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  1. Just smells like a perfect example of why you don't dangle a GM's career on a win or else ultimatum, the second you do that, your GM is going to make every decision based upon his paycheck, rather than the long term good of the franchise. The long term good of the franchise is served by trading Silverback if he's going to refuse to play for us, but Gruden and Allen know they'll almost certainly be fired if they trade Silverback and the team falls apart w/o his foundation level play on the left side, so they'll do anything to avoid said firing, regardless of what it does to the long term interests of the franchise. Quite frustrating to have ownership that has learned nothing in twenty years.
  2. Garbage organization. That's gonna result in a lot of stories, some true, some just piling on, impossible to tell the difference because anyone with a functioning cerebral cortex can recognize that the owner is a vile cretin, and his right hand man is an epic, vile piece of excrement. Fan's that shine this stuff on, I get it, you get tired of hearing our team being trashed by players current and former, but remember, this is earned. As great as we were from 1969-1992, we've basically been the equivalent of the 1970's/1980's era Bucs and Cardinals since 1993, and we've been owned by a guy every bit as evil and incompetent as Bidwill, and our F.O.'s have generally been a house of horrors for 30 years running. It's not our fault that this happened, it just is, and it's gonna stay this way until Snyder sells or passes away. That is a truly terrible situation to be in. He's a top 10-12 fantasy QB, but NFL QB? Not a chance. He's a league average guy. He's clinically insane to be expecting that kind of deal, they're going to need to pass and draft a QB in the '20 or '21 class or trade him for somebody else's QB.
  3. It isn't just the draft capital or whatever else we get.. We get Cap room, and they lose cap room when they add him. We get whatever they give us, plus a boatload of cap space, ergo, we aren't getting "a boatload of picks," unless we're trading with someone even stupider than Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder, and as far as I'm aware, nobody's hired Vinny Cerrato, and unfortunately Gettleman probably isn't trading for him.
  4. The Consigliere

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I don't see any interest in a RB either unless injury concerns persist with both Guice and Love and that seems a stretch, I could see someone brought in to replace Thompson as depth on day 3. WR will be a need. We have nothing on the roster beyond long shot prospects. Getting a WR early makes a ton of sense, we could wait till round 2 though. I'd definitely support using a day 1 or day 2 pick on OL help. IF we plan on getting anything out of Haskins, we need a legit OL and depth at the position too.
  5. The Consigliere

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Kind of a nice run down of RB/WR prospects, I don't list QB because we won't be drafting any of the top guys, and TE is horrible. We missed our shot w/the '17-'19 classes. We can definitely fix WR though. 2020 Playmaker Prospects: Rotoviz (analytics community): RB: 1. D. Swift 2. T. Etienne 3. J. Taylor 4. C. Akers 5. JK Dobbins 6. E. Benjamin WR's: 1. J. Jeudy 2. Laviska Shenault 3. CeeDee Lamb 4. Jalen Reagor 5. Tyler Johnson 6. Tee Higgins 7. B. Edwards 8. T. Wallace 9. H. Ruggs 10. C. Johnson TE: 1. Albert Okwuegbunam
  6. The Consigliere

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Never before agreed with something to such a degree at the start and equally sharply disagreed with everything else, and I was fine w/the Haskins pick at slot (though I would've much preferred to have traded for Rosen). Still, regardless, I'm firmly a supporter of giving your takes, period. We have the ability to avoid reading ones we don't like, or skipping posters we don't enjoy reading. I'm not in favor of muzzling people for dissenting opinions even when it gets to be tiresome.
  7. The Consigliere

    Welcome to the Redskins Montez Sweat Mississippi St.

    Like many I didn't even realize it happened. At 715 the bed time ritual for my two year old begins, so I'm occupied with bath, dressing for it and reading time, then I get time for a shower, then I'm able to relax, and when I came down, I noticed while rewinding that the redskins were inexplicably on the clock, I managed to rewind w/o seeing what happened (looking away) and then spent a bunch of minutes dodging calls from my excited brother, and praying it wasn't for super-reach Hollywood Brown. I was SO SO SO relieved when I saw Brown several slots before our pick, and then I watched hoping it wasn't stupid and then grew increasingly excited as I saw Montez continue to fall. Fantastic. I hope we find a way to recoup that second (probably not) as I expect it to be top 40 in a fantastic class, but there's no arguing that Sweat was/is more valuable than the 45th or so pick and a pick next year likely to be top 40-45. Sweat was a top 5-12 pick this year w/o the Heart rumors and a top 3-4 edge in a class loaded with front seven talent (and the most athletic of the edge rushers to boot).
  8. The Consigliere

    Welcome to the Redskins Montez Sweat Mississippi St.

    Generally I saw him associated w/that second tiering of guys locked in to go around 1.04 to about 1.12, most likely in the 6-10 area.
  9. The Consigliere

    Welcome to the Redskins Jordan Brailford EDGE Oklahoma State

    Interesting athletic profile: His 4.65 40 was in the 85th percentile for the position (drops to 75th percentile when adjusted for size), his burst score was 85th percentile (combining Vertical leap w/broad jump), but his agility sat at 40th percentile. Looked like 12.5 or 13.5 sacks final two years combined, and something like 26 TFL's combined. Not an elite prospect, but an interesting one, maybe rotational value. Unless he's just found himself and will continue to grow, he's probably a rotational guy at best.
  10. The Consigliere

    Welcome to the Redskins Terry Mclaurin WR Ohio State

    Not a fan at all, and I hope and pray I'm wrong about him. No breakout, let alone a poor breakout age, late overage performer, never a strong market share of the offense. The one thing he has is quality combine performance, but he doesn't have anything else to suggest he'll make it if he didnt produce in college. We'll see, the QB play was awful which could explain the lack of a breakout, but it wouldn't really explain the weak market share and lack of involvement in the offense until he was a significant overage prospect. Hope he proves me totally wrong. I have no problem with that, would be fantastic other than the confusion it would provide, but sports are full of outliers, maybe he'll be one.
  11. The Consigliere

    Welcome to the Redskins Kelvin Harmon WR North Carolina State

    Diggs is definitely a #1, but the list is just made up of guys that definitively hit, w/a few that are borderline (Snead and Enunwa hit depending upon what you consider "hitting," but they're nowhere in the same universe as Diggs, or Thielen or Hill etc. Interesting thing about Diggs, he was more productive in 2018 than 2017, but he was vastly more efficient with Keenum than Cousins He was 8th, 17th, 21st, 10th, 8th and 8th in all the key production markers with Cousins, while being 22nd, 23rd, 25th, 31st, 5th and 8th with keenum. But the efficiency #'s were really Weird: Cousins vs Keenum: Production Premium: 51st vs 12th Target Premium: 53rd vs 10th Yards Per Target: 81st vs 17th Yards Per Pass Route: 46th vs 17th Catch Rate: 32nd vs 21st Dominator: 18th vs 14th QB Rating when Targeted: 39th vs 4th Target Separation: 69th vs 43rd At least in Minnesota, Diggs was a significantly more efficient weapon w/Keenum at QB than with Cousins.
  12. The Consigliere

    Welcome to the Redskins Kelvin Harmon WR North Carolina State

    Nah, our picks in rounds 3, 4 and 5 weren't steals, our 3rd was a reach, our 4th's were lacking an injury discount in one case, and just solid in the other, and our fifth's were solid value but nothing special. Our potential steals were Haskins, Sweat, Harmon, and Moreland. Every other pick (most of which I liked as well) weren't "why are they still on the boar" type players. I kinda put Haskins there, I'm not sure how I feel about him. I'm sure every fan base has players they call steals, but I've heard a bunch of guys in national media etc refer to Harmon as a steal at slot, and they're guys I kinda respect.
  13. The Consigliere

    Welcome to the Redskins Kelvin Harmon WR North Carolina State

    Playerprofiler likened him to Mike Williams, which is really funny when you consider draft capital, and the fact that Williams ran an equally sluggish 4.59 40 at the combine, and had a similarly god awful burst score (24th percentile to Harmon's 15th percentile). Harmon had the better Market Share/Dominator (54th to 41st percentile) while Mike Williams had the better breakout age (67th to 44th percentile). yeah, I would've much preferred Hall to wasting a pick on McLaurin, and we could've gotten Hall, a better WR, as a undrafted free agent as well. Major bummer there. While I like Harmon and think he can be successful, I am worried for the same reasons you are, plus how draft capital will impact his ability to make the roster. Hoping he can stay healthy so he can at least show what he can do and get a fair shot.
  14. The Consigliere

    Welcome to the Redskins Kelvin Harmon WR North Carolina State

    Most recent Late Day 3 Picks to hit big at WR: 2016: 5th (165): Tyreek Hill 2015: 5th (143): Stefon Diggs 2014: Quincy Enunwa (not exactly, but he did post a 50+ catch 850ish yard year, and then has fought injuries in the two years since, I still believe in his talent) Undrafted Free Agent: Willie Snead 2013: 5th (144) Kenny Stills Undrafted Free Agent: Adam Thielen 2012: 5th (166 Marvin Jones 2010: 6th (196): Antonio Brown: As you mentioned Undrafted Free Agent: Victor Cruz 2009: 7th (209): Julian Edelman 2008: 7th (224) Stevie Johnson So depending upon whom you count, it looks like about 11 WR's have hit that were taken between 2008-2017 at around slot 140 or later (5th round). Not exactly an impressive hit rate. I think Harmon gets a boost based upon his production profile and where he was viewed pre-combine, but not that much. It's also worth mentioning that draft capital tends to make it damn hard to make a roster if you land on the wrong team and w/a late day 3 pick. There are quite a few guys over the past two years that I think could succeed in a different situation. Currently there are a bunch of WR's I either really like, or like and think genuinely could be very productive even this coming season, some examples from the 2018 draft picked in round 5 or lower: Indy: Deon Cain Green bay: MVS and ESB Tampa: Justin Watson Washington: Trey Quinn
  15. The Consigliere

    Welcome to the Redskins Kelvin Harmon WR North Carolina State

    X2, although I don't really care about the tape too much other than in what it reveals about how he wins despite being a sub-athlete.. I like his market share enough, enough, and his breakout age is okay (he broke out in his age 20 season), and if you take a look at what he did in his sophmore and junior years, it's pretty damn impressive. Vs South Carolina: 10-114Vs Louisville: 6-133-1@pitt: 3-113@ Notre Dame: 7-97-1Vs Clemson: 8-155-1Vs ASU in Bowl Game: 4-24as a 21 year old:Vs Virginia 6-94-1@ Clemson 2-13 (yuck)@ Syracuse 11-247-2@ Louisville 7-100-1