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  1. FWIW, one expert's POV https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/14/health/children-under-12-cdc-masks-wen-wellness/index.html It appears to be largely dependent on the risk tolerance of the parents. The chances of the little ones catching it from a fully vaccinated adult are really really low (certainly lower than the many risks kids are exposed to in everyday life). In your case, you can just follow the parents' wishes right?
  2. That's so stupid. It's not even a vaccine thing. If a family member doesn't want you touching their kid for whatever reason, you just respect that space.
  3. I have a hard time not blaming both sides here. From the beginning, during the last stages of British occupation and shortly after its withdrawal, two state solution has been the most sensible answer. Yet, throughout the last century, whenever they get close, one of the two sides decides to hand over reins to hardliners and break off further discussion of a two state solution. So fine. The two sides have apparently decided that continued violence is preferable to a diplomatic solution. Have at it. After a 100 years of this BS, the international community just want to throw up their hands.
  4. No, we can't declare victory because we didn't win. Winning would've been every eligible person vaccinated, but morons saw to it that it will never happen. What I am saying is that at the moment, people most at risk from this change in mask mandate are people going around without a mask despite not being vaccinated. And they can go take a long walk off a short cliff for all I care. If science shows that there's a variant that is going to be a sufficient concern for breakthrough, then the mask mandate will have to come back. I'll personally keep using th
  5. The sad part is that if these selfish asses had taken the vaccine, we could achieve herd immunity even before vaccinating the kids and be back to full normal by now. Let the antivaxxers go around without masks. Could not care less about what happens to them at this point.
  6. In my experience, employees who are great in the office are great at home and vice versa for people who suck in the office. For those good employees, working from home has been less disruptive with life events because they can and almost always do manage their time to address life/work events. We'll have to see how things might change once everything is fully open, but I honestly would not mind never seeing all of them face to face again (also given my illness free past year, I suspect all of you people are walking germ bombs).
  7. Happy to no longer give my business to idiots Pretty much where I'm at. Once everyone, including children, is eligible for vaccination, I have very little concern for people who get sick because they choose to not get vaccinated. It's unfortunate for the very small sliver of the population that legitimately can't get vaccinated (no, not "I can't get the vaccine because I am prone to seasonal allergies, so allergic reaction concerns me". Even people with Guillain Barre history should get the vaccine according to the GBS/CIDP foundation). But we can't complet
  8. Lol. If crypto were stocks, Musk would probably be in hot water for market manipulation.
  9. Fairfax Costco had them today. The line was a little longer than usual, but not crazy. Probably 4th of July weekend-ish line. Friend of mine filled up the day before at a different Costco. FWIW, they said supply will normalize in 4-5 days.
  10. I don't need to have a car company save someone from intentionally doing something stupid and dangerous. That moron who got in the backseat and let that tesla drive itself should have the books thrown at him.
  11. This is one of the most depressing stretch of Nats games I can remember....
  13. Reading that full post, looks like Musk is gonna create his own crytocurrency that has to be mined using green certified method (i.e. - controlled and approved by Tesla, probably using their solar).
  14. Bitcoin in its current implementation was always going to have too many technical challenges to be used as a currency. Other crytocurrencies have tried to address this but in terms having a viable future as a currency, bitcoin is seriously antiquated technology. Also, the notion that Tesla was serious about using such a volatile asset for transaction is kind of silly. Musk is just engaging in a global pump and dump.
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