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  1. I held off as long as possible. Being a Washington Redskins fan is difficult in an age with no team named the Washington Redskins. In that every football memory and joy and passion I've had has surrounded the Washington Redskins, having it disappear is a bit of a jolt. The Redskins were my fall calendar. They were on. I was in front of a TV. I was not an NFL fan. I was a fan of the Redskins and when they did well, I watched a TON of NFL content. And when they did poorly, I just watched the Redskins and pouted until the next game :). I will always have fond memories
  2. When i root for my team to win I get upset when they lose. So when I say if you are rooting for a win it presumes you'd be upset if we lost. Like bothered. I wouldn't kick a win out of bed for eating crackers, but I would have probably been a tad irritated the team picked that moment to play given what they'd done all year.
  3. What was in the best interest of the Washington Redskins on Sunday? Winning a meaningless game at Dallas largely with players who won't be here next year, both lowering our draft position AND making us less attractive to potential coaching and personnel people in the process, or losing that game and maintaining the benefit of that pick? This is not to say you had to root for a loss. Of course not. But if you were rooting for a win you weren't actually thinking about what was in the team's best interest. The players who worked their respective asses off, as you put, got their head coa
  4. He used a 3/4 this past season to copy what the Bears were doing. And some feel it played a part in why his defense struggled. There is NO DOUBT in my mind if Rivera is our coach we're running a 4-3 though :).
  5. I went to the Packers game last year. Too many Packers fans to be sure, but the team was doing well, the game was entertaining and we won. That was before Smith got hurt. The experience was fine, though certainly not ideal given the visitors :). And you are incorrect if you think the NFL will stop a team from moving from the No. 6 market when they have never stopped a team from leaving the No. 1 market. It hurts every other owner if Snyder can't extract from one of three states the same types of deals other states give. So you're kidding yourself if you think someone isn't paying f
  6. Some state or District government is paying for the Redskins stadium. Or the team moves. You can't keep an NFL team if you're not all in on it with area funding in this day and age at least. That could change. But, yes, I understand the experience isn't awesome. But I was in that stadium and have experienced some good moments. So it can be ok when we don't suck :). It always was the worst stadium in the league though. JKC loved the Meadowlands. Super dumb.
  7. I like to think pretty much everything about me is both informative and entertaining. Well, except that one video....but, let's not talk about that for now.
  8. I know what Snyder pays and both sadly and to my great happiness, he can't afford me :).
  9. I attempt a standalone thread here because this seems like a reasonably different conversation with a concept not previously shared. The Redskins are obviously suffering a decline in fan interest based purely on the merit of being largely uninteresting and sorry for far too long. Once the largest, and full stadium in the NFL, is chopped up and closed off with tarps. Opposing fans relax in our stadium. This happens when the home team sucks. I recall attending a game in the early 90s in New England when the Skins were great and the Pats sucked. It was the smallest crowd of the NFL
  10. If you think Norman is precluded from calling out Manusky due to a contractual concern about his money you'd be wildly incorrect. He was actually more at risk of his contract had the bull hit him than by calling a dumb coach a dumb coach. We'll simply disagree. I've appreciated Norman hasn't made the Normal situation about him. He's quietly finished out his season and probably his time here. I'm CERTAIN we'll hear from him in the near future. But getting to here was the right way to handle business. And it's appreciated. Even if his level of play was not :).
  11. If Twitter encourages posting, snark and aggressiveness it's a wonder I haven't taken better to it :). But you're right. You build a bond with the "OP" in threads. You refer to the OP. The OP sets the path of the conversation and that gets lost in the mega threads. But it is maybe just a sign of the times.
  12. And in so doing, join him in ignorant bliss in the belief Snyder should not be involved, unless his involvement is what you want, right? No. I know you don't think that. But, as many before you, and many yet to come, once tweaked, vacating clean is hard. So, no worries. Enjoy the huddle of people who like thinking dumb thoughts :).
  13. Right. So now you grasp why believing Snyder should never be involved unless you like him being involved makes the holder of such a contextual belief reasonably identifiable as dim and hypocritical and LIKELY doesn't really believe that once faced with what they are actually saying :).
  14. Good to see you brother. <mod edit rule-violating content>
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