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  1. Not just any OGD but National Distillers OGD from pre-1993.
  2. I have a son-in-law ordering masks and buying water and canned foods. I'm like dude chill. It's just the flu that spreads really well.
  3. If AIDS could have been spread through the air or by second hand contact you might be onto something. While AIDS was deadly it was very hard and slow to spread.
  4. It's unreal the panic this is causing. Can you imagine if a really deadly disease like this ever broke out??? It would be true insanity.
  5. I mean the first thing to me that seems obvious is healthcare cannot be a free market commodity. Free markets respond to supply and demand. Price moves based on this. The demand to stay alive is inelastic and everyone would pay whatever they have to stay alive. The price can be whatever a company would want to charge. Healthcare needs to be a Co-op structure where enough is paid to fund it and fund research into health issues. Until free market principles are removed companies can essentially write checks to themselves.
  6. I thought the Dems had a pretty good chance at unseating Trump after seeing the 2018 mid-terms. Now all this Bernie nonsense has me thinking Trump is going to easily win if Bernie is the Dem candidate. Also you can't just pull the super delegate switcheroo or the Bernie supporters will take there ball and go home which again leaves Trump winning. Such a mess and I'm not sure how you get out of it now. As for me I'm against a lot Bernie supports. I can't stand Trump. I'd probably end up voting Bernie and trying to find a moderate Dem for the down ballot. I just hate the position I'll be in.
  7. HOF44

    Dirty Laundry

    I do my laundry and the towels and stuff. My wife does her laundry. I often times use dryer for my iron. That irks her a little. @Tshile is right, love his wife!! She is bad ass. Drinking 144 prooof George T Stagg whiskey neat and enjoying it!!
  8. I kinda think it's a huge over reaction.
  9. HOF44

    The Impeachment Thread

    Great article about where the is all heading. Authoritarians aren't like Mao anymore. They're like Trump. https://theweek.com/articles/895503/authoritarians-arent-like-mao-anymore-theyre-like-trump?utm_source=links&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=facebook&fbclid=IwAR02g505S_zJz8SNrhHW9vu6Mrh13nCw5aPfJUwhqKopH5xuBPGF7QJZ-K4
  10. My favorite is Pete, then Warren. After that I'll vote for them but be meh about it. I think if Bernie get's the nod is maybe the only sure loss. The others have an uphill battle due to the EC but a win is still possible.
  11. So far Pete is the only one that seems to have the not just intelligence but a quick mind and ability to speak off the cuff very effectively. It feels like he is just saying what he believes. Rare today. I just sent him some more money. I like the guy!
  12. What’s crazy is over 60,000 people died of the flu last year. And it’s hard to get people to get flu shots. This thing so far statistically this is small potatoes compared to the but people are freaking out. We really don’t understand risk well in the USA.
  13. HOF44

    Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash

    So hard to compare. They took the physicality Jordan had to play against out of the game. I think Lebron would have handled that better than Kobe just because of his build.
  14. HOF44

    Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash

    Its' pretty obvious that if the LAPD and the Sherriff's Dept. had ground their helicopters it was probably not a time to be in the air.