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  1. To me he presents as someone whose self-interest is always going to be at least a 50.1% stakeholder. He may believe that he's doing for the team, but it and every other action he takes is contingent on self-advancement/self-assurance. Example: I always want to get paid. I will do something good for the world, and I will believe I'm doing good, as long as I get paid. Without that self-interest need met, he cognitively cannot move to altruism, so he's stuck believing he's doing for the team while in a binary sense only doing for himself. If it happens to help the team then that's great. That's a brief and sloppy clinical view. EDIT: To be clear, this is not unique to Bruce Allen. This is pretty much anyone who gets that high up the ladder. Bruce is just god awful when he is "doing what's best for the team." Intent may be pure (it's not, but close enough given this type of personality), talent is absent.
  2. Worse, we don't even know if it's a pissing match because we haven't seen anything from Trent's side at all. Bruce is just one-upping (one-downing?) himself.
  3. God dammit. Snyder is going to be happy and that makes me upset.
  5. Oh my god get out of bounds!
  6. My god, what a lack of urgency on Miami's end, hurry the eff up!
  7. Holy crap that was an amazing catch.
  8. You do know what team you're talking about, right?
  9. That's a ****ty non-call even though I didn't want it called.
  10. Why does Keenum dive like four yards early?
  11. And of course this is how we get our first win.
  12. You're not cheering against the Redskins; you're cheering for our future.
  13. What a ****ing idiot. Pull this moron. I don't care what Miami is coming back with.