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  1. Stay strong! Stay positive! You can do this Riggo!
  2. Well, I guess you did preface your thoughts with the admission that you have no basis to evaluate the statement's accuracy. I'm not sure if I have a basis for my thoughts, but I think there's something weird about people who go to other team's message board or threads and say that despite some terrible things fans of my team did, every fanbase has its bad apples. No wait. I think I have a basis for that one.
  3. But isn't it relevant to the story that the alleged victim declined to be interviewed for the book and stated through third party that she has no recollection of the event. There are plausible reasons why someone may say that, someone of which includes the allegations still being true, but it certainly seems like irresponsible reporting to omit that fact.
  4. Get well soon Davey. I hope it's nothing serious
  5. I think there are several issues in play here. One is the process question: Did the FBI conduct as thorough an investigation as possible under the circumstances? I'm seeing a lot of allegations suggesting that they did not. At the very least, they apparently did not interview all the witnesses, including one referred to them by Senator Coons' office. It begs the question why. Another question is did the NY Times do a crappy job reporting? This seems unquestionably to be true. How do you omit that the alleged victim declined to be interviewed and informed through third party that she has no recollection? Last, but most important question seems to be did Kavanaugh lie to Congress? I think the new information that Times omitted certainly calls that allegation into question. But then again there are scenarios where the victim herself could not recall and still have this be true. You could also conceivably have the event be true but Kavanaugh has no recollection and thus didn't lie to Congress. I still want to see who the FBI interviewed, who they didn't interview, and explanation as to why they didn't. That the NY Times fubar'd this story seems beyond question at this point though.
  6. First, Obama did not have control of both houses for two years (unless you're counting less than filibuster proof 60 as control) Some things to unpack here. TARP (which HAMP was part of) passed during the first window with the help of 3 GOP senators. If Obama said he would refuse to pass a bailout bill because he wanted a New Deal like program, he would have been (rightly) lambasted by both sides. If he included government buy back of underwater mortgage in the bailout bill, there was a snowball's chance in hell of the GOP senators and Blue Dog Dems supporting it. If you want to argue that Obama could have supplemented HAMP with a New Deal type program during the 4 month window, you forget that this was the same Congress that would not even give him a public option in the ACA (which would have been magnitudes less controversial than the federal government outright buying bad debts). Just simple math shows that Dem's 60 in the Senate included the recently turned Arlen Specter, who never would've voted for such a program. Especially so, considering that they just recently passed an albatross bailout package a few months ago (a very controversial one at that), even moderate dems would be wailing in private (perhaps in public too) that the president has lost his mind. TL:DR, you're wrong.
  7. Yeah, my bad. I meant to address whoever posted this thing Cause that paper argues that what would have prevented destruction of Black wealth after the financial crisis would've been New Deal era initiative of government buying up bad mortgages and refinancing them on favorable terms. I'm sure if Obama had endless supply of unicorns and sunshines, he would have handed them out like candy too. Yeah, sorry for not paying attention. I was calling the person who posted that link naive and that argument totally without merit. Sorry if that wasn't you.
  8. Name me a politician in the history of human race capable of passing New Deal era programs in 2008-2016 in the United States without resorting to totalitarianism. Then I'll start throwing stones at Obama.
  9. I guess the long term play for the GOP is that they will always hold enough seats in the Senate to prevent a impeachment conviction? Because even if the House is stonewalled by the Trump Admin from getting the details of the FBI investigation, I would imagine the next Dem admin will make the details public. Are we really going to look the other way if a nominee for the Supreme Court is shown to have lied to Congress?
  10. Hersh disagreeing with your attack on Biden (specifically whether the criticisms are going too far) doesn't mean he doesn't care about those issues. You might as well call hersh a racist for thinking that attacks on Biden that essentially calls him a racist are going too far (I tend to think you already did, but I don't want to put specific words in your mouth). There's a distinction between saying that hersh is wrong on this (fair game on a message board) and saying that he doesn't care about racial issues (beyond the pale). There is just a smidgen of possibility that I have the requisite ability and the inclination to follow a handful of posts, read a fairly short article and still conclude that regardless of what I think about Biden and his answers, your accusation against hersh was absolutely uncalled for.
  11. You can attack Biden to your heart's content without impugning Hersh. If you don't think so, then I'm just going to say I disagree with you and you feel free to write or think whatever you'd like about me.
  12. Enough. If you think @Hersh doesn't care about those issues, I don't know what board you've been reading. You can care about those issues and still think attacks on Biden are going beyond the pale. The world is not always binary. Not worth losing your cool over it. Take a deep breath and step away from this discussion. Other people's opinion on the internet doesn't change the core of who you are. FWIW, even though I don't necessarily agree with the concern on attack on Biden, I would never accuse you of not caring about those issues. Your years of posts speaks to who you are and what you care about. And even that is a small slice of the pie.
  13. On a tangent, I really wish Warren would embrace public option as a compromise. I just see this MFA being an albatross around her neck in the general. Also, regardless of what happens with Beto the rest of the way, he acquitted himself really well after the tragedy at El Paso. He's out there giving voice to all Americans who shake with disbelief and rage at the utter stupidity that is gun control in this country.
  14. Going for the Lifetime Negativity Award now