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  1. Huh? Not sure I'm getting the argument here. The Colts have an interesting WR Corps: Zach Pascal 44-629-5 Michael Pittman (2nd round pick last year): 40-503-1 Parris Campbell (2nd round pick last year): Opened year with a 6-71 in week 1 before tearing his MCL after missing most of '19 with injuries. Apparently he just ate it badly slipping on ice and posted it to social media as well. Regardless, I would absolutely take the Colts WR's over ours w/the obvious exception of mega elite McLaurin. Pascal is a solid depth guy doing what peak Steven Sims did and more, Harmo
  2. +10,000 What's unbelievable about it, as previously mentioned, is that this insanity could go on AFTER SANDUSKY. Like in what world does someone recruit those monsters in the first place, and how isn't there clarity on "WE WILL NEVER DO ANYTHING NOR LET ANYTHING REMOTELY IN THIS UNIVERSE HAPPEN AGAIN" w/all players and staff? Like how? I haven't heard a story like this in a decade, and boom, it's the same damn school? Unbelievable.
  3. THat's how I'd use him, but I'd also want to train him up enough w/in line skills (I have no idea if he has them) so that we could run plenty of 12 personal, and disguise our plays better by moving him around, in line and at slot etc.
  4. That's a dramatic rewriting of his career in my view. You're basically pawning off his horrendous career on everyone save himself (although you do mention the mental makeup issue). Like anyone else, I imagine if everything was perfect, he would've been great, but that's true of most players. Few guys get to play their career w/Mahomes, or Brady and Manning or Montana etc, most have to make do with lesser options. The team clearly was garbage w/or without him, so his landing spot was definitely a worst case scenario in retrospect, and maybe his history is different if Green Bay and Favre draft
  5. I would determine that by the guys that create master top prospect lists, those are probably the only people doing it independently first, and then likely building mocks around the information they get from contacts. I think it's pretty clear that lots of the people just use word of mouth notes from inside various F.O.'s to build out their mocks which is why teasing and taunting is kinda pointless since many are just regurgitating the sense they have from F.O.'s rather than independently building rankings like a PFF would or rotoviz or Kelley etc.
  6. Beathard and Casserly's drafts in the eighties, and Casserly's 90's drafts even before Gibbs I ended dug the hole, and the following drafts excavated another 100 miles of failure below it lol. The horror began in 1984, we had if memory serves, 1 solid draft that wasn't a USFL dispersal between 1984-1993. That's where the failure and implosion's origins lay, the rest of these drafts just insured that we would suck for the rest of the 90's and the early aughts.
  7. There was definitely a minority, but some, of dynasty people that were betting on him leaping over Pitts this year. It didn't happen, but he's one of those guys I like to throw a little draft capital on in dynasty (Hubbard's another) that disappoint in their draft years, and see a 25-50% decline in their perceived value. Wonder where he's projected to go. Just realize that w/rare exceptions, TE's usually don't start producing as pass catchers typically until the end of year 2 or mid 3 if they hit at all. You generally aren't getting much from a rookie TE period. There are exceptio
  8. Thank you for this. I saw this a year or two ago from another source, and they were talking about how moneybag drafting, to just pull a term out of my rear, takes into account cap cost of signing FA's, and more or less the WAR equivalent value you get from attacking particular positions by round when comparing to free agent cost to sign, and also incorporating traditional hit rate, and impact on win rate. Super hard to build a metric for this obviously, but the basic takeaway (from memory) was that in round 1 you should target OL (particularly OT), CB, Edge, DT, QB and WR, and avoid RB, C, and
  9. Lot's of FA's who'd come very cheap like Latavius Murray did for the Saints: Mark Ingram just got dumped. Fournette Brian Hill Corey Clement James Conner Gus Edwards (I think he's an RFA) Josh Adams Marlon Mack Wayne Gallman Some of these guys are hidden gems with interesting upside (Mack is a flat out stud, Edwards, Gallman, Adams are all basically solid 2 down guys who'll be cheap, Hill is a hidden potential gem, Clement will come cheap and does a bit of everything, Conner is a tough guy etc. You don't need to use draft cap
  10. Hey, just because I mixed him up with the worlds largest interior OL draftee ever from 2 decades ago (that famed fat man out of Detroit) does not negate the point lol. Second. No. We have no idea whether he holds up or not. He's never gotten a ton of touches in a season. He got a toe injury, he didn't have chronic deep tissue issues w/his legs, no hammy problems, no torn ACL issues, etc, he injured his toe. I don't think you can take that and extrapolate that he should be out of consideration as the bell cow. Feel free to dump my Bryce Love obsession in the nearest r
  11. See, I would move on the pick with an outside the box offer, Chase Young and a '21 3rd and '22 2nd for the #2, stuff like that. How much movement can we get by offering a Chase Young. 40 years after the NY Sack Exchange, they can get themselves Chase Young. Granted there's zero chance we'd do that, but I'd definitely build an offer around Young to get a franchise QB. I'd do that w/o a second thought (just as I would've last year). Otherwise I agree, beyond offering legit talent like Young, with picks, there's no way to move up to 2. That was the cost of what I regarded as a pointl
  12. I really don't understand the thinking. Aaron Gibson just blew people away this year. He was spectacular despite playing an offense that for the bulk of the season didn't feature a QB teams would choose to roll out as their backup, let alone their starter. AN OL that was ranked bottom 5 going into the season, a pass catching room that was a laughing stock, a converted QB as the starting TE, it was a total dumpster fire, and he blew up, outproduced CEH in KC, and was right there w/the biggest players of one of the best RB groups of the past 20 years (Taylor, Dobbins, Swift, Akers etc) in terms
  13. Drop rate is not a sticky stat, so him holding onto passes is largely irrelevant to me, beyond some outliers, the stat doesn't carry over year to year much at all. That's not one of Pitts innumerable selling points. Also don't get the knock on Engram. Engram's been playing his career with Eli's corpse, and Danny "Bust" Dimes. Despite that he's bookended his career w/two 60+ catch seasons in an offense that's been largely moribund w/noone to pull attention off of him except for Barkley when Barkley's been healthy (which has been rare), and Engram himself has missed a ton of time w/
  14. Ehh, depends which position your evaluating, and what is being testing. The 40 alone as a screener for RB's and TE's is remarkably helpful.
  15. Pitts x10,000,000 Harris is gonna be 23 before opening kickoff in the fall, and we already have an elite game changing RB. Game changing TE's, having two legit options we can use? Pitts is regarded as the best TE prospect of the past decade and would allow us to use a ton of 12 personal packages, Harris isn't a top 5 RB over the past 4 years (and when you add in age, I wouldn't put him in my top 8-10). The league has a paucity of elite TE's, and has a gigantic pile of elite RB's in comparison, many set to be available as FA's in the coming years as well. It's a colossa
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