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  1. I just hope it's not the Dodgers. Don't really want to spend the playoffs rooting for LA
  2. To further @goskins10's point https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7927578/ I think US was once a country where almost all adults would gladly roll up their sleeves to ensure that herd immunity would be achieved and the most vulnerable among us would be protected by everyone doing their civic duty. But instead we have, "oh, but kids rarely die".
  3. Yeah, we'll just have to agree to disagree. As if the way one falls down matters. Well, when the fall is all that's left, it matters a great deal.
  4. Well, surely anyone who suffers a mental breakdown at one of the biggest moment of their career probably deserves a little sympathy? Really? Even sympathy is too much? It's not the mental episode that makes her the hero. It's willingness to recognize that she, one of the most dominant gymnast in history, is going to hurt the team more than she helps. And instead of making up some false excuse that some people would apparently find more acceptable like a pulled muscle, she was transparent and honest. And if only her accolades were at stake, she might have d
  5. After realizing that she just wasn't in the right frame of mind to press forward, she was left with a set of very bad options. She could've pressed forward (risking serious injury in the process), turned in three more poor routines, dragged down the whole team and possibly cost the team a shot at any medal at all. Or she could recognize that she will simply hurt the team by forcing herself through the competition, own up to it and step aside to give the team the best shot, even at the expense of taking flack from people like you. You seem to be laboring under the mistaken impress
  6. Yes, shame on her for not being able to see the future. Heck, she probably should never have picked up gymnastics to begin with and saved us all the trouble.
  7. So she was supposed to know back during US qualifying that she would be unable to press forward in the medal round of the team event and thus withdraw herself from consideration????
  8. You could sign up for youtube TV for just the duration of the Olympics. That gets you access to the NBC app, which should have everything
  9. No. That's why I wouldn't take a no draft stance. But it is a negative factor. Your time with them is very likely capped. It's also an odd situation where signing a Boras client becomes more expensive for the drafting team vs the FA team. In order to lock them before testing FA, you have to pay them an amount that clearly would exceed as reasonable market value. Whereas in FA, the player often moves onto another team for less than what it would've taken for extension or resign.
  10. Also, I think she might have pushed through it if it was her individual medals at stake. It takes tremendous bravery to recognize that you're hurting the team more than helping in your present state and to sit herself down to let an alternate take a crack at it.
  11. I feel like Boras client should come with a negative consideration in drafts. Chances are that as the team that drafted the player, you'll almost never get more than 6 years of major league service from the player.
  12. I'm not gonna say I don't understand where you're coming from. After year and half, we've all pretty much had our fill. Most countries in the world are begging for vaccines. We have almost half the country refusing to get it despite the fact that you could walk into any almost pharmacy and get it. It boggles the mind.
  13. Riggo, do you want to hold onto Soto, knowing that the most likely outcome is that he leaves in 3 years? The chances of the Nats competing in 3 years is just not that high. Especially without Trea as part of the equation.
  14. Herein lies the problem. The unvaccinated unfortunately includes everyone under the age of 12. And even among the vaccinated, older people and high risk individuals are at greater risk. While it makes sense for those at risk through no fault of their own (or their caretakers) to try their best to minimize the risk for faultless at-risk people, the hotbed of infection driven by the selfish jackasses make that much harder. It gets doubly so when school reopens and distance learning is no longer even an option because everyone is so eager to take that victory lap and point to the k
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