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  1. Im kinda surprised at how cheap trade ups have been for QB's in recent years. Needless to say, if all I needed to offer was our 1st, next years first and something else, I'd say done before this sentence was ended with this period. I'm speaking of Fields. I'd trade up for Lance as well, but if Fields falls, I'd be significantly more aggressive. I wonder what last thing we'd need to add to jump ahead of teams that are in that 9-16 zone?
  2. Yep, I'm stunned. I can't believe how stupid teams are being about Fields and even Lance, but when you look back, over the past 10+ years we've seen teams trade the farm for some very suspect QB prospects, dial it back to '11 and it's even worse in terms of at slot QB drafting, and trade ups. Bortles, Gabbert, the entire '11 class really other than Cam, Goff and Wentz on need rather than talent for 1 and 2, Trubisky over Mahomes, and Watson, Danny Dimes top 6 overall, Tua and Herbert falling past us last year etc. Just a ton of absolute grand mal stupidity. Now we got even more. I
  3. FTR, GhostofAlvinWalton is one of my favorite moniker's ever. His flagged hit against Elway in the Super Bowl Video for XXII remains one of my favorite Redskins moments ever. If that happens, that will be the first time in forever that I will have not wished to have listened to my older brother, and become a redskins fan while growing up in the bay area circa 1979. I can't think of anything worse than trading the house, selling everything to move up, and then just take the wrong guy, like this is Mitchell Trubisky, Blaine Gabbert top 10, Blake Bortles top 2 level stupidity.
  4. I'm lazy, so my view is pretty simple, he was the #1 ranked pro style QB in his recruiting class, he had an aborted, short college career because of covid, so he's got the 1.5 years of development to look at. Not ideal, but much better than just one year as a starter. If you can't get Fields, Lance, or Lawrence, he's the only guy to me worth investing a day 2 pick on because of the pedigree. I think he'd be a wise choice simply from the standpoint that we have now solution at QB long term and next years class sucks. Lastly day 3 QB speculation is beyond moronic. You basically get 1-2 hits per
  5. I just have never agreed with the premise. The trade idea works both ways. If you hit, you're set, and if you miss, it is so severe that you tumble down badly because of asset loss, and normally you can try right again by the time you've figured out you screwed up (2+ years) because you've surrendered those picks by then. The only reason that didn't happen with RGIII was because we hit on Cousins. If we hadn't hit on Cousins, we'd have been ready to go after QB's again in time for the '14 or '15 class, again for the '17 class ad infinitum. It's not hard. You either hit, or try again. It's so s
  6. I would do the Niners trade, or offer an elite DL and multiple firsts to get him. Without a second thought. We hit, or we miss and reboot down the line, but I think that's a hit, a huge hit. Fields all day. Feels like Atlanta will steal him at 4 but man, they owe Matt Ryan so much money in '21 and '22.
  7. Somebody who doesn't have a four year old, please break down how many of the guys we drafted the last few years were also interviewed. Lol, not giving orders, but I can't recall any relevant link over the years between interviews and players actually being targeted in the draft.
  8. And btw, I eat my misses gladly. I liked the freaking Josh Doctson pick, I screamed bloody murder that we took Scherrf over Leonard Williams (seems like a push now, but probably a win when you consider it pushed the Giants into reaching for Flowers), I thought Ramsey would eventually be league average, I hated taking Sean Taylor over a QB or trading down (my plan was Udeze/Wilfork), I actually talked myself into the troika of pass catching busts we took in the 2nd in '08, I was fine with the RGIII trade (and still am and still would be for another similar trade for Fields), I had no idea who t
  9. Yeah, I'd sell the house for Fields needless to say. Someone is going to straight up steal him in the draft, and it's gonna be like us and other teams passing on Herbert, and even more closely, everyone league wide passing on Russell Wilson who ended up the best in the '12 class (in fairness, I always thought Luck was better, just sabotaged by a totally incompetent F.O., but Wilson became a clear HOF talent years ago, and Luck still had more to prove, Colts fault or not, before he retired, so Wilson gets the GOAT of that class). I am convinced that at worst, teams are going to get an elite pas
  10. Me neither. I'm borderline out on my redskins fandom for a while, but Mills is at least intriguing. The #1 Dropback in his QB class, Covid wrecks what would've been his first full season as a starter, so you have a chance here to potentially draft a guy who might have been a first rounder in '22, at a discount in a loaded '21 class. It's interesting, I'll give it that. I'd rather have a QB who can move more, but at least he has the raw skill set to do the job. I don't have a clear idea of where he's projected. Sounds like he's got a grade somewhere in the 40-80 zone in terms of draft slot over
  11. I wonder if part of it is that the '22 class is not good, it's '13, '14, '19 (if Kyler played baseball instead) redux. Guys in that second and third tier of this class are basically at least as good as next years guys. Mills is a former 5 star recruit, would have had a cleaner, more interesting profile to look at w/o Covid, now maybe you get a discount on him because of the short Pac-12 season. Rivals had him as the #1 pro style QB in his recruiting class. espn had him #2 pro style, 247sports (i think scout.com) also had him #1 for pro style QB recruits. In terms of pedigree, he's the value of
  12. Agreed, if he has Toney above Bateman, that's just high comedy, hell Toney over Rondale Moore is also high comedy. These guys are gonna be eating it a few years from now when the only top 4 guy that deserved it for a bunch of them ends up being Chase (maybe Smith, we'll see). If Bateman, and Moore end up going outside the top 4 of the position, teams are going to be getting steals exactly the same way they did with AJ Brown, DK Metcalf, and my huge miss in mega outlier Terry McLaurin two years ago. Then again they totally bottled it last year as well, taking Ruggs over Lamb, and Jefferson. I'l
  13. Every year I find myself wishing we had some database matching interviews with actual draftees. I never know how much, if any, correlation there actually is. That's insane, that being said, you can immediately change it to 4.29. Historically non-combine times when compared to the combine average out to about .05 seconds faster than actual combine times (which are fundamentally more accurate due to the laser timing mixed with adjustments that are made after comps evaluate the start/movement etc. But good lord, even 4.29, it's just insane.
  14. The Dak deal is the smart deal, the idiotic deal was the Zeke deal. You do not give RB's a second contract, let other idiots make the mistake of signing a RB just in time for him to hit the age cliff (in fairness to Zeke, his decline in '20 on a per game basis was 1000% linked to Dak's injury, it would not surprise me if Zeke had a bit of a bounce back this year). Franchise QB money is gonna go nuts soon enough as the next tv deal may come close to doubling up the previous deal. That means everything goes up, including QB's. The best time to sign/resign a FA QB is now, before that money floods
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