are not as beholden to the party leadership or PACs because their ability to take the message directly to the people has never been greater. We may never see a truly multi party diversity in US politics, but we may be able to step away from the monolithic two party hegemony a bit in the sense that party no longer gets to control the rank and file members as much as they used to.
  7. It will matter how unequivocal the evidence is, how unequivocal the directive was, and how cleanly the evidences were obtained. But if Trump suborned perjury, democratic house needs to set political concerns aside and pass the articles of impeachment.
  8. So they've agreed to back pay for all the furloughed workers right? House should pass a bill mandating that all workers get paid now instead of waiting for when shut down ends. If everyone is agreed on eventually paying them, what justification would GOP have on waiting?
  9. If Machado's deal really ends up being 8 year 200+, but say less than 250, Nat's offer to Bryce for 10yr/300mil seems more than fair (maybe just include an opt out after 5 years or something). Under those circumstances, it wouldn't be surprising if Harper has not gotten a better offer than Nat's initial one. And possibility of collusion seems stronger than ever.
  10. FYI for any impacted federal workers. Typically these credit unions have easy back doors to become members (like sign up for a membership to an organization, stuff like that)
  11. My bad, I thought the list was Trump admin's release. Didn't see the string of posts in context.
  12. Apparently the 5 billion only pays for 215 miles worth of wall (the mileage figure includes repair of existing fencing as part of the 215). Presumably, they'd avoid the headache involved with taking of private land and just pick 215 miles from federal land or land owned by willing landowners. I can't believe the paltry mileage total isn't getting more play on the media. So there is such a crisis so as to justify shutting down the government, but the project will only wall or fence 215 miles, some of which is already fenced? Wasn't the entire selling point that if you wall only selective portion of the border, the criminals will just circumvent the wall or fence? What the hell is the point of this fight?
  13. bearrock

    ESPN: The maddening case of Maori Davenport

    She was sent the check by the governing body of the national team. I wouldn't put the onus on a high schooler to read up the state rule. No one involved seems to be disputing that this was USA Basketball's mistake for not doing due diligence on whether players from Alabama are allowed to receive the stipend.
  14. Another reason to allow amateur athletes to get paid. There's stupid and there's this. Good grief.
  15. It might be a good idea to report good/bad behavior of creditors on social media or even to media outlets. Hopefully good publicity would encourage more creditors to be patient with government workers in case this thing goes long. Not to mention that they deserve the good publicity for good behavior.