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  1. I'm not as sanguine. I think it would be a catastrophe if we bottomed out in '19-'20, and these two drafts likely featured 5+ franchise QB's. If we don't land any of them while bottoming out, it will pretty much put the last nail in in my redskins fandom (which has been largely murdered by 1993-2020 anyway). I'll still pay attention to the draft, but my fandom will have largely collapsed. My ties to DC are non-existent, exclusively being related to my brother's fandom who was born there unlike me, on top of that, it's not fun to be a fan of this team due to the failure and the loa
  2. No doubt. It could've been much worse. What if we had won that Giants game. The Giants were apparently licking their lips, ready to grab Young, and then they inexplicably won, pulled off a mega cliche Giants pick (big college high floor OT, over the better prospects), and lost out on a defense changing elite mega talent edge for basically a guy whose ceiling is a league average OT. It could've been that bad, it could have been in an inferior draft littered with busts like the '13 horror show or the '15 or '16 drafts. Like we got a nice runner up prize if you're gonna miss on your QB eval, and
  3. The one solace I can take in the team failing to land Lawrence or Fields, and not getting a Wilson or Lance, is that no other player has a chance in hell of turning the team around. If we are Alex Smith and whatever scrub we sign in FA, then we'll be 3-13 to 5-11 again and get another go around at another QB class. It's not gonna be as good, but given another year, we could potentially land our guy then, without a QB, this roster isn't going anywhere next year either. Even w/Alex Smith trying to produce replacement level QB play and somewhat succeeding. But yeah, I don't want a LB
  4. No, that was a rumor that went viral from tweets occuring the day of the injury. It was total b.s., was rejected by the docs who did the surgery immediately afterwards, and by the PT's and people associated familiar w/the nature of his injury, the sense was that surgery, and rehab and treatment are way ahead of where they were in 1990, and that the docs and people on site at the time had a much better idea of how to handle Tua's injury than Bo's people back in '90, when techniques weren't as good, and they also didn't handle much of it at all in an ideal fashion. This was underlined a second t
  5. The team's garbage, honestly, I'd view the draft as: #1 are the QB's available at slot, of that 2011 sort who suck but are being inflated, or are Wilson/Lance, and God forbid, maybe Fields, worthy of the slot? Basically if the QB's grade well enough (like the '17 and '18, '20 class guys, not like the '13, '14, '19 class guys (other than Kyler)), then I take the QB. W/regards to picks after that, I just look at OL, WR, TE, CB, S, LB and DL and peel the best guys off. If you think Im crazy in including DL, I understand, but Allen's fifth year option is '21, Payne's is '22, and Iron Man is hurt a
  6. It's not really drama if he's a totally irrelevant third stringer. I hope they trade him too, I'd like to get an asset, and then laugh as the giants waste another year on Jones, but as it is, if he's the third string guy next year, fine, but yeah, if we could flip him for a third, or fourth, I'd do it. A fifth or worse, and I start to think it's not worth it, I'd rather keep him on the rookie deal at that point as depth. I don't think there's a controversy likely, he sucked this year, and last year he sucked except for December, it's not like '12 when RGIII had one of the most epic rookie QB s
  7. Don't forget me lol. Just as I was 1000% wrong about McLaurin (though i still believe in my process about why i didn't support it, McLaurin remains a mega outlier, it's exceptionally rare, basically only about a 1 in 9 shot, of hitting on guys w/McLaurin's profile, i just didn't add enough weight to the Ohio State/Elite University factor, and how it can sometimes leave talented players w/o the numbers because of a squeeze at the position) I was 1000% right about going QB w/that pick. If you don't have a QB, you don't matter in this league. Period. Now are their exceptions? Sure, i
  8. I imagine more likely they just red flagged his medical regardless of what the doc's said. Incredibly stupid. We'll see if I'm right in the fullness of time on the player, but I was absolutely right on the concept of taking a QB at slot last year. Could have had Herbert (who I was not arguing for, I didn't see this coming, liked him, but thought he was raw, Whoops), and we could've had Tua, who was the most well thought of QB prospect to come out since Luck until the injury and we passed on both to take a luxury position, elite mega talent. Not nearly as bad as say, the Cowboys Taking Zeke, or
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