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  1. Aw damn it! Couldn't you have posted this like a month earlier? Is it too late to change my vote?
  2. Man, aside from the Dem control, I so want to see Warnock and Ossoff in the senate.
  3. It's also pretty much impossible to imagine an emergency injunction related to POTUS election being issued without the matter being referred to the entire court. It's not an issue for the election.
  4. Yeah, I think there are several components. There's the 10K forgiveness to all as covid relief package (I would assume that income test would eventually attach to this too). The $10K per year forgiveness up to 4-5 years for public service. Also broader forgiveness for public school undergrad loans for those earning less than $125K per year. Broader flat 50K forgiveness championed by people like Warren had an income test ranging from 100k to 250k.
  5. At the same time, when asked point blank if he did demand a trade, Wall declined to comment.
  6. Blanket student loan forgiveness or blanket forgiveness for anyone under a certain very high income threshold is akin to blanket immigration amnesty during the Reagan years. It may be preferable to the status quo, but it's a poor solution that avoids the hard work of crafting a targeted legislative solution that strikes the appropriate balance between giving relief to those struggling but also not arbitrarily rewarding a randomly selected group over those who worked as best they could within the context of existing rules. More critically, it fails to prevent the repeat of this problem in the
  7. Cruel and unusual. Says the guy who's waiting on getting a next gen console. Were I in your shoes, 100% agree.
  8. I don't think this thread is contentious enough yet. In that spirit, turkeys suck. Ducks FTW!
  9. I'm okay with people focusing on the modern meaning of a particular holiday. I'm also fine with people trying to go back and look at historical inaccuracies or aspects that were overlooked or even offensive. In either event, I would rather not have people perpetuate inaccurate narrative about a holiday just because it's the way it always has been, especially in a school setting. At least not without appropriate correction or commentary. I was surprised to see that they are still using Jean Ferris' First Thanksgiving painting in instructive material for elementary school in Fai
  10. John Kerry may not be a sexy pick, but if you're trying to hit the ground running on getting back into the Paris Climate Treaty and also infuse the necessary gravitas into the Climate Envoy position and ensure that the envoy's voice at the NSC will receive due respect and deference, it's hard to think of anyone better than John Kerry.
  11. Shall in article 2 attaches to President's power to nominate, not Senate's advise and consent. It says President shall have the power to nominate with Senate's advise and consent.
  12. You hear that President elect Biden? You know what to do in 2024. Thanks Breitbart!
  13. You have our collective blessing to do the discount double check as you wait an eternity in queue for a PS5
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