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  1. When people are passing on $15 club seats, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's probably not because of the Nats or Caps.
  2. bearrock

    All Things North Korea Thread

    I mean I'm shocked. Where would the South Koreans possibly get the idea that US would consider even a partial withdrawal? I mean with reassuring words like that why would the South Koreans get skittish at all?
  3. My daughter showed interest in watching and rooting for a football team. I told her to pick a team other than the Skins because it is a terrible organization run by a terrible owner. She asked why I still root for the team. I told her I honestly don't know.
  4. Spend Lerners! Finish Snyder once and for all!
  5. bearrock

    All Things North Korea Thread

    Sure. And no way other US allies aren't watching with great interest at how the Trump administration is handling one of their staunchest ally in a strategically key region of the World. It's okay though. US still has a base in Japan. Oops
  6. What in holy hell? The hell are we doing in this country?
  7. There's a lot of the anti-Trump crowd who would agree with her and Matthews. It's the biggest concern for Warren and Sanders, can they turn out new voters from the left to replace the ones they'll lose in the middle.
  8. bearrock

    The Impeachment Thread

    Can I have his spot in your administration now? I mean seriously? What does @Burgold have that I don't have? Ability to read? Ability to write? Famous author? Mark Hamil's favorite ES member? Big swinging di..... Alright, I'm just gonna stop now....
  9. Congrats to Parra. He gets a 2 mil and a vesting option for 3 mil the following year. There was no way he gets that from a MLB team. In some ways, he did us a favor by going to Japan for a payday instead of the Nats FO awkwardly offering vet minimum or minor league deal. He will be a lifetime National for sure and will always be loved by the fanbase.
  10. Harper and Soto's rookie seasons were remarkable because they were so young. And while Robles was 22, Harper was 5.2 and Soto was 3.0 in bWAR in their rookie seasons. Soto was only 4.7 this year compared to Robles' 4.1. And Harper was a whopping 4.2 this year. I think Robles is getting less attention because defense makes up a bigger part of his WAR (1.8 oWAR vs 2.6 dWAR). Both Soto and Harper had negative dWAR, meaning their overall WAR was based on the more visible offensive output. That and whoever characterized Robles' season as something to bounce back from is a total moron.
  11. It will be interesting to see how they'll handle this in the new series. As to exile, you could take Luke's statement at it's face value and he just concluded more meddling from Jedi leads to more problems or maybe we'll see something else in EP9. Now on to more important question. If you can use the force, would you hold your thingy down there with your hand during certain activity or use the forc.... Is this the kind of discussion that will get me banned?
  12. Victor Robles, next Mike Trout confirmed?!?!?
  13. Did I miss the impeachment inquiry, articles of impeachment, and are we in the midst of the senate trial? If a criminal defendant can be indicted on hearsay, why would a president be afforded greater protection in an impeachment inquiry? At the end of the day, I would assume we will hear from some direct witnesses (assuming they don't get shut down with executive privilege). Do you really believe there's not enough substance to the suspicion of quid pro quo to justify an inquiry or do you think quid pro quo as alleged against Trump is not an impeachable offense?
  14. I'm basing my opinion of his position based on his proposed policy. He objects to legalizing marijuana but as far as I know has not stated that he wants to illegalize alcohol and/or tobacco. There's something at the root of his position. Many, including me, have speculated that his contrasting opinion of marijuana vs alcohol/tobacco would explain such a discrepancy in policy positions. Your preferred explanation seems to be that Biden feels the same about all three but can't support illegalizing alcohol/tobacco due to political reasons. There doesn't seem to be any evidence of that but that's your opinion. I can't prove mine and I can't disprove yours. The generalities of his and your parents' generations' opinion of marijuana doesn't get us anywhere for multitude of reasons, not the least of which is that plenty of people who experimented with drugs in their youth later support a ban. Same with Biden not drinking. I'm sure he doesn't approve of hardcore porn or marathon videogame sessions either (maybe he does, who knows). Is that evidence that he views those behavior with the same kind of disdain as marijuana and would secretly support illegalization? You have a certain view about alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana. One that would lead a rational policymaker to conclude that they should be treated the same. Where you differ from people like me is that you do not support legalization/commercialization, only decriminalization. But at least you are logically consistent because you propose such a system for all three substances. Barring some secret support for illegalizing alcohol/tobacco, Biden's view is not logically consistent with a person who views the three substances as roughly the same. You opine that the distinction is due to political reasons. I disagree and view the distinction as due to him viewing marijuana as worse. And that could be true even if Biden came out and said all three are gateway drugs. One would ask whether he views all three as having the same magnitude of gateway effect. If he says that marijuana is worse, that would prove my suspicion. If he says all three are the same, then you would be right (,though the natural follow up is would you support illegalization of alcohol and/or tobacco). Since no one seems to be asking that particular question and Biden's push back to this story that puts him at odds with the Democratic base and the American people seems to be hammering decriminalization rather than explaining what he meant by gateway drug and why he would support illegal label for marijuana but not alcohol or tobacco, I don't think we can settle this particular dispute (as much as I disagree with your opinion of Biden's views, there's too much speculation involved).
  15. Again, we are talking about a presidential candidate talking about something being a gateway drug within the context of legalization. It's not the same as scientist using that word.