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  1. I held off as long as possible. Being a Washington Redskins fan is difficult in an age with no team named the Washington Redskins. In that every football memory and joy and passion I've had has surrounded the Washington Redskins, having it disappear is a bit of a jolt. The Redskins were my fall calendar. They were on. I was in front of a TV. I was not an NFL fan. I was a fan of the Redskins and when they did well, I watched a TON of NFL content. And when they did poorly, I just watched the Redskins and pouted until the next game :). I will always have fond memories of my life as a fan of the Washington Redskins fan and I would never leave the Washington Redskins. But, like so many ex-wives (if you're like me you can collect them and number them) they left me. So as with everyone we now start a new journey with a new team. Whether the Washington SOMETHINGS or something other. We get to fit new memories associated with a new name and new logo and new era inside our fan passion. I suspect this era will fail to achieve the moments of the Redskins era, but, I'll do what I can to have fun at least. For me, I'll be moving on to my local team of the past 20 years I have openly hated, the Vikings, because, they are local, I don't actually care, and my kids can probably tolerate being around me on game days as I won't really care :). I will dabble with an AFC option too. The Texans, as my nephew is there and if I can like them any it is a good thing to bond over instead of having me threaten to burn his Texans gear all the time. Being an EXTREME SKINS fan has been a wonderful part of my memories, even as it's not something I've been quite as much of as children have required more and more time. But I'll miss some of you here and the personalities and the exchanges. Today I retire from all things associated with my favorite team, the Washington Redskins, as the Washington Redskins have informed me they are, indeed, gone. I will hold out a tiny bit of hope the trademark holder of the new name is a fan like us and holds Snyder hostage for 10 years of trademark fighting, forcing him to keep the team at least one more year, like good break up sex, only over six months. Hail to the Redskins. You will always be MY team. To those of you who move on with the linear organization, enjoy and good luck. I'll always have a soft spot for that team. To those moving on somewhere else, good luck. If you enter the Vikings realm, give me a shout. I'm sure I'll be around. I don't know how to delete from here, but this will be my final visit to a Redskin forum. Best wishes to you all. Goodbye my Redskins :).
  2. When i root for my team to win I get upset when they lose. So when I say if you are rooting for a win it presumes you'd be upset if we lost. Like bothered. I wouldn't kick a win out of bed for eating crackers, but I would have probably been a tad irritated the team picked that moment to play given what they'd done all year.
  3. What was in the best interest of the Washington Redskins on Sunday? Winning a meaningless game at Dallas largely with players who won't be here next year, both lowering our draft position AND making us less attractive to potential coaching and personnel people in the process, or losing that game and maintaining the benefit of that pick? This is not to say you had to root for a loss. Of course not. But if you were rooting for a win you weren't actually thinking about what was in the team's best interest. The players who worked their respective asses off, as you put, got their head coach fired and were in the middle of roughly our worst season ever. They should have worked harder when it mattered if it mattered.
  4. He used a 3/4 this past season to copy what the Bears were doing. And some feel it played a part in why his defense struggled. There is NO DOUBT in my mind if Rivera is our coach we're running a 4-3 though :).
  5. I went to the Packers game last year. Too many Packers fans to be sure, but the team was doing well, the game was entertaining and we won. That was before Smith got hurt. The experience was fine, though certainly not ideal given the visitors :). And you are incorrect if you think the NFL will stop a team from moving from the No. 6 market when they have never stopped a team from leaving the No. 1 market. It hurts every other owner if Snyder can't extract from one of three states the same types of deals other states give. So you're kidding yourself if you think someone isn't paying for it and it won't be Snyder. Now, is it possible people put on a happy face and Snyder announces self funding and then the area passes a 3 percent "entertainment" tax that goes to the team? Sure. But he'll get public funding. For sure. Unless it doesn't happen before the league popularity and leverage decreases, which is a serious possibility in that such a thing is already happening.
  6. Some state or District government is paying for the Redskins stadium. Or the team moves. You can't keep an NFL team if you're not all in on it with area funding in this day and age at least. That could change. But, yes, I understand the experience isn't awesome. But I was in that stadium and have experienced some good moments. So it can be ok when we don't suck :). It always was the worst stadium in the league though. JKC loved the Meadowlands. Super dumb.
  7. I like to think pretty much everything about me is both informative and entertaining. Well, except that one video....but, let's not talk about that for now.
  8. I know what Snyder pays and both sadly and to my great happiness, he can't afford me :).
  9. I attempt a standalone thread here because this seems like a reasonably different conversation with a concept not previously shared. The Redskins are obviously suffering a decline in fan interest based purely on the merit of being largely uninteresting and sorry for far too long. Once the largest, and full stadium in the NFL, is chopped up and closed off with tarps. Opposing fans relax in our stadium. This happens when the home team sucks. I recall attending a game in the early 90s in New England when the Skins were great and the Pats sucked. It was the smallest crowd of the NFL year with just under 22,000 fans in the stadium. Most of us were Skins fans. And the group I was at the game with literally sang Hail to the Redskins the entire game. We were on the Boston news that night. The sorry state of the Pats. That corrected, as our situation corrects, with a winning organization. The Redskins problems with fans obviously need wins. But more importantly, even in losing, there are ways to build community loyalty and generational adoration. Given we have generations now who do not know what I lived through in the 80s, you want to do this. So, to Dan Snyder I propose the following sweeping changes and embrace anyone in agreement to say so and I'll make someone at the Park read it :). 1. Every home game, partner with a DMV school district. Just one. Give any student tickets for themselves and their family. 2. Put the people in an untarped section or two. 3. Give these people free parking. (In fact, I'd probably make all parking free in RalJon until you win again as a gesture). 4. Give each person holding these tickets $20 of free concessions, but not alcohol due to legal issues. 5. Give the STUDENT holding the ticket a free Redskins jersey in the team store. 6. Arrange communication between the student and the chosen player somehow. E-mail, regular mail, something. Connect the fan to the player. 7.Give these people pre-game sideline access and maybe post-game tunnel access. Start here. This is a loss of money initially. But you build brand loyalty reaching young kids with an experience many may be priced out of and almost ALL would be uninterested in given the state of the team. I mean, I'm not eager to go to games and blow a couple hundred when we suck and I still actually like the team. Doing something like this puts young people in the stands and gives them a memory. It puts your gear in schools. It puts them in a position to lead the next generation of fans to stay true and hopefully we get good again one day. Snyder is a businessman but he's a BAD businessman in that he'll see this and likely do math in his head as to the costs. But the monetary downstream benefit is immense. Over time and commitment to the fans you need to thrive with. You can always recoup when you are good as fans will pay whatever is necessary to enjoy winning. In sustained bouts of sucking, though, you have to be willing to dig into your pocket. Spend a few million on the people you need to spend many more millions on you. And the investment will pay off over time. These are my thoughts. And I'm sticking to them :).
  10. If you think Norman is precluded from calling out Manusky due to a contractual concern about his money you'd be wildly incorrect. He was actually more at risk of his contract had the bull hit him than by calling a dumb coach a dumb coach. We'll simply disagree. I've appreciated Norman hasn't made the Normal situation about him. He's quietly finished out his season and probably his time here. I'm CERTAIN we'll hear from him in the near future. But getting to here was the right way to handle business. And it's appreciated. Even if his level of play was not :).
  11. If Twitter encourages posting, snark and aggressiveness it's a wonder I haven't taken better to it :). But you're right. You build a bond with the "OP" in threads. You refer to the OP. The OP sets the path of the conversation and that gets lost in the mega threads. But it is maybe just a sign of the times.
  12. And in so doing, join him in ignorant bliss in the belief Snyder should not be involved, unless his involvement is what you want, right? No. I know you don't think that. But, as many before you, and many yet to come, once tweaked, vacating clean is hard. So, no worries. Enjoy the huddle of people who like thinking dumb thoughts :).
  13. Right. So now you grasp why believing Snyder should never be involved unless you like him being involved makes the holder of such a contextual belief reasonably identifiable as dim and hypocritical and LIKELY doesn't really believe that once faced with what they are actually saying :).
  14. Small world. Shoreview here. <mod edit rule-violating content>
  15. Good to see you brother. <mod edit rule-violating content>
  16. Yeah. This refers to what? Once you figure that out, a world of possibilities opens to you I suspect. Secondarily, are you actually in Minnesota? I am as well. About to snow throw. But not many of us up this way.
  17. So, you're saying you don't have a problem with Snyder telling the football people, you know, his coach, how they need to run a franchise when you agree with what he does, but you have a problem with Snyder telling the football people how to run a franchise when you don't? This makes you entirely hypocritical and fairly dim. But if you're happy, that's all that matters I suppose. Again. You see what you're doing? Yelling, "SNYDER STAY OUT OF IT," except when I like that you don't. You either want him in, or out. Which? I can tell which. You want him in. I mean, as long as it's under the terms you think are ok. I'm pretty sure we're all glad you don't own the team, cause you'd probably act like, you know, you own the team.
  18. So you are calling the poster "this". Is that his preferred gender pronoun, or do you perhaps have difficulty following content? What's the sentence before it. What's the word - hint, it's "this" -- after it. What am I calling hypocritical and dim? Right. Remember, I wrote the insult rules here. Content matters. I wrote the rule for myself, obviously, as I do not expect others to fully appreciate nuance. You clearly seem to struggle, yeah?
  19. So, you're saying you don't have a problem with Snyder telling the football people, you know, his coach, how they need to run a franchise when you agree with what he does, but you have a problem with Snyder telling the football people how to run a franchise when you don't? This makes you entirely hypocritical and fairly dim. But if you're happy, that's all that matters I suppose. This will be easy so long as you keep saying the same thing. Yeah, I get it. You WANT Snyder to step in when you think he should, and you don't want him to when you think he shouldn't. I totally get ya. Yet, I suspect, you do not get what that makes you :). I bet you believe Snyder made and forced the Haskins pick too. And if Haskins is the savior, was that a good thing? It didn't happen, but I bet you think it did, so you like it if it's good, right?
  20. I see you are a fella who thinks he should orchestrate the lives of players such that they act at all times by a list of approved items. I watched Norman jump over a bull and at no point did he seem at any risk. I hear Norman also drives a car and, thus, puts his career and life in jeopardy constantly because people get in accidents. Obviously it's good he's the only guy who would take such risks. Oh, uh, nevermind. Yes, I think he deserves GREAT credit for not hammering at an incompetent defensive coordinator when that coordinator was throwing him under the bus. I still like DJ and appreciate his willingness to tell the truth we all knew about the organization but doing it how he did in that venue is what a team can't live with. Norman handled his situation professionally and with grace. Period. It's ok not to like his level of play and still thank him for doing something right.
  21. Do you believe Ron Rivera is considered a minority because, you know, he is a minority? Or are blacks it for ya?
  22. So, you're saying you don't have a problem with Snyder telling the football people, you know, his coach, how they need to run a franchise when you agree with what he does, but you have a problem with Snyder telling the football people how to run a franchise when you don't? This makes you entirely hypocritical and fairly dim. But if you're happy, that's all that matters I suppose.
  23. Any number of reasons. But, here's a fact. The last time our offensive line was healthy for 16 games each, we were in the playoffs. The Rams, last year, had that happen. This year they didn't. Was there a difference? In very recent years our biggest issue has been two things. First, an inordinate number of injuries. Not this past season, but last year and the year before we likely win at least one division title with half as many injuries. The second primary problem has been the lack of a QB who is consistently better than roughly No. 15 in the league. I'm a huge believer that most modern and sustained NFL success comes when you have a Top 5 and even Top 10 QB. Beyond that you need something unique. The Ravens stand out as a team with good sustained success without the best QB, though this year maybe they had that level of QB play too. We have just never hit on that guy. Both years we've had very good QB play in this decade, we've made the playoffs. Even with Gibbs, we made the playoffs when Collins came in and got hot once. Now, along with this we have also had some issues with coaching. Gruden, for example, was famous for running his system, be damned. He didn't stop running his system. Under any circumstance. That was dumb when players couldn't play it, and dumber when injuries meant he had to adapt. Hell, you saw we were more competitive this year just having a coach in charge who recognized we couldn't do some things. Shanahan simply had too much authority and was horrible on personnel. Remember, "I know quarterbacks and John Beck can play." Uh... Uh... Uh.... He also wanted McNabb at that stage. Gibbs also made the QB mistake with Brunell and Campbell just wasn't good enough. Spurrier...well, he wasn't really a coach for the NFL as it turned out. And Marty effectively had a team rebellion against him and that team came together on one thought....HATRED OF MARTY. Except for Lavar I guess. Obviously we've had personnel office issues as well at times during this. Obviously pronounced around the Gibbs era and the Shanahan era. It's been stronger the last five or six years here, but Gruden and whoever he let coach the defense simply never did anything to help the players. Ever. I believe the NFL is the most important sport for coaches especially on game day. And you saw how we ALWAYS got out classed after halftime under Gruden. Other teams adjusted to what we were doing. And we did our thing even when it stopped working. We were generally fine against other stubborn coaches and not fine against coaches willing to shed something and do something new. Under Gruden I mean.
  24. I am trying to help you. Reconcile these two things. One, your statement: "Yes we are a laughing stock." Two, the reality of....Rivera, who would have four offers (and is already guaranteed money from the Panthers) the instant he wanted them right now not only coming here, but entirely giving everyone else the gas face. Both things can't be true. Only one can. Which do you think it is? Now, more importantly, which do you HOPE it is? If you at least don't HOPE it's the second, you really shouldn't be here at all.