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  1. It's amazing how powerful some individuals skill happens to be with regards to self-deception. You have to be the most delusional individual on the planet to not understand why a fan might have a distaste for Dan Snyder, or Bruce Allen.
  2. The Consigliere

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    He’s one of the best corners in the game, he’s young and he’s got 3.5 years left on a far below market value rookie deal. It’s not difficult to understand. The only team stupid enough to trade an asset like that for an expensive and old asset in return would be the redskins (see Kendall fuller trade).
  3. The Consigliere

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Would love that. After some pretty good TE crops in '17'-'18-'19 came and went w/us swinging and missing entirely on mediocre in line option Sprinkle, the '20 draft offers little at TE to recommend it, the worst TE crop since 2016. Getting Howard would land us a legit talent at TE who can play in line and be a legit weapon in the passing game, and we'd have his 4th year and his option year left on the deal following this season. Not bad at all. Throw in some picks and I'm even happier, but I badly, badly, badly want us to land a 2nd somehow. This is a draft LOADED in RB and WR talent, and our offense lacks the latter while it copes with injured options w/regards to the former. I would really, really like to use a 2nd on a WR in this loaded crop. Works on the TB side of things as well, as they have an "ehhh" OL at best, and don't use TE's in that offensive scheme anyway.
  4. The Consigliere

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Why would anyone offer more in the offseason? It makes zero sense. *Lose 1/2 of a season of Silverback when you need an OT for your playoff run. *Trade assets for Silverback when you have FA OT's available and a draft pretty deep in OT as well? In what world do we get more in March then in August/September/October? It makes no sense. Teams make panic trades in season, rarely out of season (other than the idiot redskins). In the offseason teams will have plenty of options to address OT, and little consequence to taking their time on using FA money or draft picks to address the need during offseason strategizing. In season there's little time and few if any options. Seems kind of simple to me: suppy and demand 101.
  5. The Consigliere

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    It's not difficult. He was worth far more when you had two full seasons of Silverback to trade for, now you have 1.5. Not hard. The only positive to develop since we stuck our head in the sand was that more teams lost their Left Tackles for the year or extended time, but even that we couldn't take advantage of (you get on the phone that day because teams are their stupidest when they lose a key component of what they think is a potential super bowl run: ie the totally horrific trade that the vikes made when they lost bridgewater three years (a 1st and a conditional 4th for a QB everyone already knew was dog --- to begin with)).
  6. The Consigliere

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Were not getting Ward, let alone Ward and a 2nd. Ward's on year 2 of a very affordable, below market value 4+Option year rookie deal, we're the only team stupid enough to trade an asset that valuable for a 30+er (see Alex Smith trade).
  7. The Consigliere

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Another F.O. nearly as bad as ours. They use a top 20 pick on an elite In line+Move TE, then hire a coach who has never used TE's, proceed to not use said TE, then want anything and everything for him. Funny. FTR, I would trade Silverback for Howard and a 2nd. Doubt they would.
  8. The Consigliere

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Lol, please.
  9. The Consigliere

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Yes, so just sit on your asset, your most valuable asset, rather than get value for it, because off it, just make a point, which is pointless because nobody wants to come here in the first place. Who is he making the point to? Trent? He ain't coming back. Young players on the roster? They aren't resigning if they can avoid it? FA's? They aint coming here unless its for their final career big paycheck. The message he's trying to send has literally zero value whatsoever. Nobody that matters is listening, they're just laughing at how pathetic we are to spit in the face of the one asset that could actually help the team, draft picks, something we've been spitting on the value of ever since doofus Snyder bought the team.
  10. The Consigliere

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Honor contracts? Is there an icon for laugh my clucking -- off? Give me a freaking break. That is beyond hysterical. The NFL is the one professional sports league where you are essentially guaranteed to have a drastically shortened life expectancy, on average, and suffer brain damage, on average in this country, and in addition to that, the contracts aren't guaranteed. The teams themselves NEVER honor the contracts, other than rookie deals. That's the whole point of "guaranteed money," it's the only piece of the deal that's actually in a players wallet, after he signs a given deal (and even then teams go after guaranteed money if you retire before your deals up, or act like an idiot in the offseason, pull a Fournette etc). Nothing is more hilarious than pretending that ownership has the high ground when it comes to contracts. That's an epic, absurd, offing joke. There's literally nothing in these contracts that real other than the guaranteed money. Everything else can be scrapped, or have you already forgotten what happened to Ryan Grant, who signed a crazy deal with the Ravens, only for the Ravens to lie through their teeth, void out the deal, and kick him to the curb after the Raiders cut Crabtree a day or so later. That move cost Grant nearly 25 million in NFL funny money, money he has zero chance of ever recouping. I mean come on man, you're beyond ridiculous. NFL teams have players over a barrel because of the weakness of the Players Union, and the fact that careers are so short, it's damn near impossible for players to ever turn the tables on teams. One of the few things they can do is simply refuse to play. It's just about the only ammo they have, and in a rare instance, this isn't a player lying about God being his agent (Sean Gilbert), this is a player who felt his life was put at risk by doctors who botched RGIII years ago, and then in just one four month stretch, botched his diagnosis, and handled the botched surgeries of both Alex Smith and Derrius Guice, and you're blaming the player. It's just so damn rich. So hilarious. Honor the contract? This is a two way straight, NO NFL TEAMS EVER HONOR CONTRACTS, heck even when they like the player, they're always beating down the door for players to restructure for cap reasons "for the good of the team," HA. If you want to hunt down players for being greedy and not caring about their teams, maybe sniff around baseball where players are borderline forcibly made by their own unions to go for the most money in a sport that offers virtually no long term health risk whatsoever. Leave NFL players alone. Lord knows their lives are short enough, and their post career's are often brutal, the least we can give them is no ---- for trying to get paid for the short term careers they have.
  11. The Consigliere

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    We need more anecdotes and less final thoughts from these interviews. It isn't hard to understand. You have two duplicitous raging pieces of excrement in charge, Allen, is the duplicitious, piece of excrement, boot lick, scheming, worthless vile cretin, while Snyder is the little napolean, fragile ego's mini-trump. A vindictive, small, vile, cretin who got lucky during the 90's before he was found out, and funneled his money into the one field it's impossible to lose money in: NFL Ownership. He's a vile creep, a small man who probably would've gotten annihilated in public school, but probably skated through private school instead, so he didn't get the beat downs necessary to develop some semblance of humility on the outside. Both are scumbags. Both are morons. Both have no idea whatsoever how to do this, and both have fallen into their positions via parachutes, one given to him by his father, the other by a business fluke 20 years ago. None of them ever developed any appreciation for how hard it is to get good at this because neither had to work a day in their lives to be in the position they're in in the league. One got in through connections, the other through his wallet. As a result, this once proud franchise is being run by two horrible cretins w/no talent, and zero sense of accountability because they never had to earn the positions they have through competence and hard work. Nothing will change. It's not some sorta mystery. They're just two ego-maniacal small men of un-earned privilege with zero competence in the field they work within despite their position at the top of the DC representation of this particular field. This is basically Commodus, and Fredo Corleone running an NFL franchise.
  12. The Consigliere

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Lol, that's not terrible? Are you serious, that's like 5x what I'd expect to get back, a shut down corner, a top 5 U25 TE in the league in terms of upside and a first? Ummm, yes, sign me up 100000x over.
  13. I'll let Warren Sharpe Speak for me: I think you're being overly ambitious.
  14. The Consigliere

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Strange thought popped into my head tonight. Why on earth would Tua not pull an Elway/Eli? The scary thing for him has to be that the three worst teams in the league in his draft year are 3 teams that largely have not been relevant for nearly 30 years. Miami: Indictment: Have sold off all talent, including all available assets on OL, and have zero proven weapons on offense. Saving Grace: Loaded up on draft picks, and have gone full tank mode. While it will suck at first, if the team doesn't blow it with the picks, they should be able to build him a quality OL, and add key young playmakers w/the '20 and '21 classes. Washington: Indictment: Worst ownership in American sports since Donald Sterling was forced to sell the Clippers. Worst GM in the NFL. Totally incompetent all levels, poisonous atmosphere in house loaded with self interested cancers and yes men, guaranteed to fail. Terrible OL, no proven playmakers, and no 2nd round pick in 2020, nor extra picks like Miami has. Saving Grace: Interesting young RB's out for the year in Guice and Love, landed a steal in McClaurin so, there's more weapons on offense than Miami for now (but that won't last). Cincy: Indictment: If Snyder is the worst owner in the league, than Brown's probably the 2nd worst. Haven't been relevant since Reagan's last year in office, last two playoff moments were relevant for all the wrong reasons (tackle ended Bo Jackson's career five years early in 1991, in 2005 a steeler tackle nearly ended Carson Palmer's career, and he was never the same again). Have a top WR in AJ Green, but he's leaving. Have a top RB in Mixon, but he could be suspended for a year at a moments notice. OL is a mess after being gutted via free agency. Saving Grace: Sneaky good collection of #2 WR types in Boyd, Tate, Ross and Malone. As long as he's on the field, Mixon is a top 5 talent RB in the league. If I'm Tua, and I look at those franchise, do I see any chance in hell of them going to the Super Bowl in the next decade regardless of whose their QB? Washington: Hell No. Cincy: Hell No. Miami: Well, maybe. They don't have proven morons at the ownership/GM level like Washington and Cincy have. But their F.O. isn't proven either. It's just an unknown. If I'm Tua, I really consider going back to school, which normally, I'd 1000% never support, but right here you have two of the three or four worst franchises of the past 25 years in Cincy and Washington, and in Miami, you've got one of the worst in the last 20 years, but getting a new start. If Miami landed the #1, and I was Tua, I'd probably go out, but if Washington had it, I'd definitely either refuse to play for us, or go back to school. There's flat out no chance whatsoever I'd agree to go to Washington if I was Tua. I seriously wonder if this could be a problem. In prior years, top overall picks going to QB's either went to teams that had reasonably competent F.O.'s, or at least some relevance in the long term going back a decade or more: 2019: Kyler lands with a dumpster fire in Arizona. However, Arizona jettisoned their entire coaching staff, and their GM is/was on a short leash. They have tons of playmaking weapons but a bad OL. It's not good, but there's a lot of potential down the road. Arizona, like us Cincy and Miami, has been a horror show for decades, otoh, they've also been relevant at times too like 10 years earlier. 2018: Baker went to Cleveland. Yes, a ---- show very much on a similar scale to Washington and Miami w/a key difference. Cleveland was a tank mode squad, being built through multi year tanking and on the cusp, the only major problem they had by '18 was incompetent coaches weren't fired. 2017: No QB was locked in at #1 overall for sure (Trubisky was kind of a reach). 2016: Goff went to the Rams, and the Rams had a notorious .500 coach (who was hitting rock bottom), and Wentz went to a Philly team that had been competitive on and off for some time, and good management. 2015: Winston went to a bad Bucs team, and Mariota went to a bad Tennessee team, but I don't think either team was essentially mired in an "incompetent HC/F.O./Ownership" storyline. 2012: Luck goes to the Colts after 15 years of Peyton Manning. No problems there. 2011: Newton goes to Carolina, they were in the super bowl seven years earlier. Solid franchise, no nightmare scenario there. 2009: Bradford goes to a Rams team coming off 3 straight horrible years but only a decade removed from the greatest show on turf angle.
  15. The Consigliere

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Lol, worried there might be a couple of people on the dark web version of eBay ordering some SAM's for use when a certain N904TS flies over their back yard BBQ on ANY random Sunday afternoon or Monday Night? And we've officially discovered the rumor that would finally kill my redskins fandom/victimhood forevermore. That would do it. Not that it's thriving at this point, but that would kill it good and dead. What an epic moron Snyder is. He literally has NO IDEA whatsoever how to win in this league. NONE. Literally every single idea he has is utter dog excrement, every single offing one.