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  1. Art

    Starting QB 2019???

    My thoughts as to why we'll suck isn't because I'm reading too much into the Week 10-17 version of this team. I agree with you the team is absolutely fine and CAN win 10 games if reasonably healthy. The team has clear weaknesses, as all teams do, and it would be wonderful to get a legit receiver, a mobile left guard, quick linebackers (though this may have happened already) and a new defensive approach. But the team is OBVIOUSLY and already PROVEN to be pretty good at being reasonably non-terrible IF HEALTHY. The reason I suspect we'll suck next year isn't because the team has enough talent to compete if healthy. It's because I do not see Smith returning AND worse, I fully anticipate that to be so clear he has to retire, which puts us in a cap situation that requires us to cast aside anything other than undrafted rookies, league minimum vets and draft picks for a couple years. But, yeah, if Smith CAN come back next year at some point and we have Colt holding the fort a few weeks, the team has the ability to win, if not REALLY compete for a championship as comprised and run. I just suspect we won't see that team because of Smith's situation.
  2. Art

    ProFootballTalk : Zach Brown On This Organization

    <staff edit OT political comments---3 day posting restriction> No politics or religion in the stadium
  3. Everything at this stadium here is far nicer than FedEx. Leaps and bounds nicer. There are few stadiums as craptastic as FedEx and that is from Day 1.
  4. As already discussed directly in my first reply to you. But the nuance of a conversation from 13-years-ago and trying to come to alignment on what was said and what you felt was said is not necessary. We can align right here. I said it was idiotic to think the conspiracy theory exists that the league put LaFemina in here to work some plan to take the team from Snyder. YOU came in and suggested it may be true because I don't know what I'm talking about. I then showed, in reality, the theory can't be true because the guy sent to take the team was terminated by the guy he was sent to take the team from. You can agree I know what I'm talking about on this issue not because I do but because reality has revealed truth even you can embrace and agree? If so, I may actually believe you are thoughtful enough to think a conversation is even possible to have with. I suspect, though, you can't even admit to this. And if my supposition is accurate, you can see why a conversation about your pent up irritation from 13-years-ago would not bear much fruit for us?
  5. Art

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    They keep stats on sexual assault and I provided those, they do not do the same, as clearly with domestic violence, largely because domestic violence is rigged with many "mandatory arrest" statutes requiring the cops to take action but never amounting to anything as the BULK of such action turn out to be false. As YOU point out, the FBI does say 8 percent of rape accusations are PROVEN false. While 2 percent are PROVEN true. But you seem to want the preponderance of our belief to be on the side that the accusation is MORE LIKELY TRUE than not because there is no evidence against, when there is. In fact, the BULK OF ALL reported crimes lead to no action taken against the accused. That doesn't mean each inaction is a false claim. It means our society clearly puts the preponderance of the evidence on the accuser and we MUST believe the accused UNTIL it is proven otherwise. You just seem to not want that. How come?
  6. Art

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    Not a shred? Hmm. Generally it is reported between 2 and 10 percent of reported sexual assaults are proven false. Let us say it is just 4 percent on average. Four of 100 said to have done it are proven to not have. Conversely, every 230 rape reports lead to 5 total convictions. So, what, a hair over two percent are proven true. These are real numbers. Are you sure not a shred of evidence exists to show false reports happen more frequently than true ones?
  7. Art

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    He was cleared of any legal obligation from the incident. Right?
  8. Art

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    You can not help some people. Some are truly lost and live in a land that does not remotely resemble reality. I'd pile on, but it's enough to know others share sanity and see the inane as clearly.
  9. Art

    Starting QB 2019???

    You're not wrong about the possibility that Colt couldn't survive the season But there are two factors that would prevent me from worrying about that. One, we have to presume Smith will return at some point. Having Colt start and having Smith return after week 6 or so would be acceptable. In this case you'd actually keep Colt and Johnson AND a young drafted player. Assuming Smith can't ever come back, the answer, to me, isn't drafting that QB early in a weaker draft for QB. It's to simply get another backup behind Colt. Obviously not Mark Sanchez. Sam Bradford perhaps. I do not see us heavily in the market for a "good" backup in the case that Smith is out and that cap hit kills us so I couldn't see Bridgewater, unless the team delays the Smith cap problem with Smith joining in to renegotiate and extend things. And not sure he's any good anyway :). I'd much rather be in play for that Clemson kid in 2020 or better QB market then as I do suspect we'll be higher in the draft if Colt is starting. Our defense is NOT good enough to get us to 6 wins unless we change what we're doing and get a coordinator who both understands how to prepare AND adjust.
  10. Art

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    This woman went to jail for lying about one man NOT Foster. Then said she did it to Foster in front of a judge. But, yeah, let us still pretend she is possibly telling the truth.
  11. Art

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    If Smith can't play we can't sign anyone to come in other than drafted players and unrestricted free agents as we'll be cap crushed. So if Smith is out, this will be our best news all offseason.
  12. Art

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    I understand your point and repeat, your point is largely invalid. We are not a church. We are a football team. There's an opportunity to ASSURE you have a player with the upside to help your team out for years to come. Do you take it or let it slip? You suggest the merest HINT at impropriety means you let it slip. This is foolish if your goal is to be better as a football team. I concur with you that Foster, even if great, doesn't solve all our issues. But it's foolishness to suggest it would have been MORE wise to WAIT to compete against 31 other teams for ANY chance at him than to assure you had the ONLY chance at him. If it didn't work out you lost nothing and assured pole position. If it worked out you did it right. And, again, the significance of the reports against him, on this issue, were simply not that serious. The guy CLEARLY has a character flaw and should be sniffing around another honey pot, and I yield he's not shown ANY ability to simply play football and stay out of trouble. So I'm sure he'll do something else stupid that may prevent his potential upside. But, both the future, AND the past are irrelevant. You had a chance for an elite young talent. You have Allen AND Foster from the same draft. That's awesome. False accusations happen a lot. See the Elliott case. See THIS one, where the woman STILL wants the case to proceed and has been told no. See Kavanaugh (this is just to rile the woke). That you feel it appropriate to pre-emptively strike a man of ALL opportunity because someone said something is, simply the immoral thing to do in a country that is predicated on innocence until PROOF of guilt. I COULD say you could make your moral point IF the prosecution kept forward and Foster was convicted. THEN you have a guy with a conviction. Then you have something to argue. Until then it seems you have chosen to punish first and ask questions later. That seems flawed in America.
  13. Art

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    Sadly, no. And if Smith can't play this will be the most positive thing to happen to us in the offseason unfortunately. But it is nice to have a player at that spot with the upside to help you get better for sure.
  14. Art

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Technically, no. We should have complimented them the day they made the waiver claim as it was smart to do then. We should acknowledge given the significant lack of seriousness to the charge itself that Foster will have a chance to play for us in the near future and be good or bad at it, which is good, and acquiring a potentially good player at ZERO cost is probably ALWAYS wise. One could argue Hunt would have been equally wise but the video on his alters the optics a bit. There was no where for that to go but down, even if one can say he never "struck" the woman like Rice did. Personally, I'd have picked him up too. Young players with something like that on their jacket are either going to utterly fail OR turn themselves around. If it costs nothing, I'd always be on the side of giving the latter a chance.
  15. Art

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    Acquiring a player who was the best player in college at his position and was ranked in the Top 5 prospects throughout most of the process and who, once healthy, as a rookie, appeared to be taking off IS an effort at making your team better, thus more attractive. You now have Allen and Foster from that draft. That's ASTOUNDING. Suggesting we should have waited to compete for his services against 31 other teams once cleared is the height if stupidity as IF you are trying to improve your team, you do so by ASSURING something, which a waiver claim on Foster did, not by HOPING for something, which waiting to negotiate against everyone else would have done. And, to put a frank point on the topic, Williams was actually right. While domestic violence (and this means men against women and women against men, cause, you know, 1 in 4 men are victims of that too, and that's JUST reports, not even men, like me, who took a beating and didn't report) is a serious problem, what was described that night WAS SMALL POTATOES. And it turns out to apparently have been fiction as the "victim" wanted the case to proceed and was told NO by the prosecution. That stiff arm tells you all.