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  1. Re: Tweet of dumb family with God/Mask sign. Make sure they don't go to hospital either cause God has em.
  2. bearrock

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    See. I knew doctors were full of crap. I mean my primary has been telling me to eat healthier and exercise more. Does she know exactly what position I'm in while lifting weights and exactly how many times I gulp down fried food in a week? Whew! Crisis averted! Lightspeed to Popeye's!
  3. bearrock

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    Yeah. It's a rock and a hard place decision for them. I'm perfectly happy to jack up my taxes to pay them to stay home for the foreseeable future. But apparently the powers that be decided risking people's lives is preferable.
  4. October 2020 and season 3 already rumored to be in the works. I'm hoping that means enough filming has been completed by now to be unaffected by covid.
  5. Dems asked for FBI background check. They did it (I guess) thanks to Flake defecting and Senate voted up or down. If someone asks for FBI investigation (I guess feds might have jurisdiction here?), I could see that making sense (cue the call of banana republic). I never supported the version of me too where every allegation must be believed as true. It must be taken seriously and due investigation must be conducted. I also think me too movement illuminated why many stay silent for a long time (also why I'm not too impressed by why did she stay silent so long in Biden's context). But it's bat**** crazy to think every allegation must be believed as true unless proven otherwise. Take it seriously. Conduct an investigation. Whatelse can be done? Now if DC police investigation was a sham, that changes things. But do we have anything to suggest that?
  6. What more could we ask for beyond a law enforcement investigation on a 27 year old allegation? (if there are relevant personnel file, I would be happy to see those released). As for putting this to rest as a campaign issue, will that be after the second congressional hearing or does it require three?
  7. For all the talk of what China did in Wuhan, we have an example from a non-totalitarian government that works in South Korea. With massive testing and data that people willingly give to Google and Apple, South Korea now has less than 50 new cases per day. If people want to see what flattening the curve looks like, South Korea went from 31 cases in Feb 18 to 9800+ cases by April first. From April 1st to now, they have about 700 new cases with new cases hovering around mid 20 to 30 in recent days. The only way we are going to get through this is test, test, and more test.
  8. Re N95 mask at home depot. Now that's what has me at pause about the mask for regular people. If healthcare workers, first responders, law enforcement, and other front line essential workers are dealing with shortage of masks, shouldn't they be allocated those resources first? In a perfect world where mask supply is limitless, yes, everyone should wear masks. But when even surgical masks are in short supply, sounds to me that every mask should go to the people who don't have the option of protecting themselves through distancing and minimizing contact.
  9. Considering that no one's ever made political hay over the DoD using it about 300,000 times per year and DHS using it a 1,000 times in 2018, combined with Dems being the ones to beat the drums on using it in Covid response, I don't think the bolded part is true.
  10. So for dummies like me, is that good or bad? Sounded good to me, but I might just be misunderstanding the ramifications.
  11. But if it needs work, the value would be that much less right?
  12. Eminent Domain. If not now, then when?
  13. Fine. Screw the unanimous vote and debate the unemployment amendment till Friday. The world won't burn down in two more days. The idea of people staying unemployed over $8 an hour for 26 weeks. Bull ****ing ****.