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  1. This is the worst part. I was a huge Jay guy until that very moment. I understood him being thrown to the wolves for Reuben Foster, because that was above his paygrade in terms of who made the decision, but this? This is exactly his job, and he was an absolute ****. What a disgusting and humiliating team this has turned into, top to bottom.
  2. For me, I have to double click the reply box and then hit the quote button. Previously it was single click the reply box, single click the quote button, or text you to ask you to stop banning me because it's only funny the first 10,000 times and I bought you a cheesesteak so I thought we were cool
  3. Nothing that can be quoted here because it's NSFW. Basically F this team and F this fanbase. I'm not sure this is real as it's easy to fake and the source doesn't seem legit. However, Foster did talk trash last year, too. I'm mixed on its genuineness. For me, yes it's terrible what he said, but if he were just talking to another player on the team or something in house, I wouldn't have as much of a problem with it as it wasn't meant to be public. There's a world of difference between ****ing about work to a coworker in private and ****ing to the world about work. For what Norman and Swearinger did, not only was it meant to be public, it came out of nowhere. I still don't like Foster anyway. If he were going to get cut, then I'd cut him over this if it's shown to be real (not hard to prove this one as just because a user deletes something doesn't mean the server has, and Instagram explicitly says in the terms of service no one reads that it may keep a copy. This isn't just for them, it's for the ability to subpoena records. Set an example harshly and quickly. Set the tone, show that you take the organization seriously, and demonstrate that being on this team is a privilege not a paycheck. As @KDawg said, it would be wonderful if it came from Snyder. It shows that he means business and that no matter who the next GM/HC/staff is, the guy who isn't leaving won't tolerate it.
  4. NewCliche21

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    And bringing it back to the actual thread (my bad on the derailing), I have zero faith in this front office to find someone. That's only compounded if there's a modicum of "success" with this guy. We've been THIS close for so long with this regime, we need to stop being THIS close and start being champions. It won't happen with Allen, and the cluelessness on Snyder's part is just baffling.
  5. Going back to the OP: Josh, DJ, this is what we've had to endure for decades. Exactly what you guys are doing. This is why you needed to not talk in the first place until you finish the season in first place without absolutely humiliating your fanbase in the process. 40-16. Have some crow.
  6. NewCliche21

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I get ya, I do, and I'm not trying to be argumentative or anything like that. I would love for Johnson and everyone else who ever wears our colors (while they're wearing them) to have this be the spot where they click. I don't know why you think he'll be better next week. This is an extremely small sample size and was in a non-competitive part of the game. I mean what I saw still was impressive, but I would be shocked and almost disappointed if he's viewed as the answer, even if just because of his age. And, as you said, Jay has his offense and doesn't really tailor it to others.
  7. NewCliche21

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I'm trying to be optimistic, but which of his twelve stops are you referring to? He's available right now and hadn't been in the NFL for five years for a reason.
  8. NewCliche21

    Does Doctson even care?

    Just a heads up, Docston is in concussion protocol according to Jay about 30 minutes ago.
  9. Twelve on the field, twelve in the huddle, come on.
  10. What a stupid ****ing team. How do you do that?
  11. How you gonna let them get a first down when you know that they're running?
  12. He shoved the other player in the face right in front of the ref.
  13. I put that pick on Doctson and his dumbass putting us back 15 yards.
  14. That was just plain stupid, Doc. Come on.