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  1. Yeah, this is 100% on Martinez.
  2. We still have to keep the long term pieces.
  3. Do we really need to see anymore to see that Martinez is not the guy?
  4. bearrock

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    If Warren the Politician was half as good as Warren the Policy Wonk, this wouldn't be close right now.
  5. @visionary Perhaps that tweet should be somehow hidden or link only (is that possible?). Lot of profanity in the tweet.
  6. You're right. Pelosi, Hoyer, and the old guard Dems need to set aside the spectres of post impeachment rebound (a la Clinton) aside and focus on what the right thing to do would be. This from Mueller report tells us all we need to know about whether there was obstruction: "The ordinary means for an individual to respond to an accusation is through a speedy and public trial, with all the procedural protections that surround a criminal case...." "A prosecutor’s judgement that crimes were committed, but that no charges will be brought, affords no such adversarial opportunity for public name-clearing before an impartial adjudicator." "The concerns about the fairness of such a determination would be heightened in the case of a sitting President, where a federal prosecutor’s accusation of a crime, even in an internal report, could carry consequences that extend beyond the realm of criminal justice...." Summary? It's Congress' job.
  7. Caps are lucky to be even 2-2 at this point. They looked like they are playing in quick sand the entire series.
  8. You can't keep needing Doolittle for every win ffs
  9. Nats are mental midgets right now and I get the feeling it starts with the manager
  10. Did we sign Kimbrel yet? Ah hell no Davey. You lose, you lose. Don't force Doolittle to come in off a quick warm up and risk injury.
  11. This team is in trouble....
  12. bearrock

    PED's in Sports: should they be legalized?

    If PED enhances performance and longevity and if you're comparing players of similar caliber, then the logical answer would have to be that player using the PED is more likely to make the roster. If the assertion is that players who are more capable of making the roster is less likely to use PED and that players who are not capable of making the roster without PED are not gonna be able to overcome the hump with PED, I don't know what study could prove or disprove that.
  13. bearrock

    PED's in Sports: should they be legalized?

    Are you in agreement that PED enhances player's performance and longevity? I'm not sure I understand what is exactly being disputed here.
  14. bearrock


    I always knew he'd come back.
  15. You need all facets of the team to pick each other up every once in a while because they will all have off games and series. While things may change, this bullpen's ceiling has been not costing us games. If we're gonna try to contend, we need a pen capable of picking up the load and winning us some games from time to time.