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  1. I remember being pissed and thinking we passes on a future HOF guy in Derwin James and passing on a 20 year old can't miss prospect in Edmonds. If Derwin can't stay healthy this year we might be able to have him on the roster for next year and still have Big Payne holding it down.
  2. lmao....I could see Dan trying to pull that. That would be classic Snyder
  3. You are exactly right....Collins has a good feel for identifying routes in the passing game and he's pretty effective in the run game. I think we will run a ton of Big Nickel and have Curl and Collins on the field at the same time with McCain playing FS. Couple that with Jamin and Holcomb....gonna be a dominant defense.
  4. I wanted Charles Snowden out of UVA. I think he's an elite athlete and he really reminds me of Montez. Also, Dylan Moses must really be jacked up. I was expecting us to make a call to him as a UDFA....but oh well.
  5. ugggggh.....please don't screw it up
  6. If Farley's medical is clear...he's the pick. I am super worried its going to be JOK....ala small linebackers in Thomas Davis and Shaq Thomas from Rivera's time in Carolina. Farley or Jenkins I hope
  7. I think it's going to be Farley or Tevin Jenkins
  8. Hope we trade the pick....I like Jamin Davis as an athlete, but Tevin Jenkins might be the one too. I really like Farley....hard to find talent like that especially if healthy.
  9. Hope they take JOK....he's dynamic but he's just too small for my liking.
  10. Looks like we will have our choice of linebacker
  11. So far no dumb picks by any team...pretty standard draft. I just hope we don't screw up our first rounder.
  12. Caleb Farley, Tevin Jenkins, Mac Jones, Jamin Davis, Zaven Collins.......who else?
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