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  1. All very good points, and from another angle the most important one overall is that races of historically exploited and marginalized people aren't meant to be sports teams. I mean, Washington African-Americans? Way different from Tuskegee Airmen. Washington Caucasians? That'd be weird, too. Washington Jews? Washington Christians? Washington Asians? Washington Women? Washington Men? Like you see how those are all just . . . off, you know? And to all be monetized for 32 white guys? It just doesn't work. I was, for the record, hoping from the NA imagery, too. I genuinely thought
  2. Can't watch at work, mind posting the ones he mentioned?
  3. Bro, hope you're sitting down, but his rookie year is old enough to be applying to college. No worries whatsoever. I see where you're coming from, but Ron didn't pay for him. If Rivera could drop the 15th pick about 15 months after Haskins was selected, I feel like he could put any given player "in rotation" so-to-speak.
  4. I don't think you've got the right player. His rookie year as amazing but 2005 was the year of the two touchdown returns to get to and win in the playoffs. The hit that should've sealed the deal for the Monday Night Miracle. Like, he was a monster that year. People thought he slipped in 2006, which was bull**** then and bull**** now, but his sophomore year was fantastic.
  5. I'm unfamiliar with both LOL. I'm a pretty tech-savvy person, I just hadn't thought about going this route(s) which sound WAY better than finding a stream. Anything you can tell me would be awesome!
  6. Just catching up with this. Mind helping a stranded in Philly area fan out?
  7. Like your 7-9 reigning division champion Football Team?!?!? Woot woot woot woot
  8. LOL, the performer waives the right to blame the audience. What's sad is that even putting it quotes, it still says a lot about some that believe that Wright isn't a good hire. Not @Dissident2 just to be explicitly clear about that.
  9. How long did you think a complete rebranding would take? I'm really asking. Changing the Rams logo took two years. Changing an ingredient in Coke takes years. This is not a fast process at all. Ironically, that would be the exact approach that Snyder has always taken for our team. Do it right? Nah, do it now. And the owner hired him. I don't see how Wright is getting any blowback for being hired for a job. I don't know **** about working on cars, so I have a mechanic. It's still my car, I'm still responsible for the hire. It just would be really, REALLY irresponsible for me to do
  10. I don't see this at all. He's doing exactly what a team president should be doing, like to the letter. He is "we"/"us"/"our", he's president of the team. It's not about those of us who have been fans for X number of years. Having a bias towards the team would make any decision worse; you do NOT want someone inside a **** culture to affect ANY type of change. Organizationally, you need fresh eyes. Having an emotional attachment is what Snyder does, and you see how that goes. Same with Allen. That never works, it only makes you double down on terrible decisions. Nothing, a
  11. Quoting the GIF on purpose: I mean this sums up our franchise PERFECTLY. We get all the ingredients in place. We think we're going somewhere. We push forward, looks like it's going great, and then the ****ing thing just falls apart. 11/10 for Mascot GIF
  12. I don't always agree with your posts, but I always respect them. You put a lot of thought into your posts and back them up. I appreciate that. EDIT: For the record, I agree with the idea behind the quoted post, I just wanted to put the rest out there
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