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  1. HOF44

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    The 31 mill is just part, what about the signing bonus spread over the length of the contract that will accelerate into his final year if we cut him or he can’t play. Also insurance only affects the Redskins cash, has nothing to do with cap. *edit* looks like the 31 might take that into account. Confusing.
  2. HOF44

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Chili doesn’t have beans. If you put beans in it becomes soup. I have this argument with my wife anytime chili comes up.
  3. Pretty much, once something advances beyond the District Court level to the Supremes all bets are off now. Anything can happen and most of it not good.
  4. Plus I think he doesn't trust Trump either. The D's and R's had a budget they thought Trump was ok with, passed it, and after watching Fox that night Trump changed his mind and left them hanging. So now he's backing nothing until Trump says he will sign it. At least the Turtle is predictable and consistent (hold and increase his personal power). Trump is a freakin loose cannon, never know what direction he is gonna go.
  5. I think it's more of an amplifier than anything else. It gives the antisocial a chance to really isolate themselves, it gives the attention whores a huge platform for all their vague book posts, it makes it easy for idiots to feel smart because you can find a group who will support any position. It's kinda what you make of it.
  6. Well I've seen Trump in action so I'm going with Palin!!
  7. I ****ing Hate Trump. So now he has cut off disaster relief to CA to retaliate for this wall BS??? He removed SALT deductions because they new it would hurt upscale blue voting areas. Now this?? He needs to be gone. If he's reelected in 2020 this country is pretty much done. Never has a more capricious asshole ever been in office.
  8. Trump was bad too but he’s usually bad with speeches his base loves his ad libing
  9. I thought they we’re both awful.
  10. If the Dems can’t do better than these 2 he might win again. DOH!!!
  11. My god get those 2 off camera!!! They look contrived and devoid of emotion. Have some damn passion for something a quit sounding like you’re reading a high school speech!!
  12. I just could see a lower court say hell NO. Then an appeal directly to Supreme Court because of the importance, once there all bets are off because that court is packed with some jurist itching to support Trump and screw those libtards. I don't have a good feeling about this. Is there anyone left that will say no? This is crazy. I feel like I'm in Venezuela or something.
  13. Trumps is like why didn't anybody tell me about declaring an emergency before??? He's for sure doing this. If he can get it to stand in court which it sounds like he has a shot at he can do whatever the **** he wants. His dream come true. What a mess.