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  1. All to piss those snowflake libtards off!!!
  2. HOF44

    The Parenting Thread II - Advice, Tips, Etc

    I've read a lot of stuff that says being on the oldest side of the class you are in is beneficial. I'd for sure start her a year later if it's an option.
  3. HOF44

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Anyone who thinks Trump doesn't have a strong chance to win again is crazy. With the freezing of Congressional seats at 435 since 1911 it has diluted the value of a vote in the most populous states and increased the value in less populous states. Thats why we are now seeing electoral wins that don't win the popular vote more often. It's a big hole in the system that favors Trumps wheelhouse of voters. So it's gonna be tight either way.
  4. HOF44

    Tax Bill

    But at least with all the money the businesses have now we all will get raises!!!!
  5. In my county in VA homes are almost always valued at less for taxes than they sell for. Now personal property on cars???? I WISH they had to buy it for the appraisal amount. Those are way overvalued.
  6. HOF44

    D.C. Culture/History Thread

    I LOVE the fried Spinach App thing they have at Rasika, one of the best things ever. You gotta make it over to Peking Gourmet Inn. Get the Duck, and then toffee peaches for dessert. I want to go to Fiola Mare next.
  7. HOF44

    D.C. Culture/History Thread

    I've been to Rasika, Kith and Kin and Peking Gourmet Inn. Gotta get out more.
  8. HOF44

    Cutting the Cable cord

    Really liking the Fire Cube. I have Arlo cams around my house. I can Just say "Alexa show me the front door" and it opens on my TV. The only thing negative I can say is I had used Apple TV before and the Cube seems just bit sluggish compared to that. Plus we used to have a to many remotes for my wife, she hated it. Now she can just say "alexa open directv now" and it powers on the TV, receiver (makes sure it's on the right input), and opens to directv now. She likes it.
  9. HOF44

    Cutting the Cable cord

    Yeah there is no avoiding that!
  10. HOF44

    Cutting the Cable cord

    Watching the Crimes of Grinderwald free on Titanium TV, can’t beat that!
  11. HOF44

    Cutting the Cable cord

    Ok finally cut the cord. I have an Amazon Fire Cube running Directv Now for my main TV viewing and had Titanium running IPVanish for my in theater movie needs. So far it’s GREAT and saving me about. 120 a month. Coming from xfiniity cable package with all the stations offerred to this with those same stations pretty much.
  12. Tell me I didn't just hear "Liar Liar Pants on Fire" at a House hearing???? WTF??
  13. And oddly I would probably believe him, it is how he rolls.
  14. I thought Jumbo ate his kids!!
  15. If Burg is pulling out the Nazi references and you weren't sure this was bad already, be prepared. I know he is loathe to pull out that comparison and probably thought a lot about it before he did it. A lot of times people scream Nazi too easily, something I'm positive he doesn't suffer from.