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  1. I think if we had our next quarterback sit behind someone like Alex Smith, then you wouldn't have as much of an uproar. Our other quarterbacks, like Griffin and Haskins, weren't going to sit behind a legitimate starter. I think the 2021 year would be a perfect storm in a good way for once, should we not eff it all up by winning the division.
  2. Pretty early win, time for Daddy duty. Probably won't be on for Thanksgiving, so you all be safe and smart out there. HTTWFT!
  3. I guess a win is a win, but that just felt empty. Hope Burrow is able to come back next year. And I hope we haven't won ourselves out of a winning quarterback.
  4. What're your thoughts on the Browns defense? They've had some crazy good games this year.
  5. Ravens/Titans game, I can't wait for one of those. Where your team is a real contender playing against another real contender, down or up by three with 32 seconds left and on their 10 or so yardline. Now I'm in the stage where I'm shrugging my shoulders at a win.
  6. Wait, we've had 4 sacks for 6 yards and they've had two sacks for 31 yards?
  7. GIBSON! I need you to get more yards! You're so close to 100!
  8. I feel bad for Finley. He's clearly way out of his league and is coming in for their clear QB of the future.
  9. Dammit, that loss just pushed Gibson to 99 yards. Need 100!
  10. Gibson did what he needs to keep doing. Just a little move to the open space and he's money on top of money. What? How is there no flag on that?!
  11. I'm glad more people are on board with not wanting the crap wins and have started caring about draft position. We really need a quarterback. If Gibson continues and Terry keeps being Terry, we would have a three-pronged approach for the first time since Johnson, Westbrook, and Davis. Griffin/Morris/Garcon only lasted for ten minutes so I don't really count that.
  12. Damn, that's rough. We have 14 total so nobody sits out, but that's rough. We have very clear winners and losers in our league, though. Neighborhood teams. Yeah, just seems like ever since Trent left I haven't been aware of who our line is. And hell of a kick by Hopkins! That's the kicker I know!
  13. McKissic just ran literally where people were instead of going left or right where there weren't any people.
  14. It is Week 11 and I still could not name our entire offensive line.
  15. Ugh, still black. Thank you though. Yeah, 14 here too. I didn't realize how much harder it would be.
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