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  1. It’s already been said, but tossing some vet corpses, broken down arms and 2nd and 3rd round graded QB’s taken in late round one does not constitute a serious effort to address the position. In 1994 and 2012 we made serious efforts, beyond that we’ve done next to nothing to seriously address the position from a long term perspective (Brad Johnson was an emergency and costly overpay for a quick fix temp solve when an ownership change cost us Trent Green) for decades and we just blew a rare back to back pair of classes opportunity to fix it. Will be interesting to see if we solve it through acci
  2. Whenever I see people reference that, I always use it for more ammo to the "tank" argument. Green Bay had the 1.01 locked up in that LOADED '89 draft class (certainly the best top 5 overall in my lifetime: Troy Aikman, (Mandarich), Derrick Thomas, Deion Sanders, Barry Sanders, and then after starting the year 2-12, they wrapped with back to back wins over Minnesota and Phoenix, gifting Dallas Troy Aikman in the process (Dallas almost screwed the pooch as well, beating us in week 15, before losing, heavily, to Philly in the season finale). History is dramatically changed if they do
  3. Just looking at the write ups, I can't grade Tackles watching tape other than the obvious Matador "F" style performances, he definitely seems like a guy who will pay off orders of magnitude higher than we can imagine if he hits. Seems like more of a training thing as well considering he has all the "have it or you don't qualities (mega athleticism). Hopefully the mental makeup is there. To get a legit, starting LT w/late 2nd round money would be fantastic, and just wonderful use of draft capital, and cap space. Really excited about the pick, as has been said before, OL is pretty much the most
  4. That was a wild ride, started with the fall off the cliff feel, for me anyway, rose back up steadily for several picks in a row, than went completely off the rail in the 4th, before righting itself again, and then crashing again with the inane long snapper, than when I was ready to throw a book at the tv, boom, 3 straight interesting picks to wrap it with. Nuts as hell. Very interesting draft, lots of potential, and a couple WTF, idiotic picks thrown in for good measure. Lots of special teams help which should give many of these guys a leg up on avoiding the Turk in August, and hopefully they
  5. Sokath, his eyes open!! At least with the last two picks anyway. I try to model my dessert game after Fat Albert and Fat ****.
  6. If you look up what correlates most closely w/pass catching production w/TE’s it’s athleticism. Then again, he was clearly drafted as a blocker, period, which again was a waste this early in the draft. It’s bad process. I’m not pissed they didn’t take my guy, I had no guy, was watching my 4 year old so I couldn’t keep up w/who was available and who was gone. In the same way that Cosmi or Brown represented great value, this and that long snapper represented poor value. Simple as that.
  7. Somebody saw how to flip my setting back to: mode for this draft. Nice pick, at this stage you're just trying to find guys who can play special teams, and grab a role and stick, so athleticism matters. Very nice to read up on him. Exciting day 3 guy. Not sure if he would've been my guy (watching my four year old) but I don't hate it like I hated the 4th rounder, this is the kinda pick I tend to like on day 3. He's got a legit chance of sticking.
  8. See, I don’t really get this, as usual I’m on the more cranky side. The 2nd and third rounders were generally great value. This was not. Zero red zone TD’s & 4 total broken tackles his entire career at Boise State. 29th percentile athlete, that’s basically a dime a dozen in line blocker that you can get cheap and easy in FA. Loved the picks yesterday for the most part (do feel the corner is a boom and bust type) but this one. He screams UDFA body for camp, 4th rounder? That struck me as insane.
  9. I would just sign a UFA then, why use a top 130 pick on a blocking TE position that comes cheap in FA? I just see the selection as a waste of draft capital especially w/no 6th to use but in general too. Just glad they did such a good job yesterday. All those picks carried value and legit potential. Can’t hit on em all, just see this one as wasteful.
  10. Really quick on the EDGE.
  11. Lol, sounds like legit value pick for a need, another projection kind of guy in terms of technique, but huge potential like the first rounder. Interesting approach and better value by far this time around.
  12. Not really sure why you're laughing, if we knew he'd still be there at 51, it makes perfect sense to have gone a different direction. It's what I suggested in the first place, LB's are not 1st round draft capital unless they're edges in a 3-4 etc. You want your DE/DT/OT/WR/DB and failing that, Guards. Leave the LB's to round 2 or the the 1/2 turn.
  13. I don't live and die with PFF, I think we probably feel similarly about him, I think he could easily be the best RB, and he definitely is the best value considering his youth.
  14. You do agree that this take is clinically insane though right? Nothing Williams did approached Chubb's freshman pre-injury season at Georgia, McCaffrey was basically the best two way college RB since Faulk, Kamara was an absolute freak of nature as a pro though not as a collegian, and Bell was a once in a generation talent at his approach as well. To compare him to those guys in terms of just comps, is so <expletive> stupid it beggars belief, and for the record, I like Williams more than Harris (due to age, he's two years younger) and a lot in general, but this is like saying, Justin Fie
  15. See this strikes me as fantasy. Fitzmagic has been playing since the days of Patrick Ramsey, back when I was still in my twenties (I'm 46 now). His profile is what it is, he's a gambler that is good for 5 TD days, and 4 pick days, he's good for heroic comebacks, and season killing picks, he's basically a more confident, but just as erratic Cousins, but with inferior overall talent, and way more confidence and probably intelligence. He also has had seemingly all of his seasons play out the same way: gets hot for a while, and cools down fast as defenses get used to the tape of what he does.
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