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  1. 4 senators (2 each from top 2 party) 4 house delegates (2 each from top 2 party) 8 citizen commission members (8 nominated each by top 2 party, 4 selected from each 8 nominations by 5 retired circuit court judges) Congressional districts must be approved by 6 of 8 legislative members and 6 of 8 citizens Senate districts by same req above, but must also be 3 of 4 senators. House districts require same as above except 3 of 4 delegates instead of senators. Legislature may only approve or reject the commission's plan, it canno
  2. Great! That leaves you free on election day to go vote in all the neighboring states!
  3. There's probably a sweet spot in terms of manufacturing logistics. They would have to figure out when the final specs would be set and how long a window they have to start manufacturing launch supply. Then that would have to be compared with where they would expect the demand to level off to after launch. If the factory that has to run 24/7 for 8 months to meet launch supply is gonna run at 10% capacity for the next five years, then that probably doesn't make a lot of economic sense for Sony or MS. Also, this launch was probably exacerbated by supply chain disruption during cov
  4. Anyone who doesn't immediately say that the president personally donned his super hero cape and camped outside your house and prevented Obama and Hillary from abducting you, your family, and all your friends into a super secret/not-so-secret pedophile alien sex slave ring is a closet libtard.
  5. The work around being discussed is that Constitution guarantees life time tenure for Federal judges but do not specify at which level. So you could say an appointment as a federal judge is for life, but your term at SCOTUS is set at "X" years and then you're assigned to a circuit court or to a district court. Such change would only require a legislative change, not a constitutional amendment.
  6. My inability to take ownership of my mistakes is all your fault! You should fix me!
  7. PB, what time should I swing by your house for the tasting party?
  8. It is time to abolish no knock warrants. The use is too frequent. The dangers too high. The reward of preserving evidence is insufficient to justify the high prices that our citizens are paying.
  9. This is a preposterous position and you should be ashamed of it. Bad parents are bad parents. Their political affiliation has nothing to do with it. Stereotyping is wrong no matter who does it.
  10. I feel like I've used up my quota in this thread, but this is such a fascinating issue, I really wanted to chime in. Whether it be rooted in religion or self ascribed values, I would imagine that almost everyone who is nominated for the federal bench has strong opinions on the appropriate course of action in any given circumstances. So I think it is entirely fair to question a nominee on their values and how they would address judicial rulings within the context of those values. Let's take the example of abortion. What if there's a nominee who has extremely "liberal"
  11. Regardless of who does it, the above scenario or some facsimile is the inevitable conclusion of the events playing out now. There was a gang of eight to forestall the nuclear option during W Bush years. We don't have enough senators left with that kind of respect and loyalty to the institution anymore (whether that's a good thing or a bad thing probably depends on your POV). Lets say the Dems don't do it this time around and never does it. And every dem voters swear off the idea. You really think that will prevent such a move in the future? Why would a legislative filibuster b
  12. Yeah, they should just ignore her altogether. Just say it wouldn't matter who Trump nominates. This is not about who is nominated, it's about when the nomination should be submitted.
  13. Nasty Nancy Pelosi You're banning from ES until Nov. 4th? That's cold....
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